36 Years Old, 5"7, 113lbs, originally 34A, 375cc silicone sub-muscular - Vancouver, BC

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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted...

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted breast implants. Finally, at the young age of 36 (haha) I have taken the plunge. I am now one week from surgery, and am feeling excited and nervous. I am also a little afraid of the aftermath! I am hoping for a easy & speedy recovery. Here's to hoping!

Profile of implants never discussed

I just realized, that though I explained to my PS I wanted my implants to be natural looking, the profile of the implants was never discussed. I don't know if they will be high profile or moderate profile. I guess he will choose what's best for my frame, desired look, breast width? I'm wondering if it needs to be discussed prior to the surgery date! I'm only a couple days away!

Surgery Day!

Everything went as smooth as it possibly could be. Dr. Pugash and his wonderful staff took very good care of me. When I awoke in the recovery room, I felt a little pressure, but not much. The only thing that was bothering me was the IV in my arm, a little tender, but other than that, I was A-Ok!

The nurses helped me into my surgical bra and brought me over to a lounge chair to chill for a bit while I waited for my ride. I had some ginger-ale, and texted a couple of friends to let them know I was finished surgery and doing fine.

Not much pain at all. Definitely tight, with swelling, but more like a muscle ache than pain. So far so good! Put myself on a schedule for my antibiotics, pain killers + 3 advil (200mg), probiotics. I couldn't fit in my multi-vitamin, so I've been drinking the green juice I prepared the night before (spinach, arugula, cabbage, apple, ginger, carrot, so good!). I'm trying to keep my nutrient intake high, fibre intake high, but it's hard because I'm really not that hungry! I know the pills have been known to cause nausea and even vomiting, so I'm making sure I eat at least something with every dose, just to help prevent any adverse reactions to the meds.

Frozen Peas are your friend!

I have been using the RICE method to aid my recovery:

I'm using 2 bags of frozen peas on my breasts for 30 minutes, every hour and a half or so. It feels so good! I also purchased a "Readers Pillow" to help me stay elevated when I sleep.

It's the day after surgery, and all is still well. I have yet to shower, but I have been given permission to do so today. My right breast is definitely more swollen, and I have bruise from the freezing injection, but that was expected.

Over all, this is way easier than I expected. Happy to be on the road to recovery, and I can't wait to see what these babies look like in the next few weeks :)

3 days post-op

Today I feel great! Surgery was Thursday, by Saturday, I was off the pain killers, only taking 400mg of Advil a couple times a day. The thing that bugs me the most is the bra, and the itchiness of the incisions, worsened by the bra. My breasts have dropped a bit, nothing too drastic, still pretty swollen, however, I am up and about, just being careful.

One odd thing to report, there is a sensitive spot upper right breast, that if I move my arm a certain way, and brush against my breast with a finger, it's like a burning sensation, can sometimes feel like a sharp sensation as if something is poking me from the outside in. Not sure if this is normal! Picture the sharp corner of a plastic package, stabbing you from the inside out. Nerve issue maybe?

day 5 post-op

Feeling better and better breast-wise. My stomach is still uneasy after eating, even though I've been off the medication for 3 days now. Still quite swollen in the breast area, up into my armpits (haven't been able to to shave), but pain is close to none. The bruise from the freezing is still very much apparent, and the "yellowish tinge" from it has spread down the middle of my breasts. They must have really stabbed me good! Still tender to the touch.

Ribs still sore, back still aching a bit, but overall, still doing way better than expected.

I finally slept through the night. Thank God!

day 9 post-op

Not much change in the appearance of my breasts, although my recovery has been getting better and better every day. Odd thing. I have lost 4 oz. since surgery. So strange! I admit, my appetite has not been as big as it usually is, but I expected at least a couple pounds plus. Hmmmm.

I drove for the first time a couple nights ago. It was ok. Parallel parking (cranking the wheel) was a bit uncomfortable, but not bad.

I have yet to change my armpits! My implants are obviously still causing swelling, and one area that is still quite puffy is the base of the armpits. So I haven't attempted trying shove a razor in there. I can get my deodorant roll-on in there no problem, just a little scared about shoving a blade in there at this point.

