Petite 28 Year Old, Finally Went Ahead with my Ba After Many Years of Contemplating! - Vancouver, BC

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Let me start off by saying, I'm happy I went...

Let me start off by saying, I'm happy I went through with it, after wanting it for 5 years. It took me a little while because I did have some health issues in the past and wanted to make sure I'd be 100% healthy for it.

I'm a tiny girl, little curvy, 5" tall around 100lbs. I was a 32B pre-op and was fairly happy with my natural pair. But my sis and mother were both busty and well it started to bother me. So hence I started going on consults. Several of my friends have had the procedure done so I did know quite a bit about it.

After a couple years of shopping around for a ps and going through all the necessary steps for clearance (health issue) I went ahead and picked my ps. I heard great things about him and felt the most connection with him out of all the ps I've met over the years. Very knowledgeable and professional.

At this time, I had paid $7200 for saline, mentor round. I started feeling a little uneasy when it was time for sizing. He didn't personally do this process with me, it was his clinic manager. She had ba done herself, I guess it was easier to have a lady assist me? Anyhow she sized me up to 300cc and I said they looked good but wanted a little more. Went up to 325cc l and 350cc r. Told me they looked big enough for my size and I said okay. Asked how about if I wanted a bit more. She told me my dr gave her orders to go up to 325 only and for me to think about it overnight. Next day was my surgery so she said I can always speak to my ps in the morning if I wanted to make any changes.

Morning came and after much deliberation I spoke to my ps. At this time I was at one of my heaviest and I knew i would eventually lose the weight and some of it would come off my breasts. I also heard that it'll be a little smaller than sizing because it eats up about 25cc's under the muscle.

Spoke to him and he was very adamant that I wouldn't lose the weight in my chest and that the size I tried would be more than enough for my frame. Soo.... I listened to him.

Surgery was not bad, I just remember being in the or and lights out. Woke up there was a tight feeling in my chest but no pain. I knew once the drugs wore off I would feel it but that didn't come till later in the evening.

I had originally taken a week off work, but I realized soon after I'd need 2. Sleeping was hell, couldn't sleep well on my back. Getting up off the bed was worse. It was just so tight and painful. I would sleep upright with 3 pillows behind me. Dr originally gave me ratio emtec for pain but I asked for something stronger. Gave me percocet demi's which sorta helped but I believe after 5 days I stopped them and just sucked it up. Hated feeling groggy.

Anyways long story short, my breasts took about a month and a half to fully drop. They were soft just like my natural breasts so I was happy about that. They looked natural.

I spoke to my ps about sizing and said I liked them but wanted more volume. He told me no, that I had spectacular results and adding more size would ruin or could ruin them. Told me if I wanted another surgery he would not perform them.

In a way I understood his point, they look good, but then again my breasts pre op were round, close together. My only complaint is the fact that he didn't accomodate my request of 25-50cc more. I don't think that's too much to ask especially when I'm the one paying for it.

At this point, I don't look like I've really gotten surgery done when I'm wearing everyday clothes. Obviously preop I did wear push up bras so they look similar to now when wearing non push up bras.

I don't like the I still HAVE to wear a push up when I want them to make their presence known lol. I am thinking about going up in size. Just dont know when yet.

I guess my post is just to tell everyone out there, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE SIZE YOU WANT. I wish I was more firm with my ps but like I said, I trusted him and valued his opinion. But in the end I should have listened to my gut. Now I have to shell out more $ to get the size I really want.

325-350cc's 10 month post op.

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