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I have always found that my nose detracted from my...

I have always found that my nose detracted from my looks rather than contributed to them. I have a fine nose from the side profile but from 3/4 view and often when I am laughing it looks awful. It seems to go from being a typical simple / plain nose when I am holding my face still and face on, or profile, to a large, bumpy and boney hookish nose once I turn 3/4 or become animated.

I heard about Dr Warren from a friend who had lots of friends with plenty of money (to travel and choose whomever they wished) and older than me by about 20 years, so lots who had anti-aging surgery as well. I read his reviews on Rate My MD and he is practically revered, but there was only one on Real Self, so I feel like I really want to do a review to help others decide.

I wish there were more photos of his work available. He has a 2 year waiting list and lots of respect from his peers, but still, a person wants to see photos. In any case, his reviews were so consistently terrific and his staff (who've been there for 10 and 20 years respectively) worship his work, so there are a lot of good evidence that he is among the best there are, but I would still have liked to have seen more photos. I also see an injector across the hall from Warren at another plastic surgeon's office who had nothing but good things to say about his work, so I had a lot to feel confident about, but still...we girls want to see photos!

My initial consult with him was good. He's a conservative man without much pretence. You can tell he's confident in himself and his work, but he sort of gives you the impression he has nothing to prove - he's understated, essentially. He's written text books and given so many peer to peer talks and written papers, that academically he's accomplished enough to avoid promoting himself. He knows his stuff and on Real Self I found numerous examples of other surgeons mentioning his talent to people researching for this area for facial surgeries.

I booked in to have a second consult 5 years after my initial one. I like to really think about things a long time, obviously, and didn't take this surgery lightly. He was again not promotional at all, did not talk about any other surgeries other than the rhinoplasty that I came for. He was confident he could improve my nose in the ways I wanted and said it would be a relatively routine procedure.

I booked my surgery for a few months out and started to psychologically prepare.

Here are some before photos.

Before photos

See before, not too bad but not attractive.

Day 1 of surgery + recovery

The first day of my surgery I was really out of it and took a long time to recover from the anesthetic. The nurse seemed a little annoyed with me and I wondered if I had said anything to her that was offensive before I became self aware.

Anyway, the most pain was definitely in my throat. I was given two percocets and after that I could hardly keep my eyes open. That night I slept quite well. My mom has a bed that elevates your head or feat so I slept with my head elevated.

My eyes were black but didn't hurt. I actually didn't feel a lot of pain but just tired and drugged and irritated by the dried blood in my nose.

My nostrils look quite uneven but I think it's all swelling.

I had nausea and kept my diet to yogurt and soup.

Thing are progressing slowly

It feels like nothing is changing. I have some pains in my nose when I chew, and my nostrils still look quite different from each other to me but my mom is telling me not to worry. My eyes are still super black and blue.

I am just taking it easy waiting for time to pass. I am very very very nervous that I won't like my nose because my surgeon has so few photos available to look at before and afters. I am so nervous I will have a bulbous tip and I will not be happy if I do.

I am finding it hard to sit around so much and not really do anything with my days, but it's only a week, so tick tock I wait for the days to pass.

My nose is sore. My teeth were sore on day 2. My eyes are itchy. All I care about is my result though. Waiting is killing me.

Day 4 photos

Day 5

Bruises are yellower than they are purple. Lots of pain in the tip. Time is going by so slowly.

Can't wait to get cast off!!!

Day 6 - feeling good

I'm feeling pretty good today. Still very worried I won't like my result. My nostrils look really long and unnatural. I won't be able to relax until my cast is off.

Day 6 - Girls Help - major doubts sneaking in!

I am having a lot of feelings of "what the hell was I thinking? Why did I butcher my perfectly acceptable nose and risk having a nose I don't like?" It's very frustrating to have to wait to see the result with the cast on and then even after that it takes months for your actual result to settle. I am beginning to wonder if I did the right thing. Some of the noses I see look amazing, and I think - YES - if I get that nose, it's worth it, but if I get a meh nose I am going to BE SO TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. Ah. Waiting is killing me. I just can't imagine taking the cast off and loving it. I just don't see that happening. I don't know why... but it's just not what I predict. If I end up with a ball for a tip with no definition I am not going to be happy.

36 hours till cast removal! Can't wait!

I'm getting impatient and picking at my stitches and the edges of my cast. Things I shouldn't be doing because I'm getting antsy. Can't wait. Two more sleeps and I'm cast free! Nervous but excited. I keep wacking myself in the top of my nose when I'm sleeping. Sooooo painful!!

After photos

Not feeling good today at all

I'm really not feeling good today at all. I couldn't sleep and woke up with anxiety about my nose. I feel like it looks really obviously done and not good. Here are some photos.

I'm so sad. I waited my whole life for this and I am not happy at all.

Relaxing a bit

Ok. I've resolved in being impatient. I will try and be more optimistic. Thanks everyone for your support. It's hard to have faith when it's your face and it looks different but it takes some time to get used to plus it's swelled.

