21, Emotional Roller Coaster with Silicone 275 Cc's. Vancouver, BC

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Ill start by saying that I am very much anti-blog...

Ill start by saying that I am very much anti-blog / anti-forum / anti-instagram /anti Facebook etc. etc. Yes I am one of those Vancouverites. I am writing a review here because in the emotional down of my breast augmentation roller coaster I ventured to this website at an attempt to ease my mind about the questions I was having regarding the healing processes of my BA. Despite my negative perspective on forums and such, I found myself repeatedly coming back to this website to scroll through other BA patients / surgeons experiences, advise, perspective and whatnot. For that reason I myself am leaving a review in hopes that it'll in some way help another female pre or post op. So here I go.

Ive wanted perky-while-braless-breasts (how about existent-when-in-a-sports-bra-or-bralette-breasts) for as long as I can remember. I always knew at some point in my adulthood I would eventually get implants. After this past summer ended I decided that the money that I'd been letting accumulate in my bank account should be put to good use.I didn't do much research regarding a surgeon, half because I was so anxious to make the appointment, and half because I was optimistic that any surgeon that had performed the surgery before knew what he was doing. That being said, I only made a consultation with one surgeon based on i: he was well known on Google, and ii:a friend of a friend and "all her friends" had their boobs done by him. When I met with him, I didn't necessarily like him, he was arrogant and would interrupt me when I had a question or comment. Also, he was adamant on what seemed to be his only / preferred approach to breast augmentation. Without discussing with him much about my lifestyle (I am extremely active, the by-product being tighter then average pecs - knowing what I know now I wish that I had gotten above the muscle as I think it would compliment my lifestyle better) he began showing me a pre-made PowerPoint stating both his preferred approach (through the armpit, under the muscle) as well as the risks when getting a BA. I dismissed his one-size-fits-all approach in my furry of boob excitement.

After his surgery proposal I didn't further my research as I trusted his judgement - he's done these surgeries a million times before, of course he knows whats best for me!I didn't go over sizing with him, he veered me to his female secretary to discuss that. I wanted something modest, but still enough boob to have fun with. I am 21, 5'8" and 135 lbs, I didn't want implants that i: we're too big that they'd take away from my youthfulness, ii:would get in my way during gymnastics / the gym (if Im not in school or at work this is what you will find me doing!) iii: but enough boob to fill out my frame.

The secretary advised me that if she were me she wouldn't go any bigger then 300cc. All my surgeon had to simulate what the implants were going to look like was a sizing bra with gummy bear implant, I didn't have what I thought to be a realistic enough projection of what the final product would look like. From what his secretary had said, I thought that anything above 300cc would be massive and make me look top heavy, which I thought would take away from my femininity and perhaps make me look shorter, which is the last thing I wanted. I booked the surgery 1 week later, deciding to go with 275cc silicone med profile. I met with him multiple times after the initial consultation for a quick 5 minutes when I had questions which was great.

The morning of the surgery went smoothly, his nurses were absolutely adorable and made me giggle and feel super comfortable. I closed my eyes when the anethesiologist was fumbling with whatever anethisiologists do and next thing I knew I was awake, the surgery was over! And wow I was in so much pain. When I opened my eyes I was alone in a room and was in horrendous pain. The nurse must've just stepped out of the room for a minute. Luckily that same nurse who was assisting me earlier veered into my room and put something sensuous into my IV. Thanks to the anesthesia the rest of the day was a blur. The nurse gave me a band and explained exercises to do, but I really don't think my brain was capable of retaining any new information at that point considering the insane amount of pain killers that were in my system. Day 1 was full of pain pain pain. You don't realize how frequently you use your pec muscles until you literally are unable to use them. If I stood my chest felt like a million pounds, like the heaviest possible weights were pulling my pecs down to the floor, and if I layer supine my nipples felt like electric shocks were pulsating through them, not to mention I nearly had no mobility in my arms. Im not sure if this amount of pain was normal, but it felt absolutely horrible.

