47, 2 Kids, 188 Lbs, Fixing Bad Liposuction Results from "Bodytite" in 2010. Vancouver, BC

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Well.... here we go again... I had bodytite and...

Well.... here we go again... I had bodytite and ba with a benelli lift in 2010 and the lipo, well, you can see in the pics, it was an unmitigated disaster. So, 6 years later, I'm finally taking the plunge and doing what I should have done in the first place and that is get a straight up tummy tuck. First though I had to get some fat transferred into my belly prior to this procedure as the surgeon was worried about necrosis with no fat and the skin being so thin (the bodytite that was done was hugely overly aggressive). This is my own fault, I did not do enough research, or rather I did do the research but neglected to let the "it's not the tool, it's the surgeon" rule really sink in. I fell for the new technology thinking it to be less invasive, the surgeon was certified and coincidentally had also done a blepharoplasty on my mom 20 years ago, so he was not a hack. While he did a brilliant job on my mother's procedure, and also on my ba/lift, he just did not possess the skill necessary to wield a cannula and I paid the price for that. So, here we go, time to fix the mess and hopefully come out the other side! I do alot of perusing on this site and all you brave ladies help so much so I feel I must do my part as well. Happy healing all!

1 dpo pic!!

I'm on day one here and feeling pretty ok, but wow, it's not nothing that's for sure. I think/hope results will be good? I did end up having to have muscle repair, I hadn't banked on that, pain so far has gone between 4 and 7 depending on where I am on my med cycle and how much I'm moving around. REALLY not looking forward to that first BM, it hurts to cough, laugh, everything... but think so far so good!!

PO Day 2

Well, today is a bit better, I was bracing myself for this being the worst day, but I think yesterday was worse. Keeping on top of your meds is KEY, pain today is probably between 3-6, barely any when I'm sitting in bed, goes up a couple of notches moving around. Not not not looking forward to that first BM, part of me wants to delay it as long as possible and part of me wants to just get it overwith... No pics as I'm not taking this binder off until I see the surgeon on Thursday. By the way really pleased with my surgery so far....


Day 3 in the bag and starting day 4 dpo. So far this isn't so bad? Pain is down to between a 2 and 4 depending on whether I'm moving around. What has set in is some guilt about not being with the family but instead like being like a stinky Princess Rapunzul stuck up in a turret (My townhouse has 5 floors, my bedroom is almost at the top). This no shower thing is yuck. Sponge baths just don't cut it. Oh well, I guess my hair will like the break. Let's see what else, oh haven't had the dreaded BM yet, taking stool softeners and laxitives like it's my job, there's alot of rumbling and grumbling but nothing yet. The other odd thing is that my head keeps telling me I can do things, and I want to do things other than laps around the bedroom, but my body just isn't there, it's like when you break your arm and it will only go "so far" and that's it. So, in the interest of having no complications, I'm sitting the eff down and letting the world carry on without me for a little while. I hope everyone is healing well!


Just had that bm a few minutes ago, somebody said it was like giving birth, yep. I took all the stool softeners and laxitives and still... glad it's done with. I think all the effort made me somewhat nauseated though? is that a thing? I took a gravol and went back to bad, looks like day 4 may be shaping up to be a hard day...

End of PO Day 4

I just wanted to post and say this has been a bit of a harder day. My back is so sore and tender it's holding back (pardon the pun) from doing anything, it literally feels like it could collapse on me. A little more time is needed before straightening up can be attempted. This was something I didn't really give enough cred, it's definitely a thing. Ouch.

9 dpo

9dpo big day! Had my first PO appointment with PS, he said everything looks great and my surgery went really well. Got the foam out of the binder, got the drains out, got cleared for activities (within reason) and? Got to take a shower today!! Huge day, I'm pooped! But entering the land of the living slowly but surely, tomorrow is mani/pedi day with my sister, some very very welcome buffing to get me back to my normal self. New pic below, looks good to me?? Hope everyone is healing well, hang in there!

