Been Waiting over Half my Life - Septorhinoplasty

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Oct. 7, 2012 - It's been almost two months since...

Oct. 7, 2012 -
It's been almost two months since I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Richard J. Warren in Vancouver, BC for a rhinoplasty. His waitlists are apparently 1 year+ just to get a consultation because he's the best in Vancouver - possibly even Canada. Or so I've heard from online reviews. He doesn't advertise, he relies solely on promotion via word of mouth. A bit about why I'm choosing to go ahead with this:

I'm 22 years old (will probably be 23 by the time the surgery happens) and nearly completed my university degree. I've recently come into some inheritance money, so I can afford the surgery. I'm mature enough to know that this is what I want, and have undergone years of teasing to confirm this. I've told myself that I won't become addicted to plastic surgery and get many subsequent surgeries to correct any and all imperfections. I can get a push up bra to correct sagging boobs, I can wear lipsticks to plump up my lips, I can work out and eat right to prevent having to get liposuction. But I can't cover or self-correct my nose.

My boyfriend of 4 years loves me the way I am and will probably be very angry when he finds out that I went ahead and scheduled this consultation. I'm terrified to tell him. Once, I made a joke to him saying that I'm getting to get liposuction. He told me that if I were being serious, that would be a really stupid decision. I think we can all agree that a rhinoplasty is even more serious than lipo. I'm not sure how to make him see that I'm doing this for me. Not to silence my critics, not to become a cardboard cutout of a Hollywood starlet, but for ME so that I can finally look in the mirror and like myself from all angles. Some people might wonder why I'm bothering to do this since I already have a very serious relationship and have no need to impress other men. If you're doing something strictly to appeal to the opposite [or same] sex then you're in it for the wrong reasons. You need to do what you can to make yourself feel beautiful and hopefully confidence will come with that beauty.

I was teased and bullied throughout school and still, to this day, I get comments on my nose at times. Part of it is probably that I'm half Italian. Every one in my family has a large nose. Whenever people try to guess my ethnicity, they can always see the Italian in me. If they don't guess it right away, I will tell them what I am and they'll say "oh, yeah, I can see that." As much as I'd like to think it's because Italian women are often considered as being exotic and beautiful, my insecurities keep telling me it's because I have a large nose.

I need this surgery to gain confidence and to be able to face the mirror without cringing. I will be looking for a full time job when I graduate within a year, so this is the perfect time for me to make this transition. I will hopefully have my surgery after I graduate and before my new job begins.

I'm tired of facing people straight-on when I talk to them, even if they're sitting beside me. I'm tired of asking my friends to delete photos that they post of me because I hate how my nose looks. I'm tired of being scared whenever someone brings out a camera and having to decide which way to turn my face so that I can minimize how large my nose is.

If anyone could share any advice, reviews about Dr. Richard Warren, or just offer general support it would be much appreciated!

I'm thinking of also booking a consultation with...

I'm thinking of also booking a consultation with Dr. Andrew Denton here in Vancouver. A girl I talked to recently about her nose job recommended him. I'm a little worried because his rating on RateMDs is 3.9/5, whereas Dr. Warren is 4.8/5. I guess it would be good to have a second opinion though, and I'm getting impatient with Dr. Warrren's one year wait list. What do you all think?

Just had my consultation with Dr. J. A. Barlett in...

Just had my consultation with Dr. J. A. Barlett in Richmond yesterday. I got a really nice first impression from him. He didn't rush me at all and didn't try to sell me on anything I was uncomfortable with. He actually thought I had a "nice nose" and it didn't need as much work done on it as I thought.
I told him that I wanted it deprojected (brought in closer to my face) and the bulbous cartilage on the tip to be narrowed. He agreed about the tip needing to be narrowed, but said that it doesn't project as far out from my face and I think it does, and it had a nice obtuse angle. That made should have made me feel better but it also kind of made me feel crazy. Like, maybe there wasn't anything wrong with my nose this whole time. But that can't be, because I've had an issue with it since I was a child and the fact that so many people who don't even know each other have said mean things about it reaffirms that yes, it's larger than a normal person's.
He said that if I deproject my nose I will also have to shave off a tiny bump that I have at the top of the bridge of my nose. I guess this will prevent it from looking "hooked" when I deproject it. So basically, if I do all 3 of these things it will cost me $9000 + tax. And he said that I might benefit in the future from bringing my nostrils in closer because they should align with the corners of my eyes, and mine go out slightly more. If I add this to my procedure, it will bring the total to 10,500 + tax.
A lot to think about. I could either go the cheaper route and do what he thinks is the only necessary change - removing cartilage from the tip to make it less bulbous and wide. Or I could splurge and get the whole thing done. I'm less concerned about the money factor with going with the 3-in-1 deal than I am about the greater chances of something look wrong if I get that much done to it. But then again, I don't want to just get the one procedure done, the narrowing of the tip, and then realize after that the change wasn't great enough and go through this all over again. Not sure which I'm going to choose. Still on the waitlist for my consultation with Dr. Warren and still haven't told my parents yet. Maybe my mom can help me out with this.

