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So i will be taking the "plunge" this month. Not...

So i will be taking the "plunge" this month. Not sure the reference there? Are we all going swimming? Lol! Currently waiting for aligners. Had my initial consult and scan and all that jazz at the end of February. 6-10 week wait I was told. Not too happy about that!
But so greatful i found this site! I feel much more prepared than I ever could have been without it! Although I have read a lot of things that scare me more than anything I've learned to just read "worth it" or "not sure" reviews. I had braces as a teen and sadly my teeth have reverted back to their pre braces crooked state for lack of wearing a retainer. (In my defence I had a rubber one and chewed through it! Just nevet replaced it. ) My biggest concern is my top front teeth. My bottom teeth are super crooked and tip in on the sides but never bothered me cause they don't show up in pics. But my once lovely smile is now marred with dare I say it a snaggletooth! Yikes! But I figure if I'm going to do this I may as well do it right! So i will be getting the bottom fixed as well. According to ortho my teeth will be in cased in plastic for somewhere between 16 and 20 months! Gasp! I was hoping for 9-10 months,( an estimate I received, well about 7 or 8 years ago from my dentist. If only I had gone about getting started then! Snaggletooth wasn't even around yet and could have been struck down before even making an appearance!) I am strongly considering the extra cost of acceledent to cut the time down. I just have to convince my ortho who does not use the device. I kick myself for not speaking to more than one ortho! But in all my research he was a top provider with good reviews that was open on Saturdays! How could I go wrong!
Anyways aligners should be arriving sometime in the next 1-3 weeks and I have started getting some things to prepare. Just got a sonic cleaner! A nine month supply of Retainter Brite is on the way. Going to get some ortho wax. I hear ortho will provide chewies. Got a small makeup case to carry everything. Going to get a couple small makeup mirrors. I have nail files but still considering a dremel or electric nail tool for filing. Advil night time to help me sleep through the pain. Maybe ambesol for mouth sores. (Really hoping I don't get those!) if anyone has any other suggestions let me know. I want to be prepared for anything! Oh and has anyone found a cure for lisp yet! Dreading that one! Cheers all!

Found a product that I hope will make my life with invisalign easier!

Still waiting for aligners, but in my quest to find products to make living with invisalign easierI found these! (See pic) i was trying to fugure out what i was going to do when i was at work and cant always get away to the washroom to brush and clean my trays every time i eat. I'm often on location with no potable water in the washroom. So I think this product will be a life saver!

Pics of my lovely crooked teeth. Yikes, scary looking at them this close!

Well I'm finally posting my "teeth pics" yes that there Mr. Snaggletooth on top is the main reason I'm going through with all this. He has ruined my smile! Really I could care less about the the crooked mess on the bottom but if I'm going to go through with it may as well try and straighten out those little buggers too!

Got my Clincheck!

After many weeks and a change in providers, (decided to go with dentist instead of the elite provider. The wait times were too long. After 6 weeks they hadn't even ordered my aligners yet!) Anyway back on track and got to review my clincheck and approve it before my dentist placed the order. My initial treatment is 20 trays. 10 months. Now that's more like it! Of course I realize there may be refinements but won't think about that until the time comes. One step at a time!
Aligners on next Friday. Yes Friday the 13th! A lucky day in my books! OMG Friday is only 7 days away! So nervous but also excited to get this thing started already! The sooner I start the sooner it'll be over!

Clincheck take 3

Trying to upload my clincheck..again!

Day one

The day finally arrived! Trays, attachments, and IPR! Yes, all at once! Well it has been about 5 hours now and here's my report. Boy do they feel weird!! And to my eyes, very visible! Especially the attachments which are whiter than my teeth which make them extra visible! I already had a lunch out and it wasn't too bad. I kept them in until just before food arrived then off to bathroom to take them out. When I get used to them I plan on taking them out at the table discreetly behind a napkin. I look forward to that day. After I ate it was off to the bathroom to pop them back in then continued to drink beer with them in with no problem. I just had a water chaser. Otherwise would be out too long. They feel snug but not in any pain at all. Hope that continues! Now the attachments, well, when the aligners are in I don't really notice them at all. I mean feeling wise. I can't feel them with my toungue that is. But, when the aligners are out it feels like there is food stuck all over my teeth! Yuck! Not pleasant. But, my silver lining is, I thought they would be much sharper and reeking havoc on my cheeks when I ate but it really wasn't that bad. Nothing like the braces I wore as a teen. So much nicer. And you can take them off!! What a treat!

