37 Years Old, 3 Kids (With Twins), 5 Ft Tall, 120 Lbs Asian, Finally Got TT, MR and Lipo Done! Vancouver, BC

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I had always been a petite, size 0-2 girl, friends...

I had always been a petite, size 0-2 girl, friends praised how fit and healthy I looked before I got pregnant. I only gained 28 lbs. from my 1st pregnancy. Since I breastfed my child, I was able to lose all the weight within 6 months. The 1st pregnancy didn't leave me a single stretch mark or any additional fat. Then, I got pregnant with twins. Again, I was really careful with what I ate during pregnancy, I only gained 28-30 lbs. with the twins. I gained no fat on my body as people standing behind me couldn't tell I was pregnant until they stood beside me, then they were shocked how huge my bump was. My skin were stretched so much that it got really thin and itched really bad. After the twins were born, I breastfed them as well, so I was able to drop the first 15 lbs. quite quickly. However, my tummy skin was really loose and saggy. In the past two years, I tried to lose weight on the treadmill and did aerobics, but the muscle separation is so wide that no matter what I did, I still have a big pouch. I hated the feeling how the pouch is separated from my body and wobbled when I walk or run. The twins finally turned 2 and started to go to daycare, so I feel it's time for me to fix this problem that had bothered and affected my self-esteem.

Before- and on the day of- operation

4 days before my surgery date, my mom and I went together to meet Dr. Pugash for my prescriptions and understand what to expect after the surgery. Everything is set to go and I didn't feel nervous at all. On the day of the operation, I arrived right on time at 7:00am at the False Creek Surgical Centre. The nurse took me to a private room with a bed, gave me the sexy blue gown to change into, took my blood pressure, told me to relax on the bed and wait for Dr. Pugash to arrive. Honestly, I wasn't nervous at all, as I've been looking forward to this surgery for quite awhile. Dr. Pugash arrived at 8:15am, he reviewed the surgery that we're doing and did some nice artwork on my skin. Then, I headed to the clean bright surgical room.

Alright, it's DONE! But, I felt so weak and sick

I woke up from the surgery in the recovery room at 2:00pm. The nurse told me that I got out of the surgery room at 1:00pm, so I guess the surgery took 4.5 hours (8:30-1:00)! Honestly, I was so tired and weak for the rest of the day after the surgery, I could hear people talking, but didn't have the energy to respond and do much. I tried but couldn't get up, felt dizzy and nauseous. I had a can of ginger ale, but that only made me feel worse. So, I only drank water for the rest of the day, didn't have the appetite to eat a single thing. The overnight stay at False Creek Surgical Centre was expensive but worth it.

Day 1 post-op

Since after the surgery, I have been in so much pain, there was no way I could go to the washroom by myself, so the catheter really helped. I read that drinking water helps with the recovery, as I haven't eaten a single thing since dinner before the surgery, I was downing a lot of water. The nurse said it's great that a lot of liquid was coming out, but after the overnight stay, she said it was time for me to learn how to get up from the bed and walk to the washroom by myself. I have a high pain tolerance, but that was a real painful experience and I felt like I got hit by a truck! I even asked myself why did I put myself through this. My mom came and picked me up at 10:30am. The nurse wheelchaired me down to the loading bay of the building, getting into the car was slow but okay.

I took a couple pics of myself standing up, hunchbacked.

Day 2 to 6 post-op

My whole body aches and I have deep bruises all over. I try to get up and walk a bit every 2-3 hours. I use the foot massager for 15 mins, three times a day, to help blood circulation. I am drinking at least 3L of liquid daily, which includes a healthy smoothie (kale + prune + pineapple / grapes), so I don't have any constipation problem. I can feel I'm recovering gradually, but very slowly. Not being able to shower is such a disgusting feeling, I can't wait till Dr. Pugash takes off the drains, so I can clean myself thoroughly. I took off the binder for sponge bath and checked out my new body. I really like my new flat stomach from the TT & MR, but my back and flank look "thick", hope I'm just swollen, because I'm not seeing any difference from the lipo yet.

Day 7 post-op "Yay, drains out!"

What a big difference a few days make! I can stand up much straighter and finally walk a few stairs up to have dinner with my family. However, I'm still very sore from the deep bruises all over my body (see pics). I can't even lie on my side because it hurts just having the tiny bit of pressure on the bruises. The drains are driving me nuts because I get less than 15ml in each, but they are attached to me, it hurts every time I take my pants off for toilet, because the pants may rub and irritate the drain holes. I can't wait till my 5:00pm follow up appointment!

