27, Full Anchor Lift with 385 & 335 Natrelle High Profile

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Surgery booked for April.9,2016!!! Can't believe...

Surgery booked for April.9,2016!!! Can't believe it's so close. I'm getting really nervous and anxious, and overwhelmed. I'm conflicted with sizing, there are so many great results and reviews out there, and then there are some scary ones. I have chosen Dr. Sheina Macadam in Vancouver, from the moment I met her I was absolutely put at ease, and am fully confident she will give me the absolute best result that is possible. That being said our tastes in breast are slightly different, and she's been so humble and polite in understanding my desires while ensuring the long term outcome is the priority. I knew she was a more conservative breast surgeon (which she reminds me of whenever I get overzealous lol), but I know her capabilities and expertise will result in as near perfect as you can get.
I am deffinately more attracted to a "fake" looking breast (not stupidly so), but given the choice I prefer high, tight and round, to what is considered "natural", although this is what our PS's are trained to obtain for us. And being that I am a 34D now pre op, I am looking to come out a full DD. At my consultation I sized from 250-410, although Dr. macadam was more humouring my want for larger and is deffinately hoping I will tolerate as low as possible as to not stress the lift that will be performed at the same time. This is deffinately the biggest stress right now, and I'm so conflicted, I do not want to compromise the lift at all, however, at both appointment for size I chose the 350 ( would have chosen bigger but am also trying to be reasonable), She is going to try different sizes during surgery and assures me she will allow me as much as my body can handle ( I hope thats 350) I've also been wearing rice bags around at home, I filled ones to the equivalent of 300, and ones to the equivalent of 350, and of course love the 350, as I said I'm larger breasted now so coming out a D, even a very full D I'm afraid will not feel or appear much different and then I'll be very unhappy and disappointed.
I've attached some images, and I'll continue to update closer to surgery date and after of course, I've lived on this website for weeks now and know how overwhelming and stressful all this is leading into decisions and getting closer to surgery, and I found other peoples reviews and details and pictures SO helpful, so I hope this may do the same for anyone of you whose preparing as well. Please comment your experiences and questions or tips and advice! I appreciate it all and will reply back. Thanks!


After a follow up and sizing appointment with Dr.Macadam on Friday I was so anxious and really confused and conflicted on sizing as I explained in my first post. I emailed her both Saturday and Sunday with probably completely opposing thought and questions lol.

It's Monday today, the first day back in the office for them and I didn't expect to get an immediate response but got a phone call from Dr Macadam herself and she spent a half hour of her time answering all my questions and concerns and clarifying every detail and really made me feel at ease and ensure I am fully a part of the decisions that are made, although she is the surgeon and it is really her expertise, she didn't dismiss my wants and was so reassuring. I feel ready to walk into surgery tomorrow! I can't stress enough how important it is to have an open communication line with your surgeon. You are not being rediculous or annoying, you are the one who has to live with these, although it is their handy work and they can also be very effected by a negative outcome, ultimately we as patients will truly feel the result the most. Dr.Macadam is so incredibly understanding and actually encouraging me to continue educating myself and asking questions so that I don't have any conflicting or nagging questions in my head going into this, the more you ask and understand the more confident you will be, and I am truly nothing but excited right now! Not that I ever questioned my decision in surgeons but Dr.Macadam continues to prove why she is the absolute best

So Anxious!!!

Surgery day is getting so close I can't believe it. I'm sure so many of you can relate, it can take months to just get a consult and many more mo the to your actual surgery date and now all of a sudden it's around the corner. I've been asking my PS about different vitamins, supplements and creams I've been interested in of read about. In particular Folic Acid which from what I've read is beneficial for cell development which some have been recommended, also Cocoa butter cream for stretch mark prevention and firming benefits. She didn't caution against any of these however did say that there is no actual evidence or proven studies that show they are of any substantial benefit for breast augmentation patients. But did recommend Bio-oil for post surgery scar care which I already have at home and can tell you from experience this stuff is a miracle oil. After a bad fall on ice a few years ago I injured my face badly, nearly needed stitches and took of multiple layers of delicate facial skin and after just a few months of very gently exfoliating the area and applying Bio oil daily I have absolutely no scar, no dark spots, no evidence I was ever injured. I am a Bio oil advocate for sure.

