33 Yr Old Mother of 4 Breastfed Kids. 5'7", 128 Lbs - Vancouver, BC

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I am so thrilled to be getting this done. I have a...

I am so thrilled to be getting this done. I have a small frame with cup size A breasts. I have had 4 kids, and breastfed all 4 of them for about a year each. The largest I became while breastfeeding was a full C.

My breasts are basically empty A's now, and the nipples are a bit droopy. Apparently this will be fixed when an implant "fills them back up".

I am seeing Dr.Pugash on March 10 for the procedure. I have chosen to get 450cc's, high profile round silicone implants.

I first saw Dr.Pugash three months ago for a consultation. I was fortunate to get in quite quickly. I was then able to get a surgery date quite quickly too, which is why this has been a bit of a whirlwind for me.

I am getting an elective mammogram on Feb 10 for my own peace of mind. I have a family history, and want to make sure all is clear before heading in. I have no reason to suspect anything other than a clear result, so I feel good.

I will update photos after the procedure!

Posted photos of when I was breastfeeding to show size of 34C

This is just for reference in terms of what I did look like at one point while breastfeeding, and then to compare to what I look like now. I am hoping to be bigger than this, although this is a nice size. I just want more "oomphf".

I sent these to my doctor yesterday to confirm that what we are doing - 450cchp, will achieve a bigger but comparable look to this. Or else I might have to ask about 500cc's??

Final week. A bit sad?

I have exactly one week today before I go under the knife.

Some parts of me feel sad, like I'm not respecting the journey my breasts and I have gone though to make them what they are now. (Deflated-ish) after 4 kids.

I feel like anytime I shower or put on a bra, I give them a little squeeze to let them know I love them no matter what... Am I crazy? I just feel like I am betraying my girls!

Anyway I will feel amazing once this procedure is complete and will be happy I went through with it. Just feeling final week jitters and second thoughts about going through all this, but no second thoughts about proceeding. I feel good about my choice in doing this BA.

Anyone else go through this?

Betty & Veronica have arrived!

450cc under muscle hp. Feel pressure but not much in the way of pain yet. Got out an hour ago. Home now.

Day 1 post op morning

My first night wasn't so bad! I have only taken x3 Advil regular strength. (600ml)
I went to sleep at 9, woke at 1am to go pee, back to sleep till 3 to move slightly as my back felt achy. Slept till 5 when I felt some discomfort, so I took my x3 Advil again. Slept till 6:30 when my 2 year old decided to wake up. My husband put him back to bed.

Today my right feels more sore in the incision area than the left. But I recall Dr. Pugash saying that my left was a bit higher than my right and would try to make them as perfect as possible. So I assume he had to make some adjustments. Hence the discomfort more on that side.

I have to admit I was nervous to open my post op bra. Luckily it wasn't too bad!

I don't think they look that big, but perhaps it will look nicer when things d&f. I've read enough of everyone's postings to know this to be true.

I have posted some photos to show them riding high and slightly square. Still a bit tight to breathe deep, but way better than 4 hrs after surgery.

Day 2 post op

So! I slept so much better last night. Night #2. I slept from 10-6:30. Felt very rested and grateful.

My right incision has been bothering me. It's been sensitive with the bra and has had a burning / hot poker feeling that has been annoying. Not crazy, but annoying and uncomfortable when getting tired at night.

I had my first body shower today at 8am. Forget the hair; it's been in a top knot since surgery. It can wait. For gawdsake it can wait. Lol. Shower felt fantastic. Was hesitant to get the girls wet but it was worth it. Heat felt good!

My right incision pain has been reduced since the shower! (Wtf?) Let's see how long it lasts. I have more movement on my right side too!

My left side is amazing. I am almost back to feeling normal there. It is my right side that has been slow to catch up. My range of motion on the left is normal and pain free. Arms up down etc. Pits great.

Right is almost there too since the shower. I just have to be careful of the incision pain that flares up. Right pit still tender in areas lower.

Even not on painkillers I still can't go poop. Lots of gurgles and sounds in my abdomen, some bloating, but nobody is trying to make an exit down there. Staring at my restoralax...

So far I am excited about how things will settle!


Does anyone have any advice on when the boobs stop looking like snoopy? Mine are day 4 post op and are a little lower now, but the implants are high and the nipples are still low compared to where the implants are at present.

They are also stiff and won't squeeze together.

Any advice on realistic expectations would be great. Just wondering when they will feel softer.

Day 4 post-op 450cc

Starting to notice little differences between the left and right. My left (on your right in photos) seems to be dropping a fraction faster than the other. It is also my more sore side.

Day 5 post op breastfeed photo comparisons

Felt good enough to let underwire touch my incision sites this morning!

I decided to try on my nursing bras as I was hoping to be fuller than my breastfeeding size in this journey. I think that I have surpassed my former size?? These are cheapish bras I grabbed from Motherhood Maternity while nursing my 4th in 2014/15. Not sure how they compare size wise to other or European bras but they are 34D at Motherhood.

When things drop and fluff, do you ladies find that you are larger in the cups? Or smaller?

1 week post op!

