5'5" 135 Lbs Breastfeed Two Babies.

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I have thought about getting a breast lift for at...

I have thought about getting a breast lift for at least 15 years. My breasts, like so many of us, are badly deflated from babies and weight loss. Pre babies I was always a full C cup. I don't want gigantic breast just fuller Perrier breasts I HATE the sag and loss of volume. My biggest fear is of course scaring, and then there is the whole psychological aspect, I am too vain? What if.... etc.

I have had 3 consultations and have chosen Dr Sheina Macadam (Vancouver BC) She totally got what I was saying and made no false promises. She uses a 3D imaging that show a realistic image of the final results.

I am going with silicone high profile, under the muscle and an anchor lift. Dr will decide during surgery what size, but will choose between 325-350cc.

This forum has really helped me, especially because so many mature ( us older gals) are in here and making themselves a priority!!

I hate to post my before photos.....but.....ugh.....here goes. In my mind, my breasts are quite possibly the worst....

Wishful results

Blood work ....check

Had my blood work and ECG and all the pre/post op forms signed and sent. I booked an appointment to see the Dr with my husband because he has not been at any of my appointments and I want him to meet the doctor incase he has questions. Getting a bit of cold feet.....I'm sure I'll be fine????

Still shopping for wish pics.....getting more nervous. What if I hate them? There is no going back

Some great pre/post helpful tips


Fabulous brassiere

I was at Victoria Secret today and it kinda hit me.....no need to buy a bra today because in just 19 days...I will have ....omg I hope, fingers crossed, Toes crossed, new, improved fabulous perky breasts?..... oh gawd I hope they are all that.....sooooo nervous

$$$$ paid the surgeon today! Shit just got real!

Paid up, pre tests done. I met with the doctor yesterday I think I just needed to meet with her again before the operation more for me, to ease my mind. It worked. Then I sent a few pics of wish results.

There is no going back now.....12 days left.....

A link to a good handbook to breast surgery


Holidays are coming!!!

I realized that I have to get all my Christmas decorations up this weekend because on Monday I have my surgery!!!!! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things I have to do to get ready for Monday. All the laundry, cooking, Christmas ???? set up..... overwhelmingly excited ????

Christmas ???? is coming early for me

Some before shots

20 Hours to go....

Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping......and wait

Post Op 8 hrs

Well.... I was prepared for the worst and it's was bad but not the worst. I was pretty nauseous for quite a few hours. I got sick as well....pleasant.

My doctor came in first thing and made her markings. She is really so great, put me at ease as at that point I was feeling like I wanted to run away.....

The anaesthetist came in and went through what to expect etc also super chill guy. I was worries about the pain in my hand from the IV and there was none! Zero!!

My Dr was there in recovery an d we spoke but I don't really recall much. She did use 345cc implants as I wanted a full C

I feel like I have to hold my chest not sure why. I have pink residue on my skin from the procedure not a rash...

My chest feels lots of pressure and surprisingly my mid back is really sore. The muscles to the rib cage go all around so I assume it's bruising.

I feel a bit sick on the car ride so I went to bed and feel way better.....crackers and tea for now.

We shall see how the night goes.

Great Front close bras


Day 4, post op

I'm feeling a lot better today. Pain has not been an issue for me. It's been the nausea. Both my antibiotic and pain med list nauseous as #1 side effect. So I have been in bed or the couch for three days.

I found that I'd I propped up my knees my back wasn't as sore, however today I have a ton of fluid retaining in my hips... not my legs just pooled in my hips. So I am walking around the house and standing more plus more water to flush out the build up.

My Dr advised me not to shower until tomorrow day 5 so I am looking forward to that.....with interpretation.

I peeked under the tensor just to make sure I was not bleeding so her is a picture from today. Tomorrow when I shower I'll get another one to see if I am bruising.

Other than that, I feel better emotionally. I was a complete wreck filled with remorse, regret and felt ashamed of myself.....I can't go back so..... I need to be kinder to myself. :)

Finally feeling better

So I finally have overcome the nausea whew!! Yesterday I had sooo much fluid retention in my hips from sitting up with my knees up that it looked freaky. I contacted my Dr and she told me to sleep flat with two pillows under my head. Much better today still lots of fluid retaining but it is going away.

I'll update photos when I unwrap for the shower.........

Bandages are off

Had a quick shower and removed the bandages. I was scared to look....but I am thrilled so far. Not as bad as I thought they would look. I did feel a stabbing pain on one side when I removed the tensor bandage. I assume it was just from release of the pressure but I did feel better when I re wrapped the tensor. I see my Dr on Tuesday for a bra fitting and my first post op check up.