Please let me know anything you have had experience with that might be helpful. All the advice is appreciated!

Less than 48 hours!!!!

I can't believe I go in for my surgery in less than 48 hours! It felt so far away for so long, like waiting for Christmas lol, and then it's here! I had my final pre op appointment with Dr. Macadam on Tuesday (at my request), just to get some confirmations, and truthfully just reassurance I think is mostly what I needed. I couldn't ask for a more patient and compassionate, understanding doctor. I can't wait for Saturday to come and get in there, I know I'm in the absolute best hands.

I know like many of you (especially those who are still researching and haven't yet had surgery like myself), this website has been a lifeline to me. It gives us such a sense of relief and strength hearing other people's stories and seeing their successes. HOWEVER, I can't stress enough, always bare in mind that you are completely unique, despite that we may share similar physical characteristics to others, does not in any way mean we can expect the same outcomes. In this whole process leading up to my breast surgery my biggest struggle was connecting my wants and wishes with realistic and personal expectations. And being a complete and utter control freak I craved information I just could not have, like what size I was going to be, or what shape, what profile, etc. These are all things that are very dependent on our skin, our tissue, our anatomy internally, bones, chest wall, natural breast pocket etc, and our surgeons do not always know until mid surgery what size, or profile will be acceptable, and best suited for us, despite what we may have chosen.

I haven't even had surgery yet and it's already been a roller coaster of emotions, which I'm sure many can relate to. Haha and it's literally taken me to the eleventh hour to let go, stop stressing, and just be excited. It's very hard but try not to drive yourself too crazy, because it's all too easy, a picture of 350cc looks huge in one review and then so small in another, and you'll come across someone your stature who went way larger than your considering and looks amazing, or someone who went with the size your considering and looks way too big, lol it's very deceiving.

MY NEXT UPDATE WILL BE POST OP! See you on the other side lol!

I did it! Their here!

I had my surgery yesterday morning, I was under for exactly 3 hours but in the surgical centre for almost 8 hours. I was in a bit of pain when I woke up immediately after, and they took care of that right away and I was able to sleep for another 2 hours.

I want to say I could not have asked for better doctors and nurses. I received absolutely top notch care from everyone at the Vancouver Surgical Centre. As always Dr Macadam is second to none, truly if you are looking for a doctor in or anywhere near Vancouver, must must must have Dr Macadam! And the anaesthesiologist Dr.Blackwell I believe his name was (Black something lol, I'm terrible with names), outstanding! He was so informative, I never felt a thing, didn't even realize I'd been put out, and poof, was waking up, and so relaxed!

Ok so the fun stuff, I have Natrelle full profile (or high profile), under the muscle, smooth cohesive gel implants along with a full anchor mastopexy on both. Dr.Macadam placed 385g into the right and 335g into the left, to correct asymmetry. She was undecided wether to take my own tissue away and use the same implants in both, but during surgery she said this matched up completely perfectly so there was no need, and preferably she avoids taking tissue as it can sometimes appear bumpy or lumpy, so this was a great outcome.

I have bandages and a tensor bandage wrapped snuggly around my entire breast area so there isn't much to see at the moment. But what I can see so far I am absolutely loving! I will post photos as soon as possible, as soon as there's something to show.

I've been sleeping on and off and now I am up in the middle of the night, I've been taking my anti biotic and pain meds every 4 hours to stay ahead of the pain, I am extremely tight and sore, and don't have much use of my arms at all, and am not really pushing it. I take one pain pill and I'm finding that's managing my discomfort pretty well.

I will be seeing Dr.Macadam in a couple of days, where she will take my wraps and bandages off and give me a bra. I will post photos then! Can't wait to see the girls!

