500cc's, High Profile, Natrelle Silicone: 33yr Old.Partial Under Muscle, Partial Sub Glandular: 123lbs:) BEFORE & AFTERS Finally

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3 days post op, lots of pain still; went 500cc's...

3 days post op, lots of pain still; went 500cc's undermuscle, high profile, Natrelle Silicone. The pain has been tolerable with medicine but the worst part of all of this was the after effect of the antibiotics given prior to surgery. My whole upper body & face is covered in a bright red rash & my entire face is covered in pin dot sized pustules. Im taking Tetracycline as well now to fight this. The only place on my body where the rash hasn't migrated are my arms and lower back.

5Days Post Op

Feeling much much better. Rash has almost entirely cleared from my face. The rest of the rash has diminished but is still there. Haven't taken any pain medicine for almost an entire day as well so I think the worst is behind me. My right breast has become slightly red around my nipple. There is no heat, itch or pain, but my PS has placed me on an antibiotic just in case. I can't wait to be free of all of the medicine I'm taking....sigh....will be seeing my PS this afternoon and will find out exactly what the redness is all about and will also be told if I can start my massage today which I'm very much wanting to do. I feel like I've already softened to some degree but definitely have the "boxy" feeling up top. When my arms are lifted, the implants have a lovely rounded look(wish they'd stay that way when I dropped the arms;) will keep posted on the days events!!!

First Pics

33 Year Young Mama of 1...5 Days PostOp:)

I have wanted this surgery for over 10 yrs. I'm 5'1, 127lbs; curvy & fit:) I've lost over 100lbs and really wanted this as a treat for all my hard work;) hehe...
I had 500cc's under-muscle, crease incision, smooth Natrelle Silicone implants put in on Jan 24/14. The 1st night was extremely painful for me & I was taking T3's every 3-4hrs. I slept sitting up & had 72 hrs of consistent assistance(thank heavens for an AMAZING boyfriend) :)
I am on day 5 of healing and can say today is the 1st day I've felt "normal".
I had an allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics given pre-op and am still covered from head to toe in a rash. The 1st 2 days, the rash was super red, raised, lumpy and itchy. I am now taking Tetracycline which seems to be finally working.
I noticed 3 days in, redness around majority of my right breast. I am going into see my PS this afternoon to make sure I'm ok but she put me on Clindamycin immediately for possible infection. I have no fever, no oozing chills etc but am taking the medicine regardless.
So here is a list of what is currently coursing thru my body:
Clindamycin(for infection)
Tetracycline(for rash/skin infection)
Gravol(all the Meds have me feeling sick to my stomach)
Benadryl(for the rash:doesn't seem to do much)
Clonazepam(for anxiety:been taking for one year)
T3's(the pain has decreased dramatically over the past 24hrs and I haven't taken one in almost a full day:)
My breasts are still very stiff and full up top and somewhat boxy(up top as well)...my PS is having me start massage this evening which I'm looking forward to as I really wanna soften these baby's up:)
Although I'm puffy and swollen, I still am so so happy I had this surgery. Honestly, the hardest part on all of this, is not being able to go to the Gym, but I intend on walking the track every single day on the 2 week mark of my post op. I put tons of work into the gym, especially focused on weight training and went into surgery with a strong chest, arms & body:)
I'm taking pictures daily and hope to put an album on here ASAP;)

Day 7 PostOp

2 days into massage, am surprised at how high and "boxy" I'm remaining up top!

