25 Yr Old African Female with Genetically High Hairline ( FUT with Doctor Wong) Vancouver, BC

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I've inherited a wide forehead and a very defined...

I've inherited a wide forehead and a very defined M hairline from my father which made me look far older and manlier than I truly am. I had several consultations with HT doctors regarding this matter but only felt comfortable at Dr Wong's office. On my first visit I asked him to draw a hairline for me since I lacked imagination and he did such a great job that I didn't want him to wipe it off. The lovely coordinator (Christina) scheduled my surgery appointment on the 9th of July at 6 a.m and made sure all my questions were answered. On the day of the operation I met up first with a nice technician who explained thoroughly what will happen and asked me several times if I needed anything to eat or drink. Dr. Wong then showed up and carefully took his time to draw the hairline for me. After that, he, along with the technicians, immediately started working on extracting my grafts. During this part of the procedure there was absolutely no pain what so ever just a slight pressure (The only pain I had that day was them trying to comb my coarse hair). Dr Wong even stopped halfway through because I really needed to go to the washroom and he was cool with that. After they finished stapling my head, I was given some orange juice and told to sit comfortably and watch netflex because the longer part of the procedure was yet to come. Soon after, Dr. Wong returned to make those tiny holes to prepare for the transplant but I wasn't even paying attention because I was absorbed in The Maze Runner. We took a lunch break halfway through and I had a delicious lunch they let me choose earlier that day. 3 very amusing technicians then started implanting the 3470 grafts they managed to extract and were very careful to cover each inch inside the drawn line with hair. Finally, I was given a bag containing a gentle shampoo, Tylanol 3, sleeping pills, an ointment, a pillow cover and a cool black cap. I said my goodbyes and the arranged cab came and took me home. I was very happy with the way my hairline looked even though I was very swollen at the time. I came the next day and the day after for a hair wash and was taught how to care for my new grafts and the donor area. It’s still very early to tell how this will turn out but so far I'm really happy I chose Dr. Wong and his lovely team. I'll try to post some pics later and if you have any questions please ask.

P.S. Cost is in Canadian Dollars

pre-op online consultation pics

My lovely hairline before. Many people told me it's natural and I shouldn't change it...I, however, didn't see a point in keeping something that doesn't make ME happy. Keep in mind I have a pretty thick hair and no actual hair loss. Only a bit of thinning in the frontal view pic because all my life I've been parting my hair to cover the sides.

Post-op pics (from day 1-5 )

Sorry don't know the exact order. I will be posting again once I remove the staples which will be on the 14th day post surgery. My only problem so far was the swelling but it was expected especially because I wasn't following instructions and sleeping with my head elevated. I'm not bleeding or feeling much pain really. make sure to follow the pre-op instructions especially the not taking aspirin or multivitamins part before surgery. Wish me luck ^__^

P.S. on day 5 I developed small white pimples and was given a tiny needle and gauze to poke them myself at home (after he showed me how to) because I no longer felt the need to go wash my hair at the clinic. According to the nice technician this is normal and was actually supposed to appear around the second day. However, he did tell me to come back if I felt there were too many and I couldn't get rid of them myself.

Staples Out ^_^

Today marked the 14th day post op. I went in to have my staples removed and met first with the same lovely technician I met on my first visit (Raluca (sp) >_

Sorry for the long wait

Hello everyone,

I'm really sorry for not updating you as promised. I got very busy in the last 7 months and completely forgot about my account here.

I'm extremely happy with my new hairline. First 3 months were very tough on me because I thought the procedure has failed but then at around month 4, I started noticing some changes in both density and growth. The new hairline has been an absolute confidence boost and now for the first time I could parade around with my hair up not fearing how I'd look.

People with softer, faster growing hair may experience faster results but my hair is really coarse and doesn't grow as much that's why I think my wait time is a bit longer to get to the desired length.

Currently, the inner (back) side of the transplanted hair is growing longer and denser than the edges and hairline. Also there's still some patchiness around the edges with some areas growing longer than others but overall I'm satisfied with the results so far because I know it's a mater of time before those patches "catch up".

I'll upload photos tomorrow morning because the light in my apartment sucks and I want you guys to have decent pictures in daylight to see what I'm talking about. My follow up appointment with Doctor Wong is next month and I'll ask him to have more pictures taken at his office because they have fluorescent lights that shows the smallest of details.

Finally, if you are considering this procedure my advice is to search for someone competent and well experienced like Dr. Wong and to be patient when waiting for results.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask ^_^

Some pictures


so here are some daylight pictures showing my hair progress...my hair here is wet and untreated with any hair products (ignore the grey hairs here and there please >_<). Sorry the pics aren't the best of quality but this is all I can provide at the moment until I go to see Dr. Wong.

More pics

Hey everyone. I didn't end up going to my appointment with Dr Wong because I went on a vacation so I'll be paying him a visit on the 1 year mark since my procedure. Anyways, here are some more pictures taken after I straightened my hair to show you the density without the curls. I'm still loving the results so far and apparently no one could tell what I had done they just comment on how different I seem to be now.
P.S, please excuse my horrible editing skills.
Vancouver Hair Restoration Surgeon

He's an amazing and confident doctor. You can tell by the way he talks he has a vast experience in HT procedures. He's down to earth and will work with you towards a hairline that truly suits your face.

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