Had Shallow Scars and a Couple Deep Scars I Wanted to Get Rid of - Vancouver

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Ive just had my pro fractional laser treatment...

ive just had my pro fractional laser treatment done(500 microns) today!! Before the procedure the doctor did a mini laser peel at 50 microns. She said the density was at 11 and no coag. I have high pain tolerance so it wasn't unbearable! My face is so red and bloody right now! I'll keep you guys updated with my recovery etc!!!

Day 1 after profrac

Okay so...I literally look like I walked out of a horror film!! Thank god my doctor only went deep on my cheeks and not the rest of my face. I had such a hard time trying to hide my face when going back to the clinic to get the red light therapy done. By the way the red light therapy is suppose to help with the redness and healing! Anyways..I've been pretty good with keeping my face moisturized with aquaphor! It's gotten in my hair which is pretty gross! The nurse said today that I'm looking pretty good...which is funny since I look horrible lol! Can't wait to start peeling and see what king of skin I have under my bloody face!

Day 3 profrac

Hey so today I woke up and washed my face a bit with water. Tonight I'll try cleaning my face with cetaphil. I haven't noticed any difference in my face yet..no peeling etc. I just hope I start to peel soon!
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