Sliding Genioplasty / Cheek Implant / Jaw Implants / Buccal Fat Removal

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I have had a weak chin and jaw my whole life. My...

I have had a weak chin and jaw my whole life. My family calls them the lightbulb head as both sides of the family suffer from this.

I knew that a simple chin implant wouldn't be enough as the back jaw are also just kind of morphed with my neck. I searched high and low for a jaw specialist and came across Dr Whittenberg in Vancouver!

He said that all 3 areas of my jaw grew too small for the rest of my head and suggested a sliding genioplasty (using existing chin bone to slide upwards) as well as 2 customized implants for the mid jaw and back jaw to define it all.

The "wish list" photos I had were of kim k and Meghan fox. Strong chins with nice flat spots between the chin and cheeks. De whittenberg suggested if I wanted to get this look he would recommend cheek implants to lift my cheekbones higher and give room for the flat spot to go. He also said if I wanted to go the full nine yards buccal fat removal would be beneficial as I carried my face chub low.

I was never pressured and he just wanted to make sure I got optimal results. It has only been 3 days but so far I've noticed a huge difference in my undereye hollowness (gone!), nose looks much more proportionate, and I have a chin (albeit a very swollen/numb one!)

Day 4: finally home

Flew home today (only a 1.5 hour flight but I sure felt the extra pressure and swelling!). I am adjusting to my looks with the head wrap on but when I take it off the swelling is super uneven. It has me worried (like the one side of the jaw is at a different angle than the other one?). Trying not to panic.
Also - this not being able to smile at all has me down. It's literally not possible. My smile turns into this nasty joker smile and I miss my teeth!!
Having a whiny day today - here's to healing. Will post photos without the head band later but I feel so gross without it

12 days post and super discouraged.

At this point, I regret this surgery. Swelling has not gone down at all and I'm wondering if it's even swelling or if the cheek and jaw implants were put at very different angles. The one side of my face angles away from my chin steeper and is out (more prominent) what feels like 1/2 an inch! I specifically said I did not want my face wider and I honestly just feel like I have a beach ball for a head. I look masculine.

In the photo bottom left is a before photo. Weak chin for sure but slender face that looked nice in photos from front (but from side there was no definition). Now my profile is improved and front on I look like a man. :(

I would take this back if I could. Anyone who has gone through this please tell me if this is just swelling or if I have ruined my face. When I feel the jaw it feels hard like he has given me a man jawline! It's been two weeks and I can't face anyone or leave the house.

Please tell me what you think with the lopsidedness and jaw angle as well as swelling.

2 and a half week post-op visit.

Not sure what to think today. I flew to visit my surgeon post up and address my concerns which are:
Asymmetry (one side more dominant than the other)
Loss of smile
General wideness of the jawline which I specifically said I didn't want.

I also got details of my surgery today.
My chin was slid 12-13mm forward AND an implant was added because the sliding couldn't go farther.
Gortex was used which scares me as I know it's hard to remove if needed.
L-shaped implant at the back, and a middle implant to connect back and chin.

If you look at my photo I am so thrilled with the profile change. I have a neck and a jaw and my cheeks look awesome. It's the front view I can't stand. The chin and angle of the jaw implants are too low and masculine. Today I asked if that's just swelling or if they will move up and he basically said it will look a bit more chiseled as I de-swell but the implants will be where they are. I do feel very masculine and like even when I de-swell I'm not going to have the nice V I was after. Top left photo is what I wanted. Bottom left is me today. Top left is before (keep in mind that they make you put your head way way back in photos so I was not walking around with a double chin like that day to day!). Bottom right is profile change.

Anyways - I wanted high beautiful cheeks and a chiseled defined jaw that was SMALL and V like kim k or Meghan fox. Not sure if there is hope.

Do I need a neck lift? Maybe it's my jowls making it look wider?

So I'm just about 3 weeks post op and everyday I grow more and more disheartened. My husband is trying to stay positive but it came out this morning that he doesn't recognize me and it's very upsetting for him emotionally. It's equally upsetting for me too!