So I finally told my mom about my plans a few days...

So I finally told my mom about my plans a few days ago because her support is important to me. She was surprisingly okay with it - she's just relieved that I didn't say I want a tattoo! She said she's sad that I feel this way because she thinks I'm gorgeous but she understands where I'm coming from. She remembers how upset I used to get as a kid when people made fun of me for how I looked. She believes that anything you can do to restore your confidence is worth doing. I'm happy that she understands and was surprised to learn that she considered the same thing when she was younger. However, she was painfully shy and too afraid to get the procedure done, even when it would have been very easy to ask her doctor to do it when she had to get her nose reset after breaking it a couple times.

Our plan is to not tell my father because he will definitely be opposed to it. He even hates it when we dye our hair. Since it's not going to be that huge of a change (I'm probably only going to get it narrowed, as per Dr. Bartlett's suggestion) and it takes almost a year for the gradual changes to develop, he honestly probably won't even notice. For the days that I'm in the hospital and recovering we'll just say that I'm staying at either my boyfriend's or best friend's house. When I return home, I'll be looking as good as new.

My boyfriend was surprised to hear of how supportive my mom was of me getting this done. I think he was encouraging me to tell her about it secretly because he thought she would be opposed and could talk me out of it. But nope, that didn't happen, so I hope that he will soon see the light too.

It's a Christmas miracle! My boyfriend finally...

It's a Christmas miracle! My boyfriend finally gave his consent to me getting this surgery. This came after I showed him a website that had the top 10 best celebrity nose jobs (can be found here ) and explained that they all looked better after and the difference was very subtle in some cases; I also mentioned that every single one of the ones in the top 10 worst list completely overdid their faces and clearly don't know when to stop. That won't be me. He said he doesn't need any further convincing and he finally approves of me getting this done. Yay! Now my dad is going to be the toughest one to convince.. . Still haven't decided whether I should tell him or not.

Booked my consultation!

Finally! After over a year of waiting, I got a call from Dr. Warren's office saying that they have an opening for a consultation with me. I had a choice, either the following Tuesday (which was like Sept. 24 or something like that) and the next slot wasn't until Nov. 8. I had no choice but to take the Nov 8 appointment, as I had to take my mom to chemo on the Tuesday.

I still really want to get the procedure done, but pretty much my only two concerns are (and note that they actually dont really have anything to do with the procedure itself, lol):
1 - Needles!! I had to have surgery on my toe recently and I almost fainted/threw up from the freezing injections. Not looking forward to getting an IV, or whatever it is they'll be doing, can any other needle-phobes share with me how painless/scary this part was for them?
2 - Figuring out where to hide myself for a few days while I recover enough that I can take off the bandage and cover any bruising with makeup. I still live with my parents and my mom and I decided it's best if my dad doesn't find out about this, so I'm going to have to work around that

Booked my surgery!

So I had my consultation with Dr. Warren last week and I was very impressed with him, and all of his staff members I spoke to for that matter. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and very honest. He told me that I'm a good candidate for the surgery and that I had a very artistic eye, as I was able to point out everything I thought was wrong with my nose (tip too bulgy, upturn is fine, projects too much, small bump on the bridge). He thought it would be feasible to correct all of these issues - and for a much lower price than what was offered to me when I saw Dr. Bartlett. Whereas Dr. Bartlett didn't even think that I needed it to be deprojected, which I thought was a little crazy, Dr. Warren agreed that it projects too much AND he also discovered that I have a deviated septum. So that'll need to be fixed while he's in there, too. After my consultation, I thought about it for a couple more days, then finally went ahead and booked my surgery for February 4th :) I've worked out how to hide my bruised face and nose cast from my dad - my best friend is letting me stay with her and her husband until the cast comes off, during which time my dad will just be told that my boyfriend and I will be housesitting for them, getting a taste of what the married life will be like, lol. Then once the cast comes off 10 days later (in time for Valentines!) I'll cover any remaining bruising with makeup. Feeling pretty excited now that everything is in order, it's just a matter of waiting. I'll probably see Dr. Warren for one more consultation before the pre-op appointment 2 weeks before the surgery. I still have some more questions (maybe some of you can help me with these):
- Will there be a line inbetween my eyes at the top of my nose?
- Will it grow with age?
- When can I wear makeup?
- When can I wear glasses?

4 more weeks!

