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Hello Everyone :) I'm a 42 year old female who...

Hello Everyone :)

I'm a 42 year old female who had very short, thin eyelashes and brows. My Doc, in her 60's talked to me about Latisse - she uses it herself. She has had no patients with serious side effects. I found the cost too much for extended use so decided to try Careprost - Pics attached - I've had no side effects, my hubby uses it too now with great success and no issues. All of my girlfriends use it now too -even the blue eyed ones - I attached pics of before, after with no make up so you can see my eyes haven't sunken in, turned color ect and with mascara so you can see the real results :) I just use a drug store mascara.

Really happy with the results. I've used for approx 1 year now. I got it from a Canadian Supplier -I know we can't say where but am comfortable with my supplier and happy with the results.

My doctor knows I use the product and thinks my results are great - same as I would achieve with Latisse.


Please Note: I have had NO side effects. I started using Cellex-C around my eyes to treat crapey skin and wrinkles and it worked wonders but I have had NO , ZERO side effects and would appreciate if the diagnosis' would discontinue.


I took this picture this morning after all the comments from members diagnosing me with fat atrophy.
I'm 42, I have crapey type skin around my eyes. I started using Cellex C Vit C / B which has really done wonders for the texture of my skin from sun damage/aging/wrinkles and crapey skin.
I have no side effects from Careprost. You can even see the skin around my eyes hasn't darkened, I have no itch and I certainly haven't lost any fat around my eye - which I really don't have that much of.
I think that the critiques need to consider that we as reviewers are not professionals at photo's - sometimes I'm sure my eyebrow is raised making the eye seem to have less of a hood, or the lightening - I'm not great at eye photo's.
Careprost has really been wonderful for me, my friends, my hubby (I still laugh a little when he's talking and I see his gorgeous lashes - very cute) My doctor again has had no patients with serious side effects. I think woman should be comfortable trying Careprost / Latisse - which ever.
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