I didn't have to wait a single minute to see Dr. Pugash as he was already at his FCSC office sharp at 5:00pm. He helped me take the steri strips off the incisions. So, I got to see my new bb and incision. Hmm... I really love my new bb, it is small and the stitches are nicely hidden inside. But the cut across my abdominal is much more extended than what I expected. I guess if Dr. Pugash didn't go that far, I may get TT dog ears. Taking the drains out was painful. Dr. Pugash tried to minimize the pain by pulling them out really fast, but man, that sharp burning sensation was awful. Then, I was given two compression garments to alternate and wear 24/7. He gave me a size L and M, I tried on the L at home and it didn't feel tight at all, so I think the M would serves its purpose better. I also wonder why the CG given doesn't go up to my back and I did lipo on my back as well, it only goes up to my high-waist, guess I will call the Dr's office tomorrow to find out.

I took a couple pics of my new body, as I said before, I really like my new belly-button, so-so on the horizontal incision as it's more extended than I wish it to be. My body is still very swollen because the pre-op pants feel tight. I can't wait till the bruises fade and swelling goes away.

Day 8 post-op: I finally got to take a good shower!

After Dr. Pugash took out the drains yesterday, he said I could take a shower on the following day. So this morning, after I gave myself the last blood thinning shot and ate my breakfast (cereal and green smoothie), I immediately jumped into the shower and washed my hair at least 3 times!!! What a refreshing feeling! Mom helped me change the bed sheet and pillow cases, and I know this week is going to be much better.

I emailed a pic of myself in the CG to Dr. Pugash's office for his review. Simone called me back not long after. She agrees that the CG is not fitting me that well due to my shorter body (I'm 5 ft. tall), so they will have a full body one for my mom to pick up tomorrow. I really like how responsive and caring Dr. Pugash and Simone are to their patients. I have dealt with Simone 90% of the time since I first approached them. I have to say, Dr. Pugash is very lucky to have Simone to look after his patients, as she is super nice and very organized. I will post a pic of me in the new CG once I get it tomorrow.

Day 9 post-op: I like my new full-body CG

Got my new full-body suit from the False Creek Surgical Centre today, it's another Marena garment and much more comfortable than the initial high waist one Dr. Pugash gave me. It's very important that we communicate to our own Dr. about everything as they only want us to recover fast and have fantastic result in the end, because that's their best advertisement.

I am starting to feel very swollen ever since I took off the binder and switched to the CG. Looking back at my early post-op days pics, my waist and abdominal were very flat and small. However, I'm so bloated that my pants feel tight. I have already been very careful with my diet. I drink my daily veggie smoothie, so I never once felt constipated. I have my BM daily without taking any Metamucil. I continue to drink no less than 3 litres of water per day, and very little salt in my food. I don't get how I can get so swollen suddenly after the first week. Hope this will go away soon, I wonder if massaging my tummy helps?!

Day 10 post-op: Caught a cold / flu and upset with my lower belly :(

Today hasn't started off well. I woke up with a sore throat and might have caught a cold or flu. That's the last thing I want to happen to me as I know how painful it is to cough right after the MR. So I immediately emailed Dr. Pugash's office and luckily, Simone gave me the "okay" to Tylenol, so I quickly took 2 pills to hopefully avoid the cough.

Then, I undressed myself to shower, finding my tummy really swollen. My body looks rounder and thicker than last week (see my day 2-6 pics). The lower belly protrusion that hung over the cut (see 3rd pic) really bothers me. I read that many patients cannot stand up straight until 2 weeks after the surgery, but I have no problem standing straight a week after already, so does that mean Dr. Pugash hasn't pulled hard enough or trimmed off enough excess skin?!?! I hope I am just being paranoid as I have higher expectation for this operation. I hate to sound negative but I'm really not liking my body today :(

Day 16 post-op: Had my follow-up appointment today

Half a month has gone by and I am starting to get back to a more regular lifestyle. Instead of lying on the bed all day long, I try to get out of the house with my mom for lunch everyday, then come back home for a short nap before dinner, so at least I get to go out and won't feel so miserable staying in the room. I still keep up with my daily veggie smoothie and 3 litre plus of water. I don't know whether it's the surgery or my new diet, I feel lighter and thinner :)

Today is my first time driving since the operation and it went well. I drove to the clinic for my follow-up appointment. Dr. Pugash is impressed with the progress and he's really liking my new body shape. My belly button looked very nice in the first week, but then, since two days ago, 2 baby tumor-looking bubbles popped up inside it (see pics). Dr. Pugash saw them and said those are very normal swells and will definitely go away. My CG in size L is starting to feel loose too and Dr. Pugash said it's a great sign and he will have a size M body suit for me next week, how exciting!