4 weeks from today it'll be the big day! I'm excited, and I still have a few more questions that I'll have to ask Dr. Warren in my second consultation with him. Not really sure why I haven't been contacted to put a deposit down or anything yet, since it's less than a month away, but I guess that'll be happening soon. I attached another photo here, I'll probably be bringing it with me when I see Dr. Warren again because it clearly shows pretty much all the things I hate about my nose.

Might have to tell my dad..

So my mom had a change of heart and decided she doesn't want to keep this secret from my dad anymore. Understandably so, she's covered for me before on small things like when I put streaks in my hair (he's so against body modification of any kind, whether it's tattoos, dying hair, or cosmetic surgery), but this is a big deal, it's surgery and something could go wrong and she can't in good conscience keep that from him. My surgery is only 3 weeks away so we don't have much time to come up with a convincing story. I think we're going go with a half truth, though. We're going to tell him that I went to a doctor and all my sinus infections, nosebleeds as a child, and headaches have been attributed to a deviated septum that needs to be fixed (this is partially true, as Dr. Warren discovered that I have a pretty badly deviated septum.. I don't know how I've gone 23 years without any other doctors discovering this, especially given all the sinus infections I used to get).

I thought I was so clever, I had it all planned out. I was going to stay with my best friend and her husband for the 10 days while I had my cast on and we were going to tell my dad that my boyfriend and I were staying at her house to house-sit for them while they were away, to test if we can handle living together eventually. It was a highly plausible story, because the topic of moving in with my boyfriend of 5.5 years has come up a lot with my parents recently. Besides my mom changing her mind about keeping the truth from him, there was one other flaw in the plan - my mom has cancer, but her oncologist is giving her a break from chemo so she can travel with my dad, something they've been wanting to do for a long time. They were thinking of going away early February, so they're away for Valentines day. My surgery is February 4. This still could have worked perfectly, as long as my mom arranged it so that they leave any day after Feb 4, so she can still be home to pick me up from surgery while my dad is at work. However, we realized that if they go away on vacation, I'll have to come back home and continue my recovery here so that I can look after my dog. That would have worked, I would have just gone back home after they'd already gone to the airport, but we realized it would be strange if I didn't come home just before they left so that I could at least say goodbye to them, especially if I had already been away from home for like a week prior to that. Sigh.

I don't want to put my mom in an awkward position or ask her to lie for me if she's not comfortable with it anymore. There's still some flaws with our half truth story, though. For example, my dad is going to ask who my surgeon is (if it was strictly a medical procedure with no cosmetic alterations, why would I be going to a plastic surgeon?), and since I'm no longer a student and therefore no longer covered under his medical insurance, he will likely offer to pay for it. My mom had to repair a broken nose and deviated septum when I was a kid, so the procedure is nothing new to him.

We need to think our story through some more. As much as it sucks to only be telling a half truth, we know that the truth would break his heart. Like I said, he's super weird when it comes to body modification and I feel like he would never be able to look at me the same. It's kinda hypocritical of him because whenever he sees women on tv that he calls beautiful or hot, my mom and me always say "yeah, cuz look at all the plastic surgery she's had!" Sigh. Men. They want us to look good but they don't want to know what goes in to making us look perfect.

Anyway, I've attached 2 photos of the nose I want to have! I'm going to bring them in when I see Dr. Warren on Wednesday. I'll post another update then.

just a couple more before photos

Just updating my post with a couple pre-op photos

Second consultation tomorrow

I'm having my second consultation with my surgeon tomorrow. I have a few more questions and i figure the more he sees me and talks about what my expectations are, the better the chance that he'll be able to give me the exact results that i want. Anyone have any questions that they asked their surgeons, or that they wished they had, that I should be asking tomorrow? thanks!

Had my second consultation

I had my second consultation with Dr. Warren two days ago and he answered pretty much all the remaining questions I had. We also further reinforced what we had discussed in the first consultation and discussed what was realistically possible with my nose. He wants to give me a nose that's "cuter" and that won't detract from my other facial features. I showed him pictures where my nose looks especially bad, in case he couldn't see the real issues in person, and explained what I hated about it. He said he will definitely fix my "ball tip" and deproject it because it does stick out too far. And he'll shave my little hump that I have mostly on the left side of my bridge. AND fix my deviated septum. I said "you could do all that in one appointment!?" and he assured me that most of his surgeries are AT LEAST that complicated, since 50% of the rhinoplasties that he performs are revisions of other surgeons' mistakes. Also, 1/3 of the rhinoplasties that he does involve repairing septums.

He's going to try to give me a nose that's as close to the photos that I brought in as possible, however he pointed out that it will look slightly different on me than on them because I have a bit of an overbite, so my chin slides back a bit, and my forehead also slopes back when you look at it from profile view (I never knew that). The women in the photos I brought had chins and foreheads that were perfectly aligned, thus making their noses appear smaller. Just goes to show what a good eye he has.

