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First, I want to say thank you to everyone for...

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for sharing their experiences on this site! It's been amazing! and so incredibly informative!

I had a few different profiles done. I actually really liked the chin implant option, however close friends and family thought I was crazy lol! I even heard a few Jay Leno comments :P. So I figured I'll get the Rhinoplasty done and if I feel that I really still need the chin implant, I can get it done at a later date. Why go all out only not to like it? :)

I am T-4 sleeps away from my op. I can't believe that it's almost here! I have mixed feelings, but I guess that's kind of normal. After all, this is my face! :)

I've been talking about having a rhinoplasty done since the age of 9 (I'm 32 now). I cringe when I see pictures of myself, and if the camera isn't mine, I strategically position myself so that the picture is taken head on to avoid my nose looking long or unflattering. I've also become a whiz at photoshop ;).

Anyway, due to a few reasons (cost being one of them), I put the idea of this procedure off for many, many years. My "aunt" had a rhinoplasty in the early '90s and the procedure left her with a bulbous tip that looked unnatural. Because of this, my mom insisted that it wasn't worth the risk.

Basically, everyone in my family has cute, little noses. We figure I broke mine as a toddler as it has bumps on the sides and top of my nose and my tip is long. I have to agree with the PS, it's not terrible, but enough to bother me. After doing years of research (and steady research for the last 6 months) I decided to take the plunge! I've never had any sort of surgery and I'm a bit of a wuss, but I'm positive that this will be well worth it :)!!

A brief back story: Google has become a good friend of mine for this topic. Personal reviews mean a lot, and photoshop can make any nose revision look perfect! I realize that no doctor has perfect ratings (and one that does, I'd fine suspicious). In fact, my dermatologist is rated at 3.8....BUT he completely changed my life around to cure my acne and acne scarring 6 yrs ago! I'd recommend him to anyone!!

Anyway, I also realized that the best form of advertising is not flashy websites claiming how absolutely wonderful you are, but rather by word of mouth. A close friend had a few family members who had procedures with this PS, with fantastic reviews. I saw patients walk in and indeed their revisions looked natural. They even walked in and out with a swagger of confidence. I think that speaks for itself! I brought my bf with me to both consultations and he asked some fantastic questions that even I was afraid to ask. I knew if the PS passed his questions with ease, that it was a great fit!!

So now I've analyzed and analyzed again and again with everything that I need to be comfy. I'm sure I'll be a little stir crazy next week ;).

So some things that I have prepared:
- Arcana gel and pills (apparently you can't touch the pills with your hands?). The doc is indifferent about these, but I hear great things about them on here, so why not!
- Bromelain: apparently this is from the steams of pineapples...again, doc was indifferent, but why not! I may also eat pineapples only 'cause they're delicious !!
- extra strength Tylenol
- frozen peas
- polysporin
- comfy hoodies
- ikea rocking chair and stool: I like to sleep on my side and front, so I'm uncertain if I'll keep them. But they're sooo comfy to rest in! I'm afraid that pillows in the bed will have me still tossing and turning and in return bumping my nose multiple times. I have a family reunion in 3 weeks, so I'm willing to dish out a little extra cash if it means a little less swelling and bruising. Plus I only have a week off of work ;)
- tons of fresh veggies and fruits for smoothies, jello and soup!
- Shampoo....apparently there's this shampoo thing that's essentially a shower cap....you place it on your head, the shampoo is in the cap and volia! No rinse! Apparently they use them in the hospitals. I *have to wash my hair daily ( I have oily skin, I keep trying to convince myself that means I'm still youthful ;). If there's any good suggestions out there, please forward them!! Please and thank you!!! My back up plan is my dry shampoo to tidy me over.
- humidifier....I'm holding out on this item for now..what are your thoughts? Is it worth it for only week?

So final thought... all these things aren't necessary, but yikes do they add up! I've been cutting down on salt and tonight will be my last glass of red wine (doc said no alcohol 24 hrs before, but I'm playing it safe and I've been stay low-key for 1.5 weeks before the op).

Whew! Ok, write that review on Friday, op is...

Whew! Ok, write that review on Friday, op is tomorrow! A few people at the office had cold's Thursday/Friday and now my throat is tingly with a minor cough when I lay down...not cooooool. I never get sick :s and this is really bad timing. Has anyone had this so close to their op? I'm convinced that some sleep today will help! I don't think I can take Echinacea as it thins the blood. So lots of oranges it is!!

