6 Yrs Since Reduction/Lift to Correct Asymmetry - Vancouver, BC

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When I was 20 I had my left breast reduced and my...

When I was 20 I had my left breast reduced and my right breast lifted to correct severe asymmetry. I don't have any photos of the before so I tried to find one that would closely resemble what they looked like pre-op.

Left breast was a D cup and right breast was a B.

Left breast was covered by medical, I had to pay for lift for the right breast.

After surgery, the left breast looked flat and saggy. Almost as if too much tissue had been removed or not enough skin had been removed and the breast not tucked tightly enough together. Right breast now was also slightly bigger.

I didn't do anything about it for three years because I thought they may settle and change, but I showed them to my GP and she encouraged me to go back in and see my surgeon.

That was three years ago and since then I have had 1 out-patient procedure under local anaesthetic, and 4 in-office procedures under local. Order of what I have had done in the past three years:

-right nipple raised slightly, skin removed from left breast to "tuck in".

- outpatient procedure under conscious sedation to remove tissue from right breast (which was only supposed to have a tuck) and revise scars (incision became infected around right nipple following lift, didn't respond to cortisone injection.

- After this point I was happy (am happy) with my right breast but I CAN'T STAND my left breast.

- had little bit of tissue and more skin taken out from proximal end of inferior incision (the fold made it look like I had saggy cleavage).

That was a year ago and now here is where my breasts are at.

I recently had an appointment with my surgeon who told me to come in and that she will lower where the incision line on the left breast (my breast doesn't sit in the incision which annoys me) and she says that she is going to take another chunk out of the right corner because I told the surgeon that I am just not happy with the breast, I think it looks saggy, the incision is too high, and the nipple is too big. I was also very unpleased with the ring around my nipple. The surgeon said that it would go away in a year but I have my doubts about that.

I'm soooo tired of dealing with this! It has been 6 years and I still have at least one more in-office procedure to do.

I just want the surgeon to do scar revision under conscious sedation again and just tighten up the breast, lower the line and reduce my nipple at the same time.

Also, one thing that I don't like is that the incision lines are different lengths. I know that I only had a lift on the right breast but I feel very insecure with how obvious the scar on the left is compared to the right. I also feel insecure with having this ring scar on my left nipple and not on my right.

All in all, I had horrible breasts before and I'm so happy with my left now. I have an amazing surgeon but I feel like they are just trying to save money by doing all of these in office procedures when the best option is to just do it all over again under conscious sedation so I can finish this and move on with my life and heal!!!

Am I being unrealistic?

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