He asked me whom I've told about this and when I said we're not going to tell my dad the whole truth, just that I'm fixing a deviated septum, he thought that was a very good idea. In his opinion, my dad won't even notice the difference in shape, and if he does, the fact that I'll be happier and more confident should matter more.

Later that evening, my mom and I told my dad that I have to have surgery to fix my deviated septum. He seemed sad and worried about it because my mom had to have the same thing done a few years ago and he remembers that it was hell for her because she ended up getting a cold while she was still healing, causing an infection and the surgeon to had to re-break it. We assured him that I'm in good hands with the surgeon I chose (didn't give a name), he's the best at what he does, and they will be giving me antibiotics to prevent any sort of infection like what my mom had.

Overall, I'm very excited about this. I know that I'm in good hands with Dr. Warren, I 100% trust him. Whenever I think of events coming up, like the Canucks game I'll be going to with my mom in March, or a concert we're going to in April, the first thing I think of is "I'll have my new nose by then" :) Of course it'll take a year to reach its full potential, but the worst will be over and I'll be on my way to looking my best

Just had my pre-op

Hi everyone, I just got back from my pre-op appointment with my surgeon's clinic manager & patient coordinator. Thankfully, since I'm young & healthy no lab tests were needed! just paperwork. She gave me a time for my surgery - 11:45am. Yikes, I almost wanted it to be earlier in the morning because I have to stop eating at midnight and can't have any fluids up to 3 hours before the surgery. I'm gonna be hungry! Did anyone have an appetite later on the day they had surgery? I probably wont, but it's not good to go a day without eating :/ . The good thing about it being later in the day is I will be the last surgery of the day, so he has all the time he needs to make sure everything goes perfectly and can manage anything that may arise without stressing about meeting his next patient.

I don't usually need them, but she wrote me a prescription for T3s to fill before my surgery so I don't have to do that after. I forgot to ask her for one, but I was hoping to get a list of products I should buy from the drug store that will aid in my healing. Anyone have any advice in that department? I've heard a lot of you posting on here that something called arnica gel helps. Is there anything else I should be getting?

In 2 weeks I'll be at home resting after my surgery!!

Question for you realselfers

I've got a question for you realselfers who have gone under general anesthesia before - what was it like? I've never had to be knocked out for a surgery before (though I have passed out from pain/fear of needles, but that's a different story) and I'm not sure what to expect. I've seen some people on here say that you're talking to the anesthesiologist, you drift into sleep, and it feels like you only slept for 1 second but really it was 4 hours. Is that true, is it not like regular sleep where you can tell you've been sleeping for a long time? Gah so nervous. I really hope I don't say anything stupid or embarrassing to any of the staff, but I'm the type of person who probably would LOL. Has that ever happened to anyone?

I posted a few more "before" photos too. I like how I look with my glasses on better because they hide my bump and make my nose appear smaller, lol

One week to go!

This time next week I'll be in surgery! :) Hopefully I won't say anything too crazy when I come out of it.

Yesterday I went to the dentist because I was experiencing a lot of pain in my cheekbone and teeth whenever I chewed on my right side. He took x-rays and poked around in my mouth and determined that the pain was due to my sinuses. I told him that I'm getting my deviated septum repaired next week and he said that'll definitely help my sinus issues (I left out the cosmetic part of the surgery). When I told this to my boyfriend, he agreed that it's good that I'm having my septum fixed, but he's still not on board with the cosmetic aspect of my surgery, either. Sigh. Oh well, can't win them all. My dad is starting to ask my mom questions too. He can't believe that I didn't say anything to him about this a year and a half ago when I requested a consultation with Dr Warren, especially since it must be so bad that I feel like this is the only option (he knows how terrified I am of needles, he shares the same phobia).

Excited for next week. I ask my patient coordinator what I should be buying from the drugstore and she said dry mouth spray was a good idea, as well as cold compresses and polysporin (I already have those at home). However, many of you have been recommending arnica gel, and she said that she does not advise it, as apparently there's no scientific evidence to prove that it helps. But she said it can't hurt

Here's another photo that I hate my nose in. I look through these whenever have some doubts about my decision

5 more days!

Hey everyone, I have kind of a dumb question for those of you who have gone through this before. On the instruction list my surgeon sent me home with after my consultation, it says to remove all jewelry before surgery. How strict are they about this? The reason I ask is I have a cartilage piercing on my right ear that I got when I was 16 (so 8 years ago) and I've never ever removed it before. This is partially due to it just not coming out whenever I try, and also my strange fear of taking it out. I work as a movie extra and whenever the makeup department asks me to remove it, for example if the movie is set in medieval times, I tell them I can't and they settle for covering it with a bandaid. If I wear my hair down on my surgery day, will they notice/care? Just curious as to why theyre so serious about jewelry and nail polish being removed

4 more days!