First pic (not much to see sorry)

Here's a picture there's nothing really to see as their completely wrapped in a tensor bandage as I said before, however thought you'd still like to see. I've seen some others who had tensor bandages for the first few days as well (if you did please comment), and others who had the bra on immediately after, what was any of your experiences? I am wondering when I'll get this off, it's such a tease to have them here but I haven't actually seen a thing so. I saw my dr after surgery who said I will not be changing this for now, I was a bit out of it when I talked with her but I think I might be getting it off tomorrow at my first post op appointment. Hopefully I'm so impatient and excited and just want to see them, and have a bra on. The thing I looked forward to most was seeing them in a bra, even that gross thin 80's bra they make us wear lol. So can't wait and will post again tomorrow night after my appointment!

Surgery MUST HAVES!! Please add

So it's day 3 going on night 3 for me post op, and today has deffinately been a break through day, I'm feeling a lot better than I have the previous 2 days. First off I'll say prepare prepare prepare, no detail is too small to overlook when your facing surgery and recovering in the following days. Something will come up and if your not prepared you will suffer needlessly. For me it was 2 days of the worst migraine I have ever experienced, and I could not get rid of it or figure out what it was. Until my brilliant boyfriend asked if I had had a coffee recently? Ding ding ding!! Caffeine withdrawals, as dumb as it was I never even thought about it, and the instant I had a few sips of coffee I feel like I could get up and run a marathon! I wasn't able to eat because I was so nauseous, which I attributed to the pain meds, but also deffinately came from the migraine, and of course not eating made everything worse, and now I'm eating without problems, I am not even feeling like I need the pain killers, so am just taking Tylenol if needed, and am feeling as close to normal as I have since surgery. So I thought I'd start a list of surgery must haves, that I have experienced, and please comment and add everything you can all think of as well! It's a life saver for our boobie sisters still on the pre op side!

1. Prepare! Prior to surgery, think of all the little things, and expect the worst, aka, bedridden unable to move, lots of pain type of worst, and at least you will be prepared. If you are a coffee drinker, stop now! Well at least a week prior to surgery they say, so as to avoid my nightmare, the caffeine migraine amidst the worst of the surgery pain. I went out the day before and bought a comfy outfit with loose pants and zip up to wear to and from surgery, I didn't but wish I had thought to put my hair in a French braid because I could not move my arms, and the best thing I did was buy thong slippers which I wore leaving surgery as well! But any type of slip on comfortable shoe would do.

2. Prepare food, snacks, meals, STRAWS are crucial, and please o please pre open all bottle lids so they r loose and MOST IMPORTANT when you get home have someone take the lids off your pain and other meds because those stupid child proof caps are impossible when you cannot use your arms or hand strength. So make sure you can access those even if someone is home with you they may go out briefly or fall asleep and if they are like my boyfriend cannot be woken up easily! So now I had him just open all the lids.

3. Soup! Soup is your best friend, one because it is comforting of course and easy to heat up fast and eat out of a mug while sitting. But I found it does not make me have a bowel movement immediately which other heavy meals might. Even if you feel ok, wiping is a real work out and something I personally still terrified of. So I am eating easy, clean, light meals. Don't upset anything and give yourself more work than you already have healing lol! I'll be totally honest I'm day 3 and I haven't had a bowel movement yet and if someone wants to share their experience id be very greatful haha because I'm terrified. Surgery is over and now I feel like number 2 will be the next big challenge!

4. Don't wait until your aching for days at a time just go now and buy the big comfy sit up chair type pillow! IT IS THE BEST! Of course also had lots of other pillows as well for cushioning every inch you need to.

5. SOFT ICE PACKS, or frozen peas or something like that, I've been using hard ice block packs which do the trick and still feel great but I can imagine how nice the soft gel ones would be. But deffinately ice, because the pressure and ache and tension do not go away with pain meds. It's constant and ice is the only relief.

Hmmm what else, like I said please comment your add ons, we are saving lives here lol, probably relationships, and deffinately sanity for someone.

