29 Yr Old BA 445 cc gummy to 605cc inspira round srf

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Got my breast augmentation under the muscle, 445...

Got my breast augmentation under the muscle, 445 cc natrelle style 410 gummy bears October 2015. I have breast fed two kids. My nipples actually point down and my surgeon said I have underdeveloped breast muscles. While I loved the first month, when it when it dropped it was a little too small for me. When I was fitted I asked for 575cc, but my surgeon said I would be better with 445 cc. I'm a bigger girl, 180 lbs. so this actually looks tiny on me. He said I need a lift too, but I'm still young and can wait. He also thought about moving my nipples but we both agreed that it wasn't necessary and I didn't want the scars or loose nipple sensation.

Getting revision in 2 days

Well I will be getting my revision this Wednesday. I will be totally awake for the whole thing and it will be an in office procedure. Wish me luck, going bigger to fill pockets!

Revision implant exchange

I went in for my revision today. I was so nervous about awake surgery. But my sergeon took such good care of me. He did an awake procedure in the office and all he did was give me multiple shots of numbing medicine on my chest area. I took my pain pills an hour before, thought it would make me loopy but it had tapered away halfway through the procedure. It literally took less than an hour and he talked to me through out the whole time. Even had Pandora on for me on my favorite station. He put in what he says the newest and latest inspira model 605cc round implants, and they are a lot softer. I kinda like the awake procedure, I could've literally driven myself home. It was like I never went into surgery. Of course I'm in pain now like the first time.

Day of revision pics

I finally got a look at my boobs 3 hours after my awake surgery

Day after revision post op

The send time is easier than my first. My chest is not swollen nor do I feel an elephant on my chest. But when I do sit, or get up from a laying down position, and weight of the implants go down on the incision, hurts, it was like that for me the first too. So when I get up I hold my boobs for a few minute and slowly let the weight settle. Kinda helps with the pain a little bit.

More pics

More pics

My before pics before my first surgery

My flat boobs, had a lot of skin that looked great in a push up bra

Some bruising

Looked better than yesterday

Revision well worth it and less recovery time

I had my revision done Wednesday, and today is Saturday. I would say Wednesday and Thursday was the hardest for me. Although I didn't feel swollen and sore like my first initial surgery, getting up from laying down still hurt( when the implant settles on the stitches from gravity) by Friday I was pretty confident. My sergeon removed my steristrips and told me to wear cotton pads under my bra (like a maxi pad) to keep the incision dry. My incision is pretty much almost Healed. I have a little bruising but that's it. Last night I slept on my sides comfortable, I couldn't do that on my first surgery, I had to sleep propped up. I can lift things just fine but I won't push myself too much. Even tho I feel good, I want to heal right. I am going back to work on Monday and i feel confident that it won't be a pain. I can squeeze my breast and feel just fine. I can open bottles with ease, and steer my steering wheel with ease. It's amazing how this surgery didn't really hinder me too much. It's like I only got a cut that needs healing. I would definitely recommend to ladies who thought they could've gone bigger to go for it. In my case mine was rotating so I got a free fix and not only that I got to go bigger.

Love my boobays!!!!

Got my lingerie, a cheap one from eBay

Incisions healed faster and way better this time around

Officially 7 days post op, and my scars look amazing already. They seem smaller than my first initial surgery and they healed much faster this time around. Im guessing it's because I've been putting bio oil on it once my doctor said I didn't need the steristrips anymore. He also does free laser treatments to reduce my scar appearance so I will definitely do that later.

2 weeks post op revision

Two post op yayyyy loving my boobies, they've actually gotten a little smaller already but still loving them!!! They look amazing in push up bra! And loving the fullness

Round vs anatomical

Here's some pics of my round vs anatomical , as you see huge difference. Anatomical ends up looking saggy when they have settled even after 3 months post op

3 week post op stitches

Stitches looking good, wish they were more faded looking but it is too soon to tell.

My left Implant migrates to the side when laying flat on my back

I've been incredibly happy with my BA, and I had a revision because my first one was rotating. The fix: went bigger to fill pockets and switched to round. Now I am almost 3 months post op, and I am understanding why my first BA starting flipping/rotating. My implant now are migrating to the side to my armpit when I lay down, and I can literally push the implants up to the center. This just means my pocket got bigger. Although I am not too worried about it, I may have to think later down the road of getting it fixed. For now I am fine, I will survive. They still look amazing with a bra on, and I have always worn a supportive sports bra when I sleep.

3 moths postpop revision

3 months after my second surgery on switching my implants with no lift, I like the natural look

Dr Gabriel is truly amazing. He did two surgeries on me. Both breast augmentation but the second one was a revision/implant switch. My first surgery went well, but I was one of the few whose implant was rotating (anatomical implant). I saw him about my concern and he had me on the schedule right away for a revision. He changed my implants with round ones this time, he said they were the newest and latest model they just got, the inspira. Boy I felt spoiled already! He did my revision at absolutely no cost to me. He really cared about my concern and made it right. Great guy! Has a sense of humor too! I am absolutely loving my new breast! I went way bigger but they still look natural. And the new ones feel much softer!

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