A-cup Breast Lift with NO Implants, Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair - Vancouver, BC

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I'm in my mid twenties with one child (3 years old...

I'm in my mid twenties with one child (3 years old.) During my pregnancy and the first year old my son's life, a slew of crappy events occurred (including my mother's illness, my caring for her in her decline and death, separation from an abusive partner, son having allergies and being very underweight, having to go on welfare and to family court etc.) It took a toll on my body at such a fragile time. Needless to say, my body is not what I expected it to be at 24 and when I look at myself naked in the mirror now, I don't just see stretched skin and boobs - I see the emotional wounds that caused the physical damage. I want to put that behind me and have a body that is in its twenties again.

I run every day and am in the gym 5 days a week, am a stable weight and in good health. I'm fit and strong with good energy levels, and I'm lucky to be in a much improved situation now all around. The only thing dragging me down, I feel, is my huge lack of self confidence because of the state of my body. I'm surrounded by peers that are still in great shape and worrying about stuff like zits :\ Meanwhile, I feel fear and anxiety just at the thought of having sex with my boyfriend with the lights on. No good!

So, here I am. I have a consultation in mid November with a PS here who does cosmetic and reconstruction work, publishes studies on breast reconstruction, and has great reviews from the community. I'm going to try to get a few other consults too, to be on the safe side, but I have a good feeling about this one.

I'm interested in sharing here because I've felt at a loss when looking for reference photos of people with the same goals as me. I DON'T want implants, but have had them suggested (and told I "need") them by docs on here while asking questions under another account ages ago. When it came down to it, looking at before/after photos and reading about complication rates, that was just a whole mess I didn't want to get involved in. I have small bone structure for my height (5'7) and have always been flat-chested. And you know what? I've never MINDED being flat. I actually like it. I can run without issues (in a sports bra now anyway), never have back pain, and I can wear ANYTHING low cut and not have it look "iffy." Small breasts suit me and my style, so I'm happy to keep them that way. I just don't want them to be saggy and pancake-like, like they are now. So, if you're someone like me who wants your youthful figure back without 'augmenting' it, hopefully this review will end up helping you to see what the end result is of getting a lift with A cup breasts and no implants :)

I also had an umbilical hernia from my pregnancy and a separation between my muscles of between 1 and 2 inches. The hernia is about the size of a loonie and you can see the space created above it in some of my photos. I finally got tired of looking at it and working around it (not being able to focus as much on core fitness out of fear of exacerbating things) and that's actually what led me to deciding to get surgery. If I'm already going to get surgery to fix a hernia, well, might as well get the whole thing done while I'm at it!

I've attached some photos so you can see where I'm at to start. I'm currently just shy of 130lbs. I've stuck at that weight for a few years despite being an avid gym-goer, and I'd like to be about 120 by the time surgery rolls around. My way of looking at it is that I'd like my breasts as small as possible before lifting them, and my tummy as flat as possible, so that there's no chance of later on losing weight and having my results look weird. I feel like I should be as slim as is healthy for me (118 is the lowest end of the scale for my BMI) before the surgery so that the results will be as good as possible. I know - it sounds weird, trying to lose your boobs on purpose in order to get them fixed. :P

So, I'm on a diet and exercise plan right now with my goal being 120 by November 15th! I may update with photos when I'm at my goal around the time of my consult.

I forgot to mention I will also be asking to get...

I forgot to mention I will also be asking to get my areolas reduced, and checking into fat transfer to see if that will help even the asymmetry without losing basically ALL of my breast tissue (because my right has virtually none and my left has about a cup size more.) I'm not sold on fat grafting as being the best plan but it's worth an ask.

Another thing I think I forgot to mention was the...

Another thing I think I forgot to mention was the amount of weight I gained and lost that did this! I was 130 lbs up til I was about 6 months pregnant, then shot up to 185 in the last three months of my pregnancy. I kept that weight on for about a year and then it dropped back down like a stone when my mom died. Ah, stress.

So, I now have two consultations this month. I got...

So, I now have two consultations this month. I got one with a doctor for October 24th, and the one with my original doctor I'd looked at has been moved forward to next week! I'm a little more nervous about it now. Mainly I had hoped to have lost a full 10 lbs in that extra month, but have only lost about 5 from my start weight.

I've just been telling people in my life that I'm having surgery to fix my hernia (which is true) but not about the TT and BL bit (which isn't really any of their business anyway.) My BF and family have been supportive. I think they're reserving their judgments, but I can tell that when I tell them how my body is and how it makes me feel, they get it and understand why I'm doing this. I hope my son handles it well when I'm having that initial downtime. I will have my dad living with me for the first couple of weeks to help me out, which I'm extremely thankful for.

My first consultation is tomorrow! I'm nervous AND...

My first consultation is tomorrow! I'm nervous AND excited! I feel like I need a proper list of questions written out. They've been floating around in my head but...

This is what I have so far:
- What will scar placement be like? How low can I reasonably expect (I want as low as possible.)
- Can I choose to have a vertical scar from my old bellybutton in order to end up with a lower horizontal TT scar?
- Do you have before and after pictures I can look at? What's a realistic expectation for me?
- What differences will lipo make with the tummy tuck? What kind of outcome or healing can I expect with vs. without lipo?
- If I have problems with my scarring, when can I do scar revision and what will the costs of that be? What will costs look like if revisions are necessary to the aesthetic outcome of the surgery?
- Will I have a mesh sewn in for my hernia repair? What do you use to suture/repair the muscles? Is there a risk of allergic reaction or rejection?
- How many stitches can I expect to have and what kind of layering do you do for suturing?
- At what point during healing can I begin to pick up my son again?
- What complications might I be at most risk of and what are the early warning signs? At what point is a hospital visit recommended? For which complications should I call you and for which should I go to the hospital?
- Do you have any recommendations for explaining what is going on to small children? (My son is almost 4; he will be worried about mommy.)

