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This first post is lengthy.. I'm sorry :P haha My...

This first post is lengthy.. I'm sorry :P haha

My story is no different than the rest of most I've read on here. I was the first girl in my 5th grade class to start developing breasts, and thus, the first to start wearing training bras. Eventually, the rest of the girls caught up, but then they all moved on while I sort...stayed the same. I've been 5'1" since I was about 12 (and I'm going to be 22 this November), and currently weigh 129lbs (which is the most I've ever weighed; I have been working out to drop another 10 pounds, which is my usual weight). I've been a 32A for about as long as I can remember.. I think they MIGHT have grown a teensy bit in the last 6 months, but not by much, and it barely shows. The problem is that I've never felt that my breasts were proportionate to my body. I've always had a more muscular looking body; for example, I've never had a perfectly flat stomach. My ribs tend to stick out a bit, so my stomach looks like it does a bit of a wave thing, and since my boobs are about as far out as my ribs (maybe a bit bigger), it looks weird to me. I also have always had a bit of a bigger butt, so I've always felt that slightly bigger boobs would even out my body overall and make me look more proportionate.

I have always had depression and anxiety, but I've never disliked myself. I think I'm a pretty girl - although I have my days, who doesn't? - and I know I'm talented in the things I'm passionate about. Still, I have always disliked two things about my body: my nose and my breasts. I underwent rhinoplasty earlier this year, which turned out wonderfully (very subtle changes, and no one other than the few I've told have noticed). After going through with it, and seeing how much happier I am with my nose now, it gave me more confidence to perhaps go through with a BA.

I actually had discussed wanting a BA with my parents before I ever broached the topic of rhinoplasty, and both were supportive about it. My mom was hesitant at first but she knows me and when she saw how much research I'd been doing for over a year, she grew more comfortable with the idea. My husband has also been in on the conversation since I decided I actually was heavily considering going through with it (I'd entertained the idea since I was about 14 but never actually considered doing it until a couple of years ago). I'm lucky in that he is supportive of whatever I want to do that will make myself happy; he knows I'm doing it for ME and no one else (clearly I'm not doing it to get attention from other guys, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten married), and I know that he loves my body as it is right now. He tells me constantly how I'm beautiful the way I am, but he also sees how much I'm considering this, so he jokingly said, "Well, you know I love your boobs the way they are, but I guess I wouldn't be opposed to you with bigger boobs either! As long as I can play with them!" LOL Men are so silly. Honestly though, he's a great sounding board whenever I need to discuss my confusion on the matter. He listens to my concerns and discusses both the benefits and the consequences with me. I appreciate that.

My main concerns obviously include the usual... scares of CC, blah blah blah... but I'm more so nervous about the stories I read where women get implants, only to get symptoms and become diagnosed with autoimmune diseases like Fibromyalgia. Then when they get the implants explanted, BAM! The majority of their symptoms disappear. Of course, no surgeon will tell you, "Yeah, there's a chance it had to do with the implants." They'll all tell you that they had nothing to do with it, and studies haven't linked the two, etc. But c'mon.. Anyways, this is probably my biggest worry, but then, on the other hand, I think: the chances of that is slim; you're more likely not to get it, so do you really want to NOT go through with it over something that probably won't happen? Furthermore, they use the same stuff that's in the implants in knee cap implants and heart valves, and they don't seem to cause problems. I spoke to a doctor and they told me that a lot of people who get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, for example, have had it already, laying dormant inside them, for months or years, and that it can spring its head at any time. But just because they get it one day doesn't mean they didn't have it for years already, just inactive. That made me feel a bit better. I don't know, it's still something that I'm unsure about, and probably the only thing that has me feeling unsure. As it stands, and as it's pretty much always stood, I'm about 90% sure I want to go through with it, but that 10% of me always focuses on what I just mentioned, too.

In terms of what I want, I want a small C, MAYBE a medium sized C. I want any measure taken to ensure that, if I go through with it, my results will be as natural-looking as possible. Even if that means going with low profiles. I have two appointments for consultations on November 6th - one with Dr. Eric Pugash and one with Dr. Mathew Mosher. I'm excited for both; I'll get to try on sizers, and at Dr. Mosher's, they'll also produce a 3D image of before and afters (for an idea). I don't plan on getting the procedure until I can afford it in cash, as the rhinoplasty had put a huge dent in my credit card and I only JUST paid it all off.

A question I have for anyone on here, is do you - or anyone you know - have implants for more than 10 years without developing any unhealthy symptoms or autoimmune diseases? Has anyone here had their implants for many years and are still just as happy with them as they were when they got them?
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