Everything in arms reach, finger reach actually, my arms still don't extend very far.

Good luck everyone, hope this helps someone!

The Girls have arrived!

Ok it's official I've met my new babies! Sorry the picture is absolutely terrible, I am so paranoid having them out of the bandages and tensor wrap, I feel so unsupported, so I literally took a quick one snap shot of them, I will post more as days go on and I stop feeling like their going to fall off. They appear smaller and narrower in the picture than they actually look but I have to say I am absolutely blown away by the result! Dr. Macadam is an artist! I cannot see a single flaw, the nipple placement and breast symmetry is perfect! I can't believe these are mine, I never imagined having anything that resembled desirable breasts, and she gave me perfect! I'm just speechless, I feel like a completely new woman, instantly. More confident, desirable, just encouraged and honestly excited for the first time, and to not constantly look down and sigh in disappointment. NO MORE TUCKING! I've honestly always laughed at myself because I didn't want to be that vain person who complained about poor looking breasts ( there are worse things in the world), but now I seriously can't stop crying thinking I won't be a joke anymore, a joke in my own eyes. No more flapjacks lol, pancake nipples, floppers, tube socks, throw em over your shoulder like a soldier type boobies! Never again! Wow I can't believe this.

In Love!

Here's a quick pic, the white bra is the surgical bra (aka; piece of flimsy 80's s$&t I can't stand), and I always wear another layer of gentle support over it, because I just don't feel it's supportive enough and my main focus is keeping them very still and compressed. My dr told me right now we want to keep them from migrating outward into the armpit area, and compression and support also greatly benefits reducing swelling, bruising, and scar formation, so I'm happy to keep the girls well supported, and the added support actually feels really nice, I find I'm in more discomfort when their supporting their own weight, so compressing them more tightly eases that completely.

Other than that, I'm really feeling good, I notice every day the swelling, tightness, and pressure is reducing (I sort of don't want this firmness to all go away :( lol), to my eyes they haven't dropped really (and I don't want them too :( lol, I know they will, but I hope they don't too much, but it's out of our hands, our natural breast pocket is what it is, so time will tell).

Size! I know this is probably the biggest issue that's constantly faced in our journey, from the start we battle with it, and the battle continues long after. But honestly Im feeling really happy, plus it was sort of out of my hands, I wanted as big as I could get, without complicating and risking the lift, and of course without looking like an amateur porn star wannabe, and Dr.Macadam always said she would give me the absolute biggest she could, but quality and overall longevity of my lift were the absolute focus and priority and there is no doubt in my mind she gave me exactly that. I am not overly large, I would say I am bigger than I was pre op WITH NO BRA, lol, love saying that, and before I'd need a heavily padded push up bra, and let's never forget the rolls of double sided seam tape to try to keep them from falling out constantly. So I still don't know a size, I'll update as soon as I can go try on even sports bras at Victoria Secret, that seems like a fairly common place for all of us.

Hope this helps! Comment any questions I'm happy (well actually super bored healing at home), to answer questions and love hearing all your experiences too!

More bad pictures (sorry)

Sorry I'm really not good at taking selfies but I'm tryin my best. I will get my bf to take some photos one of these days. I've put some side views and front, both in the surgical bra, sorry I try not to take it off at all, I get my bf to check all of the incisions 2 times a day (morning and night), to make sure nothing is separating (I'm so paranoid about that), while I lean back on the recliner and undo or lift up the bra gently, other than that I don't mess around with them at all.

I took a shower today, super fast, other than that I took a shallow bath and lathered gentle soap in my hands and placed the bubbles on top of my breast and then cupped water and let it run downwards over everything, of course really gently pat dry and then put the bra back on asap. A shower felt amazing but I felt paranoid standing with no bra on, so it was short and sweet.

I don't notice a visual difference really, but I can deffinately feel the swelling has gone down, because the tightness in my armpits is releasing a bit.

