Restoring Breast Fullness After 3 Babies :) - Vancouver, BC

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Hi ladies! I've been a member of Realself since...

Hi ladies! I've been a member of Realself since April 2015 and have researched breast augmentation extensively for the past year and a half. Thanks to this site, I felt so informed and made a very educated decision to have breast implant surgery with Dr. Pugash on October 18 (3 days ago).

I felt compelled to begin a review because my situation is a little different than most reviews I've read, in that I had to travel 8 hours by car (with my husband and 3 little ones - aged 9, 5 and 2). My consult/pre op was on Monday the 17th (New West office), surgery the following day (False Creek Surgery Center) and post-op Thursday the 20th (ASC Surgery Center), which was also the day we travelled home. We stayed in a suite hotel downtown Vancouver for 4 nights total and made it home last night.

I'm hoping to document my experience, recovery and results as well as help others who are considering an out of town procedure. I am such a cautious person so this whole experience has been quite out of character for me (scheduling a surgery before even meeting my doctor for example).

I am 41 years old, 5'8", 125 pounds and decided to get breast augmentation to restore the fullness I once had before pregnancy and breastfeeding my 3 children. I used to be a very nice 32 C (or 30 D) but I breastfed for many years (7 years total) which really changed things. I received 375cc on my left breast and 400cc on my right (due to slight asymmetry), Mentor memory gel smooth round HP silicone implants. My hope is to be a small D but I'm predicting that I may end up larger than that.

So far, I am so impressed with the results! I have no "frankenboob" or loose skin on the lower breast. I fully expected this since this is what Dr. P said it would look like. During my post-op, he was impressed with how great they looked. :). They are very hard and heavy right now though.

I am currently living Day 3 post-op and my recovery so far hasn't been easy. No complications but I had a terrible reaction to the tramadol pain medication (extreme nausea/dizziness) so I've just been taking a Tylenol/Advil combination, along with icing the sore and swollen areas. I have to admit, I didn't expect to be in this much discomfort. Maybe a silly thing to say, since it is a surgery after all! I had 3 unmedicated natural births so I thought my pain tolerance may be pretty good, haha. :).

This was my first surgery ever (and first anesthesia experience too) so to say I was a nervous wreck would be an understatement for sure. I still feel embarrassed by all my tears the day of surgery (I even "ugly cried" in front of the young and very handsome anesthesiologist). Nerves, doubts, fear of regret, fear of dying, you name it. I would wish I could be excited like most ladies here, counting down the days until "booby day!" Instead, I approached the day doom-fully, like I had a date with an electric chair instead. Haha! Oh my. Well, I did live through it (and so will all of you, who are getting closer to your surgeries) and so far so good. Only positive thoughts now for a speedy recovery and no complications.

I am a very lucky woman who has a helpful and supportive husband. As I lay here typing this, laying on a heating pad with ice packs under my arms and sipping a soup, my husband is handling the circus show downstairs (which would be our children). ;).

So hello to everyone here! I am very thankful to be a part of a group of lovely and supportive women. I will update and upload pictures when I can, for those of you who are interested :)

Day 3 Post Op photos

Before Procedure photos

Before pictures. I sent these to Dr. Pugash's office prior to my arrival, to see if I would require a breast lift. He advised me that I was a good candidate for an augmentation alone. 7 years of breastfeeding 3 children took a toll of them, for sure.

Sensitive stomach

After my Tramadol (narcotic pain killer) nightmare, I believe that I have now reacted badly to the antibiotics that were prescribed to me (2 days worth to prevent invention after surgery). I had terrible cramps and diarrhea last night for hours. So strange that I'm at the complete opposite spectrum than most post-op ladies here who are constipated. I'm feeling a little better today. Just eating very light, sipping ginger tea and resting. I'm still so tired. I'm completely off of any pain medication now (no Tylenol or Ibuprofen) and started taking probiotics to stabilize my digestion system. I'd rather deal with the pain in my breasts than take any more pills. The road to healing is usually a little bumpy, right?