First day leaving the house!

I tried to cover my bruises. I'm going to watch some YouTube tutorials before work Tues!

2 weeks post op!

I still have bruising and it's hard to cover for work.

Only my two closest friends at work know about this, and no one else does, and no one has noticed that I am aware of.

My changes are subtle as my nose settles I'll see more refinement.

IMPORTANT POINT: it's probably been said 1 million times - (but when you're actually in the process it's still hard to deal with all the aspects of the physical and psychological changes you are going through) - When you get your cast off your nose looks weird because it's been compressed, right after the cast comes off it swells and then it looks weird for different reasons. But it doesn't look like your old nose and it doesn't look like you're full result well either. So, unless your nose looks like it's been wildly botched, and you have reason to doubt your surgeon, my advice is to just try not to look in the mirror constantly and wait six weeks before you make any assumptions about your results.

What is convenient about the swelling, is that it does kind of hide the changes a little bit, so they happen gradually in front of your friends and colleagues to the point that you can essentially hide the fact that you've had the surgery at all.

Not feeling good

Hi realselfers. I am on day 22 of my rhinoplasty. I am not happy with my result. I feel awkward about my look and I think I will need a revision but of course I know it is too soon to tell for sure.

My nose job is not terrible, but I look at photos of other peoples even after 2 weeks, from some of my favourite surgeons on this site and they look great, and they had a lot further to go than I did to have a cute nose in many cases.

I am disappointed in my surgery and after waiting my entire life since I was 15 years old for this I find myself feeling sad everyday.


My nose wasn't that bad before. I feel like the improvement should be more significant

Here'sWhat I wish I got

I want to cry when I see how much nicer her result is than mine.

I'm three weeks post and she is 2.

It's an emotional rollercoaster

I think my nose will be ok in the end and that I will like it, but it's a journey for sure. Some people seem to get their cast off and have their nose right then, but for me, my nose looked like I had been punched, and it took weeks to look normalish after getting my cast off.

Now it's been 24 days since my surgery and just over two weeks since getting my cast off and I as starting to see what my nose is going to look like - to some degree. It's hard to know what part will shrink down still and how my nostrils will look, and if my bridge will be smooth and have a bit of a sweep or not.

I have not had any contact with my surgeon since I said goodbye to him on the surgical table, so it's quite nerve wracking. If I could have contact with him and ask questions along the way I am sure I would be more calm but I still have to wait another month to get in front of the man.

Anyway, I don't obsess every minute anymore and I do think that in time I will like my nose.

One month post op!

Here are a couple photos from one month post op. I'm feeling pretty good.

No one notices???? Crazy right?

Not one single person has noticed that I changed my nose. I told two friends and that's it. They say they can see the difference but no one has said to me "did you change something?" Or "You look different."

I get a lot of people saying that I look good but I've also lost some weight recently so I just explain it away to that and they seem satisfied.

Very recently my nose has developed this little ball on the end of it. I suspect it is because the swelling is going down everywhere but at the tip because it will be the last to go.

Would not recommend. Inverted V deformity

I have an inverted v deformity.

I saw the doc last week and he thought I looked fine. I was like "look at my bridge" and he said "it will look different in a year".

I'm not happy and I don't want to give the same doc money and another shot at my nose.

No. I'll find a professional with tons of good reviews on this site and with modern techniques.

My nose was better before my surgery.

Now that I've had a less successful surgery than I had hoped for myself, I've watched a lot of rhinoplasty surgical videos. I'm not convinced my surgeon did enough to ensure the success of my look. Nor am I convinced I even like his aesthetic as I don't see Many photos of his work.

I am going to do my revision with a rhinoplasty specialist. Which o should have done in the first place obviously.

Closed rhino is so much better!. No visible scars. Less trauma to recover from and swelling.

So disappointed.

Ugly nose. So sad. 10 months till I can revise.

When you first get your cast off everyone tells you that your nose gets better every day.

Well now that the swelling has decreased to the place that I'm able to see the true structure below my nose looks worse every day.

My surgeon doesn't want to see me for 6 months, so I'm going to make an appointment with another surgeon to get some feedback on what he/ she thinks is happening structurally with my nose.

I'm really surprised that my surgeon has so little concern for me. I read of stories about other people who are in periodically getting steroid shots and massage or at least reassurance and nformation about how their nose is progressing.

The aftercare at this surgeon's office is not very attentive or caring. People should be aware of this.

2 months post op. Not looking good.

Before (left) after (right)

Looks like mid vault collapse to me. Just an unattractive nose all around and I think I had a decent starting place, should have been able to make it look good.

So sad.

I know there is still time to wait but I'm worried that it's just going to continue to deflate in the middle and make the tip look even weirder.

I know this happens to people all the time but it's a head trip folks. Do your research WELL!!!! Go to someone with hundreds of photos for you to look at and make sure that they have an aesthetic that appeals to you.