Hi realselfers, another random question for you before I go to bed. How were you able to shower with the cast on your nose? Is it allowed to get wet? It's not like you can put a plastic bag over your head to protect it, lol

Less than 2 days to go!

Eeeek, this time 2 days from now I'll be in the recovery room! Seriously hoping I won't say anything embarrassing when I wake up, lol. Took a few "before" photos, ugh, I'll be so glad when I won't have to hate all these angles anymore!

Tomorrow's the big day!

This time tomorrow it'll be all over and I'll probably be on my way home with my mom in rush hour traffic. I've gathered a bunch of things that I'll be needing during my recovery (see photo):

- neck pillow
- arnica gel-cream
- sinus pack
- dry shampoo
- biotene moisturizing mouth spray
- sour candies (to get the saliva going)
- endless supply of lip balm
- cotton swabs
- vitamin C chewable tablets
- stanhexidine antibacterial face wash (to be used the night before and morning of surgery)
- prescription acetaminophen/codeine painkillers

This list doesn't include pineapple and jello and other soft foods that I'll have to eat. If I missed anything please let me know!

Last night with this nose!

So it's 3am the morning of my surgery and I'm still wide awake. I'm trying to notthink about it too much or psych myself out . I know this is for the best and that this is what I've wanted for 13 years, since I was 11. I've had some people say they wish I wouldn't go through with this and that they wish their post op was my pre op look. While Iappreciate the compliment, I am doing this for myself and I've thought long and hard about it. Trust me, I have a phobia of needles, I wouldn't be going thru with it if I wasn't serious and hadn't considered all angles. I know that my nose isn't the worst one I've ever seen, but that shouldn't stop me from wanting to improve myself. Sigh. Anyways I should try to sleep, wish me luck!

post-op pics

I'm home!

Hey everyone the surgery was a success! I can't really post a full update right now, I'll do that later tonight when I get my laptop and when I'm feeling less woozy. Right now I have a burning question that I'm hoping some of you can answer!!! Dr Warren said he was gonna enlarge my nostrils cuz they were small to begin with and it'll help my breathing, it won't be noticeable externally though. When I changed my drip pad I noticed that one nostril is sitting higher than the other!!! Is this seriously just swelling or a mistake?? I'm freaking out right now. Like, the base of one nostril is higher than the other, so for example if you put a ruler beneath my nose it would slant downwards. Is this permanent??? Thanks

Surgery is over!

So I had my surgery and it was a success! :) It took longer than expected, my arrival time was 11:45 am. im glad that my mom had questions she wanted to ask the various nurses and doctors who met with me while I waited because I didn't get in til 1:50pm! apparently they did a face lift in the morning that took a long time.

Anyways I had nothing to fear - the anesthetist was FANTASTIC. He knew I was afraid of needles and said that we were going to concur that fear today. he distracted me the whole time as I looked away, not knowing when he was going to put it in. I didn't even know that he had numbed the area yet when I felt a slight poke in my arm and that was it. I 100% expected more pokes to come after and to feel it running through my veins like some of you described but nope!! he said "and that was the last needle im going to give you" and I turned my head to look at him really fast and said "WHAT!??!" hahah. I couldn't believe how painlessi it was. Then Dr Warren came in and explained to his team what the procedure was, and while he was doing that the anesthetist put an oxygen mask over my face and asked me to take 4 deep breaths. The last thing I remember was taking 1 deep breath, telling him that my 3 "S" fears are spiders, snakes, and stairs, taking another deep breath and feeling my face go tingly and burning, thinking about telling him that this is the first time I've ever felt high because I've never done drugs and then WHAM I was out. I swear I was dreaming when I was out and it actually felt like I had been sleeping for a while, not 1 second like almost every one says. They were calling my name and waking me up and I don't remember much except asking if I was beautiful, looking at the clock on the wall ahead and seeing the time 5:10, and announcing to the anesthetist that I could read the clock lol. it didn't take me long to realize that I had the WORST cramps I've ever had in my life. my period was late, it was supposed to come 5 days ago, and it decided to come during my surgery. lovely. good thing I was wearing a pad just in case but still it was the most horrendous pain. at least it distracted me from my nose. the worst parts about waking up were the insane cramps that they had to give me painkillers into my IV ASAP for, and having difficulty swallowing because mucous and blood were flowing down my throat and getting stuck at the back of it. I had to keep coughing it up and using this suction tube thing to stick down my throat and suck it out. it was gross cuz the tube was clear so I could see all the blood in it. my mom was worried that she hadn't heard from them yet, cuz we were concerned in the beginning about the fact that i'm allergic to every antibiotic I ever had (some have hospitalized and nearly killed me) and we didn't know which ones i'm ok with. they give me some in my IV, clindamycin? and I thankfully didn't have any adverse reactions to it.

