42 Yrs Old 1 Grown Child

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Tired of the droop. I'm ready for a fresh start....

Tired of the droop. I'm ready for a fresh start. DOC says along with my augmentation I'll need a nipple lift or benelli is what he called it. I am very nervous as to the healing time and scars. I have not yet been given Any notes regarding excersize for after care. I also need to go back to the Docs office because his nurse didn't take all the info she needed. I'm skeptical and this is difficult as I live 1700 kms away. I feel good about the doctor though.
I'm interested in saline thus far. I have felt saline and i like the firmness compared to gel. I thought gel felt like a fake push up bra. Am I wrong? This was a long time ago that I felt both and not side by side. I'm only going 286 and 265. I am going under the muscle. As this progresses I will certainly add pictures. Thank you all for sharing!!

2 days 304 and 285 mid natrelle under muscle with donut lift.

I'm wondering if I should be having a lollipop lift or will the donut/benelli be enough?
I'd love more upper poll as well as less sag.

Day 1

3.5 weeks post

I have bad bruising on my left breast. I don't see much improvement. Should I be concerned?
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