3 Years and They're Gone - Vancouver, BC

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I'm 28 years old - 5'0, 95lbs. I had 280cc...

I'm 28 years old - 5'0, 95lbs. I had 280cc implants placed 3 years ago. I've never had kids. My first instinct is to blame my relationship - but if i'm honest my insecurity started long before my boyfriend came along. As an athletic teenager I was constantly teased by the guys...I had always been insecure about my lack of chest. When I found myself in a relationship where my boyfriend thought my body looked childish and unattractive - I decided to do something about it. I wanted to look more mature. I liked the idea of being able to wear clothes I'd never been able to in the past. But deep down - I knew minutes before going into surgery and the minute I came out that I was making a terrible mistake. As my surgeon said I just never "assimilated" by breasts. They never felt like mine. I felt like I was carrying the most enormous secret around. Nobody knew except my boyfriend. I was more self conscious then I had been before. Wearing a swimsuit was a huge deal - hugging - dresses - I felt like an imposter in my own body.

I followed this site for about a year. 3 weeks ago I went into the clinic and had my saline (under the muscle) implants deflated. I was totally shocked by my lack of breast tissue. I had asked for them to be drained first, just in case the result was so horrific that I wanted to put very small implants back in. It took me three weeks to decide - but I opted to have them removed completely.

Today I had them taken out under local anesthetic. It HURT! So worth it. I'm as flat as a pancake but my breasts look perky and just about the same as they did before the surgery. Maybe a little looser and definitely feel a bit mushy --- but the result is far better than I imagined (and i'm picky).

I am so grateful for this site and all you courageous women. We all explant for different reasons - for me, breast implants just weren't a good fit. I hope my story can help someone else along. I will post pictures as soon as I can.
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