One embarrassing thing that happened was I had to as the nurse to check and see if I had gotten my period and if that was what was causing the cramps. so weird, I know, but she was good about it. I also had to pull down my panties and they lifted me into this pee pot so I could pee cuz I really felt like I had to from the liquid from the IV, but nothing came out. holding a cold ginger ale to my abdomen to relieve my cramps (didn't help that much), they wheel chaired me down to my mom's Jeep and thankfully because it took so long the worst of rush hour traffic was over. I live in Surrey, which is about 30km from Vancouver, so it wasn't too far of a drive.

I'm not feeling too bad, but as you can see, I have serious black eyes forming. Dr Warren told me that nothing bad happened, that's not why it took so long, he just wanted to make sure that everything was perfect before he finished. He said that he was able to give me the nose that he sketched for me and that we discussed, so I'm happy about that. He also said that my tip is going to have major swelling, more than most peoples (not sure why), and my nose will look like a fat potato for 2-3 weeks, and it will take the full year for final results to show, I guess that's ok, a gradual progression will be less obvious to those who don't know.

PS. sorry for any typos, I can't wear my glasses or lift my laptop closer to my face cuz it\s heavy, so I\m looking at this from quite far away (im near sighted)

First night recovering from surgery

I'm not feeling any real pain, my nose is still frozen. My eyes are getting blacker and puffier. My nose is still bleeding, I've had to change my drip pad about 5 to 6 times so far. Doing this and going to the bathroom are pretty much the only times I get up and I can't stand up for more than 5 minutes without feeling nauseous and dizzy. this happens especially after I change my drip pad probably cuz looking at my stitches grosses me out and when I first tape it around my nose it kinda has a dull numbish pain on my tip. I hate that feeling. I don't have any packing in my nose, as my surgeon said that this is an unnecessary practice that up-to-date surgeons don't use any more.

My dog is sad and confused as to why he can't sleep up on my bed like normal. He's 16 years old and cant jump up or down off it anymore, and I can't lift heavy objects (at 22 pounds he's pretty fat for a miniature poodle).

So far I've had water and ginger ale to drink. To eat I've had cold mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, jello, and apple sauce.

Gonna try to sleep soon, goodnight everyone!

Day 2 post-op

Not feeling too bad for day 2. sleeping last night was pretty challenging. I didn't fall asleep until around 4:30am and I slept on and off until 7:30am, waking up mostly due to dry mouth and pain (I keep flaring my nostrils in my sleep for some reason and that would hurt and wake me up). I spoke to my nurse coordinator today, she's super surprised that I am able to breathe a bit through my left nostril - my surgeon didn't expect that this would happen until next Monday, I booked my stitches removal for next Tuesday and unfortunately there was a ton of swelling in my tip during surgery so they want to leave the cast on for 13 days! there goes my valentine's plans lol if it came off at 10 days like it was supposed to, it would have been removed February 14. we'll have to postpone our dinner plans for the following weekend. oh well, it will heal faster this way. i'm not bleeding anymore, but I still have my drip pad on because it's oozing a clear liquid. my mom says that i'm a fast healer and that's a sign that it's healing.

I've only taken my prescription painkillers 3 times since the surgery. the last time was at 10am this morning. it's almost 2pm now, so it's safe for me to have more if I need it, it doesn't really hurt though aside from the area around my stitches sometimes when I move my nose inadvertently while chewing or sleeping. Will post another update later, going to catch up on my soap opera for now, lol

Day 2 photos

Day 3 post-op

Today has been the most difficult day so far. I'm all stuffed up and swollen and my neck and back hurt from lying around being propped up all day. It constantly feels like there is mucous draining down the back of my throat and coating my mouth, making it difficult to swallow. You know how some men [grossly] hork up their phlegm onto the sidewalk? I feel like that's what I need to do, except I don't know how and whenever I try, only saliva comes out. Any tips?

Day 3 photo

Day 4

Day 4 post-op

Woke up this morning with a horrible headache and terribly sore neck from sleeping propped up in my travel pillow. Don't know how much more of this I can stand. And as you can tell from the photo, the swelling has moved down from my eyes to my cheeks. They're quite puffy, I feel like how I did when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm still wearing a drip pad, as my nose is still blowing out bubbles of bloody mucous at times. Gross, I know. Just touching my stitches to put polysporin on them hurts, I'm scared to get them taken out on Tuesday. I've been cleaning around my nostrils with wet q-tips but I haven't been wiping inside of my nose with them too much because there's a lot of stuff going on up there and I don't want to irritate anything. When did you guys start cleaning the inside of your nose?