One more pic day one

Day 2 after a rough night : (

Well here it is Day 2 and I am enjoying my morning tea with a plastic free mouth! Hallelujah!
It was rough night. First I found a rough edge that seemed to appear out of no where, so took a file to them. Better. Thank god for this site I or I wouldn't have known you can do that! Anyway, that was before I went to sleep. It was the actual sleeping bit that the hard part. I wasn't in any pain or anything just highly aware of something foreign in my mouth. I was very close a couple times to removing them altogether but didn't want them to be put that long. Thankfully it's the weekend so didn't have to get up early or anything. Hoping by Sunday night I will be able to sleep through the night as Monday will be back to work with all sorts of other challenges to deal with! I can see why at the beginning of this journey so many people write in there reviews how they wish they hadn't done this and want to quit. I think maybe that's part of the reasin why it's so expensive! No one wants to throw $5000 plus out the window!
Anyway, the good news for me is, still no pain and no lisp! Yay! My husband tried to trip me up by having me say the "she sells sea shells by sea shore" quote and I had no problem! Yay! For those of you with a lisp reciting quotes like that over and over may help to train your toungue to be in the right place not to effect the lisp. Worth a try. Also singing along to the radio! Lol!

Day 5

Well I have had 2 days now of wearing at work. I feel super self concious. My mouth just feels so huge. I can't close my lips over my teeth properly. I've even had thoughts of maybe if I got collagen put in my lips I can get them big enough to cover my teeth so I can close them properly! And I feel like my attachments on my top teeth canines make me look like a vampire! Uggh! Sorry, had to vent! Have been pretty good on wear time. I find I don't like to keep them out for very long cause the attachments feel so horrible. It makes me wonder if that's not the real reason invisalign puts attachments on. Because with out them we'd all forget to put our trays back in!
Well I haven't had any pain other than from the sharp edges i had to file down. I definitely feel pressure but I don't mind cause that tells me it's working. It has gotten a lot easier to pop them in and out now. The bottom tray was a little tricky the first couple days. The retainer wipes I purchased are great. I highly recommend them. Quick and easy if you just want to have a quick snack and can't get to the bathroom right away. I just wipe them thoroughly rinse my mouth real well with water and pop back in.
Oh and decided not to tell anyone I had them and see if anyone noticed. Well 2 days working and either no one has noticed or they are just being nice. Working longer hours the next few days so we shall see how it goes.

Help! Chapped, dry lips! Suggestions please!

Been using blistex chaptick, but doesn't seem to help. Could use suggestions from invisaligner pros out there!

Tray 2 day 2

Well i changed to tray 2 on Thurs night about 12 hours before the 14 day mark. Everything I've read says best to change at night and didn't want to wait til Fri night. I, when I first put them in had a momentary panic thinking they didn't fit. They didn't seat all the way down on my teeth with a pretty significant gap. But then I used my dentist's equivalent of a chewy and they settled into place. Though super tight. They didn't hurt but decided to take an Advil anyway just in case. Went to bed, slept fine, and when I woke up they felt fine. I forgot to mention I did quite a bit of filing on them as well. But apparently not enough as later on Friday at work I unfortunately realized. Without a nail file in site I suffered through the day with a very unhappy toungue. : ( when I got home last nigt, I once again attacked them with my file. And after about 3 attempts finally got them to a state I could live with. Today, Saturday, they have been a dream! Had a lovely brunch out with hubby. Whipped them out at the table(gasp!), wiped them with the lovely wipes, then into the case and popped back in on the drive home! Easy peasy. Brush when I get home!

Hey everyone! You should try this! Fun and motivating!

I did a fun thing! Very motivating! I watched my clincheck video, pausing it when noticing my teeth looking much straighter and then checking which aligner # that would be. And for me by the the time I'm on tray #11 my teeth will be significantly straighter! Yay! That's around mid September! Less than 4 months! How exciting!

Tray 2 Day 4- Loving this tray!

So I've only been wearing this tray for 4 days and it's already more comfortable than tray 1 waa after 2 weeks! Never really had much pressure at all from this one. I even forgot a couple times I was wearing it and almost forgot to take them out to eat! It's almost as if most of the movement happened the first night while I was sleeping. Anyway very happy with them. Finding it WAY easier than I ever expected! Hopefully the rest of this journey is as easy as it is now!

