51 Yrs Old Two Kids - Vancouver, BC

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Ive been wanting to get a tummy tuck for years. I...

Ive been wanting to get a tummy tuck for years. I have stretch marks and loose skin after having two kids. I'm in good physical shape but the loose skin and belly fat won't go away no matter how much weight I lose. I'm ready to do this.
I researched online and liked Dr. MacAdams professional background and experience so I booked an appointment with her. She was open and honest, I felt comfortable asking her questions. I thought her quote was fair. I'm going to book the surgery next week once I sort out my schedule. I can't wait!

Got a date !

I have booked the date, June 27!! The procedure is going to be a full tummy tuck with liposuction on my rear flanks.
I'm nervous but excited. Dr. Macadam did a friend of mines TT a year ago and she is so happy with the results. My turn.

My stats

I'm 6'1'' and I weigh 175 lbs. I had both my kids by c-section, my son is 30 yrs old, my daughter just turned 8. (I know!)
Having a child later in my life has kept me young, I workout regularly and I eat clean. No matter what I do, how much I weigh, I will ALWAYS have this pouch.
I'm a single mom and I work my ass off to provide for myself and my youngest (my oldest is totally independent). After thinking of all the things I could do with 15,000 dollars( calculated time off as well). I honestly can't wait to get this procedure done. I'm too old to have regrets and there will always be excuses to not do something for me. For me.
Thank you to all of you that have shared your journey to the flat side. I can't wait to join you. I'm paying the deposit on Monday then the countdown to June 27.
I just posted some wish pics.

More before pics

It's amazing how people respond when you tell them you're getting a tummy tuck. Half the women I speak to want to do it but are afraid. The other half try to talk me out of it. Interesting how we hold ourselves back with guilt or fear of what others may think of us. I keep asking myself 'are you sure?' The answer is yes every time. I'm 50, I'm on the young side of older, no regrets!!!


So I told my mum that I was going to get this procedure and she responded by being negative and asking me why I'm spending this kind of money when I can put it to better use...
I admit I wasn't surprised by her response as she comes from that era where you, as a mother, take the back seat to your own needs/wants for the sake of the kids.
I called her on her negativity and to her credit she backed off.
I have thought long and hard about this FOR YEARS!!!!!
You can't tell me anything I haven't already considered.
This is for ME.
Support me or shut up.

More before pics bent over and sitting


So I paid the balance yesterday...(that hurt!) no regrets!!!
I went for a walk today as the sun was setting and I felt comfortable in my body even though I can feel the 'jiggle' on my lower belly. I felt grateful that everything works properly and I can do this for myself.
I had a great chat(2hrs) with a friend that coincidentally had a TT with my ps 1yr ago(!!!) She told me what to expect, how to prepare and most importantly, how AMAZING Dr. Macadam is!!!!!
Well, that went a long way to calming my fears.
I'm ready, nervous but ready. Bring it...
I'm going in this coming Monday for 7:30am. The surgery is 3 blocks from my flat, I might enjoy the walk if it isn't raining. One last blast before I'm bent over.
I wanna shout out to all the ladies that had the guts( pardon the pun!) to not only post on here but to take the leap toward feeling great about how you look and feel. It was and is a big deal to me and others that hope.
Will keep you posted.
P. S.
Anyone have a suggestion as to how I tell my 8yr old daughter? I need to tell her but I don't want her to be worried about her mama

Flat side

Five more days. I'm stoked.

On the flat side

Had the procedure yesterday. I usually have a high pain threshold... It was brutal. Thankfully my mum is here to help me!!!
I'm basically bent in half right now but I already feel marginally better today. Only getting up to use the toilet.
Dr. Macadam and her team are excellent at what they do. I felt safe going in. Dozing off, more later.