- Do you have photo examples of either women with very small breasts who've had lifts, or examples of implant removals with lifts and no replacements?
- What kind of shape can I realistically expect? I do NOT want 'triangle boobs' - this is one of my main concerns about shape. I know my breasts will be very very small, but I would like them to be as round as possible (as far as the bottom curve, and not to have too much projection for their size.) I still want to look like a woman, not like a little girl just 'budding.'
- I have one hypertrophic scar on my chest already. I had a freckle removed and the resultant scar is still raised and 'bubbled' one year later. Is this a risk factor for scarring on my breasts? What can be done to prevent hypertrophic scars during healing and how can they be managed if they do start to form?
- If I decide I later want fat transfer for my breasts, how long after a breast lift should I wait? (I don't want to go ahead with this right now because I would like to minimize my 'hours' under, and see what my healing and results are like just after the lift.)
- If I do fat transfer later, is the fat that I have on my upper arms sufficient? (I don't want to give up fat anywhere else as I love my leg shape and have a relatively small bum, and after the TT there just won't be much else to take.)
- CONCERN: My breasts were originally quite tuberous during development. They rounded out during breastfeeding but the right one is still sort of 'detached' in a sense (it folds very differently against my chest than my left). Will a lift help to correct/hide this or make it more obvious? What can be done during my lift to make my breasts as symmetrical as possible?
- Will areola reduction make any difference if I have children later on and want to breastfeed?
- Because of the circumstances of my breasts/breast lift (being a small A cup and already having trouble finding bras) will it be very detrimental to my results if I choose not to wear a bra some of the time after healing? (I will have so little weight in my breasts that I am not sure if re-sag should be a concern. I only ever sagged after rapid 60lb weight gain/loss and breastfeeding. Otherwise my breasts have always been quite high.) My only concern about being flat chested is finding bras, but if I can go without one I'd pretty much love to.

- Is it performed at the hospital?
- When I am put under general anesthetic, how will you monitor me? Is an anesthesiologist always present?
- How many hours can I expect to be in surgery?
- What kind of diet should I be eating before and after surgery to help my body recover?
- I have an IUD - is this an extra risk factor or will it make a difference?
- If I decide later (between 30 and 35, so 5 to 10 years) to have more children, will having had these surgeries complicate a future pregnancy?
- I am a non-smoker and have not smoked for nearly 5 years, but I was a pack a day smoker for the preceding 5. Will this make any difference in my risks or recovery?
- I am young but there is a history of breast cancer in my family (both grandmothers, and through about 50% of the women on my dad's side.) Should I have a mammogram now, while my breasts are still pretty flat (and easy to squoosh...) just to get a clear idea of what is 'normal' for me for later? If I decide to do a fat transfer later, would it be better to have a mammogram beforehand for reference? (given calcification etc)
- What are the best steps I can take to prepare my body for surgery? More exercise/diet change/supplements/weight loss?

These are the questions I can think of right now but I will probably revise them and print them to take with me for tomorrow.

So weeeiiiiiird to imagine I am actually going to talk to someone about this! :|

First consultation today Positive Points: -...

First consultation today

Positive Points:
- tummy tuck sounds ideal and we are on the same page about how my scar will be, bellybutton will look after, vertical scar for old bb, etc.
- very personable doctor; understanding of my goals, friendly, reassuring, knowledgeable, confident

Negative Points:
- description of mastopexy result is not what I'm looking for - minimal lift with nipples only 1 cm up from where they are now.
- suggested breast implants as a way to correct the shape and size difference (this is not a negative about the doctor - this is common - it's just a negative for me because I don't want bigger breasts.)

I understand the reasoning behind the implants and somewhat why I was told I couldn't get things lifted higher... but I'm still not satisfied. I don't want implants. I do want a lift. I don't really get why the inframammary fold position vs nipple height is such a big deal. Why can't you lift the nipple higher so there is just not a fold anymore? And wouldn't 'upward facing nipples' be more of a problem for people with larger breasts/projection to be a 'platform' for the nipple to sit on in order to face up? If I am flat chested, how is my nipple going to end up facing up? I'm just confused about that. I will ask the next doctor his opinion of this, too. I will probably see two or three more, until I am satisfied that whatever my answer is by then is my final answer..

I'm a bit frustrated today about the consult...

I'm a bit frustrated today about the consult yesterday and this feeling like 1cm is not enough and not worth it. Why can't the lift go above the inframammary fold? And why are 'upward facing nipples' even a problem? I honestly wouldn't care. It would look better to me to have nipples that angle up than what I have now...

I added a few pictures. I can't find ANYTHING to show me what results would look like with a good lift for someone like me. So I used some tape to tape my boobs into a 'lift' where I think they should ideally be. My nipples do point slightly up in the pictures, but it's totally fine to me. I would think of this as the ideal outcome to a lift. There is still asymmetry but I would sacrifice a little from the left to even them out if I had to. I'm going to print the photos and take them with me on my next consultation, as well as photos of other women's lifts or implant removals with lifts (to get a small breast) that I think look good.
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