Day 5 post-op

I'm feeling a bit better today. I must have found a better position to sleep in because my neck, back, and head didn't hurt as bad when I woke up. As you can tell from the photo, the swelling has moved further down my cheeks and my black eyes are turning more yellow than purple. My body still feels weak and achy like I have the flu, but not as bad as yesterday. I still take a painkiller maybe once during the day and again at night to help me sleep. A couple days ago, I ate solid food that required a lot of chewing (chicken, fries, macaroni salad) and I regretted it after. My nose tip started throbbing and my cheeks felt inflamed and even more swollen. It just wasn't good and I attribute it to the chewing motion pulling on my nose. Too early for that. So I had to take a couple painkillers after that because I was paranoid about it getting inflamed and infected or something, somehow. This sounds gross, but what's irritating is I still have to wear my drip pad because every time I swallow, speak, or burp, a bloody snot bubble comes out of my left nostril. So gross. I go through so many q-tips trying to coax that crap out but it just keeps coming. Oh well, better out than down my throat. Oh, and another that they don't tell you that you should be prepared for is the drugs + inactivity will result in your bowels getting plugged up. I had to take 2 stool softeners to finally "have to go" because I was eating some normal solid food this whole time yet I hadn't gone "number 2" since Monday (the day before my surgery). It's now Saturday. So yeah, you can see why it's pretty necessary to have stool softeners or laxatives handy, lol.

It hurts quite a bit (more in my right nostril than left) to wipe around the stitches just inside my nose with a q-tip. Is this normal? The other ones don't hurt near as much. It's not infected is it? I've been putting polysporin antibiotic ointment on them twice a day these past 4 days, as instructed

Day 7 post-op: feeling horrible

Super rough night last night. My fears about having anxiety attacks from not being able to breathe through my mouth and thinking that if my mouth can't gasp for air either, then i'm screwed happened. It came on kind of suddenly while i was watching tv, i started feeling tightness in my chest whenever i breathed in, mucous was running down my throat instead of out my nose, and I began to panic because I couldn't breathe through my nose at all, what if my mouth stops working too? I don't know if it was like this before or if being terrified caused it, but my heart started beating fast and I couldn't calm down. It was 1am and I wanted so badly to sleep and wake up and feel better, but I couldn't calm myself down enough to sleep. As if I were a little kid again, I called my mom into my room and she stayed with me, held my hand, and said soothing words until I fell asleep on her shoulder. Then I woke up and there was a new problem, my stomach felt absolutely horrible like I had to puke. My mom checked my aftercare instructions and said vomitting isn't allowed within 24 hours of the surgery, but it's been 6 days so it should be fine. I projectile vomitted like 7 times into the toilet and felt a little bit better, but I still had a rough sleep after that. Woke up with the same queasy feeling in my stomach and it's still there. My body was feeling almost 100% normal these past couple days, but now I'm so achy and weak feeling all over, it hurts to exist, to touch anything. I hate this. I didnt even take any painkillers yesterday so I don't know what caused this. Maybe eating too many rich solid foods (my dad made me dark chocolate cake and I had some of that, and a burger at dinner), the mucous building up in my stomach, feeling upset from my panic attack, withdrawals from not taking the codeine painkillers any more, or a combination of everything?

Stitches & splints removed

Today I had my stitches removed like a champ - no freezing, no numbing, no painkillers. I've never had non-dissolvable stitches before, so this was a new experience for me. It hurt but it wasn't unbearable. I think I had about 12 in total. The nurse also removed the plastic splints that were up my nose holding my septum together. Once she did that, I was able to breathe through my nose after one week of not being able to properly. One nostril bled when she did that but surprisingly the other one didn't (i'm quite a bleeder). And thankfully the mucous has stopped constantly gushing out of my nose. I'm also feeling better than yesterday and certainly better than the day before. I did puke again this morning and felt better after, but my stomach still feels a bit nauseous and bubbly. Going next Monday again to have my cast removed! Jeez I feel like I have to wear my cast longer than anyone else on here, most people report that they get theirs taken off after 5-7 days, but I have to wear mine for 13!

Funny story about the pic I just posted. It's of my right side, and when I took it I instinctively thought "ew, I can't post this, the right side is my nose's bad side" but then I remembered that I don't have a bad side anymore! :)

Cast removal!

