Trim Method Gone Wrong- 6 Months Post Op, Not Worth It - Vancouver, BC

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I consulted with Dr David Wilkie early September...

I consulted with Dr David Wilkie early September 2013 about a Labia Minora Reduction (Labiaplasty). I'm from out of Province, but I really liked how he has completed thousands of surgeries and he specialises in gynecology. Should be a winner, right?.. WRONG

I am going to just post the facts and try not to be too emotional about this whole thing.

Surgery was booked for three weeks after the consultation. I was so psychologically ready to have this done, I couldn't wait! I even put a countdown on my phone.

A local friend drove me from the private out-patient clinic to my hotel after surgery, where I slept for a good 12 hours. Pain was managed by a flexible ice pack and tylenol. (I had Tylenol 1's on hand just incase, but they weren't necessary- pain was there but manageable.)

At the one day post op meeting with Dr Wilkie, I felt really great, happy I had finally gone through with the surgery. Wilkie mentioned I was recovering remarkably well. Thank goodness I thought. One always reads about botched surgeries, but to think they could happen to me.. ludacris.

I flew home three days post op. Flying was uncomfortable, but made bearable by sitting on one of those airplane neck pillows ( the partial dounut shaped ones). Arriving home, I had a local friend pick me up, and help me get settled at home. Slept for another 12 hours.

Pre surgery I made a meal plan that would help me get on my feet faster. Two days of premade vegetable juices and smoothies really helped- I could concentrate on resting instead of cooking. I also made sure to ingest fats and protein. All was well and good for a week once home. I felt knackered and slept a lot as a result.

Eleven days post surgery, I decided to start back at work. I will never know to this day if I went back too soon, or if this was going to happen regardless. Getting dressed I felt a small, sharp pain on my left labia. I didn't think much of it at the time. As the day progressed however, the same pain constantly bothered me. I was at work, I couldn't do much. So when I got home, the first thing I did was drop my pants, grab my hand mirror, and take a look.

To my absolute HORROR the stitches had ripped mid left labia minora. My God. I had no idea what to do. I did the only thing I could think of. Straight to the University Hospital, I took a cab. Several hours of waiting later an Emergency Medical Doctor took a look. Literally 10 seconds to look. He said he couldn't do anything. He said once a stitch has popped there is no recourse but let the area heal. I started crying at this point, and he tried to console me. Apparently this area of the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. Rest for a couple days and it should be fine, he said.

So I took another three days off work. I planted myself on my bed and didn't move except to go to the washroom and get food and water from the kitchen.

Overnight on the second day after the split (I think fourteen days post op now), the split on my left labia had grown, almost the entire left labia was split up the centre.

I was determined now. Willpower. If I stayed in one position long enough, my labia would heal properly.

I wasting over three week of my life on the bed.


It is now over 6 months post op. I only contacted Wilkie's office to book a six week post op consultation, as requested by his office on my initial consultation. I talked to the receptionist about my concerns. Instead of booking an appointment, she said Wilkie would contact me directly. (I live out of Province and stressed to her I would only want to make the trip out if Wilkie would be willing to talk revision.) Wilkie never contacted me, even after a follow up phone call to his office.


So now, I am contacting local Surgeons in Alberta. I live in Edmonton but would be willing to travel to Calgary for a revision. If there is anyone reading this who received exceptional treatment in either city, would you mind passing along the contact information of your Dr? Please and thank you, I would really appreciate it.

Trim Method Gone Wrong- 6 Months Post Op, *Not Worth It*

Yesterday I finally had a call from Dr Wilkie. I had sent recent photos of my Lady parts to show that a revision is needed. To quote Wilkie: "Everything looks normal. To look at you, I would not be able to tell you had any surgery." CLEARLY Dr Wilkie does not want to go through the headache of performing a revision. Everything does not look normal, and I am upset to say the least.

Look at the recently uploaded images. One side of my labia has completely forked down the middle. The other side is forked as well, although slightly less aggressively.

I would HIGHLY caution Ladies looking to have this surgery done, to please find a different a different doctor. I do realise mistakes happen, it is a very unfortunate mistake that my stitches completely split. But Dr Wilkie should have owned up to his mistake, instead of brushing me off like a pesky bug. The fact that he did not offer any type of recourse is telling.
David Wilkie

After talking to Dr Wilkie 6 months post, it is clear he has a blatant disregard for ownership of one's own handiwork. He has obviously washed his hands of the whole matter, despite evidence that his shoddy technique left me disfigured. Hope my review can help someone in the future. Pay it forward pls!!

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