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I have been following this site for a few months,...

I have been following this site for a few months, and now I have a date...November 1,2013. It has been so helpful for me to read all the other posts, I felt I should pay it forward...a little information about me...I am 57 years old,5'6 and weigh 155. I am a 34F or FF depending on the bra. I am married and my husband has been very supportive of my choice, although as it gets closer to my date I can tell he is worried about me. I am in the process of getting my stuff together as we live 4-41/2 hours from where surgery will be done. We plan on spending the night before,and the night of the surgery in a hotel then travel home the day after surgery ...I figure I will still be pretty out of it and there is nothing like your own bed and the comforts of home. I will post more later...thanks to all of you who have posted before is really comforting to read your experiences.

Racing thoughts...

So I spent yesterday showing my husband some photos of what I will look like after surgery, after I'd read another update where the husband was unprepared for what his wife would look like. I am glad I did...I think it helps to be prepared and it will make it easier when he does see me. I also spend a few hours trying to find fruit of the loom sports bra style 96014 in Canada . It has the front closure and is impossible to find here.
As the day gets closer I am having so many thoughts ...I am happy to be finally getting it done...but I am also scared,nervous... You know all the normal stuff. We are trying to get the house ready,so there will be nothing to do when I get home. My husband is I don't need to worry about anything...he cooks,and cleans all the time...the only thing he will need help with is laundry :)
I have to say that it is SO helpful to have a place to go and talk about what I am feeling and to know I am not alone you all share in a journey with me...some go different paths but the destination is the same...

Getting close....

Only a couple of days until I head to Vancouver and I am getting really nervous. I still have not been able to settle on a bra, finding a front closing one has been really hard. Have any of you got another idea. How long until I can lift my arms up? Could I use one of those Genie Bras? Hopefully someone can give me some suggestions. I am packing a cooler with juice,gingerale,applesauce,fruit cups and cheese for the night at the hotel after my surgery. Pillows, and my own blanket. I am going to post some photos tomorrow... I am excited to have this done...but my emotions are all over the map today. I think I am scaring my husband,I know he is worried about the surgery...

Heading out tomorrow.

Went shopping today and bought a couple of Genie bras,after reading some of the old forums. They can be pulled up instead of pulled over and I think I will appreciate that. Now just packing up some stuff so we can leave bright and early tomorrow. I am still emotional...but Zen :)
It is a long time coming, and I know it will be great. Only two more sleeps.

Heading out...

Still nervous...but now also excited...took some last shots of the girls in their present form....thought I would share....

D-day...or should I say going from F (or FF) day to C or D Day :-)

Three hours to go until I have to be at the hospital and at this moment my biggest worry is the traffic in Vancouver and getting to the hospital which is only 12 km. away. I am more excited I think than anything right now. I am sure that will change a hundred times in the next few hours :-D. I look forward to joining the sisterhood!
I will post later if I can ....thanks to you all for sharing in this journey...I go with Zen thoughts and white light and a bra with no underwire :-)

We have lift-up!!!!!

Back at the hotel ...still a little loopy..feeling pretty good...I will post more husband is making me some tea...which will make my day complete. I feel so much lighter. Thanks my friends....couldn't hear done today without your back up (.)(.). :-D

Home again...home jiggety-jig

After a 5 hour car ride...we are home...still a little shaky...but feeling pretty good... I will try tomorrow to post my surgery info. Thanks for the support....

Let's recap those last couple of days.

The day of surgery...surprisingly enough the biggest worry I had was the drive to the hospital. We got there about 1/2 hour ahead of schedule,but that is the way I like to roll. They checked us in and then down to day surgery for the height and weight taking. Then I got some Meds...about 6 pills I think and a tablespoon of water to wash it down . Then off to the change room for my new outfit. I have to say it wasn't that attractive...but on the plus side they do give you heated knee socks...which were fabulous! Then the wait...nurses were all lovely, my surgeon came in ...did some drawing and it was time...the gas doctor came in too...I just can't spell it and for once spell check isn't giving me the word.. Anyhow strapped iponto the table some gas...and now I am waking up :-)
Felt pretty good the first time.a far amount of pain on the second wake up...but the gave me some Meds and it was much better. My doctor doesn't do drains, and I am just bound with a really pretty bandeau.. I will have my husband do a picture of that later. They kept me for 4 hours in recovery and then it was back to the hotel.
I have to thank whoever suggested the pillow order you feet, I basically crawled onto the bed. We took one of the big bed pillows with the arm rests ( $20 or so at Walmart) put pillows under each arm,my feet,covered up with my quilt and just nested. Make sure you drink lots...even though it means you have to get up to does help. Took another pill at 1:00 am got up at 4 then slept until 8.. Couldn't believe it. We had a five hour drive home but it wasn't bad. Took medication and a gravol and was out most of the way . Also used pillows in the car.
I feel pretty darn good I have to say. Very bound...but I go to my family doctor tomorrow to get the dressing we will get the first look at the girls.
I have been taking the Meds as my doctor seems to help a lot...just to keep the pain level the same. My husband has been great...which really helps...
My cats both know something is up, the have been hanging around a lot. I am scared they might jump on my I have been keeps my hand up there.
Anyhow...for those of you to's alright..the anticipation is far scarier, I will post more photos as I get them :-)

Feeling good...