Also, I haven't posted the price as it's a bit on the high side. Perhaps I'll post it once I get my cast off next week ;). I will post pics once I'm sitting at home bored Tues/Wednesday :)

Today is the day! I ate mega healthy yest and...

Today is the day! I ate mega healthy yest and drank soooo much water before bed. I think most friends and family that I have told don't realize that I really won't be out and about for Canada Day this weekend ;).

Can you brush your teeth before your op?!

Done and done!! I must say I was extra anxious...

Done and done!! I must say I was extra anxious today a few hrs before arriving. I had a good couple of mini cries thinking "what if this is the last time I canlugh like this with my bf, what if something goes sideways?" I realize I'm
more likely to get hit by a car but couldn't help it :p my bf reassured me
if he even had the slightest of doubts he wouldve put his foot down. He has a really good bs radar ans he was completely confident with my ps which meant the world to me!!

I arrived a few minutes early and immediately was wisked away! No blood tests etc as they check medical records if needed & asked multiple questions, multiple times. After taking some pain meds, changing and an hr wait, my ps came in to chat. He was very confident and remembered all my requests to a t! Then the Aestiologist (spelling??) came in super chipper. It was kind of funny. The or nurse was just as sweet. I walked into the or and saw all my pics on the wall. Usually I have big viens but apparently because of nerves & dehydration, they were harder to find so they used a secondary spot. He told me id feel relaxed in around 45 secs and I was asleep within 15!! I remember waking up, I'd assume at the end with the doc talking to the nurse while working on me. I can remember if I spoke. Probably lol. I also remember them placing me down on the second bed. Maybe 2 seperate times?? The next thing I knew I was in recovery :)! I was coughing :s I'm assuming my cold was kicked up a notch :s the nurse said it was a combo of that and dripping down my throat. I kept saying sorry for being so rude and coughing even though I was the only one in recovery :p

anyway, my bf filled my perscriptions like a sweetheart. The PS said the surgery went way better than expected and the look was more natural than anticipated. Yeah!! I've read that he's known to over deliver so I'm excited! Even if it's just close to my after pic I'd be happy. I don't expect a massive change, just subtle which is prob best :)

no pain! The nurse was shocked that I had zero bruising (she said it was a miracle). She was also shocked how chipper & alert I was :p I wanted to walk to the car but she insisted a wheel chair. I understand now why :p

I've reverted to a foam wedge pillow and will try to resist using the ikea rocker if possible (I'd save a lot of cash for more cute summer clothes!!) my throat still really hurts (they didn't use oxygen or a tube... So maybe a mix of my cold & drippings?) I've had jello & a smoothy and feel great! Smoothy hurt my throat so I'm sticking to water for the rest of tonight. My bf's been amazing and is taking such good care of me. He's a keeper ;). I feel like I can do it all myself (super woman) but he insists he help and I stay put :p I think I may actually sleep a-ok tonight. 7 hrs post op and still no brusing! Ice ice ice!!

That's all until tomorrow :)

I can breath!!!!! I'm so excited! So a brief...

I can breath!!!!! I'm so excited! So a brief recap: last night we got to bed around midnight. We mustve changed my drip pad 5x before morning. It felt like every time I talked, or jestered hand movements or walked to fast, it'd start to drip. Wedge pillow, while great, was a bit hard to get used to as a front sleeper. I woke up every 30 mins with a mega dry mouth, mixed in with more frozen peas for icing. Needless to say, not much sleep ;).

This morning I was delighted to see no bruising! Absolutely none! Impressive seeing the ps assumed my eyes may even be swollen shut.

All day I still moved like a turtle and spent most of it in bed. Finally, my bf helped me take out the swabs and to my delight I can 110% breath through my nose!! Yippee!! My tip is very swollen but I can somewhat see what the ps has done after the swelling resides and I'm so excited!! My bf can't quite see past the swelling yet, but he agrees that he sees improvements already!

I haven't eaten much and my throat still hurts. I'm still on t3s for another day before I revert to extra strength Tylenol. By far I think night 1 will have been the worst. My stomach has faired well and I only thought I may faint as we took out the packing. So far so good!! Way better than expected :)!! That's all for now folks :)

Day 02 post op! First, I wanted to apologize...