Again sorry the pictures are not the best, o and the frontal one you can see right through the lovely surgical bra lol, o well, not like we've got anything to hide! I'll post better photos soon, bare ones, I know those are what tell the most.

Honestly I'm so so impressed with how they look, they are absolutely perfect, everything is symmetrical and I wouldn't change a thing. The more I see and feel them, I know the size is going to be beautiful and big, I'm guessing a DD, my bf says a DDD!. I, like so many of you, was obsessed about size before, and felt that if anything that would be the area I would likely be disappointed or unhappy with, but they are perfect. My desire was a round, firm, high, "fake", look, obviously without being stupidly big and fake looking, but I wanted it to be noticeable I had work done lol! Come right we're payin good money, I wanted people to notice!

Having a 34D PRE OP I was so worried there wouldn't be a large enough difference, and when I woke up after surgery I think I did have this image in my mind of looking down and being like BOOM, big difference, which there wasn't, I was never unhappy, but I didn't quite get the noticeable enlargement i envisioned. HOWEVER, the more I see them, and feel them, i know they are much bigger, and you always have to remind yourself that what your looking at is a bare breast, NO BRA!, and your probably comparing them to how you saw your old breast IN A PUSH UP BRA, so there's no doubt, my breasts now are much larger, and when the time comes that I can be sized and wear a bra, these girls are going to be noticed haha!

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! Please comment your experiences with your size you chose, im still very early in healing so I do have to remember there are more changes to come right?


Here's the goods! Lol! Still some bruising, but it never got worse than some mild yellowing like you see, and I've included some close ups of the incisions, they seem like their healing really well, no areas of separation of oozing.

It's only been one week, and they still look like frankenboobies lol, but I am just thrilled with my new boobs already. The symmetry is just perfect, I can't stop drooling over my new nipples, I haven't had small, round nipples in......... Too long! I want to fast forward time and see them completely healed I know their going to be amazing!

I'm so impatient and cannot wait to try on bras, even just sport bras, I know I won't be wearing an underwire or push up for some time, but I still search the web all day looking at all the cute bras I want to see these beauties in lol. I would love recommendations of all your favourite bras! Sports bras? Braletes? Give me all you've got!

Thanks hope your all having a great weekend!

Loving them in every way!

I love my new boobs, they look incredible at every angle, that's so awesome!

I'm just over a week post op, feeling pretty good, I stopped taking pain medications at exactly one week, I can deffinately feel every little sting, throb, itch, stab, and that's a bit uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. Mostly the entire area is tender and bruised. I've been resuming light daily activities, laundry, dishes, etc, but I deffinately move slowly and don't lift anything above my head or carry anything heavy, I just make multiple trips rather than carry one large basket. I don't avoid going out, but I try to keep it short and sweet, I find the longer I am upright the more discomfort I have, especially at the end of the day I'm much more sore.

The girls are still very hard and stiff, they don't move to much in any direction, not that I'm really trying, I have not been instructed to do any kind of massage or movement

I'm anxious to sleep normally again, how long until any of you found you were comfortable on your side again? How long until you just felt normal and not like you have two steel balloons bolted to your chest lol?

First noticeable changes

I can see and feel the first noticeable changes, my breasts have both become slightly softer. Swelling that to me was unnoticeable to the eye, more so just felt in my armpits immediately after surgery, is going down, but more presently in one than the other I believe as the one appears slighter wider now (however that one was the larger breast pre op, so, will have to wait and see if it will remain slightly asymmetrical or if it is actually differences in swelling and healing, no matter I wouldn't be bothered, obviously its hugely improved regardless) and there is slightly more puffiness still in one armpit area than the other.

My muscles have become accustomed to the implant I no longer have the aching, throbbing, pulled muscle feeling. But im experiencing hyper sensitive skin, and burns, sharp stabs and tingles of the nipple area, as well as throughout the day the feeling of having a stitch in my side, no pun intended, lol not the actual stitches, but a cramp, on and off along the crease incisions. I still don't push the boundaries too much, my range of motion and complete use of my arms has not completely returned.