12 dpo

Starting to lose track of how many days post I am, but here is today's pic. I feel ok, the most discomfort comes from the tightness in the tummy and the corresponding back pain. I think without the back pain I could do a lot more, however, I'm not overdoing anything so, so far so good. I am a little worried about my belly button, I used to be able to stick my whole finger in it now it probably wouldn't fit a pencil. I saw a pic somewhere on here with someone whose bb grew closed so I'm nervous about that because I seem to be an enthusiastic healer which isn't always a good thing when skin attaches/closes where it isn't supposed to. I don't know what the odds are of that happening, but will keep an eye out. So many things to be worried about each step of the way! But onwards and upwards. I hope everyone is having healthy healing out there!

PO Day 13

First day of work, it went pretty well actually. During the day I feel good, I'm about 95% upright, just enough not to be noticeable but also enough to still be somewhat painful on the back. Also, I seem to be getting into a routine of 7pm swell fest. It feels and looks like I'm pregnant, holy cow. I weighed myself this morning and I'm 3 lbs down from pre-surgery weight, so that's good news. Everything looks ok I think, still watching my belly button and hoping it doesn't close up. That;s about it, hope all is well with everyone!

14 dpo and new pic

Hard to believe at this time precisely two weeks ago I was under the knife and here I am walking around again. Our bodies and science is truly truly amazing. The glue is peeling off, there is a stitch I can see at the top of the T under my belly button, I don't think it looks like it is spitting out, it looks like it wasn't cut all the way down so I will check on that next week at my appointment. I went back to work yesterday, that went well, it's a desk job and it's part time so that helped. I think if you have a job where it's even a little bit physical you will need more than two weeks to go back to it. I get tired and winded quickly. So far, I'm pleased with the outcome, the belly looks good I think, the scar looks good, my bb is small but doesn't look like it's closing up like I was worried about. I forgot to check today for indications of seroma, I'm not actually sure what to look for, if you don't see it can you feel it? Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!

PO Day 16

Well, I think I've come to the time where the changes each day are not huge. So, I"ll probably slow down the postings. I think everything seems to be healing well, just going to keep on keepin' on for a bit here. I took a side shot ant the ubiquitous bikini pic, never really could rock a bikini anyway, but I discovered that this particular suit probably won't be wearable, my scar at the side is really really low and peeks out, it will probably do that with underwear too. I'm trying to decide how much I care about it. Right now, not alot... Hope everyone is doing well on your journies!

po 3 weeks

WOW, I can't believe it, 3 weeks has gone by in the blink of an eye and I feel pretty darn good. I mean there's the tightness obviously, and it does feel sort of perpetually weird, but no back pain which is great. I even got out for a 1/2 hour walk today which was awesome because it's like summer weather here right now.

Also, I am beyond amazed, I am healing so fast and so well, I mean some parts of my scar are already disappearing what???? How is that even possible? It seems so so fast to me but I'm utterly grateful. Anyway, there is the 3 week PO pic.

Hope everyone is having a healthy healing experience, hang in there it gets better!

PO Day35

No pics, but will update with pics when the paper tape I have over the incision has to be changed on Tuesday. I just got back from my son's camp where I helped out all weekend in the kitchen feeding 85 hungry kids and their parents/leaders. I wore my fit bit and hit almost 22,000 steps, 113 active minutes and 3000 calories burned on Saturday alone, this is coming from less than 100 steps on PO day 1, now that's progress! I can't believe I was able to keep going and going and going. I was tired, sore and very swollen at the end of the day, and I still am right now, but I am extremely gratified that I pulled it off. Now the food intake over the weekend on the other hand.... less than stellar, but back on track tomorrow. So just know, even though it feels like you may never be normal again, the list of things you are not able to do gets smaller daily. Keep the faith!

PO 5 Weeks

Well, here we are at 5 weeks... feeling pretty good, I went for a two mile power walk this morning, that went well. I'm getting some slight numbness in my right leg/foot that comes and goes with swelling, hoping that will subside. Other than that, I think I'm healing well, I'm pleased with the results. Here are some pics, some close ups of the scar and bb.

po 6 weeks

Second try with updating here... everything is great, I feel good, waiting to get cleared for activities next week. Still not wearing anything constricting, I don't like being uncomfortable. Tummy is still numb, feels like plywood, still swelling but manageable so no complaints. All in all I'm very pleased, the surgeon did a beautiful job, I would highly recommend him.

