27 and Breast Fed 2 Kids Miss the Fullness I Used to Have - Vancouver, BC

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After breast feeding my 2 boys for 1.5 years each...

After breast feeding my 2 boys for 1.5 years each and lost a lot of weight my boobs have completely deflated:( I have been thinking/wanting to do this for over 2 years now. I finally booked my consultation for March 4th with dr brown who has done several of my friends boobs and they all looked good so I thought I would just book the surgery before even having my consultation ????I can always cancel if he's not the right surgeon for me. I am 5'6 and 110 pounds,30A cup pre op and I'm hoping to go 350 cc to 400cc but am really open to what he suggests for me as I have a slight concaved chest and a really small frame... I would probably be happy with any boobs I get as long as they don't have the huge gap (that's some thing I am willing to go much smaller to avoid)Any advice for keeping calm and tips for after would be greatly appreciated.

Changed operation date:(

So today my surgeons office called and changed my operation date:( just when I felt like it was getting closer.i am now booked April 29th

Second consultation

So I had my second consultation with my surgeon on Friday and left a little more confused on what to do:( I think we decided on 375 hp smooth round which isn't too big probably just right on my body but he also told me he would have to move my breast fold down... Kinda scared me as he talked about "double bubble" and more of a chance of bottoming out has anyone had their crease moved down? And if so how was the outcome I'm kinda freaking out

Can't wait!!!two different styles but I would be...

Can't wait!!!two different styles but I would be happy with any boobs as long as they look nice and don't have a big gap between them...also would like a little side boob.since my last update I was a little worried about my fold being lowered but my ps called me and said if I wanted over 250cc I would have to lower them so I'm still undecided but will decide the day of surgery it is gunna be 275cc moderate+if we keep the folds the way they are or 375 high profile if we decide to lower... I feel so much better since he called and reassured me of everything and I %100 trust he knows what he is doing:)

3 weeks pre op.....yay

So I thought I would be more nervous as time goes on and I get closer to the big day but I'm not time is flying by:)I paid in full and ordered the 3 sizes I liked through my ps assistant as my surgeon instructed as I was unsure and still am on cc's. I chose to order 350,375,and 250. The 250 I chose only because of i am undecided on the lowering my immframary folds and my surgeon told me over the phone that he wouldn't have to move the folds with 250cc or lower....getting so excited and know I will be happy either way with size

3 days and counting :)

I have been feeling really good and not nervous at all until today, I paid for my surgery in full so its definetly feeling a lot more real????My surgeon is 6 hours away so I will be leaving Thursday morning and driving down with a friend and my surgery is Friday morning at 10:45 I will update on the other side.... Can't wait to be out of the itty bitty titty committee!!! And good luck to everyone having surgery in the next couple days

On the other side

Out of surgery feeling pretty good a lot of pressure but better than I thought:)I ended up going 375 high profile... Can't really get a good pic yet but will do another update later

Feeling good

So this whole experience has been better than I was expecting so that's good iv been off the percacets since day 2 and it is now day 3 I was having a hard time sleeping on them and was getting super constipated so I decided since the pain wasn't bad to just switch to extra strength tylonal which Iv just been taking in the am and night.... (I must have a high pain tolerance) once in a while I get a burning feeling on my incisions but tylonal helps that!!! I also got to shower today it felt pretty good????before my operation I didn't think I would be able to do anything my self but I had no problem washing my hair and iv been trying to do lots myself and taking lots of breaks and not lifting anything to heavy.... Pics are from day 2 post op

Day 6

Feeling good still get winded if I do to much but iv just been taking it easy... My surgeon called me post op day 4 to see how I was doing,and also told me I can't my bandages off and that he would like me to keep them on till they fall off which is driving me crazy I want to see my incisions lol but I will listen as I want the best out come...I have a lot of bruising and still have swelling between my breasts which is probably all I would complain about at this point it hurt in that area and burns... Yesterday I noticed my left boob is bigger than my right I hope it doesn't stay that way cause it's really noticable but I'm sure it's just part of the dropping and fluffing at different rates!!! I have been wearing the band 24/7 ????not very comfy but I take it off before my shower and have a little break... I can't wait till they look normal and I feel normal again... Happy healing to everyone else who got there's recently:) Oh and I also wanted to add how it's going with my kids.. So far so good I showed them my bandages and said I had owies and they have been really gentle with me I also had a lot of help from my husband and my friends pitched in and helped out to by taking my kids to school, I was probably most nervous about how I would do with my energetic boys and everything is going good for any of you reading this in the same boat.

18 days

Hey ladies Time is flying by:) I wouldn't say I love my new boobs yet they are still a really funny shape and I'm still having to wear the band which is digging into me and is really uncomfortable and is getting hard to hide as we approach summer....I was cleared for exercise (all but pec exercises) at 2 weeks so I thought I would start walking again as I walked 10k 5 days a week prior to surgery.. The first few days I eased back in not walking to fast or pushing a stroller and let my 3 year old ride his bike and I was good but did get tired fast and definetly knew when I had to relax, yesterday was our first day walking normal and we did 8 k and I paid for it all day I was really sore and had a weird pain every time I stood up so I think I will hold off a while longer to do that again.i am now approaching 3 weeks and I think they look really funny now I dunno if it's because they are dropping or not? But I know I have to be patient on a plus side tho I do like how they look clothed:)I still have my bandages on and I can't wait to take them off and see how my incisions look my surgeon told me to keep them on till they fall off but I think that is gunna take forever ????don't think I will listen with that I will give it another week and then take them off I will still have the steri strip on my incision... Any ways of anyone has questions don't hesitate to ask here's how they look in a shirt I will post pics later of how they look naked ????even tho they look very squared and weird

3 weeks 4 day

feeling good and I am loving my new boobs I feel so sexy and beautiful again:) my steri strips just fell off on one side so I got to see my incision for the first time and it is right in the crease and I honestly can barely see it... My husband was surprised when he looked as well! I did have little zit looking things where the tape was tho and black glue everywhere or I would post a pic maybe in a few days


So here are my incisions they still have some glue all around them I can't seem to get it off!! But I am super happy with how they look

Hey all

So today I am 7 weeks post op I feel great pretty normal!! I am however getting a bit worried even tho my ps doesn't seem to think it's a big deal yet but my left breast is very flat and squared and they haven't changed in a few weeks.. I am still wearing the band to get them to come down as they are still a bit high here are some side pics and front pics...

Incisions at 7 weeks and more left side

10 weeks

So this is them laying down:) I love them they have come a long way since the last time I updated:)

I got sized today

So going into this my ps told me I would be about a full C cup I was trying on C cups and D cups and couldn't find anything that fit properly so I decided to get sized I am a 30F didn't even know that was possible starting from nothing??? I am not having very good luck finding bras in a small town :( but they honestly don't look or feel big so I am happy

Good boob day:)

This is 11 weeks 2 days post op:) starting to love them... Left boob still has a bit to go but definitely starting to feel sexy and loving them on my body:)
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