28 Years Old, 5'5 125lbs, One Child, TT No Lipo - Vancouver, BC

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I've been reading this website for months...mostly...

I've been reading this website for months...mostly for wish pics but personal account aswell. I'm finally days away from my tummy tuck and thought I would share my before/after with everyone.
I have been wanting a tummy tuck pretty much since my son was born 7 years ago. I went up to about 175lbs, was 10 days overdue and ended up with a very large baby and emergency c section. The c section scar itself is pretty much invisible and doesn't really bother me but the loose skin, floppy belly button and stretch marks have really taken a toll on my confidence. I worked hard to get my weight down and have been stable at 125lbs, give or take 5lbs either way depending on the season ;)
I'm going in on Wednesday morning for my surgery, I'm not nervous at all as of right now but I'm sure that will change. I've been "nesting" for weeks, making lists of things I think I might want on hand afterwards. My boyfriend will be taking the day off work to come with me but because of his job, will have to go out of town early the next morning. My sister and her boyfriend will be helping me for the first few days and my son is going to stay at grandmas for the first week/week and half depending on how I feel.
I'm extremely excited with my plastic surgeon Dr Macadam, she exceeding all my expectations and I'm feeling very confident in her. She immediately put me at ease, answered all questions and seemed genuinely excited for the results she could give me. I'm not a large person and I don't have that much skin to work with but she thinks she'll be able to get my incision down on my c section scar, which thrills me! Having a low scar and a normal looking belly button are obviously my main objectives. Dr Macadam does amazing belly buttons, very natural looking and minimal scar showing too. I'm really hoping everything heals up as nicely as my c section did.

Few more pre op pictures

4 Days Post Op

Surgery went well, it was rough waking up and I was in quite a bit of pain but they gave me some pills right away. I haven't been able to move all that much, still layed up in bed. It's really hard to stand up, I can stand up remotely straight which kind of stresses me out but I'm trying to be realistic and I'm sure its normal. I have my follow up on Monday to get my bandages changed, excited to see the scar and how it looks.

The bandages are off!

Today was my follow up and my doctor removed all my bandages but one only one drain :( it was a little painful having all the tape pulled off but the drain itself didnt hurt all that much. Mostly just felt weird having something foreign removed.
I was a bit shocked to see the scar, it looks really high up and obviously its big and red. Kinda overwhelming. I had a bit of a melt down about it last night...what if I hate it, what if its worse than before, what if it doesn't heal nicely etc.....I'm trying to be optimistic...which isn't my strong suit. The doctor said it looks great for day 5, it isn't that red or swollen and its not looking infected - so that's good.
Obviously she knows her stuff and I trust her, I'm just an impatient person and I want the final result right now! I want to know right now that it will look awesome and will flatten out and not be so high! Is that too much to ask for? lol. My c section scar is gone so I know it is actually low but with everything being so tight even my public hair line seems higher so maybe it's just deceiving.
The bellybutton is pretty cute looking, small and not red at all, so few stitches its crazy. I have to keep it covered with a cotton gauze thing pushed in it for now but I will post a picture of it tomorrow when I change it.

Drains are out....but I'm apprehensive

Its been a week now, both my drains are out and everything seems to be coming along ok. I ended up seeing my Dr's partner at the practice to have my second drain removed. He was really nice and also said everything looks good.
That drain coming out was awful! I had no idea it was so far in, came from the opposite hip! and when he pulled it out I could feel it move all across my stomach. Ugh! It didn't hurt but just felt incredibly weird.

I'm having mixed feelings about the surgery and how it looks. It seems to change hourly. At times I'm positive about the outcome and am looking forward to it healing nicely and seeing the results. Then I'm terrified I've made a huge mistake and it won't ever look nice, it's difficult to imagine it ever looking natural. I'm disappointed in my belly button, it's so swollen so I'm really hoping it doesn't stay so flat.
Even as I'm writing this I'm saying "don't be so hard, it's SO early" but it's really hard to think positively when I'm in pain and everything is still so aggresive looking - red, angry and swollen.
I'm sure everyone feels this way at some point...

Almost back to normal

Well it's been almost 2 and a half weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. Been off all meds for over a week and I'm sleeping waaaay better. The drains really were the worst part, once they came out the pain and major discomfort vanished within 36hrs I'd say.
I had a minor complication with one drain sight not closing properly and had to go back this past Tuesday to get some more stitches on my right side. Happy to say it looks way better and I don't see me having any more problems. Dr had me start putting a small marble in my belly button to help push the swelling down, she was surprised to see I'm not swelling on the incision at all. I've switched from the binder to spanx because I found it way easier to keep the spanx in place and keep it on full time, I found the binder so bulky/hard to wear and I ended up undoing it for often than not just to get some relief. Plus I can actually wear proper clothes now!
I've ordered some silicone backed tape I've seen other girls on here recommend, I'm excited to start using it, reall really hoping it helps flatten it out and reduce the redness.

Also ordered some swim suits from Victoria Secret, mostly one pieces but they definitely don't look momish. Fingers crossed I actually like a few! We're going to Mexico in November and I'd love to feel good about myself in a bathing suit for the first time in my life :)

Started scar therapy

Started using the silicone take Mepitac, have really seen a big difference in redness and it's a lot less raised now after only two weeks use.

Belly button

Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Macadam is wonderful, exceeded my expectations. I was immediately at ease with her, Im not someone that is comfortable being naked and I was dreading that part of the consult. She was very informative but not in a way that was overwhelming and she answered all of my questions. Her reception staff are really great too, I've bugged them a few times for various things and they are always friendly and accommodating. Really looking forward to the surgery and seeing the results.

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