23yr Old Male. Deviated Septum. Possibly Doing Some Subtle Cosmetic Changes As Well As Functional - Vancouver, BC

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My nose has always been crooked. I've never broken...

My nose has always been crooked. I've never broken it or anything, it just grew that way. These last 3 years i've had trouble breathing and saw an ENT doctor in Vancouver. He said that after the Septoplasty (Procedure covered through medical that would just fix the breathing) my nose would look wider then normal. This alarmed me! I've always been self conscious of my nose and so this got me interested in having cosmetic work along with fixing my breathing issues.

Anyways, I'm aiming for a subtle change. So a slight hump reduction. Very slight. I want to keep some character to my nose. I would like the bridge of my nose to be straightened and in doing so, hopefully correct the sway of the tip. (Sways to the right side). I also might fix the hanging columnella as well as bringing in the nostrils very slightly. Lastly, i'm hoping for very subtle increase in definition. The right side is collapsing in and the left bulging out. If i could just deflate the left side to match the right i would be happy.

I've seen Dr Bartlett in richmond who my doctor referred me too. He is one of the better ones in Vancouver and it would be less expensive due to insurance and what not. But his photos did not impress me. And he also hasn't had any experience with crooked noses which can be complicated. So i decided to see Dr Warren as well. He impressed me because he had worked on some crooked noses. I had to wait a year to see him as he is very popular. But the wait was worth it. I'm leaning towards spending the extra 3k and going to him. What do you think?

I'm going for a very subtle change but would love some honest opinions!!! Please don't be afraid to hurt my feelings and say what is on your mind! A lot of people on this site i feel are too nice haha. If you don't think i should do it, be vocal about it! If you think it's a good idea, let me know! I've been on this website for a while and finally am deciding to upload my own posts.

More opinions please!!

I'm really torn on what to do guys. I would love more opinions! I'm obviously very concerned of what the final result will look like. I know crooked noses can be difficult.. I was leaning towards doing just the functional (free) part and seeing what it looks like first but I'm a "go big or go home" kind of guy. I also don't want anybody to know that i did have cosmetic work. So if i go through with just the septoplasty and am not happy with the results, the second procedure would be very hard to keep secret. So what do you guys suggest i do?

I also uploaded some pictures of Ryan Goslings nose! I feel me and him had the same nose before he had his procedure done. If i could get in anywhere close to his nose i would be very happy. I don't expect to look like Ryan Gosling but that subtle improvement was huge for Ryan! What do you think?

Booked a surgery date of September 15th.

I've finally made the decision to go through with a full on septo-rhinoplasty instead of a septoplasty. Im a "go big or go home" kind of guy and i think that in the end i wouldn't be satisfied with just fixing functional issues.

I chose to spend a little extra with Dr Warren instead of Bartlett because i felt more comfortable with him. He had some experience with crooked noses as well. Will be doing a pre op appointment to go through things in August.

I've uploaded some new photos!! Would love some more insight and advice/guidance!

Surgery Date Postponed to October 26. More photos on the way with hopefully more opinions!

Surgery date has been postponed as i am still on the fence about the whole thing. I can confidently say that i am either getting Rhinoplasty(cosmetic) or nothing at all. I've noticed my breathing has been a lot better at night when using "Breathe Right" strips so i can live without having the functional operation. I also think that doing the Septoplasty has some risk in itself. Both Dr Warren and Dr Bartlett mentioned it would make my nose a little wider due to the grafts. That brings me concern so i've cut that option out. So it comes down to the full on rhinoplasty or nothing at all. I will begin to morph some photos myself and see what you think. I'll also show some noses that i like and what would fit my face and you guys can tell me what you think...

