Sliding Genioplasty / Cheek Implant / Jaw Implants / Buccal Fat Removal

I have had a weak chin and jaw my whole life. My...

I have had a weak chin and jaw my whole life. My family calls them the lightbulb head as both sides of the family suffer from this.

I knew that a simple chin implant wouldn't be enough as the back jaw are also just kind of morphed with my neck. I searched high and low for a jaw specialist and came across Dr Whittenberg in Vancouver!

He said that all 3 areas of my jaw grew too small for the rest of my head and suggested a sliding genioplasty (using existing chin bone to slide upwards) as well as 2 customized implants for the mid jaw and back jaw to define it all.

The "wish list" photos I had were of kim k and Meghan fox. Strong chins with nice flat spots between the chin and cheeks. De whittenberg suggested if I wanted to get this look he would recommend cheek implants to lift my cheekbones higher and give room for the flat spot to go. He also said if I wanted to go the full nine yards buccal fat removal would be beneficial as I carried my face chub low.

I was never pressured and he just wanted to make sure I got optimal results. It has only been 3 days but so far I've noticed a huge difference in my undereye hollowness (gone!), nose looks much more proportionate, and I have a chin (albeit a very swollen/numb one!)

Day 4: finally home

Flew home today (only a 1.5 hour flight but I sure felt the extra pressure and swelling!). I am adjusting to my looks with the head wrap on but when I take it off the swelling is super uneven. It has me worried (like the one side of the jaw is at a different angle than the other one?). Trying not to panic.
Also - this not being able to smile at all has me down. It's literally not possible. My smile turns into this nasty joker smile and I miss my teeth!!
Having a whiny day today - here's to healing. Will post photos without the head band later but I feel so gross without it

12 days post and super discouraged.

At this point, I regret this surgery. Swelling has not gone down at all and I'm wondering if it's even swelling or if the cheek and jaw implants were put at very different angles. The one side of my face angles away from my chin steeper and is out (more prominent) what feels like 1/2 an inch! I specifically said I did not want my face wider and I honestly just feel like I have a beach ball for a head. I look masculine.

In the photo bottom left is a before photo. Weak chin for sure but slender face that looked nice in photos from front (but from side there was no definition). Now my profile is improved and front on I look like a man. :(

I would take this back if I could. Anyone who has gone through this please tell me if this is just swelling or if I have ruined my face. When I feel the jaw it feels hard like he has given me a man jawline! It's been two weeks and I can't face anyone or leave the house.

Please tell me what you think with the lopsidedness and jaw angle as well as swelling.

2 and a half week post-op visit.

Not sure what to think today. I flew to visit my surgeon post up and address my concerns which are:
Asymmetry (one side more dominant than the other)
Loss of smile
General wideness of the jawline which I specifically said I didn't want.

I also got details of my surgery today.
My chin was slid 12-13mm forward AND an implant was added because the sliding couldn't go farther.
Gortex was used which scares me as I know it's hard to remove if needed.
L-shaped implant at the back, and a middle implant to connect back and chin.

If you look at my photo I am so thrilled with the profile change. I have a neck and a jaw and my cheeks look awesome. It's the front view I can't stand. The chin and angle of the jaw implants are too low and masculine. Today I asked if that's just swelling or if they will move up and he basically said it will look a bit more chiseled as I de-swell but the implants will be where they are. I do feel very masculine and like even when I de-swell I'm not going to have the nice V I was after. Top left photo is what I wanted. Bottom left is me today. Top left is before (keep in mind that they make you put your head way way back in photos so I was not walking around with a double chin like that day to day!). Bottom right is profile change.

Anyways - I wanted high beautiful cheeks and a chiseled defined jaw that was SMALL and V like kim k or Meghan fox. Not sure if there is hope.

Do I need a neck lift? Maybe it's my jowls making it look wider?

So I'm just about 3 weeks post op and everyday I grow more and more disheartened. My husband is trying to stay positive but it came out this morning that he doesn't recognize me and it's very upsetting for him emotionally. It's equally upsetting for me too!

Posting a before shot (big smile) from 6 weeks ago - big smile, nice face shape (fairly slim), and then a photo from today (side by side). One with my face as is (masculine, extremely low jaw line), and one "lifted" photo with me pulling up my jowls. I totally realize I'm still swollen but I don't think as I "de-puff" I'm going to get the right jawline I want. I can see how a lift would smooth out the jawline into more of a V and feminize it.

Also thoughts for the day: I am carrying 30lbs of extra weight right now which is making my skin look "thicker" than it is and adding on an extra pad of fat.
Secondly - even when I'm thin I still have the jowls.
Thirdly - who is the BEST necklift/facelift surgeon? Or is there another treatment for jowls?
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Very patient and a total artist. He listened to my concerns and was very confident in how he could fix them. He suggested things to optimize my outcome and has been very helpful post op. I am travelling back into Vancouver in two weeks for in person post op and am hoping for swelling to be evened out.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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