I Am So Happy I Explanted......Loving My Natural Breasts at 47 :)

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I got my implants in 1997 and went from a small B...

I got my implants in 1997 and went from a small B to a C. I breastfed two kids, and had been a small C before breastfeeding. I had saline implants put under the muscle and after the swelling had gone down I noticed that my breasts would get distorted when ever I flexed my chest muscles. Due to distortion and early peri-menopause from having a hysterectomy, I decided that it was time for these to vacant my body and to be me again. I do love the way they look when I am relaxed, but I do not like what happens when I flex. (I will post that photo later after my explant) I must be honest, I am both excited and apprehensive about my surgery because everybody's results are different. My surgeon did a fantastic job back in 1997. The distortion is something that happens to some of us and I think it is due to the shape of our chest, and having the implants under the muscle...however I have also been told that if I get new implants placed above the muscle that this could happen again...so I would prefer to leave my body alone and be natural. Wish me luck..... it is all happening this Saturday. I believe my doc is going through the areola again, I will be put under, and there will not be any drains. That is all I can remember from my consult. I wont list my doc at this time but I am using the same surgeon because I trust her completely. I have already paid and they cost is $4800 CDN.

Explanted ????

Implants are out! ;). Surgery was at 4 pm on 26 Sep, had to fast since 12 midnight the night before. Last meal was at 8 pm 25 Sep. I am wrapped in a compression bandage and told not to shower for 48 hours. Incision through Aerolas. I was told that they would be using 2 IVs because I was dehydrated and the needle had to be moved from the hand to my inner arm. I think this lead to me being up every 20 to 30 minutes going the bathroom from 8 pm until 5 am. Needless to say I did not sleep at all on 25th due to nerves, and I only had a few hours of sleep on the 26th. I was able to take two photo of my saline implants but because they are considered hazardous waste I could not take them home. Bags within a bag. lol ....I showed the photo to my spouse and he was grossed out. His response, "is that what I have been holding onto?", followed by "you know I am more of an ass man". lol. Good thing because right now I am not sure I have anything left on top. ;) and he likes me the way I am. Anyway, pain is not that bad. I have taken pain meds every 4 to 6 hours, been using some cold compresses for swelling and bruising, taking my Arnica capsuls, and keeping myself propped up as directed. There are no drains and I am happy about that. My right aerola feels a little achy compared to my left one but still tolerable. Because I did not eat for 24 hours, my spouse brought me cheese and crackers and yogurt to eat. I tried eating 2 crackers but it took me 20 minutes because they got stuck in my throat. My mouth was very dry. Because we were in a hotel, I asked him to get me chicken soup from Tim Hortons. Well he left, got lost, and arrived 1 1/2 hours later with Tim Hortons soup, coffee and a dry tea biscuit. He went to a few Tim Hortons because they were out of chicken soup. Anyway, note to anyone else, just stick with jello and clear soup. I had the worst tummy ache all night because I felt bloated. Felt like my chest and stomach were in a vise grip. This pain left me at 4 am. We had planned on heading home after the surgery because we leave out if town but I am so glad the nurse tole my husband that it would be better to get a hotel room! I am home now and my husband is making me homemade soup. I will update more in a few days.

Compression Bandage

Well it is day four since I have explanted. I took a few pictures of the compression bandage that will be coming off this Friday. I still need to buy a sports bra that will do the same job as this bandage since I have no drains. The tape on the compression bandage is bothering me on top so I removed the top portion last night. I cannot believe how well I have been sleeping. I go to bed at 11 pm and wake at 9 am. I have also been resting and doing nothing during the day to allow my body time to heal. My spouse washed my hair for me last night and I had a bird bath. I get to shower this Friday. :) So looking forward to it.

Compression Bandage Off

Here are some photos without the bandage.

Doctor Appointment - Bandage change

Saw my doc. Everything looking great. ;)

Feeling Itchy Inside Breast Area

Happy Thanks Giving from Canada. Well it has been two weeks since my explant and I am still taking it easy, however I noticed that both of my breast have a small lump under the areola, closer to the chest wall. I have started to lightly massage my breast to help the small bumps disappear and it seems to be helping I think. I will call the doctor office on Tuesday. I have already phoned last week because I have noticed that when I flex my chest muscle my breasts move still so I will be asking the doctor if she had released the old scar. Perhaps this is just my fate in life. When they are relaxed they look fine so perhaps I should be thankful for that. Now the other thing that I am experiencing is this itchy feeling inside my breasts. I wonder if this is normal. Could it be because of the healing process? Has anyone else experienced this? I am still wearing my compression bras 24/7. I cannot wait until my breast are healed so I can get back to focusing on other things.

2nd post op appt 23 Oct

Well there is some concern with internal scarring and muscle movement deforming breast. I am told to continue massaging. I have another appt scheduled for Feb. I have little faith that my boobs will improve. Will find out then if more work is needed.

without tape

Sorry meant to add this one.

Need further surgery to correct deformity

This is what happens when I flex. Got another PS opinion while I wait to see my PS in Feb. Looks like I need miscle work, scar release and far graphing. I feel a little discouraged right now but it is what it is.

Deformity With Implants

Hi, forgot that I had promised to share these. I was hoping removing the implants would fix the problem.

8 weeks

So I am still dealing with scar adhesions. Our hot tub arrived two weeks ago and it has micro
silk. Hope those little bubbles will help. My other half is still reluctant to touch my breasts. Oh well, he will adjust. :). I am still me.

Fat Grafting 13 Feb

So my PS and I decided to try fat grafting only to see if it would help the distortion, but it did not. I am hesitant to go under the knife for muscle repair but I will consider all my options in another year. I am two weeks out and experiencing hard lumps. I only got 100 ccs in each beast and it was only put in the lower breast. I am not trying to go bigger, simply wanted the deformity taken care of.

More photos 27Feb

I am taping my lower areolas because there are two small needle marks. I removed the tape for a photo and the tape left a crease.

Just past one year

Nothing much has changed. Breast deformity still there when ever my pec muscles are used, however just started with myofascial massage to help with scar adhesions. All I can say is find clothes that make you feel pretty and love yourself. Unfortunately I cannot turn back time and stop myself from putting something in my body that left me worse off today than I was before, I can only go forward.

Distortion a year later

Breast distortion continues a year later. Most of the capsule was left in and the muscle was not reattached and today I have my second myofascia massage. Here is the ugly cost to our bodies from implants.

side views

Just showing the side view.
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