I am also seeing a psychologist as I think it might be a good idea. I do have perfectionist qualities and a high standard for myself. I criticize the way i look every day. I have developed a lot of social anxiety because i dont feel up to par with everyone else. In the looks department among other things. My aim will be to seek out any distortions in my way of thinking. More importantly any distortions in the way i think about myself. Am i likely to critique any minor flaw in my nose after surgery? What do you guys think? Do you think I could benefit from a surgery like this? With the new info ive given you am i a good candidate for rhinoplasty? Should i just walk away from all of this?

New Pictures of my nose as well as noses that might fit me.. Tell me what you think!

I do not want to have any drastic changes to my nose that is for certain! Subtle is the way to go. I even would go to say that the Ryan Gosling nose is a little too much of a change for me. Little too upturned.. Tell me if what you think! Ill also show some before and afters which gave me the real motivation to look into rhinoplasty.. I'm leaning towards actually going through with this.

Feel free to tell me the names of actors/ppl you think that would have a nose that suits me..do you think i would look better with goslings or mcconeaghys nose or neither? Sorry but my grammar and spelling sucks ive tried to get this update up fast.

Surgery date November 3rd!! Is my insurance going to cover any of it?

I'm not going through my family doctor's referral (Dr Bartlett). Im going to Dr Warren. I know insurance would have covered part of Dr Bartlett's septorhinoplasty but now that im going to Dr. Warren I'm not sure what it will cover if anything. I have a pre-op on the 16th as well.. Any suggestions/tips for this important part of my life?

Photos from last year's consult with Dr Warren.

I should have posted these pics earlier.. as i am having my second consult tomorrow before the surgery date that is so far locked in on November 3rd!!!

These photos were taken in his office and then were drawn on.I'm a little confused with the lines he's drawn as it was done last year. I honestly think that I should keep that hump that i have.. or just have very little taken off. I think he took off too much in the photo. What do you guys think?

Also i'm having the 2nd consult tomorrow. I think its a pre-op appt as well! Any suggestions/advice?? I know its kind of late but I'd love to see some! I hope i can be as detailed and precise in the consult of what i want tomorrow.

Dr Warren appt was good. I feel comfortable with him.

The appt went well. His aesthetic goals are in line with mine. All subtle changes. We were unsure of taking the hump down and so what we decided is that during the surgery when he straightens the bridge he will stop and see if the hump is more prominent then it was before. If it is he will take 1-2mm down. He said he would aim for the supra-tip break by shaving the hump very slightly. We were also unsure of whether to do an alar base reduction and so he said after the surgery is done and after months of recovery and i find i do want an alar base reduction i can come back to his office and he will do it free of charge :)

My only concern is with the spreader grafts which are used to open the nasal pathways to help breathing. They could make my nose look wider. I forgot to ask him if i really did need them. My breathing is not that bad to be honest and it may not be necessary. I will ask this Monday.

He wanted to get into contact with my family doctor when i mentioned that i have anxiety issues and am on a SSRI. He's concerned what my mental state will be if something goes wrong. I don't blame him..He called my doctor and after teh call he actually told me to put it off till i'm more mentally stable. I countered by saying that I know what i'm getting into and know the risks involved and prepared mentally. I told him I will take the weekend to decide what I am going to do and then call him Monday to let him know.

After this i asked him if i could see some more photos. I think i understand now why he doesn't like to show photos. Noses are very unpredictable which he mentioned and when someone see's a photo of an amazing nose job he did and then they don't end up with that same result it can be troublesome. He came back with about 5 photos from his collection of all males. The surgeries that he showed me were not perfect. They were improvements but they all had their flaws..I almost feel like he brought these particular photos out just so i could be a little more mentally prepared if something did not go right lol. He's a smart doctor. He didn't want to promote his very good work to me to which i think is actually a good idea.

I came out slightly more confident that I'm going to do this. I have the date in set. I have work off. It's a good time for me to do this. I know what i'm getting into.

More before pics. Surgery date November 3rd!!! :o

Surgery date is coming up and I'm about 90% sure i'm going to do it. What do you think???

Pre-Op tomorrow. Surgery on the 3rd.