Day 5-6

Some yellow bruising. It appears my left side has dropped a bit more than my right. I can't stand the sticky residue from the bandages, I tries using a make up wipe on the sticky spot and rubbing alcohol but neither really worked to remove it.

A couple questions ????

So I am 6 days post op and I am wondering how soon people started moving their arms more? Lift light things etc plus I am dying to have a great stretch of my arm/ chest..... I woke up this morning at 5 am stretching in my sleep a bit plus with the very stiff full morning boob.

Plus my Dr ok'd me to shower on Friday which I had a super quick one because I didn't want to heat up too much so I didn't wash my hair( not that I could lift my arms ) but once you were ok'd to shower did most of you then shower daily?

Not having any pain to speak of, a little stab here and there, so I'm off of pains meds, thankfully they made me nauseous. I see my Dr in two days for my first follow up but I'm just wondering what others did?

Thanks ladies

My 3C vectra images

It will be interesting to see how close to the 3D imaging my results will be

One week post-op!!

Hard to believe that it has been a week already

I had my first post op appointment with my Dr. All is well. Healing nicely. Happy with the size for sure! She went with the 345cc which at times I think are a little big but once they drop more and take their place on my body, I am sure I'll be glad they are bigger rather than smaller.

I received my pretty post op bra. This is to keep the even pressure toward the centre so the implants don't migrate outward

I asked about cardio and was told emphatically NO! Not for 4 weeks. She does not want any blood to pool around the implants. Fair enough me either lol. No massage yet either just have to let all the internal trauma heal. Patience patience ( not my strong suit lol )

I did go to Victoria Secret and bought the wireless knockout bra 34D it feels good. I miss the tensor bandage, without it. I feel like I have to hold my arms in more.... I also bought a bralettte to wear over the surgical bra to give a little extra support.

The only area that I am sore is in my ribs. Weird. Still a little yellowish tint but no real bad bruise. I stopped pain meds on Friday no Tylenol nothing and other than tender ribs no pain. What a relief. I did notice my breasts seem a bit numb at the anchor portion of the incision ( inframammory fold) but I do have nipple sensation which is great!!

That's it for now. I will follow up with the Dr next week

10 days post-op

So yesterday my husband and I went to the states to get a particular toy for out little grandson. I went to target and got a few sport bras, front zip. My Dr advises to keep the tension toward the centre. One of the bras has a hook in the centre as well as a zipper , no wire I feel bound in place, which is good because I don't want my implants migrating into my armpits.

The bruising is almost completely gone now. I have nor seen my incisions as the are covered with steri-strips but no bleeding so that is good.

My left side has settled more than my right. I assume because I am right handled.

I woke up last night with some pretty intense pain on my left side ribs, so sore that I took a painkiller. I had a crappy sleep, in hindsight I think I did a little too much shopping yesterday and trying on bras.

Some updated shots

Shared link on previous post

I shared a link a while back and realized it does not hyper link. I wanted to share this page because for me I had a hard time intellectually reconciling with myself why I wanted to do this operation. I think this segment says it best. Incase anyone else is feeling insecure, like me, about this decision. I hope this helps.
The typical woman having breast augmentation is either in her early twenties and has very little breast development, or is in her thirties and has lost breast volume after pregnancies and breast feeding periods. We have seen woman for augmentation well into their sixties, however.
So what is it about this operation that makes it so controversial? Firstly, there is great emotional and sexual importance to breasts in our culture and in most cultures. They are what are referred to as secondary sexual characteristics, and a major part of how women define themselves as women. In its early days the operation had a very high rate of re- operation for less than satisfactory results. Also there was the tendency of some women and their surgeons to over-do the degree of augmentation. This resulted in the some patients with excessively large and unnaturally hard breasts, and the operation became the subject of scorn, ridicule and a negative moral judgement.
This doesn’t need to be so. When carefully considered and for the right patient, breast augmentation is a wonderful way to make a woman feel feminine and whole.
• Many patients prior to surgery have little or no breast volume and are embarrassed by their chest anatomy.
• Some have never developed and feel like they have the chest “of a boy”.
• Others who may have had moderate breasts in their teens and twenties have lost nearly everything after pregnancy and breast feeding.
Why would we, as a society, not doubt the motives of the woman who wants a breast reconstruction after cancer surgery but look down upon the woman who has lost all her sense of femininity after she has born children?

Thought I was free and clear

So I thought other than some nauseous days in the beginning, I was going to fly through this.....the last two days I've had some real tender spots on my ribs. Today, I could barely touch the area. It's not hot or red so it doesn't seem like an infection but holy crap,it's tender!!!!

