Didn't Work. Didn't Lose 1 Inch. Don't Waste Your Time or Money!!!! - Vancouver, BC

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I am a 60 year old woman, 5' 4" and weigh 170 lbs....

I am a 60 year old woman, 5' 4" and weigh 170 lbs. I weighed about 140 lbs until I turned 50 then due to menopause, laziness, thyroid condition and eating too much, I gained 50 lbs. I lost 20 lbs a few months ago and thought that Zerona might help me lose a couple of inches around my waist, stomach and belly.

I went to a Heath Centre and I signed up for 9 treatments. Their program also consisted of a detox portion. For the week before you were on a detox cleanse where you would take pills and mix a powder with liquid. The following week, you would do a 1/2 hour in a infrared sauna while your feet were in a foot detox bath. You then had 2 - 20 minutes treatments on the Zerona and then you went on a vibration machine for 10 minutes.

After 2 weeks, nothing, they kept telling me I have to be patient. It would happen the 3rd week. Nothing happened. They then said I can expect it to happen a week after. Well I had my measurements and nothing.

I wish I had done more research before I spent $3,500. I could have gone to a weight loss spa for a week or hired a personal trainer for a year. It was not only the money but it was 18 hours that I spent there. If you are reading this report, you probably are considering it. I finally had to face that fact that there is no quick fix and I have to do the work. Eat less, eat the right foods and exercise. Good Luck with your decision.

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