I Want to Remove My Only Tattoo ($65/session) - Vancouver, BC

I always thought tattoos were cool and because...

I always thought tattoos were cool and because I've gone through so much these past few years....I thought I'd get a tattoo. I admit that I did not think this one through. It was an impulsive tattoo.
I still love tattoos, but maybe not on myself. The tattoo is a cherry blossom branch wrapped around my arm. I found the lines to be wobbly and the cherry blossoms not nearly as sharp as I wanted them. Also, it's an armband so it's very evident that I do have a tattoo. The placement could definitely be better because I am not surrounded with many supportive people unfortunately. Also, because I'm of asian descent, family support is not happening lol. I find that I have to put an effort to hide this tattoo from my parents and co-workers, which sucks because summer is hot and I love T-Shirts! I can wear 3/4 sleeves but ITS NOT THE SAME D=
Fortunately, after the first laser session, the tattoo lines started to really break up, the whole tattoo faded, and the flowers are starting to break apart. I have my 2nd laser session on the 30th and this time I have numbing cream so I'm looking forward to it!

Q-Switch Laser Session 2

July 30, 2016

I went for my 2nd laser removal appointment. This time I put on numbing cream for 35 mins before the treatment. I noticed that the removal hurt more this time and a bit of my skin cracked and bled as the treatment went on. I also needed a break this time and I didn't the first time.

She used 500-600m/p Q-Switch laser on me and said she had to amp it up a little bit this time for I wont see the results.

After the treatment, it didn't have a burning sensation for as long as the first time. Right after my first treatment, i sat in the clinic for 1.5hrs in pain and shock to the burning sensation. I felt like my arm was going to fall off and I was extremely nauseous. However, this time i was able to walk almost right after the treatment with little to no discomfort despite the treatment itself being more painful.

The healing process has also been good this time. Blistering happened this time but after the first day, its painless and not bruising that much.


Does anyone know if its possible to excise my tattoo? Its small. The only concern I have is that its an armband
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