Posting a before shot (big smile) from 6 weeks ago - big smile, nice face shape (fairly slim), and then a photo from today (side by side). One with my face as is (masculine, extremely low jaw line), and one "lifted" photo with me pulling up my jowls. I totally realize I'm still swollen but I don't think as I "de-puff" I'm going to get the right jawline I want. I can see how a lift would smooth out the jawline into more of a V and feminize it.

Also thoughts for the day: I am carrying 30lbs of extra weight right now which is making my skin look "thicker" than it is and adding on an extra pad of fat.
Secondly - even when I'm thin I still have the jowls.
Thirdly - who is the BEST necklift/facelift surgeon? Or is there another treatment for jowls?

3 weeks post op.

Really??? All the comments on here are saying my results look amazing and maybe that's because I only uploaded the gross before shots from bad angles making me look like I had a huge double chin all the time or something or was a walking weak jaw.

Here is an actual before (left). Oh man do I miss my smile. It's been 3 weeks post op and nothing is improving with my smile. Still numb. Jawline is slimming a bit as I have been wearing my compression garment again and it does give me glimmers of hope but frick - my smile!!! :(

What do you all think? Looking at the before photo and my after obviously with swelling... but still. Do you all actually feel this was an improvement or will be?? The right is my smile as big as I can go and how much teeth it lets me show.

4 weeks. Asymmetry getting worse.

So I'm 4 weeks post op. I've gone back to wearing my compression garment all the time because I feel it slims my face and makes it look more v shaped and feminine. As soon as I take it off the lopsidedness is so bad. I've been waiting for it to resolve or to see a glimmer of hope but since posting my experience unfortunately I've had 3 other past patients from my surgeon contact me to say they are lopsided too 1 year and 2 year post.

I had a weak chin prior. But it was symmetrical. And we all know symmetry is beauty. If the swelling or asymmetry moved from day to day (one side looked bigger one day, the other one bigger the next) I'd be hopeful. But from the moment I saw myself I knew the one side was way larger than the other and the jaw angle and cheek implant size was way different.

I've been in contact with other surgeons with my case getting second opinions and they agree that they aren't sure why I was widened so much instead of simply adding a ramal cap implant to the back and implant in the front chin + lipo. They said I am best to take out the implants as my neck is very short and the added length to both my chin and jawline makes my head look out of proportion to my neck making me look neckless.

You can see the asymmetry of the jawline and cheeks both in angle and in size (width) best from my "under the chin" shot.

So my question is: WHO do I go see for a revision? Eppley? Dr Y? Another max/oral surgeon? I can't wait for a revision because I plan to get pregnant in feb and can't have this face for the whole pregnancy/breastfeeding so I need to go in Jan. Let me know.

Also.. to top things off: I have foil smelling/tasting discharge in one of my sutures in the back now! No pain but I'm sure that's not a good sign.

Smile: not improving whatsoever. My resting lip is better (shows bottom teeth now) but as soon as I smile the lower lip goes up and covers my teeth completely immobile. Hasn't changed at all.
Ramal "L" definition. One side good, the other side protruding very outwardly and the L is behind my ear opposed to in line with / slightly ahead.
Jawline is different on both sides.
Cheek size and angle is different on both sides.

Infection :(

Definitely have an infection that is growing worse despite antibiotics. I thought since it was so far along and the incisions were healed (5 weeks post) that it was likely just a suture infection in my mouth and wasn't overly worried but regardless or what I've been doing (antiobiotics / essential oil rinses / warm saltwater / chewing garlic) the foul smelling discharge just kept oozing from my incision.

So curiously tonight I thought, I wonder what would happen if I pressed along the jawline. So I did and my mouth literally FILLED with pus. So the infection must be in the implant pocket. I'm reading about tooth abscesses and how serious those are. Isn't this way more serious since it's ON the bone already?

I emailed last night and today to my surgeon about the infection and have not heard back. I don't know what to do.

Heading for jaw implant removal tomorrow AM.