Day 8 Post Op

I can happily report I am officially RASH FREE! Just had another appt with my PS this morning. She is extremely pleased with how I have progressed over the past several days. My swelling has decreased tons. I have lost all Post Bloat in my tummy and face:) my massages are going good....awkward first time around, but now They are easy and comfortable. The nice part is how much softer and relaxed my breasts feel afterwards. I've been told to use the prescribed ointment on my right nipple for another 48hrs, hence the shiny boob in the pics I'm about to post;)
I am so so happy I had this surgery & know I'm only going to love them more as each day passes and my breast settle more:)

Day 9 Post Op Pics(Clothing Try On Time:) !!!!:)

I'm posting these for those wanting to know what 500cc's looks like under clothing, 9days after surgery. All pics but the 1's in the long sleeve blue top are bra-less

Noticing Left Breast is not "filling in" quite as much as my right:(

I know I'm only 9 days post op, 4 days into massage, but I am already noticing slight change from my left to right breast. Both upper poles are full but have definitely softened to a degree. My tightness is also easing. I am however noticing that just above nipple down on my left breast still feels un-full whereas my right feels perfectly soft and full. Hoping this evens out soon with continued massage and my "dropping" process!!!

10 Days Post Op

Soft Sports Bra while Post Surgical Bra in the wash is BLISS??????


My breasts are finally starting to look like " My breasts!!!"
Today was the most notable softness I have seen and felt:)
My upper polls have lost that feeling of them "sticking" to my chest muscles: I feel like they're letting go a bit;)
I was a bad bad girl last night and spent 2 hours in a bra less, fitted halter dress( my breasts didn't even move as it had really great holding and support) and I put my post surgical bra on as soon as I got home;)
I wanted to feel sexy and beautiful for datenight with my honey and he was Blown Away by my look????
Posting a cpl pics I took today. I'm currently alternating between (mainly) my post surgical bra & 2 full support sports bra:) hope everyone is well!!!:) xxox

Post Op Day 15??

Had a Bikini Top photoshoot this morning before tackling my day???? have a before and after for you????

Bikini Top & a Few shots of 1 of 3 new Sports Bras Nought today????

Had a great Start to my day, lots accomplished around the house, a nice lunch out with family, followed by an afternoon of shopping....COMPLETELY exhausted when I got home....Hope you enjoy!:)

16 Days Post Op

A few more shots to show how I'm progressing....sigh....not dropping as quickly as I'd like but I'm just over 2 weeks in...just want them soft is all;) Hope everyone is well!??

Day 17 Post Op:)

New pics:) slowly but surely dropping(I think;)
Have an appt with my PS 2morrow evening so will keep everyone posted on how she thinks I'm progressing:) xxox

Post Op Day 20....cpl pound lost

Dropping so do nicely now ??

22 Days Post Op??

Every single day I am feeling softer and softer breasts!!!:) I did a TON of housecleaning/laundry etc today and am feeling a touch sore in the chest so am wrapped up in blankets right now, sippin' on a mango cider:) yummm???? hope all my lovely ladies out there are doing well!!! Xxoxoxxxx

Post Op Day #33

It's ofcourse so hard to tell but the difference in the feeling of my breasts is tremendous:) my boyfriend has been doing my massages at nighttime for the past few days until I fall asleep & he has noticed how nice and soft and supple they are. They are starting to finally full out they the bottom and I was measured for bras the other day & as of now, I am a 32 DD:)
I wonder I wonder if they will stay this size....go bigger perhaps? Smaller?(hope not!)
I am missing the gym so much it hurts....have gone tanning a couple of times(scars completely taped ofcourse) and have felt sooooo great afterwards:)
I really really wish I could have accommodated another 100cc's. I'm so envious of women who get 700's etc but my PS simply stated that I could not have gone even 50cc's bigger without having a perma uni-boob:(....sigh....ahhh well, I'm thinking when I'm back at the gym and get my physique back again, my breasts will look larger;)
Hope all of my lovely ladies are doing well & a special hug and shoutout to my pretty girl Kim who just had her lovely boobies done this past Fri! She looks AMAZING!!!:) xxoxox

A Collage of my "Day of Surgery" Breasts.....All the Way to my "33 Day Post Op Breasts":)

I keep thinking my breasts are not dropping.......until today......Until I took my pics today.....I finally truly understand why people take pictures nearly everyday of their new tata's......The difference in comparing makes you happy you did!!!:)

Day 34 Post Op

Just a couple of new shots in 1 of my new dresses;)
I am now alternating between sports bras & regular(non underwired) but very supportive bras. I've bought a cream and black low plunge front closure bra & love them both!!:)