IV bruise (wrist to knuckle) and Day 5 update

Dr. P had a little chuckle and said how awesome it was that he created less bruising than the anesthesiologist. It was great to hear him laugh. :)

I'm feeling ok today. I have to say that this surgery kicked my ass a little. I'm still so tired and woozy feeling. Dizzy. My stomach is tender. 4 tramadol and 8 antibiotics messed it up. Maybe the general anesthetic is contributing to this lingering fatigue? The pain in my breasts isn't terrible, considering I don't take anything for pain now. I mainly feel pain at my incision sites under my breasts that either aches, stings or burns. The left breast is better than the right. Both breasts feel tight and heavy. I feel a tremendous amount of pressure when I stand up or sit up, if I'm laying down. My back hurts.

My husband took my 2 older children to the pool today and I've been caring for my 2 year old for the past 2 hours. It's so nice to care for her again but, boy, I'm exhausted. I think he'll have to take a few more days off of work, to help out.

Today is the day I am either supposed to take the waterproof dressing off or the day I start massaging. I can't remember which one! I guess that's what happens when your post op appointment is 2 days after surgery. I barely remember talking to him, haha.

Day 6 Post Op and unusual spot on left breast

I took my waterproof dressing off after my shower tonight and there is an unexplained skin flaw on the lower part of my left breast. To be honest, I noticed something there, under the tape, when I saw them for the first time after surgery but thought it was just on the tape itself...not actually on my skin. What the heck could it be?? It's smooth and reddish in color. Should I be worried?

A week today!

My husband went back to work today so it was back to being a full time Mommy of 3. It went surprisingly well! I'm so happy to care for them again. I think I can officially say that I feeling much better. Sore, of course, but not nearly as bad and my energy is increasing.

Dr P's office called and said that he feels that the mark on my breast in an abrasion of some kind and should fade in time. No explanation of what happened though, so not sure how I feel about that. I guess if it ends up going away and it isn't anything serious, I shouldn't be concerned about it.

I tried on my old nursing bra (first picture attached) and it's a perfect fit so I'm currently as big as I was when breastfeeding. The tag is faded but I believe this is a 30D. I also tried on a bathing suit (second pic). I despised this suit before because it has no padding to speak of. I still can't believe this is really happening! They also have a magical way of concealing my prementrual bloat beautifully! :)

16 day old boobies!

My new additions are feeling more and more a part of me....not as heavy or foreign object like. ;)

Pain wise, I wonder if I'm where I should be? I'm still quite sore, especially along the sides of my breasts, in the breast creases and along my upper ribs. I have some pretty intense incision pain from time to time, mainly when I'm trying to sleep. I find, if I turn slightly in bed, I'm struck with a shooting sharp pain where my incision is (like someone is stabbing me with a hot poker from a fire, would be the best way to describe it). ;).

My doctor gave me EXACTLY what I asked for. I wanted to be a full C - small D....a modest size. I simply wanted to get back what was lost during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'm a runner and quite active so I didn't want breasts to get in the way of that. Plus, I know larger implants could cause issues down the road (or so they say). I love that all my swimsuits and clothing still fit well, after the fact. I love that the change isn't so significant that it's obvious I had something done. All positive stuff.

Now, having said that, wouldn't you know...I'm now consumed with the thought, "Did I choose the right size? Should I have gone bigger?" Where this new concern came from is beyond me. After all, I knew exactly what I was hoping for and, bless Dr. Pugash, he delivered. I hope this unusual uncertainty passes soon. I wonder if we all fall victim to this so called boob greed?

5 weeks!

Things are going pretty well. I'm elated with my results and they really are feeling more and more like my own. :)

I was a good patient and wore my post surgery bra 24/7 until 4 weeks and, although I was instructed to get fitted immediately after at my local boutique, I took a break from all the compression for a few days and just wore a soft cotton sleep bra. My breast creases and lower breasts were so sore and hypersensitive that lightly touching those areas was almost unbearable. These areas are still tender and sensitive but I believe that it's improving.