Spent the night in the ER and they wanted me to get sliced open by a random surgeon I knew nothing about to remove the implant but I was able to schedule a removal with my original surgeon for tomorrow AM. I'm removing only the jaw implants so I'm quite worried my cheeks will look insanely wide with my jaw going back to normal... or my chin will look like jay Leno without the support of a wider jawline. But hey... it's better than risking your life!

This whole thing has been a nightmare. Tough life lessons. Now I will wait 6 weeks to see if I need a revision after healing.

Off on a plane for jaw removal

Last week was a blur. Between the brushing and antibiotics,chewing garlic, swishing essential oils, saltwater rinses, colloidal silver, immune boosters, CT scans, X-rays, emergency room visits... what a nightmare.

Last night I spent the night in the ER and the good news is my white blood cell count wasn't elevated, pain was bearable, and swelling wasn't obscene. But the doctors were all very much worried and wanted me to be seen by the on-call doctor for exploratory surgery and removal which I wasn't comfortable with and asked if I could go see my original surgeon instead (more on that later),

Long story short, I'm on the next plane to Vancouver to have the infected jaw removed and the other jaw for symmetry's sake. 6 weeks recovery and then I can look at a revision if needed.

I have not even shed ONE tear over this whole thing. I've been worried, I've been mad, I've been upset - but I've never broken until today. Kissing my kids goodbye and knowing I'm going under again so soon with a serious complication has me freaked right out and I'm a sobbing mess.

I'm worried about going under.
I'm worried about how my chin will look without the jaw implants with it.
I'm worried that my cheeks will look (even more so) massive without jawline support to balance.
I'm worried about scar tissue.
I'm mostly worried about the fact that somehow vanity put my life in danger and self loathing for it.

Trying to stay hopeful. My jaw implants were much too wide for my liking so perhaps them being removed and keeping the chin and lipo of the neck will give me back my feminine shape.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who has private messaged me and read and followed here. I'm really appreciative of all the support and well wishes and I will update my recovery from removal also.

For now - last photos of my wide face! Seriously - look how low my L is on the jaw,.. it's nuts!! Can't wait to have them out. I am officially 5 weeks post op tomorrow morn.

Whirlwind of the last 15 hours (LONG)

I'll never recommend whittenberg to anyone.

So when I left the emergency back home they said that I was okay at the moment but that the infection could spread at any point and since it was on my jaw bone and so close to my airway and juggular for blood - if ANYTHING changed they stressed I needed to go back in to ER as it can turn very nasty, very quickly.
It was at this point Dr whittenberg tried to fire me as a client saying I was being unreasonable expecting symmetry or to look like a celeb (I didn't expect to look lol w celeb / but their office asked for reference photos). He said I should work to manage the infection with another doctor since that's the main concern now.

After talking to several other doctor and surgeon friends they all concluded that to pass of a petite to having complications from THEIR surgery is against oath and highly unethical. When I emailed him this, he decided he would take me for a removal. (More on this later)

So of course with my luck when I landed in Vancouver and got to the hotel (scheduled for emergency at 11:30am the following day). I lay down in bed and get slammed with chills, and sudden HARD swelling that started at my jawbone and was moving back towards my neck, making it hard to swallow. I rushed to the hospital and literally wrote out letters to each of my kids just incase I had a few more hours of breathing on my own. I thought for sure I was septic or bone infection was spreading through my body.

I got to the hospital and they were so amazing. They took me right back for CT scan, started fluids, IV antibiotics, and assured me whatever it was they would be able to handle it and I would be able to get back to my husband and kids. Although the swelling was rapidly changing and moving, the CT showed good news that there didn't look to be bone infection, or an abscess and it was just a serious infection and pus in the pocket although it had also moved to my prejowl implant too and may have spread mildly to the others. Despite reaching out to my original surgeon he never came in or called. Just waited for me to show up at 11;30 at his office,

The doctors and nurses at the hospital were so caring and I left feeling great about removal until my visit with My original surgeon. I never mentioned this before but because I was very stressed about the asymmetry of the implants at 4/5 weeks I had been in contact with another surgeon who had ordered me a cat scan to see implant size and placement, when my original doctor heard that I had an infection and was being supported by a different surgeon (out of the goodness of his heart mind you - I haven't paid him a cent) he "fired" me as a client saying that he no longer felt good about caring for me. Mind you this is when I'm stressed about a spreading infection and needing removal ASAP.

