34yo. Active. At Target Weight. Getting Inner Thighs Done - Vancouver, BC

I'm getting coolsculpting on my inner thighs done...

I'm getting coolsculpting on my inner thighs done as I am typing this. Left side was first. I guess the area to be treated is not very big and/or typical so I wasn't even asked to point out the specific area. The first 5 minutes was kind of uncomfortable but after that was fine. Just cold. Will update more tonight.

Survived the first night post treatment

Ok I'm just being a big dramatic with the word "survived" as it was almost like any other night. I had my appointment at 2pm yesterday and at 1030pm, I had slight nausea ...as if I ingested too much grease. The nausea wasn't that bad and it eventually passed. I slept all right during the night except I woke up around 4 or 5am for no reason. Currently as I'm typing this, I feel totally fine. The treated areas look unremarkable. You wouldn't be able to tell I did something to my thighs!

1 day post-treatment

Nothing special. I carried on with my regular activities as recommended by the clinician. She stressed there is nothing I can do to affect or improve the treatment results (other than maintaining my current weight I guess) - just carry on as usual. So that's exactly what I did: I did my morning cardio and went for yoga in the afternoon. Life as usual. No bruising and no pain. I might not update again until I have something worthwhile to report...

BTW, the fullness point of my inner thigh measured 20 inches pre-treatment. I'm hoping for at least 1/2 inch reduction from both sides...or my inner thighs not touching when I stand naturally.

9 days post treatment

Today marks the 9th day since my treatment. I might be imagining things but I do feel and see a small difference in the treated areas. Of course I know it's still too early to tell. ...but I'm feeling very hopeful!

Non eventful so far

Non eventful so far though I notice my treated areas are a bit smaller? I think I might have lost half an inch around each inner thighs. ..my jeans are fitting better too
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