Well, after 13 days of having it on, I got my cast and bandage off today :D I had always been told that Dr. Warren is a very conservative surgeon and would rather take off less than more - so with that in mind, I was shocked when I looked into the mirror for the first time and saw that my nose had been deprojected SIGNIFICANTLY, which is what I've always wanted. I wasn't expecting that at all, I thought the main change would be in the tip, but nope! At first I started freaking out a bit when I was alone in the examination room washing the goop off my nose. I was worried that it was too drastic of a change right away because even though it's still swollen, it's noticeable. Of course I'd be thrilled if there weren't other people in my life that I'm trying to keep this a secret from, but there are. I was worried that my dad would notice right away, especially since he'll probably be taking a good hard look at my nose when he sees me after work today now that my cast is off (he's been so worried about me). I was also scared that my mom would have a mini heart attack at the difference, because I downplayed to her how much he'd be changing. But all that disappeared when she saw me and was thrilled with the result. She can't stop looking at it and commenting on how pretty it looks and how much better it suits my small face. She completely understands why I did this and blames my large triangular shaped nose on my dad's side of the family, lol. I can tell when she's lying and it makes me relieved to see that she genuinely loves it. It makes me feel so much happier about my decision. I've posted some pics - keep in mind that everything from the bridge to the tip is still swollen, so this is not the final result! It's definitely looking better though. Right now I've got it taped up and I'm wearing my glasses so it won't be so obvious when my dad looks at it, haha (please excuse how horrible my face looks, I still have some bruising and my skin is awful due to not being able to cleanse it properly for 13 days!)

Just a couple more photos before bed

Here's a comparison photo of my left side angle and what it looks like with the tape on that I have to wear for a month. Boo. You can already see such a huge difference though! I love it. No more bump, and it doesn't stick out a mile from my face anymore, so now my cheekbones can be the focus instead of my nose :) can't wait to see what I look like with makeup on cuz right now obviously the rest of my face looks pretty horrid


Heres the comparison photo of my left side angle

New comparison pics

Here's a pic I made comparing before & afters of my left and right side profiles. Keep in mind this is only the first full day of having my cast removed, so there's still lots of swelling!

First time wearing makeup post-op!

I normally never leave the house without wearing makeup, so the fact that I posted pics on here without any is quite an accomplishment lol. Today I have a job interview so I finally got to see my new nose with makeup on! It's still swollen but I'm loving it so far

Day 4 of cast removal

cast removal day 5

1 week after cast removal

From what I can tell, the swelling has gone down quite a bit! What do you guys think?

One month post-op

Can't believe it's been a month since I had my surgery! Not sure if it feels like way longer or way shorter. I'm thinking the former, so much has happened since then. My nose is still swollen and feels numb to the touch. Putting on makeup feels so weird and sometimes I get like phantom pains on my tip and where the stitches on my nostrils used to be. I'm posting some pics of my profile view (keep in mind its still very swollen, I'm still taping!) As per request by some of you. Agai, thanks for following my journey :)

5 weeks post-op

Post-op appointment today

Hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted in a while, but there hasn't been much to say :P Had my post-op with Dr. Warren today, it was my first time seeing him since my surgery almost 2 months ago. He's very pleased with my progress so far and says I'm right where I should be in terms of my recovery. There's still swelling, as the tip is still quite hard (I can't even stick my pinky finger into my nose cuz it's so swollen) but that'll take a year to subside. He poked it and felt where the cartilage is under the swelling, cuz that's where it'll stop, and said there isn't that much more to go, but if I'm happy with the results now, I'll be even more happy in a few months. I don't have to see him again until October, then that'll be it if all goes well then! Oh and he checked my septum and said it's holding up well.

I still tape my nose when I'm at home or sleeping sometimes but I still find that it's noticeably swollen in the morning. The nurse coordinator said that's ok and there's absolutely no harm in taping.

When I first got to his office, his receptionist freaked out when she saw me, and she's normally very chill and professional. I was so happy that she was thrilled with the results, since she's seen tons of his patients, you'd think she'd be used to great results, so mine must be especially fantastic! I told Dr. Warren that too, that I had very high expectations and he managed to exceed them :)

I posted some before & afters here for you guys to look at. Will update if anything new comes up

Another comparison photo

I like making before & after photos to see how subtle yet fantastic the difference is!

4 months post-op

By request by some of you, here's what I look like now. The swelling has gone down tremendously as you can tell and I'm really happy with the results. I dunnoif it'll subside over time but from the front view, the nostrils look crooked, like one is higher than the other. What do you think?

What's been going on in my life

Hi everyone, some of you already know this, but there's a reason why I haven't really been posting any detailed updates lately. Since this is the only blog I have where I can share my thoughts, aside from my facebook statuses, and generally a safe community (aside from one bully who was harassing me and posting horrible things about myself and my mother about a month ago), I thought I'd post on here for some support. 3 days ago my mom lost her 14-year battle with cancer. She fought it with courage, dignity, and a sense of humour all the way to the end. I loved her so much, more than anyone or anything in this world, and I feel so empty without her. This is more than someone at my age of 23 should be going through. I've lost all 3 of my grandparents, but nothing compares to losing a parent at this age, so if you are going through/have gone through a similar experience, feel free to reach out. :(
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