37 YO, 95% Overbite, Slight Overcrowding in Front

So here I am. After years of wanting to do...

So here I am. After years of wanting to do something about my teeth (they are very slightly overcrowded on lower front) I have decided to go for it. But that prompted me to take action is my overbite (95%!). I had no idea it was so serious because none of my previous dentist ever mentioned it to me. I knew I have a deep bite but I always thought it is normal. About a couple years ago I switched to a new dentist and she immediately pointed it out to me. At first I thought she might be exaggerating and didn't pay attention to it.
Well, fast forward to this spring and all of a sudden I notice that my from lower teeth are starting to shift and hurt (front teeth are knocking lower ones). After waiting for a few months for things (teeth) to settle around I finally realize that I have to do something about it.
Last week I went to an orthodontist and they scanned and took pictures of the teeth and they confirmed that I can do Invisalign! It was such a relief since I was not mentally prepared to do braces.
Anyways, now I am waiting for my first trays to arrive! I will try to keep track of my progress here.


Waiting to pop in my 1st tray!

So I got my 1st tray! which I cannot wear just yet because of the holiday season. I did not want to start my treatment right now and have to have my attachments put in right before Christmas. I was given my 1st tray that I need to wear for 1 week before they add the attachments. We do this so that I am getting used to the tray, putting it in and getting it out, etc.
So now I have the trays and I keep staring at them, lol. I am really excited and nervous at the same time.
I also found out that I have 21 aligners and most likely we will then go into refiners.

I like that my doctor also gave me whitening paste that I can use weekly. The Invisalign trays act like customized whitening trays! I am going to take advantage of this and start whitening my teeth (I've never done it!).

OK, I'll update once I start wearing my 1st tray.

Happy Holidays everyone!

tray not hugging the gumline

While playing with my trays before I officially start wearing them I noticed that the upper tray is not hugging the gum line. What I mean is that there is a gap between the edge of the tray on my two front teeth and the gum line. The tray fits perfectly everywhere else. It bugs me because i can tell this is going to create a lot of friction between the edge of the tray and the inside of my upper lip. I also don't think using a nail file on the tray will help (the gap is fairly large).
Is this normal? Anyone else experience this with their trays?

happy flossing

went to Costco and bought floss in preparation for the Big day. It was on sale. so ended up buying 6 packs of 6. paid $75.00+tax. who on earth is spending $75 on floss?? anyone else? hope I am not the only crazy one :)

Tray 1, day 2

so I finally started wearing tray 1! I popped it in yesterday evening after taking an Advil400. I could feel a little pressure on my front teeth and that was about it. slept like a baby.
today I can feel a couple spots where I might need to file the trays as they rub against the inside of my creeks and lips. I haven't talked too much these days as I stayed home. this is about to change once I'm back at work tomorrow. I hear a slight lisp when I do talk and hopefully I this will go away soon as I get used talking with my trays in.
My routing is this: wake up, take trays out, brush teeth and trays and pop them back in. Prepare breakfast, take trays out, eat, then water floss, brush teeth, string floss, put trays back in. and this will repeat throughout the day each time I want to eat.
I will try to eat 3 times a day. no snacks as it is too much hassle.

Tray 2 Day 1

Last night I switched to tray 2. I could feel a little pressure for a while and then it went away. So far nothing major to report, I am not feeling any pain at all. It’s interesting that with first tray I felt pressure on my left side. With tray 2 the pressure ‘moved’ to the right side.
I am still trying to get used to not snacking throughout the day (drives me crazy). I am only drinking water while wearing the trays.
I am clearing them twice a day with some toothpaste and the electric toothbrush. I also let them soak in water and baking soda while I'm eating. I might overdo the whole brush-floss but I am literally terrified I might get cavities if I don’t.

I am a little nervous as the dentist gave me 7 trays and my next appointment is 3 months from now. I am hoping the teeth move as they are supposed to because 3 months is a long time if anything goes wrong….

Tray 5 Day 5

It’s been some time since I last updated. Nothing major happened during this time. I am religiously wearing my trays (I am pretty sure I average at least 22hrs/day). I am still brushing and flossing like crazy, haha. I think I am extremely paranoid about getting cavities if I don’t brush like I do.
Each time I switch to a new tray I feel the pressure for the first few hours, and then it goes away. With this last tray I felt my bottom incisors hurt a little bit more than before but nothing too bad.
It’s interesting how at first certain teeth hurt, then as days go by other teeth in completely different sport start hurting. I believe this is because of the SmartTrack technology they are using.
I am also pretty sure I have the Invisalign G5 technology too. I have the bite ramps and the optimized deep bite attachments (it better, because I have such a deep bit and I need all the help I can get).
I am also noticing small changes to my overbite. I don’t think it is wishful thinking, but I see my bite slightly opening up!
I also notice changes when I floss; it is now easier to floss between certain teeth.

I am a little worried about one upper lateral incisor that seems to track a little too slow. I notice a small gap on the bottom of my tray in one of the corners. I assume this tooth has to twist in place and it looks like it is not doing it as fast as it should. I am chewing on my Munchies around that tooth and hopefully this tooth will catch up with the rest.

Talking about Munchies (a variation of the Chewies). I am chewing them down like crazy. They are supposed to last 2 weeks and I start breaking them apart in less than 1 week! I don’t know if it’s because I am having such a deep bite or maybe because I bite on them too hard? Anyways, I recently bought a pacifier (!) that is a nice silicone-rubber and I bite on it. It’s been about 3 weeks since I’m using it and so far so good, it is holding up pretty well.

Well, that’s about it for now. I will update soon!
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