5"3 400cc HP Silicone Under the Muscle Crease Incision

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Hello everyone here are my stats: 5''3 100...

Hello everyone here are my stats:
100 pounds

Preop: 32 B
400cc HP silicone, under the muscle crease incision

Decided to make an account as i found this site to be really helpful.

Im currently 1 week post op. Recovery went well first three days were rough. But at 1 week, moving is a lot easier. Boobs are still pretty high up and hard, saw my PS two days ago and he showed me some massages I can start doing. I'm currently experiencing some boobie blues. Before my surgery i thought of going for a full C then after tons of research and trying sizers on I definitely wanted to go bigger. During my consultation told my PS i liked the look of 350cc and he says since you lose 25cc's going under he goes one size up. So we agreed on 375. Everyone always says go bigger because you no one ever complains they went too big. I ended up switching to 400cc as that was also the max my PS would go. I know the difference between 375 and 400 isnt much, but now i feel i may have gone too big since i am petite. And im also freaking out of "bottoming out" Maybe im overthinking this since i do have two months before they drop and fluff and settle. Any ladies know what im talking about or experience the same thing? Or have similar stats as me? Thank you!

2 week update

After a few days, I feel so much better about my size. They look so much better. Swelling has gone down a lot and no more morning boob, yay! My only concern and I know its way too early in my recovery, but my left boob is sitting higher than the right. Also the right boob is more rounded. I was freaking out last night and thought this was early signs of complications. But after calling my PS office and reading about girls on here, it is way too early to be worried. The breasts heal at different paces, its jsut really annoying. Its like my left breast is two days slower than the right. I just want it to catch up and for them to look more natural! Just going to keep up wth my massages. will also try posting weekly updates on here.

One Month Post op 400 cc Silicone

Haven't updated this much, so I thought I would at 1 month (a little bit over actually)

Breasts have definitely gotten softer. My left is still sitting a bit higher than the right. The right appears to be more round as well. Any ladies out there going through or went through the same thing during their recovery? I hope they even out soon and this is all completely normal. Still doing my massages and got the green light to finally wear a bra.

6 weeks post-op

Reached the 6 week mark. Left is still higher than right. Boobs getting squishier everyday. Any ladies experience one breast higher than the other at around 6 weeks post op? Right breast is also more rounded and more full on the bottom.

Compression Bra at 7 weeks

So I'm about two reach my 2 month post. Had a post op appointment and was given a compression bra for my left boob. Sucks because I have to wear it in a pretty awkward way where the left side is being pushed down and I need to keep it on 24/7! I really hope they even out soon, im getting frustrated and annoyed every time I see it. Tad pissed off too that I only got to see my PS for literally 10 minutes and was quickly rushed out the door, seems as though they had overbooked or something because they looked so frazzled at reception. So my appointment was kind of a bummer, I dont feel reassured at all about my recovery. Crossing my fingers that this band is gonna help me out.

Any ladies have experience with wearing a compression bra?

10 week update

I'm at 10 weeks, woohoo! I have to say even though wearing the compression band sucks it has done wonders, plus it hasnt even been that long! I can def tell my left side is catching up and my boobs are looking more and more even! I see my PS again in a little over a week from now, so hopefully they'll be symmetrical (or atleast close to it) by then! I took some pics but theyre not the best quality/ lighting but you can see theyre looking much more even. They say to wait a full 6 months to see the complete end result. So I am really hopeful.

They actually feel a part of me now, they have felt pretty foreign up until a couple days ago, I love them! So far my recovery has been good, I get some crazy nipple sensitivity at random times during the day but nothing to worry about. And I had some pretty sharp pain on the bottom of my left breast one night but it went away the following morning, i did a quick search and saw that it's a pretty common experience during the recovery from a BA. Other than that they are also a lot softer, the dropping and fluffing process has made them look a lot more natural. Incisions are healing well. Still gotta massage them and wear my band but no complaints. If any ladies out there are frustrated with asymmetry and are early in your recovery dont fret, be patient, keep communicating with your PS and feel free to message me! Ill try my best to give you advice from my experience : D

10 weeks post-op

Result of wearing a compression band

3 Month Post-op

Crazy to think it's been 3 months since my surgery, 2 years since planning to go through with it and I would say 6 - 7 years since I've thought about getting implants.

I had my appointment with my PS this past week and my left is still pretty high and stubborn, he instructed to massage that side downwards and he gave me a new compression band to keep wearing 24/7 in the figure 8. I see him again in my 4 month post -op. My appointment was a bit rushed but there doesnt seem to be anything of major concern. And to be honest if slight asymmetry is the "worst" that could happen, I'll take it. I didn't have perfectly identical boobs before and having implants will tend to amplify that but in the grand scheme of things it really is not a big deal. I'll just have to keep following my PS instructions and I'm pretty optimistic they will settle in just fine given time. Everybody is different, I've heard some girls/ women continue to see changes up until 1 year post-op. Maybe I fall into that category, I did choose a larger implant and didn't have very much to start with.

Hope everyone on here is doing and feeling well!
I will post pics, also sidenote I wear the same bra because I wanted to see progression by keeping my bra non padded and the same through my photos.

5 month post op

Haven't updated in ages! I got an email about Realself being breached and I freaked out and deleted all my photos immediately and changed my password. I will reupload them soon.

I'm currently 5 months post op. Still doing super well. No complications whatsoever. I see my PS in a few days.

Boobs have dropped and evened out more since my last update. And I absolutely love them! I feel so much more confident and clothes fit more flattering on me. Hope everyone else is doing well too on here. Happy New Year everybody (I know so late, I'm posting this in February! aha)

Capsular Contracture

So I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to share this but as you can see from the title of this post I got some not so good news. If you have read my previous posts my left side has always been stubborn and was sitting higher than my right. Currently I am at 5 months post op and during my last visit my PS says that this is probably due to Capsular Contracture on my left breast. Now I had asymmetry before my BA so I was pretty shocked that he told me I had CC, I thought that my left side needed more time to catch up, I am also not in any pain and both my breasts are soft so it did not occur to me that I had CC.

I'm pretty overwhelmed/ sad/ upset because as many of you here can imagine this totally sucks. I am at a loss right now. He explained to me that he can perform a revision where he would remove and replace my left implant. I did explain that I would prefer to wait. At this moment in time, I'm not financially ready to spend more money or emotionally ready to go through surgery again and so soon.

I have been reading a bit on CC and having a revision does not guarantee it won't happen again. CC is actually more common to occur during revision surgery rather than primary surgery. I'm very scared of what will happen in a few months from now if I will start feeling pain or if my breast will change in shape and become distorted. I will have no choice but to have a revision done by then. I understand CC is primarily an aesthetic issue but of course there's no way to predict if things will stay the same or get worse and when more complications can arise.

Since I am holding off on another surgery, any ladies reading who have had CC and delayed treatment/ surgery how was your experience? Or if anyone has any advice for me I would appreciate it.

Wanted to share this for anyone out there who may be going through something similar, you're not alone!

Mini update

Heres a mini update my PS doesn't think meds will be of any benefit at this stage. He does suggest I keep massaging. Which is what Ive been doing, will see him again in a couple months I believe I will be at 9 months post by then. Left is still higher but again no discomfort or hardness.
Dr Eric Pugash

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