Sadly, lol not at all actually, my surgical bra has been breaking at the flimsy seams, no surprise, but a hassle because it's actually incredibly difficult to find front closing supportive bras at an actual store. Websites have them, I did order a couple off amazon but shipping will be three weeks, so I hunted down some at Walmart, but they only offer them in plus sizes. I had to settle for a 38, which is a bit loose but better than nothing. I'm wearing the surgical bra underneath it gives the total support to every area, and the Walmart bra over that to give it the bit extra. Im going to buy some regular soft but supportive sports bras, sports chek have awesome under armour ones.

Still can't sleep comfortably, I've moved off the couch and have pillowland constructed in bed, it sucks and I am so eager to sleep on my side it's killing me. When did you start sleeping comfortably again?

Photic or last post

Photo didn't upload

Two weeks post op

I can't believe I'm more than two weeks post op, I still wake up forgetting I'm an upgraded woman lol. I had an appointment with Dr.Macadam, yesterday, and she was stunned by how amazing they look, haha I found it really funny it's her handy work and she's giving me compliments on how perfect they are! I feel like a broken record but she really is THE BEST surgeon, my results are nothing short of perfection.

She said what I already suspected, that I'm healing fantastically, my incisions are so clean, some of the skin glue is still hangin on for dear life, I'm ok with that, it makes me feel secure lol, but she said it was ok to go ahead and encourage some of it off and as I notice pieces lifting to gently pull them away, as you don't want dirt getting trapped under bits of glue, makes sense. Lol of course the one time I don't start picking at the healing parts I'm actually allowed to! Other than that, not a lot has changed, I'm starting to get use to them, but I still find myself cradling them or holding them in the car, like I think their going to fall off at the slightest bump. She was adamant to stay INACTIVE, returning to normal daily necessities like cooking, light cleaning, and laundry are fine, as long as I am slow and not straining muscles, BUT NOTHING ELSE! She said right now is the most crucial time of scar formation, we want the internal scar to form perfectly where the implant is sitting, this will ensure my long awaited breasts will stay as perfect as they are now for many years to come!

I find my skin is hyper sensitive, it feels like pins and needles at the slightest touch, dr macadam said this is a result of nerve ending reattaching and our brain sending a hyper sensitive signal when the area is touched, this will dissipate and soon stop as our brain registers touch as normal. It's pretty neat to hear and experience all this.

My breasts feel softer, and have "dropped" a teeny tiny bit, or just swelling going down so it appear a bit less bulgy at the top. It doesn't seem so by looking at the pictures but I can tell in person and when my arms aren't lifted to take a photo.

Anyways thanks for following, as always I love seeing and hearing about all your experiences so I hope this is as helpful as yours were to me!


During my second follow up just the other day with Dr.Macadam I asked if I was able to wear any other kind of bra beside the surgical bra I was provided, she said yes, but I do have to be cautious. Each breast needs to be completely support separately (that's why just sports bras are not so great, as they tend to give one form of compression straight across the front, which can allow the implant to move outwards or into the middle. They must have a formed support that cups them around all sides and keeps them from doing either, no movement outward or too far together. And front closing bras are ideal as the direction of tension is inwards toward the closure, which again supports the breasts in the front and forwards.

So I went to try to find something. I've seen some great front closing wireless bras, but was never able to find them in store, and up until now was still too uncomfortable to try much on. But as I'm healing so well I spent a little more time shopping around, I found a really great Victoria Secret sports bra, it's a front closing formed cups, with a flexible padded concealed wire that gives shape and support but no discomfort or harshness. I tried on a few, and found the 34DD to be perfect! The cups are supported and perfectly snug fitting but no too tight that it's pushing on anything. The structure of even the flexible soft underwire is a bit odd to wear after being use to the thinnest material of the surgical bra, but I think it will be fine, especially as I continue to heal and get less sensitive in my incision areas. I deffinately love it to wear in normal clothes that otherwise looked horrendous with the thick ugly 80's bra showing everywhere.

