34yo. Active. At Target Weight. Getting Inner Thighs Done - Vancouver, BC

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I'm getting coolsculpting on my inner thighs done...

I'm getting coolsculpting on my inner thighs done as I am typing this. Left side was first. I guess the area to be treated is not very big and/or typical so I wasn't even asked to point out the specific area. The first 5 minutes was kind of uncomfortable but after that was fine. Just cold. Will update more tonight.

Survived the first night post treatment

Ok I'm just being a big dramatic with the word "survived" as it was almost like any other night. I had my appointment at 2pm yesterday and at 1030pm, I had slight nausea ...as if I ingested too much grease. The nausea wasn't that bad and it eventually passed. I slept all right during the night except I woke up around 4 or 5am for no reason. Currently as I'm typing this, I feel totally fine. The treated areas look unremarkable. You wouldn't be able to tell I did something to my thighs!

1 day post-treatment

Nothing special. I carried on with my regular activities as recommended by the clinician. She stressed there is nothing I can do to affect or improve the treatment results (other than maintaining my current weight I guess) - just carry on as usual. So that's exactly what I did: I did my morning cardio and went for yoga in the afternoon. Life as usual. No bruising and no pain. I might not update again until I have something worthwhile to report...

BTW, the fullness point of my inner thigh measured 20 inches pre-treatment. I'm hoping for at least 1/2 inch reduction from both sides...or my inner thighs not touching when I stand naturally.

9 days post treatment

Today marks the 9th day since my treatment. I might be imagining things but I do feel and see a small difference in the treated areas. Of course I know it's still too early to tell. ...but I'm feeling very hopeful!

Non eventful so far

Non eventful so far though I notice my treated areas are a bit smaller? I think I might have lost half an inch around each inner thighs. ..my jeans are fitting better too

It's been 10 weeks...

I got my CS done at the end of Aug, and that was 10 weeks ago! Where did the time go? ! I went in for my follow-up appointment on Oct 26, at the 2 months mark, to have my progress accessed. The technician saw a definite improvement in the size and skin smoothness, and she roughly estimated that I had lost at least 20% off my fat there. I, too, saw and felt an improvement. She went on saying that she wouldn't recommend a second treatment on that same area, but I could consider hot sculpting in a month if I want further improvement. I'm hoping there will be more improvement as the 3rd and even the 4th month come along ...! As for hot sculpting, I don't think I'll go for that as it's more inconvenient (8 min treatment every 2 weeks for 2 months), and the reduction is generally not as good as CS. At one point, I was looking into smart lipo but I know I should wait as there might be more improvement. Also considered Zerona laser lipo but results seem to be mixed. ..and of course it's more inconvenient than CS. In comparison, CS seems to be the best considering all factors (convenience, cost, down time, effectiveness), and I'm glad I got it done!

It has been more than 4 months. ..

It has been more than 4 months since I got CS done on my inner thighs and I'm so glad that I got it done! Admittedly, I was hoping for more reduction so I've been contemplating a second treatment. The tech who did my first treatment said she wouldn't recommend a second treatment because there is not enough fat for the applicator to grab (yay?), and now that same verdict is confirmed by another tech at a different place. She said there's not enough bulge. I suppose I should be happy. .. I was also interested in having my bra line and upper arm treated but she said there's no applicator for the bra line yet and they don't have the one for the upper arm at the moment. Well, guess it's money saved for me!

At a side note, I asked about ultherapy for my lower face but oh my, it's a lot more than CS! I was quoted $2700 cdn per treatment and that's already with 25% discount. Plus, results will be subtle and more for prevention than treatment. And it will probably be painful. Yikes! Well, that was an easy decision for me.

She was professional; however, I wished she was a bit warmer. Received two follow up phone calls and one follow up appointment. She promised to send me the official before and after pictures but still hasn't done that yet.

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