37 YO, 95% Overbite, Slight Overcrowding in Front

So here I am. After years of wanting to do...

So here I am. After years of wanting to do something about my teeth (they are very slightly overcrowded on lower front) I have decided to go for it. But that prompted me to take action is my overbite (95%!). I had no idea it was so serious because none of my previous dentist ever mentioned it to me. I knew I have a deep bite but I always thought it is normal. About a couple years ago I switched to a new dentist and she immediately pointed it out to me. At first I thought she might be exaggerating and didn't pay attention to it.
Well, fast forward to this spring and all of a sudden I notice that my from lower teeth are starting to shift and hurt (front teeth are knocking lower ones). After waiting for a few months for things (teeth) to settle around I finally realize that I have to do something about it.
Last week I went to an orthodontist and they scanned and took pictures of the teeth and they confirmed that I can do Invisalign! It was such a relief since I was not mentally prepared to do braces.
Anyways, now I am waiting for my first trays to arrive! I will try to keep track of my progress here.

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