I wrote back and told him that it was highly unethical to simply turn me loose unless he was going to give me a refund for his errors or misposition (confirmed by photos and CT scan), so he agreed to have me in for removal today and would remove the infected one for free and each other was a $1500 charge. I brought my CT scan from the hospital that morning and said they said all implants were mildly infected (not cheek) but he said he doesn't trust CT scans and they mean nothing (trying to get more money out of me for the other removals). I also wanted to discuss my smile issue which hadn't improved in 5 weeks at all and he kept dismissing it and saying it was fine. When I brought up that through this site I have connected with 5 past patients of his with smile issues and moderate asymmetry, so I want to believe him but I feel like he is brushing it off instead of exploring the reasons why this could be happening. He then turned on me saying I should be th surgeon because I have all of the knowledge clearly. I again stated I'm just trying to see if there is anything we can tweak since I'm going under anyways - to potentially improve the paralyzed lip. There were no suggestions on his end. Eventually just asked "how large was my chin implant that wad placed on top of my sliding genioplasty?"
"I don't know.,. 3-4mm I think"
"Is there any possibility that by removing that and taking my chin back a bit it would un tuck my bottom lip a bit and let it move more freely as the nerve also wouldn't be so stretched?"
"Potentially yes"
"And when you reopen the incision is there anyway it could be attached a bit lower and closer to where it sits naturally opposed to almost at my lower teeth level"
"Not really but I can see once I'm in there"

That's when I broke down. I told him I'm so upset that he doesn't actually care about fixing any of these issues he just cares about getting them and charging me for as many things as possible in the process so I can leave him alone, he was visibly annoyed and left the room - when we had to pay they only charged us $1500 though instead of $6000 he was saying so that was one nice gesture. I was so anxious and scared going under knowing my surgeon and I were at odds. When I woke up from surgery I was in a complete panic and couldn't catch my breath.

I am feeling good now though. Even with the swelling post op my face looks more feminine and heart shaped like I had wanted it to. Crazy how jaw implants performed the wrong way actually took me farther away from every aspect of "beauty" I was after giving me; asymmetry of the jaw line (now back to symmetrical), one side totally bigger than the other (still there from cheeks but will be fixed in my revision) a very wide and protruding chin (whereas I wanted to have a petite chin with a flat bottom), Wider cheek implants stayed (although they are placed too low and messing with my smile. My other surgeon says we can just remove and replace then in 6 weeks after I heal as they were placed mid face opposed to high against the orbital bone as I wanted. Then in 6 weeks I will see if I want a small square chin implant added and/or ramal caps (non widening) and I'm interested to see if there is any sagging that will need to be resuspended.

The other surgeon I may go see is Barry Eppley and I have had better communication with him than I was able to get from my surgeon's EMERGENCY email (they won't give a number just an email that they check at 10pm at th the lastest and not again until morning!). Dr Eppley showed compassion, care, concern, and NO pressure on me to get anything at all. He emailed me every single morning and every night if I needed it - with nothing expected in return. Even when I said I wanted to fly to him right then and there for removal he urged me to go back to my original surgeon and see how I feel after removal before booking with him. I can't say enough good about him.

If there are any doctors who are KNoWN for cheeks and chins, comment below!

8 days post op removal

It's been 8 days since removal and I'm just updating because so many are asking for it.

So where I'm at in a nutshell.

1. Swelling is insane and I have overall crazy water retention/weight gain. I don't know if this is just all the stress my body has been through with two surgeries and a major infection but my arms are regularly tingly and neck veins are very pressurized.

2. I have old stitches from my initial surgery that are now cut and sharp rubbing into my gums and irritating them. They feel like slivers. My OS just said "they'll dissolve" but I'm upset they weren't removed at my removal surgery and just left. It just shows the general lack of care.