So Dr Warren is not going to be using spreader grafts which have the potential of making the nose look wider. :) i'm very happy about that. He will be using spreader "flaps" which do not make the nose wider but keep the structure strong.. This whole thing is still a gamble and the aesthetic risks involved could be tough for me but i think the odds seem to be in you're favour for the most part. I've wanted this for a long time and I feel right now I have chosen the right doctor. Lets do this.

Postponed again. Surgery sometime next week.

Picked up a cold. Tracy was nice enough to postpone to next week. Another week to think about this i guess!

Postponed yet again...I have a active infection from wisdom teeth surgery back in September.

They are trying to schedule a surgery date on the 19th.. I am not having second thoughts on this surgery i'm just getting bad luck with being sick and then having an active infection from wisdom teeth surgery. Dr Warren and his team want me to be 100% and i absolutely agree and only increases my faith in him.

Believe it or not.. Postponed again.

So the other night i started feeling lumps on the side of my neck...made the mistake of googling it which you should never do! Anyway the big C word came up everywhere and i immediately had an anxiety attack. Somehow drove myself to the hospital and i was there till 4am.. They did xrays and blood work and basically said its 99% due to the infection from my wisdom tooth extraction. I have swollen lymph nodes that are helping my body fight this infection.. But i also feel bumps on the inside of my arm where blood is drawn. This freaked me out and i went to the doctors and she said that It's most likely from the iv that was taken.. So now likely due to my body being very vulnerable after the anxiety attack it looks like i've gotten a fever. I'm sure it's due to that or my body is helping me fight this infection either way this has been a scary/stressful week. I commend anyone fighting some sort of battle with illness.

Anyways i don't think i had to even mention all this as i could just say my nose surgery has been postponed to Dec 1st but it felt good. I can also say that this whole experience of me thinking i'm going to die has made me think about this surgery..Firstly with all these postponings it seems like someone up there is telling me not do it. If i get one more sign then i'm out..Secondly.. It makes me want to just do this even more and see what happens lol.. My mindset is completely different. If this nose job makes my nose looks worse i honestly don't think i'll care. I still have a lot going for me. For one i'm alive and well. That's all i need.

But then i ask myself why do i need this nose job? I don't. But it's like buying a tshirt you like or getting a fancy car. I admit i do feel greedy though. I want to be better and the chances of this nose surgery improving my self esteem is too good to ignore.

I still have a really bad fever and i hope all this made sense. Appreciate your feedback! Love getting philosophical about all this.

Surgery tomorrow at 1145am. Fingers crossed everything works out.

I'm actually not feeling too nervous right now but i think the anxiety will settle in tomorrow morning. I think the most nervous i will be will be on cast removal day. Where i see the result.

The meeting i have with Dr Warren before the surgery tomorrow is very important. I'll need to be calm to explain and go over the goals.

Wish me luck guys! I appreciate the support and honesty i've gotten on this website. I hope it carries on post surgery.

Just got back. Feel fine.

We went over the details and he explained the plan. I showed him some noses even though it was probably unnecessary. Our aesthetic goals were on the same page. Tracy and the staff of nurses were very nice. There was an oriental lady that was in the meeting with Dr Warren. I assume she is learning to become a surgeon herself. I was going to ask here but i was out before i could ask the question. From my impression she did not touch my nose.

After surgery i was very out of it and sleepy. Dr Warren came up to me and said the surgery went "really well" I assume he tells all his patients this but that's okay. I'm now at home and not feeling any pain just a little uncomfortable. THe anesthetic is still doing it's job I think. I decided not to get the presriptions for pain medication and will just have some tylenol at night.

Hopefully all goes well these next couple days, weeks, months and year lol.

Day 2: Feel okay still

Sleeping was a challenge at first but you get used to it and find ways to be more comfortable. The breathing through the mouth i've gotten used to now. I was coughing up blood and mucus at certain times of the night but that's normal. Not being able to blow you're nose is tough as well.