Yesterday I went to my GP to have my dressing taken off. The worst part was ripping off the tape! I have a blister on my back that we will need to keep an eye on. I put some gauze on my right nipple as it had a fair amount of blood on it. I go back to see him tomorrow just so he can check and make sure it's all looking good. I have only taken Extra strength Tylenol since yesterday and I am feeling pain a little discomfort . Lucky me... My husband got his first look today when he had to help me change bras,and put some clean gauze on my nipple. He did screaming Lol...and he was so gentle pulling off my bra in the spots that had some discharge and stuck. He may have missed his calling. My Genie bras are very comfortable, and I will be wearing them 24/7 for next 3 weeks.

One week down...

It is hard to believe that this time last week I was completely out,and my boobs were being transformed. This week has gone well, I was happy to finally get a shower this morning,the sponge baths were getting a little old. I still have my tape in until next Thursday,so it will be interesting to see them cleaned right off. I have just been taking a Tylenol at night for the last couple of days,and I am managing well. The girls are quite bruised...but other than the itching...which is a good sign they are doing well. It is hard to not do stuff around the house but thanks to all of you on this site who have preceded me, I am not over-doing anything. I have put on t-shirts the last couple of days,and I am very happy how the girls look (.) (.)
Sleeping on my back is still a little hard, but I think if you put pillows under each arm it does help to take off the pressure. We are getting company for the next week...thankfully it is family,so I can are your sheets...make your own bed :). My husband has been good, vacuumed ,cleaned the bathrooms, and nursed me.


Some pics from today...really bruised,and still a little icky even after the how they look in clothes :-D

Where has the time gone?

Busy week..they called my hubby to go for knee we make a great pair this week,and we have company . Good news is it is they are very accommodating. Saw the doctor and he pulled off my tape and changed it. I have a little ooze in the right breast,so I am taking some precautionary antibiotics. Feeling pretty good, haven't had any Tylenol for over a week. My girls are very itchy... But I look at that as a positive sign. I still have some bruising,but everyday it is getting less. I am so glad I have done this...every time I go past a mirror I have to stop and look. I wish I had done it sooner, my back and shoulders are so much lighter.

Three weeks out

Time has just flown by...I still have some tape on...but as it is coming off I am trying not to replace it. Things seem to be healing up quite nicely, and I am happy with the results so far. It is so nice to brush my teeth and when I rinse,not have my boobs hit the counter :) .
I find the most uncomfortable part right now is the underarm area,which is odd,since there was no lipo done. I am going to start doing a lilt more around the house this week,maybe that will help.

Amazing when you see the difference

I thought about trying this last is great.

Why am I getting discharge now?

Ok...I am almost 5 weeks post op ,have removed all the tape and a spot that was red yesterday,is now oozing a little...any suggestions ? The girls are still a little tender, but are coming along every day. I long to sleep on my side, but I am getting used to my back.
I went for coffee with some ladies from my exercise class and they loved the way my new boobs look. They next time I run in class, I won't have to cross my arms under the girls :)
My stitches are supposed to dissolve,but I still can see quite a long should it take? Thanks for all of your support, it is so much easier to do this with your help.

Blue day

I am 5 weeks today..and these pictures were taken yesterday. I had a really blue day, it was the worst one since my surgery. As you can see the girls looked angry, and irritated and I was just ready for them to be totally healed! The day to day redness,and oozing in spots really got to me , and they were sore so I had a "fragile day". I have been using neosporin and gauze, and I went out yesterday and picked up some gauze that has a thin layer of plastic on it so the scab won't come off every time I shower.
I am so happy to have this forum to vent, sometimes I can't put this on family,my husband has been fantastic,but the way the girls look at times is something he can't unsee. I wish some days I didn't share the look with him as it seems to be two steps forward then one step back and I want him to see the girls looking sexy not red and irritated.
Anyhow...believe it or not I do feel better today, but I thought I would share,as I am sure somebody else is in the same frame of mind and I don't want them to feel like they are the only one.

I have been remiss in my updates

Sorry I have been so long in updating,the days just seem to fly by. I am now about 10 1/2 weeks out. I am back at my exercise classes,and doing all the things I used to. I still have bruising,but it is very minimal, I find the scarring under my breasts is still very sensitive. I did buy a bra with no underwire,but I can only wear it for about 3-4 hours and it gets very uncomfortable. I am sticking mostly to my Genie bras,and the camisoles with shelve from Costco .
I am able to sleep on my side again (yippee!) you don't realize how you have to adjust to sleeping on your back. I have tried on a couple of bathing suit tops for our trip to Maui...and they look fantastic. I am so excited to wear them ....although I do need to do a lot of sit ups for the tummy:) I will try to be more regular with my updates. Again thanks to you all for the support.

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