Day 02 post op!

First, I wanted to apologize for all my bad typos and grammar. I type these on my iPhone and they're hard to re-read before posting :)

Soooo, night02 I only woke up once!! Yeah! My airways are mostly clear and only minorly stuffy so I'm happy to not have dry mouth frequently. Yest I added soup and cooled oatmeal cereal. I was feeling pretty darn good! I saw extremely minor bruising under my eyes so I was on top of the world thinking that I had skipped the hard part!

Well, everyone says day03 is the hardest for a reason lol. Today the bruises came, although still minor in comparison to most pics I've seen. Because of that my head feels tight, my top lip is swollen and I'm back to jello and apple sauce :p my throat is a bit better (I read a sore throat can be cause by the packing as I didn't have a breathing tube down my throat). I also have one of those balls stuck in my tonsils that i can't get out cause I can't open my mouth that far :p. It's probably from the nasal drippings so I'm ignoring it for now ;). I'm shocked to notice my face and hair isn't incredibly greasy! We'll probably wash my hair and take a bath tomorrow. For now I'm just relaxing and icing! My nose looks a little on the short side, but I'm assuming this is the piggy syndrom that everyone talks about. If that's so, the end length may well be absolutely perfect and better than expected :)!! Anyways, time to ice again ;)

Day03 post op: I slept 9 straight hours last...

Day03 post op:

I slept 9 straight hours last night! Swelling as stopped as has the bruising. Because of this, my head feels a million times better :). My tips is still very swollen but it'll be like that for months, so no shock there. I'm still baffled as to why my throat still hurts so much (perhaps it's the cold that I started with?) but cough candies help! :). I've been off of pain killers and T3s for 24 hrs so I'm stoked about that! I've probably dropped 5-7 lbs (I lose weight easily if I don't eat junk food) so no complaints there :). Now if only I could get my bf to stop making me laugh :P.

Day 04 post op!! Another good night's sleep :)....

Day 04 post op!!

Another good night's sleep :). No pain meds in almost 2 days now. I'm eating around 400 cals a day, but only because of my very raw and sore throat. It's the worst in the morning and night. Advice to everyone: stay as healthy as humanly possible at least 1-2 wks before your op! I thought I had, as I've only been really sick once since I was under the age of 10. But I walked into the op with a minor tingly throat. A co-worker had been sick the week prior and I really shouldve sent him home. Poor guy!! But, no worries, it just means I have to adjust my diet and sleep accordingly. The op portion is going fabulous! Nothing hurts and my bruising *should be 90% gone by eod Monday (day06!) In fact, in pics bruising no longer even shows up. My tip is still very swollen but I'm excited to see it taking shape :)! That all for today folks. Happy saturday :)!

Day05 post op! Happy Canada day!! I can't help...

Day05 post op!

Happy Canada day!! I can't help but be a little envious of the streams of families and couples walk past our place decked out in red and white this afternoon. The sun has finally come out! I'm so not a hat person, but maybe I will be now with my new profile ;). My bf is keeping me company. Yest I put on makeup (Sat night!) to look less, well, weird lol. He assured me all he sees is me and well past the cast and bruising on my face. That put a giant smile on my face and a happy tears to my eyes. (ok, a stiff funny smile, but the closest thing to it :P)

Nothing much new to report. My boyfriend helped me take a bath a couple of days ago and wash my hair. It felt fabulous!! Bless his heart, I felt like a child lol. Perhaps this is a sign that he'd make a good father ;). I will never take daily showers for granted again!! I think I've figured out a large reason for my really sore throat in the am's: dehydration from still breathing out of my mouth. I'm still on a diet of mostly jello. Apple sauce hurts like mad. I managed a soft grill cheese sandwich today (no crust) and a little warm oatmeal.

Surprisingly my nose doesn't hurt an ounce! I can feel the splints, inside and out. The tip is becoming more refined and less swollen now. I think we're more afraid of bumping it after the cast is off vs now when it's pretty solid in the cast :).

I've been using Arnica jell. The bruising is almost completely gone. I have bromelain and arnica montana pills but haven't started using them. I'm not convinced I need them but since it's too late to take them back I may just take them because :).