3. My chin incision was stitched lower and did improve movement of my bottom lip right off the bat so what's great. I don't know if it was lowering the stitches (which were way too high to my gum line initially) or taking out the implant over the SG but there has been improvement and I am grateful. However, something with the second incision is way more painful than the first one. The first one barely hurt but this one feels like there are shards digging in to it with stabbing pain. My speech is still nowhere near normal from the swelling (I hope) and I'm concerned but looking for positives that I can now move my lower lip a bit when I smile.

4. I have horrible chin dimpling. I didn't have this with the original surgery but now it feels like my chin was stitched on crooked. I can literally feel it tugging to the side when it's "flexed". Hoping Botox will help but it just feels weird considering it was a non issue before.

5. The one side of my face has a divot/dip where the jaw implant was. This was not the infected side it is the other side. It feels like the muscle was removed as I can feel the muscle/fat pad and then all of a sudden it just feels like it's bone. Again, hoping filler can fix this in time but it's very upsetting.

6. Cheek implant pain on the one side near my eye. When I smile big or laugh I get a pain right at my orbital rim that feels like the cheek implant is riding up into the socket. It's sharp and I think this is taking the cake as far as affecting quality of life as every joyous moment is accompanied by pain. Not sure whether this is going to go away or not.

7. Facial symmetry is improved upon removal. This is the one positive out of this whole thing is that I feel a bit more like myself and I am happier with the chin implant out and just the SG in place although it's still hard to say results with only a week's worth of swelling so I'll update in a month's time.

Bottom line: I should have only ever been recommended a chin implant and cheek implants. The emotional, physical, and mental toll this whole ordeal has put on myself and my family is incomprehensible. Pair that with a surgeon who hasn't even reached out since this whole thing except to tell me that the stitch shards left in my mouth that are scraping my gums will dissolve and to keep brushing my teeth. No check ins. No offer of reimbursement. No further insight into what went wrong or any apology for what went wrong. No remorse... and I think that's the hardest part. $30,000 later, and a weak and suffering face that looks worse than pre-surgery.

Better show of dimpling on chin. It's insane. What do I do??

The first photo I showed of the dimpling didn't show it very well. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like my chin is stitched on crooked. When I talk or bite my muscles want to pull to the side.

Will this nightmare end?! Will Botox fox this amount of dimpling (is it even dimpling?!)

Missing the old me

Attaching a Before and after. I look so much older now. I actually feel like I look almost elderly with a sunken face. These photos are 3 months apart. Left before / right after

I'm looking for insight on at this stage (8 weeks post op) whether it's still swelling or whether my smile is ruined? It's so hard to know what is causing the ruined smile!
It is the huge cheeks that are pushing my corners of the lip down and giving me big gaps between my teeth and cheeks?
It is improperly placed filler above my lip (he filed it because it was a bit duck-like)
Is it just from swelling?

It's so hard not knowing...

3 months post surgery... you be the judge!

Well it's been 3 months since my initial surgery and 2 months since the jaw implants came out and the additional chin implant came out that was put OvER my sliding genioplasty without permission.

I left the cheek implants in hoping they would define as the swelling receded but here we are.... photos from before, and after (today).

I am the same weight in both photos.

What do you think I should do? Removal of cheek implants?

Worried about sagging
Scar tissue
Risks and complications

If I leave it - scared of
Loss of smile function
Chipmunk cheeks
Low looking cheeks
Loss of proper speech (my mouth corners don't move properly anymore and my bottom lip is numb)

Also... confirmed yesterday that although I was charged for buccal fat removal, it wasn't performed.

Met with a different plastic surgeon about my loss of lip movement and speech and when telling him what I had done he told me there's no way buccal fat pad was removed because there was no incision. So I was charged for something I didn't receive.
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Very patient and a total artist. He listened to my concerns and was very confident in how he could fix them. He suggested things to optimize my outcome and has been very helpful post op. I am travelling back into Vancouver in two weeks for in person post op and am hoping for swelling to be evened out.

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