Plus my nipples are becoming vert sensitive and the skin is getting dry....good times

I went back k to the basics with ice gel packs on and off all afternoon.

You can see some swelling so hopefully it's just fluid trying to find its way out. I'm going to lay low this weekend which is going to be a little easier because we are snowed in here in Vancouver!!

Two weeks today!!!

Two weeks ago today I was feeling crappy! Lol I have my two week post op tomorrow. I'll post my progress then.....but just for fun... my husband is a bit of an amateur photographer and loves to take photos....this was yesterday

New swelling and bruising

I noticed today that I gave some swelling and tenderness on my right side. Last time was both bit more tender on my left side. I also see some yellowish bruising on my upper pole. Strange. I went back to work this week and it was a bit tough at times so I am attributing the new bruising and swelling to that.

Plus I have some redness on my right breast next to my vertical incisions but not the incision itself. I have been using cocoa butter on the skin so I have stopped to see if the redness goes away. For me it's just a reminder that I had major surgery, for the first time ever, only 10 days ago......slow and steady now

I changed my surgical tape today by myself for the first time. This was the first time I have really seen my incisions. I was a bit freaked out. But all-in-all they look good. I noticed that my nipples seem to be a bit uneven in the areola which they never were before. I have to trust that when my doctor performed the surgery they were even and with time will appear that way again.

All that said, my breasts are getting softer and are dropping a bit more and I think I am going to love them soon enough!!!! I hope. :-/

Images of swelling

What a difference a day can make. The top images are yesterday I was very tender on my right side with some swelling and redness. I stopped the cocoa butter cream and laid low for the day. Today ( with tape) the swelling and tenderness is almost gone as well as the redness. You can see my right breast is still higher. It looks more pronounced in the pictures than it does to my eyes....

23 days post op

My incisions are healing nicely but I have been having discomfort all day long. My right breast is still higher and the skin on the lower pole is really res and dry almost chapped. I was using cocoa butter but stopped and now I have been using vitamin E oil. I still have a few small spots that have small scabs so I am going to wait one more week before I start with Mederma Intense scar tape. For now I am still using paper medical tape.

I still have swelling at the end of the day on my right flank next to my breast. I am assuming it is because I m right handed and do more pulling open of doors etc.

I am dying to have a giant, arm out ,stretch of my chest.....but I'm worries about ripping open the incisions....and I would love to just scratch, and scratch, and scratch.....but I won't!!

I am uploading some images of my scars and a few my husband took. Notice the clinical aspect of my images versus the sensual aspect of his!!!

New sleep bra.....amazing!!

I was cruising around the forums here and came across a discussion about sleep bras. I found this bra called "the nightlift bra" it was designed by a plastic surgeon and was developed to support your beast during sleep when gravity is still at work

I ordered it online in the size my other bras are 34D. It shipped for free in the USA do I sent it to a post box across the border. It cost $98.00 us and arrived in three days!!

I picked it up today and the moment I tried it on , it fit like a glove!! Very comfortable. It had several positions to adjust, no wires and lined with a super soft fabric.

The bonus??? It is really pretty.

Pictures did not upload

3rd times the charm

To all my "Breast Friends"

Happy holidays ladies, hope everyone has a great weekend!!

4 weeks-one month post op

Time flys when you're having fun!! The first two weeks were a tender blur. The third week was better and 4 weeks is strange. I have some redness and small blisters from the tape and mild mondors cord. I took ibuprofen and the mondors cord is almost gone and I am using polysporin on the rash- blister. Much better

6 weeks

This is before......ugh and six weeks p/op. I see my doctor next week for the first time since mid December. I think I'll get the go-ahead to workout again. My scars are amazing!!! Still some tape irritation. I am using sensitive skin tape which is much better. Plus the skin is still pretty dry,

Scars at 6 weeks

Oops meant to post these too

Crazy sensation

So after 6 weeks of no exercise, I eased into cardio on the stair master. That went well so today I ran on the treadmill.
Who knew you use your pectoral muscles when you run?!!! And then I felt like my implant on one side was squishy and making squishy noise.

It felt like air bubbles like the early days after surgery weird

Of course I kept running lol. .

8 weeks today!!

I feel 98% back to normal. Just chest workouts that remind me I had surgery

I am super happy with my scar healing thus far

With a t shirt on

Here is how I look with a t shirt on. I have 345cc on both sides high profile under the muscle 2 months post op.

No one has noticed I think because I used to have great boobs and then he bras do the work. I compete in bodybuilding figure and my breasts disappear so I imagine some people nay notice when I get ready for competition but who knows......
Dr Sheina Macadam

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