Before and After...

I compared the pics today and wow, what a difference! So I thought I'd post, before and at 6 weeks....

12 Weeks PO

Tomorrow will mark 12 weeks, I can't believe how fast it's gone. I feel great, there's still tightness, swelling and numbness and it's generally "there" but I don't think about it every minute of every day. it's completely ok to live with and do things. I have been running, working out (tho not as much and as hard as I used to), I've been taking it easy on core exercises, but other than that, totally normal. I will be seeing the surgeon again in a few weeks and I'm thinking he will ok me to start ramping up the weight training including core again, which I feel ready for now. I think there may be a scar revision for the vertical scar, it's a little wrinkly, there's a little extra skin there. Overall though, he did a beautiful job I think. Those first couple of weeks you really can't see how much better it will be, but trust me, hang in there, it gets better! My only regret is not doing this years ago! Hope all is well in your healing journies!

16 Weeks PO Update

Well, 16 weeks has gone by I can't believe it. I feel absolutely great, I have not lost any weight which kind of sucks, my waist is exactly the same size as pre surgery which is inexplicable since I had an MR, how that is even possible I don't know, but anyway, it's fine. Everything is looking good, some parts of the scar are starting to turn white. I see my PS tomorrow for a follow up, I think there is going to have to be a revision of that wrinkly weird bit at the top of the vertical incision. I am working out regularly, I'm still not doing full on hard core work, but I suspect I will be cleared for even that at my appointment tomorrow. I am still swelling, usually at night, and quite a bit of my tummy is still numb. No complaints though, it was to be expected, all of it so all in all I'm still really happy. I may post again around 6 months, but thought I'd do one in between here. Hope all is well on your journeys!

8 months post!

Hello all, I can't believe it's been 8 months but here we are! I'm very pleased with my results, I will be going in for a bit of a revision for a dog ear on the right hand side, but other than that, I feel great! The middle area where the scars intersect is still numb, and kind of "bumpy" feeling, but overall the healing is going well. I've maintained my weight more or less, actually I'm a few pounds less, nothing substantial. It would be nice to knock off another 15, but, even if I don't I'm still happy. I thought I would update as I know how much it helped me to see the progression. I will be back again probably at the 1 year mark. In the meantime I hope everyone is having a happy healthy recovery!

Revision time!! Feb 2017

Hello all, well, had a few revisions done today, the wrinkly bit at the top of my vertical scar was excised, as well as a dog ear on my right hand side fixed, some fat was taken out to fill more of the dent in my thigh. It was all done under local, it didn't hurt but it was not exactly fun, probably along the same lines as getting your teeth drilled, but Dr. Lennox was awesome and we chatted the whole time so it was over pretty quickly. The freezing hasn't worn off yet so I still feel fine though, I'm bleeding through my bandage there so I will check to see if I should leave that or change it. I will post updated pics when the bandages come off. Hope you are all well, happy healing!

One Year Post Op!!! (Post revision)

I can't believe it's been one year! Well, one year and a week to be exact. I feel good, I've gained a few lbs again, bleh, but working on getting it off, it's a constant battle. But all in all it was totally totally worth it. I still have tightness around the middle of my belly where the scars meet, and the scar tissue is pretty hard and somewhat lumpy in that area still, but everywhere else is soft and it's facing nicely. I had a small revision to the vertical scar and also to the dog ear on my right hip. I am recovering nicely from that. I think what is really bothering me at the moment is the weight gain hiding the awesome actual results. I know they are there, I just need to uncover them again! On the plus side, my abs feel strong, as strong as they did before even, I can sit up and do all the things I could before no problem. So those of you who are a few days out of surgery, have faith, it WILL get better... it's kinda like childbirth, you eventually forget how hard it was. Be well and happy healing everyone!
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