22yrs old, 109lb, 400cc Smooth round HP to Become full C Cup! - Vancouver, BC

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I was a bit hesitated to start the review, but I...

I was a bit hesitated to start the review, but I would like to share the information and nervous with people like me!

I am 22yrs old, getting BA done on June 13th!
Since I was on the last minute surgery of my doctore before he is going away for a month, I happened to have consultation and pre-op same time, Today!

I was quite nervous even though I was sure about it.
I am typical asian girl who has tiny chest and boobs. It always has been a complex for me. I brought up my wish photos and told my doctor I would like to get full C cup.
We had sizing and chose silicon gel implants, inframammary incision (although i wanted the armpit incision, he said my desired cc with textured type will not be able to insert thru arm pit, and capsular contracture possibility is the highest with armpit incision : 10-15% he said.

So I listened to his recommendation as well of procedure and size. He gave me 2 samples, 350cc and 400cc, he said maximum I should go is 400cc since I have small body. I chose bigger one, remembering that everyone says i should have gone bigger!

So my consultation was successfully done, chose size and implant.
I cant wait for my surgery day!

Good news is that he said my breasts are not too far apart (even though there isnt much) so that outcome will be beautiful as the boobs are close :D

More wish pics!

3 more sleeps :):)

I'm super excited to get the surgery!!
they actually called me couple days ago if I would like to get them done today, but I had work to do and my mom is not here yet to take care of me for recovery so I had to turn it down :(

3 more nights and I will be on the other side??

quick photo update :)

both 400cc, mentor smooth round, crease incision. photos are from day 2 to 4 :)

pain was manageable, only taking advil now as painkillers side effect was horrible. I am done with antibiotics too. my side boobs hurt so bad though, when I wake up. Other than that, all good to go :)

photo updates :) day 7-9

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