I'm really curious how people pay for their ops as few people talk about it openly. I realize some may be covered by insurance, I'm assuming others by loans? I know some had their families pay for it. Many people are in their early to mid 20s and are getting this done (good on them! I wish I had too!). I've been saving for a long time so the bill didn't really come as a shock (bonus that I got to collect airmiles!!) I realize that this is a personal question, but I can't imagine being in college/uni plus paying for this as well. Regardless, I believe that if it helps you put your best foot forward, you can't place a price on happiness :)!

Day 06 and 07 Post op! I will write these...

Day 06 and 07 Post op!

I will write these together as I don't have much to update :). I get my cast off tomorrow so I'm super excited!!

As an update, I tried taking Bromelain pills a few days ago. Big mistake, my tummy was not happy :(. But that's ok, at least I know I tried! Unfortunately my throat is still far too raw to also try pineapple, but I'm slowly re-introducing more food!

I can also take daily baths now (yeah!!) Although I can't wait for a full out steam shower ;).

My tip is still very swollen, although it's come down about 30% since my op (yeah)! and it's starting to really take shape! My bf keeps teasing me 'what if your nose is the same when the cast comes off?!' But he's just pulling my leg ;). I already know it's shorter because I don't knock it on the glass as I drink anymore :). It's also much straighter with no bumps at the top!! I'll know more tomorrow, although I'm well prepared for it to still be very swollen :). The results will be subtle, but well worth it! I think it'll be pretty much exactly the same as the mock up pic!! Almost there, yippee!! Although my nose is really starting to itch, it's not as bad as I'd expect. I'm more so worried about bumping my nose in my sleep once my cast is off! Any recommendations? :)

Day 7 post op: The cast comes off today!!...

Day 7 post op:

The cast comes off today!! Yippee! My bf can't stop staring at my nose smiling, curious what it'll look like wo the cast. He said he thinks it looks great already, exactly what the doc had showed us! The tip's still swollen and I still have a 'bigger' nose, but that's what suits my face without making me look like an entirely different person all together :). Stay tuned!! Can't wait to get this oily thing off my face :P.

Day 1 post cast! Day 09 post op! So, I updated...

Day 1 post cast! Day 09 post op!

So, I updated a little below this am, but I'll update again. Honestly I'm doing this just as much for myself to watch my progress as I am for others :)

So as I said earlier, yesterday I finally got my cast off. I walked into my PS' office and 4, yes count them, 4 other women were also there to get their casts off! If that isn't a good sign, I don't know what is!! All of them walked out looking pretty chipper!!

So it felt amazing to take the cast off! I won't lie, getting the internal splints off wasn't fun, but it took all of a minute (they were sewn in). My PS was actually pretty surprised at how far I had come along in just one week. He was also surprised to hear that I was going to work today!

My bf had stayed home with me all week, so this week he had to go into the office. I met him for lunch and he just stared! I waited for him to say something, anything!! The side profile tripped him out lol. As did the lack of bumps on the sides of my nose! (in a good way of course ;).

I have to thank him (and my parents) who have been nothing but 1000% supportive. Without them (and everyone's advice on this site) I'm sure I'd be freaking out a lot more lol. I can feel where my bones were broken. My nose still feels numb on my face lol. It's kind of funny. When I talk, I can feel it more. I'm also a little scatter brained for now, but I think it's mostly just in my head. I can't even describe the feeling, it's kind of odd really lol. I'm starting to slowly get more definition in my tip, but realistically right now it's still very swollen. But the general shape is still there! My top half of my nose will be mostly defined in another 2 weeks. But tip will take a few months, upwards of a year! Right now it looks odd to me, and makes my face look longer.

I was confused why my PS had mentioned a number of things, and now I realize why: because my tip will be very swollen for quite some time:

a) don't go to any important events for 3-4 weeks (family reunion in 10 days....maybe a good spray tan and teeth whitening will help ?:P)
b) your tip will be very swollen. Sometimes we use injections to help, but I don't recommend it for you (aka, be patient)..this was before the surgery
c) He mentioned keeping the general shape of my tip. I never thought twice about this, but understand now :). It worried me that I may have a very round tip for quite some time, or even forever, but then I remind myself...my nose was broken and reset like crazy a week ago!! :P I looked at my mockup pics and he did refine my tip so it's more dainty, so I'm in very good hands! Now I just have to be patient and wait!!