I was fitted last Saturday and measured as a 32 DD. I purchased a full coverage Wacoal underwire sport bra and really like it. It's nowhere near sexy but comfortable and supportive. I sleep in it also. The girls at the store say that this is the bra that they recommend to all early post augmentation patients to sleep in to avoid migration. I can also see myself getting use out of it for my runs eventually. It's super supportive and surprisingly comfortable for an underwire bra, especially considering that I'm still experiencing discomfort.

My scars are looking really good, I would say. They are completely hidden in the crease. My left is barely right, a little more red and raised but hardly noticeable as well. My surgeon truly did an amazing job.

I'm definitely sleeping better and, although I'm not one of those women that are virtually pain free a month or so later, it's slowly getting less and less each day.

Happy New (Boobs) Year!! ;)

Hi ladies!! I hope you are all happy and well. I'm doing good! It's been 11 weeks since my surgery. Wow, almost 3 months! Thinking back on my operation, it feels like a dream. Like a big blur and, frankly, I still can't believe I did it.

Having said that, I'm glad I did! :). I'm loving my new breasts. They are so pretty and natural looking, in my opinion. I love the size and how full they are...very happy. They are soft and squishy now, which is great. In no way do they feel foreign anymore. Exactly what I hoped for.

Pain wise, I don't feel anything throughout the day but I'm still feeling some discomfort by my incisions, in certain positions while sleeping. It's likely due to my underwire bra (which I wear 24/7). I do wonder if I should be feeling pain at all, at this point. Being an out of town patient, I haven't had any follow up appointments so I think a quick phone call to Dr P's office would give me some peace of mind. Incisions look good. A little bumpy in areas but nothing concerning, I would say.

I started weight training again this week and so far so good. I was able to do my usual routine including some (modified) push ups but tricep dips and chest flys felt uncomfortable/weird so I didn't want to push it and left those out.

I love that all my clothing still fits the same (but look BETTER). I also love that it's not a dead giveaway that I've had anything done. Now I just have to work off all those shortbread cookies, butter tarts, nuts and bolts, Turtles, Baileys and countless other Christmas goodies I've ingested over the holidays. I think I'll always be a work in progress. ;)

More pics...

Bikini tops are all pretty darn snug but I think they still look ok? I almost gave them all away after I had my 3rd baby. Thanks to my surgery, I can have a little fun and pretend that I'm in my 20's again. ;)

16 weeks

Coming on 4 months post op! Things are great. Any lingering pain is almost non existent now. Breasts are soft and filling out wonderfully. Scars are smoothing out and the sensitivity on/around my incisions has greatly improved.

I gave Dr. P's office a call today since I haven't followed up with him since the surgery. Being an out of town patient, unfortunately I didn't have the luxury/advantage of any post op appointments yet. Thankfully I haven't had any concerns. Smooth sailing, all in all. I plan on seeing him again in the Spring. I'll fly to Vancouver for the day once this very snowy Winter passes.

I asked Simone about the dentist and what they suggested regarding the possible complication of bacteria related capsular contracture and she recommended no dentist visits until 6 months post op. So I rescheduled my cleaning for a later date.

I'm still wearing my underwire bra 24/7. It's not mandatory that I sleep in it but I just feel better doing so. I like the feeling of them being locked in and secure, as opposed to flip flopping around. ;)

I am continuing my daily massages and scar gel application. I will do anything and everything to properly care for my new and (very!) improved breasts. They have made me so happy and much more confident. I still get the odd thought of wishing that I went a little bigger but I put that thought to rest quickly. My outcome was exactly what I hoped it would be.
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pugash has an amazing reputation and for good reason. He is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon and made this whole process as simple as it can be. I appreciate his no nonsense, realistic approach. His consult consists of all the information you need to know. If you have questions somewhere in the middle of his speech, he will very likely answer them before you ask. As for the outcome of my surgery, it's only been 3 days but the results are amazing so far. How they look this good so early on is beyond me. I didn't mind the wait time at all (busy doctors are booked up for good reason) and the staff at all 3 facilities I visited were so helpful and friendly. I had to travel 8 hours for this surgery (which was not easy with 3 young children in tow) but it was a small sacrifice to pay for a top Doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Pugash if you're interested in breast augmentation surgery. Almost 30 years experience, a perfectionist, realistic and highly educated. He's the one you want.

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