The following day I had a brief 5 min apt with my surgeon, I told him that I was in enormous amounts of pain but he said that all seemed normal. The rest of the day consisted of taking pills, and sleeping. Each day my pain decreased a notch, I really feel like I had it worse then others! My right breast was completely numb to the touch but there was still this ferocious electric pain behind the nipple. Electric as in I felt like I was getting zapped by a million volts. As I weened off the pain killers in days 3, 4, 5 I started taking notice to other things aside from my right nipple feeling zapped. My implants were smaller then anticipated (what a cliche!) Also, I noticed my implants sitting extremely high, maybe an inch from my collar bone - in no way was this how I envisioned my implants to turn out. This had to be a mistake. So I started asking my friends who've had implants if this was normal. One of my friends told me that hers were tear dropped shape from day one. Oh no for me :(. Fortunately multiple other friends had told me that theres had dropped over the course of the weeks / months following the surgery. This sure eased my mind. I began scouring the internet for an answer to my porn-star-non-tear-drop-shaped implants. I learnt many things that I did not know before:

1. smaller implants drop slower, bigger implants react faster with the force of gravity
2. behind the muscle implants drop slower than in front of the muscle implants
3. your tissues are tighter when i: you're younger and ii: you haven't breast fed - so your implants will take longer to 'settle into the pocket'
4. the strap is to help push the implants into the pocket
5. once your implants settle they'll appear larger bc your lower pole of your breast (below the nipple) will be more implant dense, opposed to the implant being dispersed between your upper and lower pole

The one thing I was very much impressed with was the scarring - or lack of. I have a 1 inch stitched line under each arm. My nipples and breasts were left intact and unscarred! Day 7 is the day when I became almost completely mobile - the pain had ceased almost entirely! On day 8 I picked up a bartending shift (I had originally taken 2 weeks off work since I considered speed bartending to be slight cardio, therefore not having the mobility or energy) That night at work did get a bit tiresome and towards the end of the night I felt my pecs contracting high up on my chest. But overall I felt polar to how I did the first few days after my surgery. And here I am day 10! I got back on my bike yesterday for the first time post op, and again today went for another long bike ride through the roaring streets of Vancouver. I am extremely pleased and thankful for how quick I recovered. I cannot believe how immobile I was just a few days ago! Through my experience this is the advice Id give to anyone contemplating surgery:

~ when looking for a surgeon, go to a few for consultations - don't rush into booking the procedure !!!!!
~ ask your surgeon plenty of questions, anything that comes to mind even if you feel its a minor Q
~ if you're prescribed codeine or T3's, take with laxatives !! You don't want to have the uncomfortability of being bloated and constipated while experiencing healing pain
~ sleep away your days the first week post op - sleep will most definitely increase recovery
~ despite the large amount of time you spend sleeping, remember to eat! Adequate nutrition will supply your body with the nutrients it needs to properly recover and repair itself
~ stay optimistic, its important to realize that while some people love their new implants as soon as they get them, it is just as perfectly normal to feel as though they are not part of your body (foreign, like an article of clothing) for the first few days / weeks. Feeling like they 'don't look right' because you're used to seeing your body another way. I am 10 days post op and aside from their physical weight constantly reminding me that they're there, every time I look down or in the mirror I get a fury of emotion - depending on my mind set in that moment, I love them, hate them, I feel like a porn star, I feel like a boy, they're too full! .. They're too flat! etc. etc.

All in all, this whole process has been a whole lot different then expected (both emotionally and physically), it most def has been a learning experience to say the least.

Cheers and best of luck to all other females on their journey


Day 11 post op and swollen

My implants have still dropped minimally and are super full in the upper pole (you can see in my attached photo), I wonder why some peoples implants drop right after surgery, and why some drop over the course of the year? Does anyone have any advice to accelerate them dropping?

12 days post op … morning boob!

Good morning, morning boob. So it is a thing! Im so happy that the heaviness / pressure subsides so quickly though. A doctor from this website advised me to discontinue riding my bike for another few weeks as it may deter my final results, sigh. Any other females jumping back on there bikes so quickly after their BA I encourage you not to, it'll promote healing and will feel that much better when you finally are able to cycle again!

Starting to drop and fluff!

So Im 2 weeks, 1 day post op and Im finally seeing a change in my implants! They are looking rounder and more natural every day. After my surgery I most definitely regretted not going bigger, but as my implants are beginning to take shape and I get back into my normal everyday life I am so so so pleased with my size. I haven't been wearing a bra, I really don't have a need to, my breasts are round and perky and totally don't get in the way. I had dinner with my family the other night, and could hide my larger chest under a sweater and feel conservative. In contrast, I bartended tonight, where of course Id like to show some cleavage (I have to pay tuition somehow!), no pushup bra was necessary! Not even a bra, I just wore a plunging neckline and my breasts sat perfectly without being too in your face. I am happier and happier everyday with my new boobs :)

20 days post op

Today my surgeon okayed my to do light exercises, still no cycling or heavy compound lifts, but I am excited to get back into the gym after nearly 3 weeks. I went to yoga yesterday and definitely felt limited in what I could do - no downward dog for me! I am also now able to sleep on my side, cheers!