You can see in the one photo the skin glue is starting to slowly come off around my nipples. The incisions are invisible! They are so clean I can't tell I was ever cut there, and I'm not even 3 week post op! I can't wait to see how they look in another couple weeks. And months! Dr.Macadam is an artist.

Small incision opening

The area at the place where my nipple meets the vertical incision was a particularly crusted bit and my surgical bra or anything I wear has always rubbed and slowly flaked away the skin glue that I had over all my incisions. Well when I came home from work and undressed I noticed that on my right breast in that area the crusted but was peeled away and there was a small red spot, it was so mall I couldn't see it myself unless I took a photo, but I immediately began panicking worrying it was an opening in the incision. My boyfriend told me I was being rediculous and it was nothing to worry about, that just like if any scab comes off too early there will be a little indent there. But I wanted to contact Dr Macadam right away to get on top of any problems early. I sent her the photo I took I'm an email, as it was later in the evening and the offices were closed. She got back to me first thing in the morning and told me it was completely fine, to keep it clean, put a bit of polysporin on it and to put a thin piece of breathable gauze over. So I went straight to the store to get a small roll of gauze, polysporin, and gentle paper skin tape to hold it. I cut the gauze into a small square and the paper tape in half length ways to just hold the ends, as I wanted the middle to be open to breath, and I pulled them inward from either side like a butterfly bandage. When I came home from running errands for the day, maybe about 6 hours, it was almost completely healed already!!!

I have to say from seeing a lot of scary incision opening issues other people on this site have had, this was what I was most terrified of happening, so when it did, I had a mini freak out lol, but thankfully it was very minor if at all a "real" opening, so I feel lucky. I've still got a lot of the skin glue on so I'm anxious about other possible areas that might have this similar thing happen, but fingers crossed it will all heal perfectly. And Dr Macadam said that area will heal completely normally as well, no different.

Loving the size!

Just a quick pic I took at work, I absolutely love the way they look here, I think the size is perfect. I'm short so I didn't want to look too heavy, but I wanted to be as big as I could. Dr.Macadam was dead on with the choice she made, I get a bit of width that I never had before and of course fullness and I love the curves it gives me up top now, I feel very womanly, where before I felt a bit boxy and square. And I have to remind myself this is just a sports bra! So I'll have even more volume in a regular push up when I'm allowed to wear them! Loving my new additions!

Scar Update, almost 4 weeks!

I am amazed by how tiny and clean by scars are and I'm not even one month post op yet! As as leads I can't say enough about Dr.Macadam and her exquisite work!

6 weeks!

It's been just over six weeks since my surgery, I can't believe it's flown by so fast. I don't feel like much has changed but I notice in general I haven't been constantly 24-7 thinking about my breasts, which is a big change lol! And must mean some things have settled, my skin is deffinately returning to normal, the hyper sensitivity has subsided a lot, my nipples are still a bit more sensitive than I'd like but they've improved as well and should continue to. The incision areas are incredibly light and looking amazingly faint already, and I haven't even started using any treatment. I have an appointment with Dr.Macadam in a few days and believe we will be discussing scar treatment, which as far as I know will just be using Bio-oil, but I'm going to ask about some of the different treatments I've seen used and recommended on here, like the scar tape. Other than that there's not much to report, I am loving them so much, they are feeling a lot softer and move a bit more naturally, but still look perky and round and amazing! I just love them so much, this was the best thing I've ever done for myself! I think their actually looking bigger as time goes on, which I'm certainly not complaining about!


Just learned how to make a collage lol

Before and after

Hey ladies, thought I'd share a quick before and after shot in a swim suit. I really have forgotten what a drastic difference there is. I absolutely love the way they not only look but feel! NO MORE TUCKING! I think that's one of my favourite things that came as a result of this. Especially in a bikini top, I hated constantly having to tuck and adjust and fidget around with my boobs. I can't wait for summer!
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