Post Op Day #43

It feels like forever since I've been on here and am wondering how all of my lovely ladies are????? Details please!!!!:)
I'm doing well, enjoying my new breasts like a new sports car I just can't get enough of;) I've ALWAYS loved shopping but it's been taken to a new level with the addition of my tata's:)
It's been 6 weeks since surgery & I've been given the go to wear push-up, padded & underwired bras.....here's the crazy part: I DONT LIKE THEM anymore!!!!
I've tried on a ton of beautiful pushes, cleavage popping, mega booby bras & I don't like the look or feel of any of them! Has anyone else felt this? I like the sexy but none padded low plunge bras best:)

Yes, I am still relatively fresh from surgery so technically, I may change my mind as my breasts continue to evolve over the next several months into their "final phase" ;) hahahaha!

So only 2 things r bothering me so far: 1. My right is dropping slower than my left:(
2. I still have the feeling of a slight "indent" in my left exterior side of my breast. You can't tell in most pics but if I get the right angle, it can definitely be seen and I dislike that it's not a smooth surface all the way down like my right breast:(
I see my PS again on Tue 4 follow up, hoping she has some suggestions 4 this:)

My apologies for not posting pics, I've been terrible I know, life has just been throwing me some curveballs and I'm making sure I'm handling all of it properly:) ( all good but long story) :)
Here's a few....I made a pic of 2 shots of the left so you can see the indent & how it's smoother & rounder when pressed on;)
I will have more tomorrow:)

Much love to all my RealSelf friends:)

Post Op Day #46

I am FINALLY posting before's & post 46 days:)
I had a visit with my PS 2nite & she is absolutely delighted:) as am I :)!!!!
A few members wanted to know my pre-measurements as well so I got those from her too:
Sternal notch to nipple distance: 24cm
Breast width: 13.4cm
Fold to nipple: 8cm
Nipple aereola size: 5.5-6 cm
These before and afters blew my mind!!!:) sending much love to all my Gorgeous Ladies! Xxoxo

Nearly 2 months post op:)

Very very pleased with how far my breasts have come along:) I'm back at the gym, doing normal everyday lifting, etc & couldn't be any happier:) just posting a cpl new pics I just took this morning in my office(yes I am working solo today) he he:)

The Glorious "Drop" Progression

I LOVE these breasts more each day:) they have made me feel sexy & lovely all over again:)
Here is a 2 months in, 4 pic collage of the gradual "drop & fluff"
I know they are going to continue to get softer and drop more.....BUT I want them to stay just like this!!! Haha! Go away gravity!:p hehe;)


I am freaking out today and can't stop crying. My implants are not sitting as nice as they were, even a few days ago.....I feel like I am bottoming out, especially on my right side, but don't know for certain & my PS is out of town. My right breast has what looks like a crease that is pushing it "outward" to the outside. My scars are definitely above the crease line and I am literally losing my mind:( ANY WORDS LADIES??????:( :(

Worries about Bottoming Out Subsiding

I literally spent all of yesterday in a state if panic.....all because I thought I was starting to bottom out... Firstly, Thankyou to all of my incredible ladies on here who offered such incredible support & advice...xxxoxx.....

I went to La Senza today to buy bras that could "hold & support" the weight of my breasts.....

I bought 2 bras, but was told that they didn't have the size I should be wearing & that I might be best off going to a specialty store.

I bought 2 32DD bras & they feel really good in terms of holding me up and in properly.... The salesperson told me I needed a DDD or possible E cup bra, but they did not have that size:(....I tried 34DD but even on the tightest clasps, I didn't feel enough support..... I plan on going to a specialty store for correct sizing in the next cpl of weeks

4 Month Review

I am so sorry it's been so Long ladies!!!!! My breasts have settled and I am very very happy with my results; especially since I had such terrible a-symmetry before surgery....just wanted to show my latest results!:) love you all friends!!!
Dr Abedi/Dr Carr(Supervising Surgeon)

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