I was also very excited to finally sleep next to my bf again!! I was so scared of bumping my nose, but thankfully I've been very careful, and not only did I not bump it in my sleep, no mishaps during the day thus far either ;).

I was so so scared to look at co-workers today. I even had a last minute client meeting ....yikes! No one said a thing! Not sure if it's cause they didn't notice or because they were being nice, but I feel a bit better! I told a couple of coworkers and they were non-chalet and the topic lasted all of 2 minutes :). PHEW! Will stay low-key for one more wkd and then return to a regular social schedule.

Good luck to everyone that has their reveals coming up too!! remember, patience is key ;). Just remember, our PS' are wonderfully talented individuals and know what's best :)!!

Warm thoughts :)

3 Wks post op So tomorrow marks 3 week's post...

3 Wks post op

So tomorrow marks 3 week's post op! I saw my brother and parents for the first time on Sat and they didn't notice a thing. After all this time of my mom being worried about it being changed too much, she though nothing of it. I guess that's a good thing that I still look like me! Like I said, I didn't anticipate a huge change, just a refinement of what wasn't working.

My breathing is 100% and I feel much better. I couldn't quite figure out how to describe the feeling in the past 2 weeks, other than to say it's like have a mild, constant headache, but on the tip of your nose....if that makes any sense. There's a constant pressure, but it's not uncomfortable.

I briefly wore sunglasses at the 2.5 wk mark (I'd say for 10 mins?). I have a small 'dent on the RH top side of my nose, almost like there's still bruising. I'm actually not entirely convinced that it's from glasses because it's so high up, but possibly still from the cast. It's not a huge deal, so I'm being patient. My tip is still very swollen. I have this 'test' that I do; the average person can lift their tip as if doing a miss piggy impression, mine however barely moves because it's still so swollen. However I can not scrunch up my nose a little bit now :P. I get more and more feeling back every day!

I've been forcing myself to still sleep on my side and or back. I woke up yest am after remembering that I slept on my stomach and I felt swollen. Not fun for a long day playing howdy doody at a family reunion ;). I find the more I talk, the more pressure that I feel on my nose, but again all minor. My bf definitely notices the results!! And that's what really counts. In hindsight, I can see what the doctor meant re: getting a chin implant. I kind of regret not getting it because it would've been the cherry on top, but for now I'll just let it be. Maybe I'll get it done when I'm getting older, should my neck start to sag :P.

Anyways, I'm happy to see that the doctor has delivered exactly what he promised, if not better. My side profile still shocks me, even if not many others can see it :). It's nice not to be afraid to wear a ponytail finally!!!

Ok, so I'm being very brave here and updating pics...

Ok, so I'm being very brave here and updating pics. I've blanked out my eyes which I know looks really funny, but it helps for privacy! These are not flattering pics, but if they help calm someone else's nerves, it's worth it :)!

First, this wedge pillow was my savoir:

It isn't very comfy, but it stopped me from sleeping on my tummy and therefore bumping my nose. I've gotten a bit confident and stopped using it and go figure, last night I went to cuddle my bf when we were half asleep and his head bumped my nose! It hurt, but not badly. I think nearly 24 hrs later he's stopped apologizing. Half asleep I checked it out in the washroom mirror. I was able to wiggle my tip around more than usual (I think I just hadn't tried moving it that way in 2 weeks!) the thought of me busting my tip made me feel ill and I actually had to sit down as I felt myself fainting. Hahahah such a wuss!! What drama for so little ;). Funny in hindsight!

Anyway, saw my PS this week. No massaging necessary, we're totally on track! I had a dent next to my right eye. I'd compare it to the look of your skin after sunglasses pinch your nose. I'm pretty sure it's just still from the cast. He said he may have had to break my nose a little extra on that side to define the shape! Anyway, it's getting better now, so yeah! I kind of wish my tip was still more refined. But in looking back at these pics I'm actually pleasantly surprised it looks better than I thought. Again, patience!! :)

7 week post op! Hey everyone! I figured I'd pop...

7 week post op!

Hey everyone! I figured I'd pop on here for an update. Not much new to report. I found that most major changes stop after 3-4 weeks. I'm sure there's small improvements each week, but perhaps I haven't been looking close enough to see them. I've pretty much accepted that my nose is now 95% complete :).