Tray #4 Day 1

A visit to the dentist and tray #4, along with trays 5 thru 10. I haven't taken any pictures in a while cause haven't seen much change but my dentist said he noticed so thought I'd better start taking more pictures. Maybe not every tray, but every few anyway! So here's a pic of the beginning of tray 4. Now that I figured put how to do a collage and look at the pictures together, I do actually see a slight difference. Mostly in the bottom teeth. A couple teeth are showing more than they were before. So that's pretty exciting! Progress is happening!
Wish I had got a better angle on my first pic. Will remember for the next ones.
Oh by the way tray #4 feels lovely already, (after some filing of course!), and only had them on 12 hours!
: )

Tray #6

Day 2 of tray #6. All's well. It's been a bit of a challenge as I'm on vacation for the summer and did a huge road trip ending at my summer cottage. Tons of family around lots of eating and drinking. Have to keep reminding myself to put them back in! But going good and seeing changes! Yay!

Tray #8

All going well in my Invisaworld! Changed to tray #8 on Thursday. It has been the easiest one yet. No pain at all. Only a little tightness. Yes, I did have to do the usual filing, but I'm getting quicker at it. And afterwards they feel nice and smooth and comfy. Posting more comparisons. So happy with my progress so far! No regrets!

Tray #10

Halfway through trays #10. All's well! This set has been pretty comfortable from the beginning. After the usual filing of course! Trays 9 were probably the toughest I've had since the first trays. I actually had to take advil for the pain from the pressure on day #1. Bearable after that but stayed a bit sore for a few days. Didn't eat any tough or crunchy food. Got back from my summer trip and had a dentist appt. He checked my progress and gave me new trays. Everything moving well. Super happy! Can't believe the progress after only 4 months!!

Hey everyone, haven't updated in awhile, here's the latest...

Just got back from the dentist. Had a slight set back. Apparently my appt should have been for the beginning of tray 14 but they made it for beginning of tray 15 by mistake. So all the IPR I got today was supposed to be before tray 14. Now I have to stay in tray 14 for an extra week. Not to happy about that. : (
And then I only got 2 more trays, 15 and 16, cause I need IPR on another tooth at beginning of tray 17. Which now won't happen til after the holidays. Should have been starting that tray before Christmas. : (
My Dr. Said I can switch to 10 day wear after Christmas so that will help a little.
On a good note we looked at my clincheck chek more closely and think my top teeth will be where I like them after tray #18! And I'll continue the bottom thru #20 as planned.
Anyway here are a couple photos! Very happy with my progress so far! : )

Happt New Year Invisabuddies!

Went to the dentist and switched to tray 17 today! Might be done top row early after tray 18.(originally scheduled for 20) Go back in a month to reassess! Fingers crossed! Took some new pics end of tray 16!

OMG!! I'm done!!! : )

So yesterday I went to my dentist to assess my progress at tray 19 out of 20. We decided that we were happy with the results at that stage and I would not proceed to tray 20. I still have a slightly crooked tooth on the bottom that does not show when I smile and I'm not concerned about. Anyway I went back in this morning to have all my attachments taken off and have a little bit of bonding on one of my top front tooth. (The one to the right of center which was much shorter than its conterpart on the left side) now it looks much more even. We took impressions for my retainers and cut a little hole in my current top tray so it would fit over the tooth that has bonding and I was sent on my merry way with my new smooth straight teeth to await my retainers! About 2 weeks they say. Sadly I still have to wear thsee trays with bumps all over them til then but boy is it nice to take them off to eat and show off my new attachmentless smile!!! I just can't believe I'm done!! The time has flown by!! It hasn't even been 10 months and the results are astounding to me!! So happy I did this for myself!!
If anyone our there is reading this and contemplating invisalign, I say what are you waiting for!!? Just do it!! You won't regret it!!

Another before and after

Still can't believe I have straight, smooth teeth! Seems like yesterday I was just starting thinking how can I do this? Its so long!! So happy I did!!!!

Retainers are in!

My retainers arrived in less than a week!! The Vivera retainers are just a bit thicker that the invisalign trays were. I find them very comfortable and bonus, no sharp edges!! And without any bumps for attachments they are practically invisible!
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