43 Yr Old, Breast Lift with 275 Cc Saline, Mentor Smooth Under the Muscle - Vancouver, BC

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Well tuesday was my surgery and It was much easier...

Well tuesday was my surgery and It was much easier then i thought. I was nervous going in so talked alot and laughed alot..... nervous habit! In the recover the nurses were awesome! I found I was a bit scared after when the bandages were on because I though my left looked so much bigger.... but it was some swelling. The nurses had the surgeon come and check to make sure I wasnt bleeding inside socket. All was clear! Wew!

Day 1 post op was great took Emtec every four hours. Pain was a great deal less than what I was expecting. Lots of ice and take your pain meds.

Day 2 post op was abit rough felt so good day 1 did way too much with my arms. Note : you dont need to do anything!!! Let your family help!! Slept well!

Day 3 I was completely off the Emtec and just starting taking muscle relaxant with Ibprophen. I found my body was so tense from sleeping upright and my arm especially my right feeling achy. Not sure if anyone else has experience feeling of gurgles in the breast after almost like water moving around. Very weird sensation!

Day 4 just begun and feeling tired from not sleeping well haved taken any meds today yet.... hopefully I wont need them. Muscles are tight and my chest feeels like someone is sitting on it. But , definitely not as a bad as the last few days. Took a few pics surgery day and day 1 and day three post op.

Heres to happy healing.....keep you updated when I can !

5 days post op

Feeling good this morning. Tightness still there but not very sore. More muscle strains, possibly using my arms too much!
Taking motrin muscles relax with ibprophen before bed is helping me sleep a bit better. Apparently sleeping upright is making me snore so my poor husband is suffering lack of sleep!! He has been amazingly awesome.... super lucky!!

10 day post op

I was as the surgeons office.... he says Im healing well and my results a great! I feel pretty good but still trying to do too much. Sleep grrrrr what sleep! Finding it difficult seen as im used to sleeping on my side. Other wise doing better than anticipated. The true test will be going back to work wednesday. my line of work I use my arms all day!! Driving has been okay, finding my right ride is more muscle strained then my left. Taking the the odd muscle relaxant and motrin as need, but mainly in the middle of the night. Been doing light biking on stationary bike at the gym and lots of walking.... need to get back to my routine for gym and running sooner than later!!

Overall very very happy!!!!!

Two weeks post op

Well two weeks down! Have been doing well off all meds and back to work! My twins are starting to drop a bit and looks rounder! Love how they are looking.

The only trouble im having is finding a comfy wireless and seamless bra for work.... I use my arms alot and finding the bra I bought rubs on the under boob incisions! Hope all of you are well and good luck. Ill try and update at around 3-4 weeks.

4 week post op

Well so far very Happy with my results and healing very nicely! I still havebto wear tape over my incision for two more weeks .... not too bad! Although, had a set back... I ended up getting a small blood clot form in my lower left leg. So I am back and forth to emergency for ultrasounds. Apparently, because Im so healthy the DR deceided to put me on Asprin 325 mg per day. Hopefully that helps. If not may have to go on blood thinners.

7 weeks post op

Well seem to be going well. Have the odd nerve swinges and some tenderness around the incisions under my breasts. Very Happy with my results and the healing process so far!

4 months post op

Im very happy! Wish I had got a bit fuller but, love how they look and feel natural!

Shirt on ;)

Heres a view with clothes on ... as much as I like being naked....haha

One year ago on 20 th Sept!!

Hi everyone,
Just thought I'd updat at around one year. That my new boob look awesome and feel great. Have all my feeling back. One regret would love to have lift on more cm and a bit fuller. But, not complaining. Love them and enjoying;).
Thank for all the comment and support through the recovery phase!!
Cheers Foxy
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