I have to say that I haven't had the 'OMG! My life is changed!" moment that so many seem to post on here. I'm not so afraid of pics now, so that's nice. Although my profile still isn't 100% what I had hoped, mostly 'cause I opted to not have a chin implant ;). My tip is slowly still refining. I will say that I have probably 85% of my feeling back in my tip, but some of it is still swollen. In fact, I try the piggy nose and it still barely shifts upwards :P. Maybe that's just my new nose! I lubricate the inside at the tip probably still once every 1-2 days. I find that the inside of the nostrils is still a little tender, ie if I wipe or blow my nose, but just enough to be noticeable. I do have some pink scaring under my tip, but again, no one would notice unless I specifically showed them.

My biggest irk is probably the top bridge of my nose, to the right. The cartilage feels a little off, but it isn't noticeable, so that I don't care about! But, I still have some bruising, almost where sunglasses would sit. I've had this since the op and I'm continuously putting heavy makeup on the area to hide it. I wore sunglasses a little this week while fishing, so maybe that didn't help? I figured by 7 weeks I was well in the clear. I guess I'm staying away from sunglasses a little longer now. I'm not entirely convinced that Arcinia gel/pills do much, almost like a placebo effect, but I'll put jell on at night because I have it! overall, I'm happy, just have to be patient now for the long haul. I will update my pics when I get some more time! The new side profile update is better than my previous post :)

Almost 4 months post op to the day. Not much has...

almost 4 months post op to the day. Not much has changed, but subtle improvements each month. I had a small steroid injection in the top part of my bridge. I was shocked at how fast the bump went down! My tip is slowly getting to be more refined. I can't get steroid injections there since my skin is thin, so it's a waiting game now. I can tell that it's still a little swollen as the tip still feels a little hard and when I blow my nose it's still feels as if a very minor bruise would feel. Which makes me happy since that means it'll be even more refined. I haven't updated in a while as I don't think about it so much anymore :)

7 month post op: So 7 months has flown by. In all...

7 month post op:
So 7 months has flown by. In all honestly, you kinda stop obessing over your nose after the 1.5 month mark. Realistically, it just is what it is ;). Any changes even I can't even notice any more. In ways I regret not getting the chin implant to help my profile a bit more, but in all honesty, even that change would be subtle. I don't have a cute tiny little nose, but a cute tiny little nose wouldn't suit my face. I'm more confident now to wear ponytails and I handsdown love my profile so much more.

An interesting update; for the past 6-8 weeks one or both nostrils get plugged. Not necessarily entirely, but enough that I naturally open my mouth when I sleep to get 100% airflow (vs say 85%). I'm not aware of any allergies, so I'm a bit baffled. My lips get a little chapped, so I've been using saline spray before bed to clear the passage way. Because of this I'm glad that I listened to the doctor and didn't go smaller! I'll have a follow-up appointment in a few weeks :) I'll add an updated comparison pic later this wkd.
Name not provided

I also like that the PS was realistic and why he made specific suggestions. My face is longer, so I can't have a cute, button nose...it would just look silly on my face (he showed me, it did!). He also explained why we can only shorten it so much. Not only would it look silly....but taking revisions too far would case breathing problems. In fact, after telling a few close friends about my op, one admitted to getting it done herself 10 yrs ago! And she has a cute nose! Only now the revisions make it hard for her to breath at night and she wears nasal strips. She recommended I find a PS that specializes in facial surgery only. Check and check!! He also explained the options that I had. Which options have more stable, long term stability in the outcome, vs alternate options that may be more risky. As he said, he can give me any nose, but the further you push the envelope, the more likely that you'll run into problems which will cause frustration. I really appreciated that! :). We were never rushed and were asked repeatedly if we had any further questions. I was welcome to call the office at any time we additional questions both before and after my second consult. After I told family and close friends, surprisingly my mom was very supportive (and dad of course :)! As a nurse, she has seen dozens of these surgeries and for once she's more calm than me which felt extra calming and reassuring. :)! Anyways, that's all for now! I will post a few "before" pictures on Monday (I promise to be photoshop free ;). The next few days I have some fun things planned before settling in! Thanks for listening and best of luck to everyone! :) PS: I hope that I haven't offended anyone with my comments. I strictly posted them as what I felt was the best fit for me, but that doesn't mean I judge others and their options :)!

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