Say my surgeon today

He and his staff were definitely kind today and helpful. The doc made me feel welcome to talk anytime and he's happy to fix my assymetry in a year.

He and I simply disagree on what looks good and what doesn't.

Nice man. I think he's quite competent and conservative. Not enough of a perfectionist for me.

Solid guy though. Good guy. Just didn't share my aesthetic.

Am I crazy? I don't think this is that good!

Tha last photo is of what I wish he'd given me.

Living with bad rhino results is not fun.

So, everyday I just look at my nose and obsess on how much I dislike it and how sad and angry I am with my surgeon who didn't listen to me and give me what I wanted, To add insult to injury he is insisting this is a good result, while acknowledging the asymmetry. There is nothing I can actually do about my problem but wait and spend hundreds of hours researching revision rhinoplasty.

So sad. If you want a good result go to someone who performs this surgery everyday and who has lots of before and after shots for you to look at to ensure you share an appreciation for your doc's aesthetic.

I am heartbroken over this and everyday I feel sad. I don't wish this on anyone. Do your research folks.

Almost 3Months post. 9 more to wait to revise.

Not happy still. Need a revision.

My nose is now wide at the bridge and at the tip. It's asymmetrical vertically and side to side. There are bad lines all over the place.

Very disappointed. Not a feminine nose.

I traded one mediocre nose for another.

4 months post - not good news

Ok, we'll I'm 4 months post. I think that most of the swelling in my nose has resolved, but I do expect my tip to come down a bit more yet.

I don't expect the shape of my nose to change any more, nor do I expect the asymmetry to resolve but hey, I suppose miracles do happen.

I've come to terms with my bad surgical outcome. I know there are people who are walking around disfigured and I'm just sort of "no better off than I was and out 10k", but not humiliated to leave the house and not disfigured in a medically disturbing sense.

I think it's possible my surgeon was capable of giving me the nose I wanted but just didn't manage it on this particular day for whatever reason, iE I don't think he's a terrible surgeon. But I don't feel his techniques are in line with the look I seek and will be moving on for my revision.

My only hope is that he'll acknowledge his mistakes and give me some of my money back to reinvest in my face and hopefully get the look I'm after and a nice feminine nose like he said he would give me.

I feel my nose is quite masculine for the most part, and now I have a bunch of little red veins on my nose post surgery. I don't blame the surgeon for that, I think it's common, but it doesn't help my look!!

I feel sad everyday over this failed attempt at improving my nose and my look. It's hard to believe I'm in this position when I had heard so many great things about the surgeon.

Anyway. It happened and all I can do is look forward to this being fixed up so I can feel pretty at last.

5 months photos. + Side by side 1st week to now

Here is a pic of my tip when my cast first came off and now. You can see how it shrinks and refines.

I'm not happy with my result but it's not too bad either and I know that.

I'll revise at 1 year. It really depends on the lighting as to how much the flaws are visible. With good make up and lighting it def looks fine. Life could be much worse :)

Time reveals imperfections

Time can reveal both good results and bad. As swelling goes down, you'll see your true result and it does take months.

I can only report on my own experience. I am not going to shy away from telling my story just because it's not a good one.

These stories of disappointment and lacking desired results help people make
decisions too. So I'll continue to share my experience so others can see
what potential outcomes
they may face.

Change over 6 months

Here is what my nose looked like when I got my cast off, and now.

Almost been a year. Not good people of RS, not good.

My most looks like tube that has been all bent out of shape.

I very much dislike my nose because it looks bad.

The worst part is that my surgeon thinks he's done a wonderful job.

He's willing to revise because he sees where "my perfection seeking" eye would want more symmetry, but thinks most people would just be happy as clams to have this fabulous piece of art in the centre of their faces.

It's baffling. Here are the photos. See for yourselves :) feel free to share your honest thoughts as I'm all about living in reality. Just tell it like it is.

This will be a 20k revision in the us.


It's been a year!

Well, it 's hard to believe but it's been a year. I can revise now if I wish. I do, but I don't know if I will return to my same surgeon or not. I know he is good, but I just don't know if he sees my vision. Its a tough call. I wanted to post photos to show how much the front of the nose shrinks. I am not 100 per cent happy, at all, but I do acknowledge that there was a lot of swell in the beginning just like all the docs say.

HERE is A YEAR....

Well, it's been a year. I'm over the trauma of not loving my nose. I've come to realise that there are as many, if not more, unsatified rhinoplasty patients as satisfied.

Seriously folks, it's real: rhino is a tough and very specific surgery, GO TO A SPECIALIST!!!!!!

Here are my results. My surgeon thinks he did a good job. He'll revise me to appease my "perfectionist eye" but he thinks it's great. He's a decent guy and he's definitely a solid person and competent doc but he's not a rhino specialist compared to the likes of Ion, Davies, Grigoryants, and such. But those docs are top of the field so seek them out!

20 Months Later

Herr is it. I'm not happy.
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