Tummy tuck with muscle repair- loving it!

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Hello, I'm 5ft1 and 110 pounds with a small frame...


I'm 5ft1 and 110 pounds with a small frame. I had two large babies and my stomach has never been the same. Love my kids, don't love the belly, lol! I am scheduled for the TT with muscle repair on September 4 and I am very nervous. The most frustrating thing about my belly is not so much the skin, but the automatic pooch I get after eating. My Dr. calls this weak abdominal wall laxity. After eating I look like I am 4-6 months pregnant.


1 more month left

It's getting closer! 1 more month left and now I'm starting to think about all of the things I'll need before the end of the month. I feel terrible because I have been constantly emailing dr. Lennox's receptionist and she has been so great. I had a tubal libation in April and I think I had a major reality check about a few things. Firstly, if my tubal libation made me that sore for a few days, I could only imagine how sore and painful the tummy tuck will be. I didn't take Any meds after my tubal ligation, but I will be sure to take some for after the tummy tuck. Another thing I realized is that I get quite anxious AFTER the surgery... I have no idea why. I seem to think that the meds are too much for my system and I'm going to die. How ridiculous, I know, but I think I'll take an Adivan to keep my nerves down. I've never taken it before, but I've been told it's good for things like this. And finally my surgery didn't happen until 4 pm, and for someone that is hypoglycemic it was sobrutal, they had to put me on IV before because my sugar levels got so low. I made sure for my TT surgery, that I will be the first on in for 9am!

Dr. Lennox gave me a compression garment to wear 3 weeks prior to the surgery. I haven't read that anyone else did that prior to, but he said it was good for getting use to as well as getting the skin ready.

At this point it seems getting this TT done is all I'm thinking about. When my clothes bunch up around the belly, I get excited about the thought of having a flat tummy. Then I have the fearful thoughts like, what if the scar is too high? What if my belly button looks weird? What if my belly doesn't get flat after? What if I'm horrified by the scar?.... Clearly I'm a worry wart. But with that said, this is a big surgery and thinking about these things is better than going in blindly.

Any "must haves" for the pre surgery that you ladies recommend?

I can honestly say that your stories are so inspiring and I look forward to reading your stories each day :) it keeps me smiling and cheering for this who have their TT and those who are waiting.

Till next time ladies :)

Pre- op pictures

1 more week

It's kinda a funny feeling when you think to yourself, "next week this time I would have had my surgery!". I keep thinking that today. I'm nervous, excited and curious as to how this will all go. I paid for the surgery today which was another huge reality check for me. I have stopped taking all vitamins because I heard some can be blood thinners and I'm starting to make a mental list of things that I'll need to have ready post op. School for the kids is starting the day before my surgery so there is a lot that needs to be done for me and the kids.
I know there is mixed opinions on Arnica but I figured why not take it. At least I tried and if it doesn't work, so what.
I thought I had timed everything perfect with my period and of course last month my period ended up being a week late so now I think I will be getting my period on the DAY of my surgery... Such a bummer! I've never been more than a few days off, Murphy's Law!
Dr. Lennox's office told me that my pre op will take place the day of the surgery. I have to be there by 7:30am and should be ready to go home by 1. I know I'll be nervous so I have already made a list of questions, concerns, requests so I don't forget anything. I tend to forget things when I'm nervous and I figure this is kinda a once in a lifetime thing so I wanna say everything I need to.

I've been waiting since the birth of my first child for this day over 8 years ago, and now it's only a week away!

I'll keep you posted ladies. Thanks for your daily updates, it keeps me going :)

On the flat side! Day of...

Here are some picture with the markings. I will update with the 'after' pictures when I feel up the standing for pictures.

My experience for now while it's fresh. Muscle repair and lipo

So needless to say, I'm a little woozy from the meds, but so far so good. My appt was at 7:30am and I was operated at 9am sharp. I told them that I am a total worry wart and they were very kind to me and didn't make me feel like a nut. Dr. Renwick came in who is the anesthesiologist and he sat with me for a long time talking to me about previous surgeries, what I should expect for this one, and what I'll feel like after. He made me feel comfortable. The nurse Teresa was amazing. About an hour later Dr. Lennox came in and I brought out my paper with questions and he was so wonderful about it! I told him that I would like a long oval BB not round and my concerns about my scar and how low it is, etc. He actually took the note and said that he would keep it in the operating room to remind him, just in case he forgot anything- seriously, how cool is that. He had kids my age, and something about the makes me feel awesome! He marked me, and I asked a lot of questions which he answered. He said I will most likely have a vertical scar because I want my scar so low and he decided that he would do lipo. He said the trade for a low scar is a vertical incision The nurse later confirmed I do have one, but I can't see it until I see the dr. After that, they walked me to the surgery room, how funny I walked into it! I lied in the bed which was nice and cozy and they put compessors on my legs. The anesthesiologist came in, we said a few words and next thing I knew I was waking up to being on the flat side! They had me quite frozen so I felt ok when I woke up. When the pain kicked in she gave me oxyconton and said would you like 2 pills or 1? I said 1 and that was just the right amount. Eventually my husband came and they gave him home care instructions. Making it to the car was ok, and the 45 minutes car made me nauseous but so far I haven't thrown up.

I'm home now and have taken my first percocet 4 hours after surgery when I started to feel pain.