I really just want my result to be good. All this uncomfortableness doesn't matter to me. When i was changing the nasal dripper and looked at the nose from the bottom it looks crooked to the opposite side of what it was originally crooked at if that makes sense. I'm a little worried about that. I have to call Tracy today to schedule the appointment to get the packing out and maybe i'll ask her this.

I think i'm going to be prepared for the worst. Having a perfect nose or the result that i wanted is probably too good to be true. I'll try not to think about it and move on.

Day 3. Pretty uncomfortable. Little worried about the crooked cast.

Black eyes and swelling around the eyes have likely peaked. You might not be able to tell from the photos but the bridge of the cast is noticeably crooked. The bridge of my nose before surgery was slanted to the left side of my face causing the tip to sway to the right. The cast is slanted to the opposite side (the right side) which makes me think Dr Warren did this on purpose. Perhaps/hopefully so that it heals straight. The tip of my nose is in the same place though... Swaying to the right :(

It's obviously way to early to make judgements but i guess i'm just preparing for the worst. When the cast comes off and it's crooked that's fine. I need to be patient. When a year passes and it is still an issue I will take it from there. Hopefully it all works out though lol. I do have a bad feeling unfortunately..

Day 5. Life's a peach.

Not feeling bad at all. The discomfort is still there but it's manageable. I'm fully back on solids and have some energy back. I gotta say the only thing that has been tough is the sleeping. Tough to sleep when you're nose is fully blocked. I've been unconsciously closing my mouth frequently during sleep which wakes me up.

Still a little worried about the cast even after the surgeon said it's fine but whatever. I got my new apartment set up and im stoked on it. I've just been watching a lot of great movies to pass the time. Packing out on the 10th and Cast off on the 14th!

Day 8? Got the splints out today. Very worried about crooked septum i can see through nostril.

I really hope it's swelling or something. The left nostril is clear but the right you can see the septum and other skin.. My theory that the bridge is crooked is likely correct. Am i being too pessimistic? Tracy nor Dr Warren commented on it in the appt. I can only breathe through my left nostril. This is starting to really worry me.

Cast off tomorrow!

More nervous then i was for the surgery. Hopefully it all works out the end.

Cast Off. Very Swollen!

Got my cast off today! I'm so glad Dr Warren did very subtle changes. That was one of my worries. Because my nose was not bad to begin with and the changes were so little there was no immediate sense of joy when i took it off but It's still too early to make judgements and i'm positive it will improve over time along with my breathing. It is very swollen. At the tip mostly.

Day 2 with the cast off

Not sure how often i should update. Should i do this every day or space it out? Thank you for the kind words.

Almost 2 months post-op. Apologize for the lack of updates. Trying to not think about it.

Currently i am not happy with my nose. It still crooked and unfortunately the angle that was bugging me still does. On top of that i still have breathing issues. I would even say it's worse then it was before the surgery.

It tends to look different every day. Also seems to look more swollen on days that i don't get much/good quality sleep. These photos are an example of what it looks like at it's worst. There are days where it looks straighter but never completely straight. By now i was at least hoping to breathe better :(

On a positive note it's only 2 months post. It's still a long time till i see the final result and I'm grateful that my nose isn't disfigured.

I have a follow up appointment in two days!!! Any advice on what i should say?

Follow up appointment went well!

Tracy and Warren were just the right amount of pleasantness at the same time professional. Dr Warren saw the issues without me really pointing them out. He saw the issues with breathing with the right nostril and noticed the asymmetry. He said in a year i might need another surgery. I'm okay with that. He told me he would fix the breathing as well as shave the bulge that's on the left side of my nose causing asymmetry. It likely still won't look perfect but an improvement. Will be seeing him again in November! Will keep updating though.

2.5 months post op. Tired.

Breathing hasn't improved. Still some asymmetry. Not losing sleep about it. Just focusing on going back to work after being off for 7 months..Swelling has gone down and it tends to look the same every day now.
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