Day 3

I'm feeling tight but much less pain. Good to have my mum here because she has me on a schedule with my meds, also has been taking my daughter to school( today's her last day).
Looking forward to standing straight again. No pain in my back, numb from lipo and some burning feeling in my abdominal area.
My mum made me some broth, I told her to make it really bland( no added salt)... It was so salty!!!! Oh well...
Not really hungry, just had a shake and vitamins with lots of coconut water, will do the same today.
Although I'm happy that I'm finally on the flat side, I think this was a high price to pay to get there. I'm talking about the actual procedure which is MAJOR considering that I was under sedation for 4hrs and the substantial pain and discomfort that follows.
This is a BIG decision. Do not take this lightly.
For me it's worth it, the price is high but I'm happy to be on the flat side, truly happy. After pics will follow when I go for my follow up on Tuesday 5th. Looking forward to seeing what all the fuss has been about!!
Thank you to all of you that have posted religiously before and after. It has been helpful beyond measure.
Stay healthy and heal fast.


Been more mobile around the house and the big news is that I've just had my first bowl movement!!!!! Yippee!!!
I've been drinking an herbal tea called 'Smooth move'. It works! The not so good news is I got my period... I know!!! I almost laughed but that would have hurt.
!Open the windows! Let the sunshine in! Sunbathe on the deck or balcony with your favourite music!!! D3 is good if you're feeling a little bit down.
Happy healing.


Ok. I need to know if some of you were talking about how itchy the binder gets. Is it ok to take it off and put a top on under it. I can't stop scratching, help!!!!!

Ready !!

I can't wait to see the results when I go to my first postop appt on Tuesday!! I'm hoping the drains will come out then.
Hope all of you are well!!!

Cabin fever

It's really hard to be locked up in the house while the weather is amazing. I keep thinking I can go for a walk BUT I can't!!!!! I still have these drains and to be honest, by the time I get to the door, that would be enough! Lol
Patience. My drains are 10 and under. Not sure what they have to be down to to get them out but I'm ready for them to be gone. THEN I can have a 20 minute shower!!!!!!!

First post op

Ok! The doc was so surprised to see me so upright and moving. I was really hoping to get both drains out but Dr. Macadam thought she would err on the side of caution and leave one in. I told her she should go with her gut so no problem because if I get a seroma then there is a whole other thing to deal with !
I am so stoked about my belly button! It NEVER looked this good.
On a somber note, I have to keep an eye out for my scar just under the bb, she said the skin is black and I've got to do polsporin change on it everyday. Another thing, the distance was too great between my bb and my proposed scar so I have a small vertical that she will revise if needed down the road. I'm absolutely chuffed!
Can't WAIT to rock this!


So I've got some swelling in my lower abdomen on the right-hand side that Dr. Macadam is worried about. Going in tomorrow and see if the drain can come out, if not, OK we'll just hang on until next week.

Before and after (so far)

Back to work...

My last day before work. Went for a massage, cleaned my bathrooms( thoroughly) and went to the beach ???? I wore my boy short underwear as I needed something to cover the bandages. I felt so F'ing confident. I'm so happy I did this. Those of you pondering... Get a good doctor, don't go cheap, you get what you pay for. You deserve to feel better about the way you look.

7 weeks!

Dr. Macadam is THE BEST! I'm going in for my 7 week check up on Tuesday. Healing very well and fast! Still wearing my binder (it's getting beat up actually!) Swelling is going down on my rear flank that was lipoed, still numb in most areas. My belly button is insanely beautiful and I'm starting to have an hourglass figure. I feel this is my REAL body. My stomach now matches the rest of me. I'm content.
Hope you all are happy and healing well.

Still improving

Slowly but surely getting my mojo back. Starting Pilates again next week( carefully) riding my bike, light weights elliptical machine and long walks. Doing scar treatment now.
To DR. Macadam, a heartfelt thank you for an amazing job in helping me get back my 20 yr old belly.
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. She is definitely qualified. My friend had her TT done by her one year ago and she is very pleased with the results. Post op: Dr. Macadam is very good at her job. As a matter fact I think she is an artist within her chosen field and if you live in the Vancouver area and you want someone who is not just going to do a good job but is very detail oriented very professional and up on the latest techniques then you would want to go and see Dr. Macadam before she has a years long waiting list. She helped me realize my dream of looking how I have wanted to look for years. I can't stop lookin at my belly, I love my body now.

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