Getting my Dream Boobs! 26 YO, No Kids, 4"11, 125 Lb - Vancouver, BC

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Well hello there. So far I am at the stage where...

Well hello there. So far I am at the stage where I have decided to seriously go inquire about breast augmentation, and possibly nipple inversion. I have two consultations booked with two different doctors to get some opinions and information regarding the surgeries. So when I was younger, a group of friends and I decided to get our nipples pierced. At the age 16, I found out that I had inverted nipples from the piercing technician. Well there isn't much I can do about that. Although last week I went to see my doctor to inform her that I am considering this procedure and for her to look at my nipples and give me her opinion. She said they are fine, they are actually really big, almost the size of my areola (?) if I understood her correctly. When I tried to tell her that they don't "poke" out and I don't have much sensation when stimulated or anything, she kind of passed me on. So that's some information but who knows, I feel like she was trying to talk me out of it. My thought process to date has been that, if I do have inverted nipples and will have trouble breast feeding (for kid(s) I may or may never have), am I going to let the future hold me back and keep me insecure. I've decided that I'd rather deal with this now, feel better and more confident about myself and deal with the breast feeding problem, IF I ever have children. And then there's the whole boob size. I am not flat, I do have some breast tissue which does fill a 34A/B - A on the right, B on the left. But I have some other medical problems which has resulted my rib cage being higher on one side than the other and it happens to be on the same side I have the bigger boob. My boobs are naturally uneven, as I think most ladies are but then I don't fill bras evenly and have a, what I believe to be, a noticeable size difference. I don't know what my "dream" size would be, I do not know how to explain that to someone. I think it'd be in the D range. I would like my boobs to be more perkier, so that when I look on the side my stomach does not protrude more than my boobs - that's a huge thing I am insecure about currently. And I would like them to drop a little bit. I like the idea of having a slope on the bottom of my boobs and currently I don't have that.

New thoughts and emotions

In the last few days I have done a couple things. I've been playing with rice sizers! This was at first so cking and scary. I filled then up with 1 cup, 1.5 cup and 2 cup rice. So far the best combination I like on me is 1 cup on my left and 1.5 on my right, but it is a bit too much. So I guess I'm interested in about 280-350 cc range.

I've also gone bra shipping. I ended up leaving super stressed. I found that I fill 34b's, and sometimes the c's. Or at least the bigger of my boobs does. Then I forgot my sizersand I was super lost in the c, d and dd bras. It was hard to tell how much of the sizer would fit.

Also I've found some wish boob pictures which I think have been useful to me to get an idea of what I like. Before I wasn't sure but the when I went through them I see patterns. I definitely like round boobs with a lower pole, not very full in the top. So that'll be something to share.

My first consult is this week, and the second doctor is in one month! I'm so nervous.

A few wish boobs

Had my first consultation - Dr Pugash

Today I had my first of two consultations with Dr Pugash in New Westminster. He was so sweet, very soft spoken and professional. I felt rather comfortable with him but it did all feel very routine from his end. He came into the room and said How can I help you today? Well, I want new boobs. He covered all the basics with me, as the types of implants, incisions and the risks of surgery and the procedure. I got to feel real implants! That was super cool - so I am totally going for silicone. He also seems to only do silicone and goes against saline unless necessary - FYI for others who are interested in him as a doctor. Feeling the saline was just too soft for my liking and felt cheap. In terms of incisions, he helped me realize I would be most interested in the inframammary incision. That's about as far as we got. We didn't get into the details of size or anything like that. He let me ask him questions, although when I looked at my phone I felt super silly. I asked him a few and then the rest seemed unimportant to that time.
I do have scoliosis and we spoke about that. He told me that his patients who also have scoliosis don't complain about the weight of the implants. Logically if one got super large implants then there's more weight to carry but it hasn't posed problems.
One thing he spoke with me was resulting cleavage. He did not say 'you have wide boobs' but he subtly got into the topic of cleavage and showed me images of other patients and how their results were based on how their boobs sit. Basically, if your boobs are close together then you will have more cleavage. I would not and he just wanted to make that known. I thought he brought this up and covered it very professionally and wasn't until later I realized why he broke it up - I have wide boobs :)
Then he sent me to the secretary who quickly gave me a brochure and told me the price. This was the most rushed and awkward part. Once I left I realized I wanted to ask about payments and financing, but I never got to that. I paid $100 for the consult today and it's the only visit I pay for - pre-op would not cost anything and it's deducted from the surgery cost. The total they quoted me for $8,500CAD. And he's booking 6 months in advance... so my April/May date is out of question but I am in no rush so this isn't a huge deterant.

2nd consultation - way better/ how do i share this news with family?

So I had my 2nd consultation this week with Dr Mosher in Langley. All over, from the first moment I called his office and talked to the surgical coordinator nurse I have really enjoyed my experience. For my consultation, the surgical nurse worked with me mostly so we chatted, then she did this scan/picture of my body which Dr Mosher used to show me what implants would look like. We talked size and I got to try the actual implant sizes with a bra and shirt. I thought that was awesome, made it seem very real. I forgot to write down the actual sizes, but it was something in the range of 255-310 cc I think. I need two different sizes because of my asymmetry but I originally thought I'd need around 375-300 cc so I was in the ball park.
I'm totally excited and after meeting both, I personally feel more comfortable with Dr Mosher. He was very likeable, not arrogant and honest. I could tell he was experienced with doing this hundreds of times and he just seemed like a good fit for a surgeon, for me. I'll let him cut me up and make me better, I trusted him very quickly. We talked a lot about my scoliosis as well as how bodies respond in the future (weight gain and/or pregnancy) and his answers made me feel more comfortable with this decision.
So.... next steps: tell my mother and book the surgery date. Does anyone have any tips on how they brought this up with their family? I touched the topic and I know my mom's against something like this, I hope she can take some time to think that it's my body and she can support me in doing this.
As for surgery dates, I was told a few that work for Dr Mosher but I need to call back and ask once again. I'm looking into the month of June or August. I hope they had days that work in that month.

Broke the news

Well the hardest part of making this decision for me was telling my mother and getting her to support me through this. Yesterday we had a soft moment and I brought it up. I've been excited to share the progress and I want to talk to her about my fears and stress as it comes up. She didn't yell which I thought she would and instead she actually gave me good advice. She did say she can't tell me what to do because im an adult now and it's my body and that will support me even if she doesn't agree. That was exactly what I needed and wanted to hear.
Tomorrow Chrissy is suppose to call me and I am going to aak how to get the deposit to her and book a surgery date!! Sooo exciting ????????

Pictures from my consultation with Dr Mosher

They let me try on implants in the clinic and these are a few pictures i took

Booked my surgery date and financial stress

I booked my surgery date last week. I didn't update because immediately after I did it, I freaked out that I just committed.. Mostly freaked out about the financials. And lately it's not been great with money so it's not helping my stress.
i have 3 options. I can either do it, pay a shit ton of interest, or move the date except there is so much unknown in my life that it's hard to forecast my future or third, loose the deposit money, start saving from scratch again and do this at a more stable point in my life.
All of these options suck grr

Decided I need more time

So I had booked my surgery for June 30. The moment I did that, I panicked. What did I just do! All or my stress is financial, because there's no doubt or changing my mind about the actual surgery. So after a few weeks I still felt it was too soon for me. I'll feel better if I save up money for another 6 months. So that's what I did, I rescheduled for November 10. And now I'm totally excited! Hopefully I'll be finished school by then so it'll be a present for myself ????
Dr. Mosher

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