Nipple Rings

The hardest thing about my recovery has been trying to get my nipple rings back in after almost two weeks of being out. I didn't want to put them back in without the doctor's approval. I had my post-op appointment yesterday and got the go ahead. I wish I asked earlier because they have closed up quite a bit! Got one in, but the other I had to put in a smaller gauge for now as I just couldn't squeeze it through. OUCH!

Just about 2 weeks post-op (13 days)

Just about back to normal, except I can't open and close this one window in my apartment, super stiff! The ta-tas don't like the challenge just yet!

Post-op appointment went well. No issues. 2 more weeks in this bra and then FREEDOM!

I can't wait for these things to drop!

implant info: MENTOR smooth round 375cc high profile for those who asked. I received a card with the info. at my post-op appointment.

Hey Look Ma, Clothes!

Just a couple shots of me in one of my favourite t-shirts. Still high, dome-like, unsettled, but I went from pretty much nothing to something-something, so I think my skin needs a bit more time to stretch, therefore allowing the implant to drop into place.

Patience is most definitely a virtue.

Shots from different angles

I took a couple photos from different angles, to see what my breasts look like when I'm not shooting them from straight on. I like them better in these shots. I have been instructed to wear my compression bra for 1 month post-surgery. I am wondering if it's hindering my implants from dropping properly. Thoughts? So interesting how some doctors don't even recommend the bra! some only for a couple days, and then some for weeks. Hmmmm.

I also included a shot of me in the only bikini top that still fits. It's cupped, not padded, and the cups are larger (it gave the illusion of a fuller bust when I had next to nothing!).

Drop it like it's hot!

Well. It looks like they've dropped a bit! I think the massages are really helping. They're softer, and no longer up in my armpits! They've still got a long way to go, but it's nice to see some progress, even from a couple days ago.

I am also fully sleeping on my side now as well. Back to comfort!

Drop it like it's hot - photos

Doing Better and Better!

Well! Took the twins on their 1st plane ride, and all went well. Shirts are fitting differently, they've definitely dropped a fair bit, and now project more, which is great! I went into a fancy bra store in Montreal called "Change" to get measured. 30F. Yep! It's one of those stores where they have 108 sizes, very specific to your individual needs. I imagine I'd be a C in regular bra stores, I have yet to venture out bra shopping. Come Thursday, my one month is up and I can start using scar cream, as well as lose the compression bra! Finally!

Look Ma, No Bra!

Making a habit of going braless when I'm hanging around the house - trying to encourage these babies to fall into their final resting place. Dropping nicely, but still have a ways to go!

I believe I am a C34/D32 at the moment. Which may still change, not sure.

new bra!

Unpadded "my memory" bra for la vie en rose. Size D34. Super comfy despite the lace & underwire! Full coverage yet still super sexy. I bought one in black (white underlay, they have it in plain black too) as well as pink. By one get one 50% to-boot. Woot!

Burn Baby Burn

Accidental bikini tattoo, haha. Ouch!

2 Months Post-op

Well, the girls are looking better and better each day, however, I am having some odd pangs of pain under my left breast, which feels like it's rib-pain. I think, however, it's SKIN pain. Skin stretching pain maybe? It got worse after a pretty high intensity 10 km run, where I could push up on the scar and kind of feel a source of this pain - it moved. Anyway, the scars don't look any different, I'm not worried. I imagine it's all part of the healing process and I will be healing for probably the next few months still. Anyway, a few snapshots for you!

3 months post-op

Doing very well - I think they have settled quite nicely. 32DD final size.

Time Flies

5 and a half month full-body shot request - apologies for the blurry photos, laptop misbehaving.

Love 'em

6 months later and super thrilled with how them puppies have settled!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pugash and his entire staff are amazing (special shout-out to Simone). Professional, experienced, kind, and thorough. Even from my pre-op appointments, I knew I'd be recommending Dr. Pugash's practice to everyone. My advice to anyone considering Dr. P and his team: DO IT. And LISTEN. He knows best. Even though you may question, second guess, disagree with his suggestions, he is ALWAYS on top of his game. It's his job. Tell him what you want, and he will explain the best possible options to get you to your goal. I gave a 2 for wait times, because it took almost a year for the consultation, but he is a hot commodity! so I totally understand why. No rating for aftercare/followup just yet as my appointment is next week.

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