These photos didn't upload in the previous post

I like my boobs and surgeon more and more everyday

The more I read other peoples reviews, I realize that pessimism in the beginning of this whole procedure is almost innate! The first 2 weeks after my surgery I tried to justify not being completely happy ("its my surgeon, its my implant size, I should've gone over the muscle!"). But in all honesty I realize now that, that was just a fury of negative emotions brought on possibly from this sudden change in my body, or from being immobile and not being able to ride my bike or go to the gym. Maybe it was anger towards my family as I only stayed at my parents house 2 days post op, after then I came home to my studio, and as immobile and in pain as I was, somehow survived by myself.

I guess in comparison to some other peoples reviews my surgeon has been great. He gave me his number and told me that I was able to call him at any time if I felt something was wrong. I've already seen him twice since the procedure (Im 24 days post) and have another appointment booked in 2 and a half weeks to see him again for a check up. Also, our first consultation was over an hour where I realize now, he actually showed how fankenboob I was going to look for the first few weeks after surgery, (which Im assuming my excitement for new boobs probably dwarfed).

Also, my slight anger towards not going bigger has ceased. Prior to my surgery I would look at girls in my gym who had gotten implants and for those who had gotten what Id guess is 350cc+, Id think although big breasts are nice to look at, there is an underlying 'I like attention' or maybe its a 'I hold sexuality in high regard' message. Something I didn't want to portray. Also, when I strut across the room or hop down the stairs Im like 'ow ow ow ow' the weight of them bouncing up and down hurts! Even when I bend over in yoga my implants follow gravity and push against my skin, I have to hold them as if they're going to fall out of my skin. My friends are like 'stop grabbing your boobs' but Im just holding them down!) I can't imagine the pain of them if they were much bigger. And lastly, one reason why I chose smaller implants was to imitate the look of such females I've seen in porn (everyone watches it, and Im sure has boob envy of someone they've seen). I prefer the appearance of a full round chest, maybe I associate it with some sort of innocent youthfulness. And I assume the smaller the implants you chose the slower gravity takes over?
* * * * * * *
Anyone experiencing boob greed or contemplating what size to chose definitely consider all of these factors. It seems that boob greed is so common. Its like we see females in comics and such and think that massive round breasts is what we need for a feminine body, or maybe its what we think other people need to see on us to view us as feminine, or sexually appealing. Its easy to get caught up in those thoughts (especially when we have the opportunity to chose any boob size wed like) opposed to functionality or even just appreciating our own bodies without comparing them to lets say someone else we've seen on this site or someone exploited in pop culture.

Happy unboob greed everybody!

5 week boobiversary

Hi Realsealf, so Ive tried staying off this for the past week, Ive been finding myself wandering this website like a drone, getting caught up in comparing my results to other girls on this site, and I constantly have to remind myself how different everybody's bodies and lifestyles are, envy is such a dangerous emotion. Im happy for everybody who's had amazing results to say the least, and for the females that have allowed a BA to motivate them to exercise reaching their goal body. Im unsure about exercising right now. I am used to olympic lifting, which of course I am unable to do for at least another couple months. So when Im at the gym Im only doing accessory exercises, squatting on the smith machine etc. What sort of exercises are you guys performing in the gym 5 weeks post op? Ive also gotten back on my bike, not on any sort of crazy excursions bc Ive found that Im getting winded / out of breath / an increased heart rate compared to before my surgery. Bluhh Im sort of scared that this might encourage capsule contracture. I am also contemplating deleting my account on this website. I don't think that it is no longer beneficial to watch other females progressions as everyone heals at different rates, and it might be driving me slightly crazy wondering why my implants aren't dropping and other girls are. On the other hand I created this blog in hopes that someone pre op or contemplating getting a BA can gain something from reading my review and browsing through my photos. But Im not too sure if it has helped anyone though. I attached a photo of my tiny invisible incision marks under my arms
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