BR Complete! Now for Recovery... and Dealing with the Head Games of Size! (41 Yrs, No Kids, 34DDD to 34C? Via Vertical)

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Hi all! just been putzing around this site while...

hi all!
just been putzing around this site while recovering from my BR surgery a few weeks ago. I've been thinking about getting this done for probably 8 years or so. Other than 2 horrid days post-op (major nausea) I have been in no pain and energy has been good. I've been really careful about hydration and diet (following the Healing Diet from breasthealthonline) and going on short walks. Back to work on monday.

I know it's early but so far i'm REALLY happy about results. I remember the first time I looked in the mirror at the PS office (5 days post op) and i was like "these look awesome!!!". My breasts seem to go back and forth a bit size-wise (although it might just be in my head) with a little swelling but I didn't bruise at all and i had no drains.

Re sizing...I had to REALLY drive it home to my PS that I didn't just want a small reduction and lift but I wanted something more significant to bring me down to a large B/small C. I am super active so getting the reduction was really more of a functional than aesthetic issue for me. During our last consult right before surgery I brought pictures of "ideal", "acceptable" and "still too big!!" sizes for my PS to look at. After he saw these he said "Oooh. You really want a reduction. Ok, i will take out as much as i can while still maintaining the integrity and shape of the breast". Music to my ears...until he left the room and I was like "holy hell what does that mean!?!?!" haha! Needless to say for the first 5 days post op I was a bit scared I was tiny.
My focus right now is NOT to focus on what size I am on any given day (HARD!) but to focus on recovery. There will be so many changes over the next 3-6 months, I just want things to heal well and as fast as possible!

Day 13

Just a few more pics that are a bit more clear.
All is progressing well. I tried changing tape about 4 days after PS visit (which was Day 5) but it pulled and tugged at the sutures and seemed really counter-intuitive. Called the PS and he said i could leave them. Phew! Might try again at the 3week mark but so far no sign of them coming off!

Other than some tension in my back (maybe from sleeping elevated or finally standing straight??) I have been recovering really well. Lots more energy in week 2 and now i go for 2-3 walks/day. Back to work on tuesday.
Still focused on hydration and eating really well.

Two week boobiversary!

So officially Day 14! Hoorah! Last day putzing around at home which makes me sad....i love a good putz. At least I do now. I thought I would be bored to tears but apparently I needed a life break so it's been great.

Yesterday the tape on my left breast (i had painfully replaced the right breast before my doc told me to leave it be if it pulled/tugged) kinda started coming off a bit so I pulled to see if it was ready. It seemed so. Not painful at all and the suture line looked awesome!! It's really healing very well. YIPPEEEEE! Now i'm newly motivated me to keep on my super clean foods and hydration for another 2 weeks before my next PS appointment.

My only complaint is I've been getting pins and needles for several days. Was just in my right hand for a little while, now it's kinda all over (both hands, feet). But it's not that bad. I think my body is just re-jigging itself but am keeping track of it all in my daily journal. I also think it might be from sitting around for so freakin long! Body not used to it!

Day 19 - all good

Brief update...Day 19! All is going well but i'm still having some back pain in the upper right quadrant of my back. Have had to take muscle relaxants on and off. Otherwise tried on some old sport bras today, which still technically fit but most of which i'll retire as they won't give enough 'bounce' protection as i'll need for running.
i seem to be a pretty steady 34C...YAY!!! would i still like to be a tad smaller? yup. but i'm really happy.
bought this cute bra from american eagle...size medium. no support but so comfy for home lounging...eventually. still wearing my surgical bra 24/7.

happy one month boobieversary!