Today I go to my one week post op check in with Dr. Pugash at the ASC surgical Ctr in downtown Vancouver. It is a short 10 min drive away so I will drive myself. Driving isn't amazing yet because of peck muscles being used while turning the wheel. He will be taking off my bandages and assessing.

So far, today has been the first and only time that I have been able to squeeze my boobs together even remotely. I am so glad to see some "realism" coming out from them! Little by little they are starting to become soft.

So funny; Dr.P's son just graduated from the same school my son just entered into. He laughed and smiled. He IS human!! I knew it. ;P

10 days post op

I have been doing massages for 3 days now and wow what a difference in terms of softness! I'm still riding high and look forward to two months from now. So much upper pole! I can't wait for them to drop. I find it funny how they can seem so big but also photograph so small.

10 days post op photos

10 days post op photos (2nd try)

Ok. Worried.

Hey ladies any help would be much appreciated.

I'm starting to become worried about my implants being under the muscle.

If I want cleavege, I have to grab my right boob with my left hand and grab my left boob with my right hand. (Holding in a way that my pec muscles are not in use.)

If I try getting cleavege by just trying to squeeze them with pushing my shoulders together leaning forward a bit, like I could with my breastfeeding boobs - lots of squish this way - I get resistance because my pec muscles are working.

If I open a door my pec flexes. So my implant moves.

I just wanted boobs that have squish and cleavage that doesn't move if I am using my pecs!!!!! God I haven't even started working on yet.

Does anyone with Implants under the muscle know whether this is just because I am only 3 weeks post op and it will change? Or is this going to continue because it is under the muscle?

Help. So sad.

3 weeks po

So I have had some struggles with the pec muscles this week. It's really a mental issue, lol. As I am sure my boobs are performing just fine. Thanks to some lovely ladies calming my concerns, I feel better. I had been worried about my muscles flexing and prohibiting my ability to get cleavege. I will be more patient!


I've made it! I've made it!!!

I definitely notice a lot lot lot more softness. Even a little bit of bounce?? Wow. At this time I do notice that my left is dropping more than my right and the photos will show that.

I go tomorrow for my first fitting at Diane's lingerie in south Granville. Looking forward to meeting Monica.

My scars are a lot less sensitive now, and the scabs are mostly gone. They feel like hard gristle. Apparently tomorrow I can begin my scar treatment cream!

I sleep well and find myself on my side or back.

No pain anymore really with incisions. I did have a larger "zinger" in my left breast yesterday. I assumed it is nerve regeneration. My left is dropping faster which would explain it. It isn't a big deal in terms of pain. Just discomfort for a few seconds. Like a little hot poker.

Loving that I have boobs now! They are a good discrete size for me. Would have gone 500cc but wasn't allowed due to my tissues after four kids. But happy nonetheless! I'm now 34 with boobs. Finally! Happy present to me.

(Again I apologize for poor lighting in my 1920's soon to be reno'd bathroom)


It's funny how boobs look larger or smaller depending on the top.

Great sports bra by underarmour!

Mine is a size 34c, and fits great!!

8 week update

So! It's been 8 weeks now and I feel pretty great. A few twinges here and there due to nerve regeneration and slight morning boob but otherwise great! My scars are not as, well, chunky?? Happy about that. They seem lighter and thinner. I noticed about a week and a half ago my right finally dropped to catch up to my left. I still seem to be a bit higher on my right and am looking forward to it dropping a bit more. They are also a LOT softer! That really made me happy. I can squish them together! Yay! Small victory. I do wish they were bigger but it was explained to me that my skin would be compromised. I don't want to redo this in a few years so I agree with my doctor choice. All in all, very happy. So much better than before and I can't wait till the 3 month mark!

Stich site pain

I have pain in my left stitch site area. Has anyone else experienced this? If I lift my arm or exert effort on my left side. Like a burning pulling feeling.

5 months

It's amazing how quickly you can forget that you ever had this procedure! I feel completely normal. I had a massage and my boobs we not an issue. I get elbowed in the boob by my kids accidentally and it isn't a near death experience. Life seems pretty good!

In terms of how they feel, they are much softer. They bounce more normally and the cleavage is more natural. They hang much more naturally which I am grateful for.

The scars are the only place that I feel is the slowest to improve. They are still a bit tough and tug somewhat but only if I touch them. I don't feel them otherwise.

From time to time I feel a nerve twinge but it isn't uncomfortable.

I had my 5 month checkup and my doctor is thrilled. So am I! He wants me to book a 9 month post op mammogram to use as a baseline. I think this is so smart ladies! I had a mammogram done before the implants to ensure all is clear. It was. Now that they are in, it's important to get another baseline so that IF something changes in your photo, you will know right away based on your original screening.

I will update again in a few months!

Two bras I love

These are two great "volume" bras I bought for date nights with my husband. They are not cheap but are very comfortable! I love comfort.
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Very professional. He knows what he is doing, and makes you feel comfortable about the procedure. Not the warmest of consultations, but I am looking at his artwork essentially as a plastic surgeon. And from what I have researched, he is the best. I come from a family of doctors, and a curt or cushy bedside manner is no reflection of the level of care or skill. Very excited!

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