Surgery Done on August 2nd, 2012 - Vancouver, BC

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I guess I'll start off by saying I am 19 years old...

I guess I'll start off by saying I am 19 years old. I am 4'11 and weigh about 102 lbs. Before the surgery I was an E.

I think I considered breast reduction since mid highschool but I wasn't old enough then. Most girls developed much more earlier than I did (I started in grade 9) but in a year, I had already jumped 3 bra sizes, and it started to become a problem for my frame. It increasingly got harder to play soccer and to run (my favourite things to do), my back was constantly in stress (also because of an accident a couple years prior), and my posture became worse and worse but the emotional aspect was even harder. I've always loved fashion, but going on shopping trips with my girlfriends was always a mental nightmare. While all my friends (who were A's or B's) would look amazing in their new clothes, I struggled to fit into anything and I would literally have breakdowns in the store. It was awkward, because I don't think anyone really knew what to say. So for a long time I didn't wear anything but sweatshirt and sweatpants. It got to the point where I was really unsure if I was a girl anymore haha.

Actually, recently, just two weeks ago, I was asked by a friend of a friend to accompany him to a family wedding as a date. As a thank you gift, he wanted to take me out shopping for a new dress to wear on the day, but everytime he'd ask when I was free, I kept putting it off because I absolutely could not afford another breakdown in the store, especially not in front of someone I was seeing for the first time. In the end, I'd convinced him to let me buy my own dress, but he did still buy me another thank you gift!

Making the final choice was difficult. I didn't have much support. Most of my friends couldn't empathize. My mom couldn't empathize, my best friend didn't like my decision at all and kept trying to talk me out of it. (She was a cup size bigger than me, an F, but she also had a proportionate 190 lb frame to support it) My guy friends, for obvious reasons, didn't like it at first, but in the end became more supportive than my female friends. Closer to my surgery date, I opened up to some of the girls at work, who understood my pain and were excited to see my change, and it motivated me even more to go through with the breast reduction.

I first saw my family doctor in the beginning of May who referred me to Dr. Sproul. She was extremely busy and my doctor had told me she would only start taking new patients in the beginning of July. So after two months of anxious waiting and waiting for a call back, I went to my first appointment on July 10th. It was quick, she showed me pictures of other cases of breast reduction, explained the complications, and made sure I was emotionally ready for this procedure, even cracked a joke about where I got the boobs from (since I'm Cambodian, and generally most if not all Cambodian girls are flat-chested haha) So I got out, gave the receptionist a thumbs up and she booked me less than three weeks later, MSP automatically covering the procedure and everything!

Fast forward to August 2nd,
Going into surgery was when I started to panic a little. I got pretty nervous, especially since my surgeon was running a little late, it gave me more time to freak out haha, but the nurse let me have my phone by my side so I was able to talk to my best friend and my boyfriend who joked about wanting to see my medical nudes, and made the whole situation light hearted so I felt a little better :)

The first hour after waking up however was the hardest. As soon as I hit conciousness, I felt like my body was hit by a truck. I remember getting pretty emotional to the nurse, who was nothing but sweet and caring the whole way through. Two hours after waking up, I began to feel normal. The sedation had worn off by this time, and I felt no nausea or anything! The nurses were surprised I was getting up and walking around on my own with no problems.

Since then, I haven't had much complications. Still no nausea or anything, my energy level is amazing, and my moms been helping me get up to go to the washroom when I need to. I feel sore but the pain isn't too bad. There is a slight tugging sensation on the bottom of my left breast.

Today, I got a chance to see what was underneath all the gauze, and I LOVE IT! Dr. Sproul did an amazing job, My breasts are significantly smaller, but they are still full, and the placement of the incisions are centered and perfect! I am really happy with the procedure so far :)

For anyone who's already had their BR, how was recovery like? What are some tips to help ease into normal daily life?

4 days into recovery, and still no pain! I feel...

4 days into recovery, and still no pain! I feel amazing. My boyfriend came back from his trip and took me out for dinner last night, my first time getting out of the house since the surgery and I didn't have much trouble or pain. Being careful of course :)

I did notice that I don't have feeling in my left nipple. My right nipple is working perfect, I think even became more sensitive after surgery. How long does it take for feeling to come back? Has there been any case where someone has lost feeling in their nipples after BR permanently?

Also how much swelling usually occurs? From the looks of it, I feel like a large C, but I'm hoping, they will shrink just a little bit.

Dr. Jane Sproul

I was referred to Dr. Sproul by my family doctor. While she didn't make much of an appearance before and after my surgery, or have the best bedside manner ever, I am so glad I went through with her because she is amazingly talented! I would trade beside manners for skills any day and she is known for doing the best breast reductions in the city of Vancouver.

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