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Hello everyone, my name is Jessica and im 23 yrs...

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica and im 23 yrs old, soon to be 24 in May, Im from Vancouver, BC, Canada and I've been looking at this site for a while now, reading the goods and the bads about everyones experiences so i thought i would post my own :)

Ive had big boobies since about gr 10, they just came outta no where! right now i am currently a 36 I, and they suuuckk!! god im 24, i should enjoy my boobs, not have to hide them! anyways, i had been going to my MD for a while complaining about back and shoulder pain, so he would send me to chrio, physio, massage, the whole deal. Finally after nothing was working i pretty much demanded a referal to a plastic surgeon in Dec 2011.

After about 2 weeks I got a call from the PS office and i had a consult date of Feb 8th! yay!.. At the consult i thought they were going to have to take pictures and send a pre auth to BC medical to see if it would be approved, but she told me that they dont do that anymore and if the surgeon says i need it then medical will pay for it! excellent! one more step down. I finally got a surgery date and its for April 3rd at a hospital about 5 min drive from my house which is awesome. Ive been wanting this for a very long time and i just cant wait! 13days! please come sooner!... Ive been looking for some medical bras to wear after the surgery? my friend who had it done suggested the front do-up ones from Fruit of the Loom, but theyre only available at Walmart in the states, not up here :( can anybody help me out?

Oh no!!, so I called my PS office yesterday just...

Oh no!!, so I called my PS office yesterday just to confirm surgery time and ask some addt questions, and the receptionist said "oh Jessica, I was just going to call you"... uh oh.. "the anesthesiologists are going on strike April 2nd" (I was told at my consultation that there had been talk for a while about them striking in April but no one was sure if it was going to happen becuase they had been talking about it for so long) so therefor my surgery is post-poned until.. well.. i dont know when! I was so heart broken, 12 days away and im getting all psyched for surgery and it gets cancelled. very sad :(

Trying to hold back tears (im just an emotional person), she said that im the first one to get rescheduled.. yay i guess.. so im kindof just in limbo right now, waiting and waiting. but the way i see if they cant stay on strike for THAT long right?, i mean, people need surgeries. Theyre still doing emergency surgies like cardiac and stuff, but all elective has been cancelled. Hopefully they end this silly strike soon and i can go back to being excited!

I also got a personal trainer about a month ago jsut to get in shape before the surgery. I told him about my surgery and he said if i strengthen muscles around my surgery site that recovery will be easier and faster, i dont know if this is true or not? but anyways, i guess this is just a sign i need to work out more before surgery lol.

Well until next time..

Thanks everyone! ive been reading up a lot on the...

Thanks everyone! ive been reading up a lot on the anesthesiologist strike and basically it might only last april 2-5, and then id be booked right after! but thats just the way im thinking so hopefully it wont be too long now!

PS, im wondering if i can go tanning before surgery? like just in a regular tanning bed, and how long after surgery should i wait before i tan again? any thoughts?
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