Buttock Implants - Vancouver, BC

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My surgeon is Dr.cameron bowman of Vancouver BC,...

My surgeon is Dr.cameron bowman of Vancouver BC, Canada.

Today is my first day after the surgery of my buttock implants. There is a ton of uncomfortabllity and pain. However just seeing the difference even with the Garnment on I'm very excited to see the final results In a couple months. Dr bowman and his staff were fantastic, very knowledgable and very kind. All helpful and friendly. It made me so much more relaxed when everyone was open and nice and always kept the positive thoughts going. I was extremely nervous going in, and they helped me through it. It helps 110% to have someone close to you be there to support you as well it'll make the while process that much better. My fiancé was there and it was probably the one thing that kept me smiling before and after. You have to make sure to have a good support group or person around you it can be a frustrating and depressing time for awhile if you're completely alone on it. I go for my first follow up tomorrow, I have drains in right now, and yes there's pain and stiffness but you have to be prepared for sure when you have a surgery like this. Mentally and physically prepared. I'll keep updating my journey as I recover. So far I'm excited even with the pain to see the final results. You really have to be committed to following all the instructions to a t. Do not skip or cut corners it'll benefit you in the long run. So far I'm happy with the way we were treated and the surgery seems to have went very well. Good luck everyone!!

3rd day after surgery

So it's the third day after my surgery and I'm super sore still, get anxiety here and there but it's getting under control now. You really have to have good support around you to recover happily. I was massively constipated for the last few days but drank down some prune juice last night and finally was able to have a bowel movement. It was making me nervous but I had my first follow up yesterday with my surgeon and he said everything was looking great and so far so good and not to push on the toilet to much. So finally it did come and I don't have to worry now. Just going to stick to soft foods in the mean time.
The medication and antibiotics don't help with constipation so you have to make sure to eat light. In my opinion. Very tired from the meds but without them I'd be in so much pain. All seems to be going well for now though, the day after surgery I was nervous as my legs were swollen and I was very out of it from the anesthetics. But I'm ok now. It is a definite struggle being stuck In bed drains in. Not as easy as you'd think, so keeping mind occupied with movies and books etc is something you must do.

Well I'll update again soon on my progress. But so far so good.

Day 7 of recovery

Drains still in yesterday I was in allot of pain but mostly cramping from laying in bed and super tender where the lipo on my posterier flanks from the contouring. I'm not feeling sick really anymore, and where the stitches are above my bottom is really sore. But Thats said to be normal. Otherwise everything seems to be going well I'm walking better still resting lots so I heal healthy and strong with no complications if possible drinking tons of fluids and eating good no more constipation etc but drank lots of prune juice. Other than that follow up in a week so hopefully the drains will be coming out and I'll be a bit more able to walk more better. It's still hard to go to the washroom because of not being able to bend down properly. And sleeping only on your tummy is tuff too. But it's slowly becoming easier can't wait until I'm all healed and can get back to everything normal again :) have to say you really have to try and be prepared for a surgery like this its nothing like any other I've read about or have had. It's ruff and very hard patience and rest is muchly needed

Going on 3 weeks Post op

drains still in since they are a bit high still, however the pain is mostly where the Lipo was and where the drains are. It's mostly tender and the pain you'd have from normal bruises if you were in a contact sport. Walking is so much easier now, still doing low activity around the house that's about it. No public outings. As the surgeon said I shouldn't over work my self to soon if I want the drains out and all to go well. As for the implants they sit great I can lay on both my sides now to sleep and it's a big difference even though I got smaller implants they look natural and I'm very happy with the results so far!!

It's a difficult journey, but as long as you have someone there to support you it helps allot ( personal opinion ). My fiancé has been here for me and mentally it's been allot easier!

Hoping for the drains to be out this coming week. The Garnment has to stay on for up to six weeks. Skin gets super dry and yes it feels uncomfortable however it helps big time with the contouring.
I find with the Garnment being so tight and especially in your under parts I've used a thicker ( over night ) pad and kept it in that area with the Garnment pulled over top of that, helps with the discomfort. Only learnt that just recently when I tried it since it was getting very sore down there. It's best to use a ( clean ) warm cloth each time you use the washroom as well NOT baby wipes as they leave a bit of a soapy type layer on your skin and with it being so cramped and moist and dark down in that area can cause rashing or irritation.

Other then that things are going well and my surgeon is completely happy with the results which makes me happy as well.

Good luck everyone talk soon

Just after 1 month

Been over a month now. Drains still in. They were very low until today the right side has gotten very sore and full.
So I'll call the surgeon tmr. Results looking amazing, super happy. Just cannot wait until I'm back to normal activities, and life really. It's been a hard process. It's gets depressing. Some people go out and do normal daily stuff I've been doing it safely and just taking it easy at home resting in bed as much as I can it's hard always wanting to move around. But so far seems ok!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Very friendly, spoke to my fiancé and I very clearly letting us know all the details of after care and made us more comfortable with the process. Very open to answer all your questions if you have any, which you should always have questions before any serious surgery. It's what's best for yourself and you'll be allot happier if you do lots of research and ask anything you think of. The nurses were excellent as well very helpful.

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