One thing I though I'd mention is that I got my period the day before and the Dr. said it is no problem for those of you that have wondered if it's ok, it seems to be ok :)

On meds so if there are errors sorry! I'll post some post op pictures soon!

Drs drawings to show potential incision line.


Potential incision line

Having a rough day

Day 2 post. Op and though I still don't regret it, it is quite rough today. The pain is tough, but manageable... It's the headache! It's unbearable. I am so nauseous. I've been told that it's the anesthetic, but man is my head killing me. I can barely think straight. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. As for the pain, keeping up with the meds has kept the stomach pain manageable. Sleeping has been rough and the only way I can sleep is upright and in my recliner. Thank goodness for my recliner and the walker, highly recommended. Lots of pillows as well helps me stay comfy. Can't wait for thus headache to go away!!!

Day 2 post op

Day 5 post op pictures

Day 5

Hello ladies. Today is day 5 po and I'm feeling a little better. I have been off the percs for 2 full days now and I had a BM yesterday. The trade off being off the meds is you feel more yourself but also feel a lot more pain. Went to the Drs today and he said that I have to keep my drains in until Friday! That would make that 9 days post op! I'm not even draining that much, and they hurt like hell. Bummed but what can you do. The good news is that I got to see my stomach for the first time and I was happy. My BB is nice and oval, the scar is low. Im quite bloated but I can see that in time it'll look great. My back is not hurting as much today either. The first 4 days have been the worst for me, today has been nice. I did sneeze for the first time today though and almost passed out. It felt like firecrackers going off in my belly. Not fun. Nor is a coughing fit like had yesterday, so painful.

A couple of days ago I was afraid my skin wouldn't stretch enough and I wouldn't stand up straight, but I'm doing better day by day it seems. I'm almost fully erect when I stand and I slouch as the day goes by.

The sensation is weird on my stomach. It's not numb, but there not much feeling either. It feels prickly when I touch it. I'm bloated but the skin is so pulled that it looks funny.

Will post in a few more days when drains are removed :)

One week mark!

It's been a whole week since I've had my surgery! Time sure flies. The pain has gotten more manageable but I still have this darn drain, and it's driving me crazy!!! I would say that it actually was sometimes more painful than the surgery pain. It's so awkward. Friday morning I get it out and I really just can't wait. I think it'll make me feel so much better. I have booked a pedi that day after I get it out to celebrate. A much needed treat after feeling housebound.
The coughing and sneezing is still super brutal. The doctor told me to hold a pillow tight and push into the belly. It doesnt work that well. Does anyone know when you can cough without it hurting so much? Lozenges have been helping greatly.
Overall though,everything is looking and getting better day by day. I will post new pictures as soon as I get my drain taken out :) till then, happy healing.
My stomach is feeling tight still. Each day I've been told I get a little straighter which is good. Whe did some of you stop feeling such streching strain on your skin? The scar is still under tape and though I've been given the go ahead to shower, I don't get the scar wet. I'm so afraid it'll get infected. The doctor told me that the surgery tape is a great barrier for the scar but, I will wait till my drain gets taken out.


Taken at 9am after my shower

12 days!

Day 16 post op

16days post op

Hello TT ladies :)
I am 16 days post op and I feel quite great. There are a couple of aches and pains, but that is mainly due to stomach muscles and skin stretching more annoying than anything. I have resumed all of my normal activities other than excercising. I still wear my compression garment everyday and the dr. Told me I only need it for another week until I'm 4 weeks post op and I will be good to stop wearing it. I get quite swollen throughout the day, and my muscle above my belly button ache which advil usually cures. As for the scar, it is healing quite nicely. The T incision is a bit of a mess, but the dr. told me that I can get a revision shortly. Also, where the drain was has to get a revision because when he pulled it out, it also pulled out flesh. It looks kinda gross so he has used some chemicals to kill the skin and when he does the revision, he will do one on this too. Overall though, this process has been so worth it. I feel like myself again!

A few more things

A few things I forgot to add... When they pulled my drain out, it hurt! There was a pop which hurt and then the drain pulled through my tummy which burned kinda. It was over super quick. Aft it was out though, I felt amazing! No words expressed what a relief that was.
I am able to stand fully upright now, but let me tell you that for the time while I was hunched, my back killed. Now I am feeling great with more muscle soreness which is only kinda achy. Advil usually sorts that out quickly. Skin is very tight but each day gets better. It's quite itchy though so I'm constantly putting cream on it.
Sleeping has gotten much more comfy. I still need a lot of pillows but I am not as u comfortable as I use to the. I have been sleeping on my side for 2 days now and it feels great. Turning to the other side still requires some work but it is nice that I can do it.
And the coughing and sneezing aka my worst enemy is getting better. I don't feel explosions anymore but it still aches when I cough. I have learned to push my hands into my belly when I cough or sneeze and that helps a lot.
Sitting to standing is still a little awkward. The first few steps are a little sore, but then I'm fine.
That's it for now!

9.5 weeks and feeling great.

9.5 weeks

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is healing well! It's been 9.5 weeks and I feel amazing. Dr. Said he will fix the vertical scar in a couple months by bringing it down lower and revising the little lump. The pleats that existed have flattened and no longer exists which was my biggest concern. I'm annoyed that I seem to get a lot of bloating in my upper belly, but I just had a look at my before pictures and realized that that bloating is nothing compared to what I used to look like! Coughing and sneezing are not a problem at all and life has resumed to normal overall :)
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