I know my scar and bb look kinda scary at the moment, but I understand that it takes time for my body and scar to heal. As Dr. Pugash told me, our body only heals up to 80% six months post-op, so I need to be patient. I'm glad that I picked a doctor who strives for A+ for the result. Simone at Dr. Pugash office is also super nice and helpful :)

Day 25 post-op: No more scabs

3 weeks after my surgery, all my scabs finally fell off the incision. I have been good and never once pick them. I saw Dr. Pugash and he's happy with the results so far. He told me that I can start putting the scar management cream next week (4 weeks after surgery, just like what he told me before). I stood on the scale at his office and I was at 118 lbs, so only 2 lbs less than before. But that's fine, this is just the beginning of my weight loss program. I will go back to more exercise once I get the clearance from Dr.

If you look at my pic 2, you can see that I might still have a little excess loose skin above the cut. I guess Dr. Pugash saw that as well. Without me asking, he told me he can do a revision on that after we wait 6-9 months. We want to make sure all the swells go down first, then we can assess. I'm glass that Dr. Pugash strives for perfection and wants to feel proud of his work.

Day 39 post-op: less swelling but still feel lots of fat all over

Nearly a month and a half post-surgery, I've stayed good to continue my daily veggie smoothies and drink lots of water. I started putting scar management gel on my scar a week ago as per Dr. Pugash's instruction. I put a thin layer of the gel over the scar twice a day after my morning and night shower. I went a size down in my CG from L to M, but I can still pinch lots of fat all over my body, including my back and all around my waist. It bothers me as I paid a lot of money for this TT and lipo operation, I really hope it's the swelling that hasn't decreased.

Day 50 post-op: healing up quite well, except a few suture knots under skin

A month and a half after the operation, my incision is healing quite well. I have to praise myself for being a very good patient who follow the Dr's instructions really well. I put scar gel on twice a day along with moisturiser around the area. I watch my diet and continue to drink the vegetables smoothies daily. Since I am not back to exercising yet, so I don't see myself losing weight, but I definitely haven't gained any. I still drink lots of water and avoid eating anything past 7:00pm.

There are a few suture knots on both left and right sides and the front under the skin. I feel slight pain if pressure is put on them. I read that they take up to 3-6 months to get absorbed, so let's see.

2 months post-op: the sutures are trying to push through the surface of my skin

Dissolvable sutures under my skin are not dissolving! The one on my left hip already spit out, so I'm keeping my skin very clean to avoid infection. The other big suture knot is right above my pubic area and it's trying hard push through the surface of my skin. It's very annoying, I wonder what I can do to expedite the dissolving process.

4 months post-op

5 months post-op

TT revision: 10 months post-op

Getting the TT 10 months ago was the right choice as the skin around my tummy was way overstretched and the muscle repair just had to be done. I never expected to have a perfect flat tummy with the operation as I never had the model body even before I got pregnant. I kept communicating with Dr. Pugash with pictures of my body all along and after nearly 10 months, we both decided a little revision on the TT is necessary. I have been good keeping up with my low sugar, low carbs, high fibre diet. I got back to cardio exercise 2-3 times a week, so my weight has stayed the same. However, there's still that bulge on my tummy that sticks out more prominent on the left than the right. The pubic area stands out more after the TT, may be because the tummy is now smaller.

In any case, unlike some other doctors who don't care about the patient after the surgery is done, Dr. Pugash agrees that the results can be improved, and he offered to spare half of the costs of getting the revision done with me (costs of anaesthesia and the operation room). The operation took 2.5 hours. When I woke up in the recovery room, it was 11:45am, and I got discharged by 2:30pm. This little tweet is nothing like last time, I'm fine to walk and get around on my own without any help. There are no drain, which is great! I'm back in the CG for good, and will be visiting Dr. Pugash a week later for my post-op. Will post some post-op pics once I get the dressings off 5 days later.

TT revision: 5 days post-2nd op

Dr. Pugash told me that I can take the dressing off myself 5 days post-op and take a good shower. So I finally took the CG off and got to see what my "new body" looks like. Well, since this time, the operation was just a revision, there aren't any drastic change but I can still see big improvement in the tummy area that I'm happy with. Since I've been through this 10 months ago, the pain is nothing like last time, but I still had trouble lying down flat for the first two days post-op. I try to massage my back over my CG as often as I could to relieve the muscle pain and bruises. I took pain meds 3 times and was able to manage without them. Again, I haven't had any constipation issues as I'm drinking my veggie smoothies daily in the morning, and down loads of water during the day. I take naps too, which is much needed, because my back gets tired after sitting up or walking for over half an hour. So far, I'm very pleased with the result, but I suggest people not getting liposuction done in the summer, as it's killing me having to wear the CG 24/7!

TT revision: 10 days post-2nd op

... Feeling itchy around the whole back and tummy area, so I apply moisturizer to massage the areas

TT revision: 3 weeks post-2nd op

I'm feeling great 3 weeks post-op. Scabs off and no more pain. Of course, the whole tummy area is still numb, but I can totally go out and move around without any problem :)
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