It's been one month! I can hardly believe it.
Had my follow up appointment this morning and the PS was super happy both with shape (i concur!) and incisions (yay!). he cleared me for exercise (no constraints) and i asked him a million questions which he answered patiently and completely. i asked him several times about exercise and he knows i run A LOT. i told him personally, i'm not ready to run, but will slowly ramp up in the next several weeks. starting with more walking and stationary bike, lunges, squats. not ready to do upper body weights even close! will wait another month for that.

i also asked him about how much weight he removed...316g (left) and 318g (right). not much compared to many but more than I thought! yay! he also showed me my before picture. holy hell. talk about shifting baselines. so hard to believe that was me.
ANYWAY, i love my PS and his staff. life is good.

Day 31 - OMG YAY!!

So today I decided I needed a little variety in the bra department. If I need to wear these babies 24/7 for the next several months, the surgical bras are not going to do!
When I went in for my 4 week appointment I asked my PS about whether I can wear other bras (yes) and what they should (soft material, comfortable) and should not (underwire, compression, not too tight in general) be like! He said, go ahead for sure and get some other ones. Basically soft, sport bra-like but NOT compression (unless i'm exercising). He even said i could wear underwire for a few hours if i wanted to but no longer. I have no need for underwire right now but I did want another style with a thinner strap.
The ones they gave me are fine, but pretty ugly and the strap is wide and sometimes depending on what i'm wearing you can see it.
All this to say...first shopping trip! Can I just say I almost cried. I feel like, even though I have loved my PS from the start, today, I REALLY wanted to give him a hug.
I picked out mainly styles from Elita and Jockey (both styles i haven't been able to wear for the past 20 years) and basically they ALL fit!!!! I took 36 sizes for comfort and man oh man i looked AWESOME! I mean amazing. I could hardly believe who I was looking at. Bra shopping has been such a nightmare for SO long, this was almost unbelievable.
SO ECSTATIC!!!!! I also bought a few work shirts and H&M. Fit like a glove.
This is a total game changer. To anyone considering breast reduction...DO IT!
But make sure you're healthy, at a good weight and eat well. I'm convinced that's why I've felt so good this whole time (well minus the first 2 days post op!).

5 weeks - 1 day pics

hi all
took the tapes off to massage and moisturize and give them a breather for a few hours. took advantage by taking some pics. the scars are looking really great!

8 weeks +

hi all!

just wanted to give an update...will try for pics later this weekend. i'm doing REALLY well. Almost at the 9 week mark and started running last week...YIPPEE!!! I was cleared (with NO constraints) by my PS for all physical activity at 4 weeks but i took it slow. no need to compromise my recovery by doing too much too soon. so between week 4-8 i started slowly increasing my exercise level but only no-impact (cycling, hiking, walking). everything felt great but to be honest i was a bit paranoid!!
at 8weeks i made sure i bought some good sport bras and started slow. added a little trail running, then finally did a few road runs this week. everything is GREAT!
i have to say it is AMAZING to be moving my body again. i don't "notice" anything per se which is kinda the point...i just run and don't worry about rashes, trouble breathing (two bras really constraints your diaphragm!) etc. so i'm officially now in training for my trail 50km race in august. YAY!

i haven't started weight training again yet because i normally do that through sandbag class and there's still too much risk of the sandbag hitting my boobs with some of the movements. will start that end of june.

as for scars, everything is healing really well. the scars around the nipple are not visible at all and the vertical ones are really fine. the only areas that are a bit thicker is closer to the base of the vertical. i have no doubt those will soften over time. i continue to tape and massage and every 2-3 days give them "some air" and a nice full massage with coconut oil/cocoa butter.

shape is pretty much the same...but i'll try to post pictures later! i was really blessed that i had no bruising or swelling. i thank my amazing PS and also a very healthy diet.

oops...almost forgot size!

went to get a few more bras (no underwire) and sport bras and i seem to be solid 34C/36C. i haven't tried any 32Ds yet...totally psychological block to even pick up anything with a "D" on it!! but i think 32D might make more sense compared to 36C which tends to have too large a frame strap for me. but sometimes 34C is just a tad small.
anyway, just goes to show you how different brands are! regardless i can wear flimsy no underwire bras so i am a happy camper!
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