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So far I've only seen Dr pugash for my initial...

So far I've only seen Dr pugash for my initial consultation back in November. I've read from other reviews that he is arrogant and cocky however I didn't feel this way about him at all. Confident yes but not arrogant. my pre op is coming up feb 22 and my surgery day is scheduled for March 8. I feel 110% confident I'm choosing the best surgeon in Vancouver. Dr pugash is known to be the boob man after all. Simone his assistant and receptionist is such a sweet caring women and managed to sneak me in for my consult and procedure 8 months early! Ask to be put in the cancellation list when you call. His wait list is extremely long but You might get a phone call to come in earlier.

How to tell your kids

So my pre op is on Monday and my surgery date for my BA is on March 8. I haven't told many people including my children. My son is 4 so he doesn't quite understand but my 7 year old daughter will be well aware of my big change. I'm not sure if I should tell her before I have my surgery or wait until after its all said and done. I'm just not sure what I'm going to say to her and explain my surgery without coming across as superficial. I don't want her to feel that her body isn't beautiful and that it should be changed or fixed. Her teacher recently battled breast cancer so I don't want to scare her before surgery by saying that I'm having my breasts fixed. For those with children or without, how did/would you explain it to them in an age appropriate, non superficial way.

Pre op

So I had my long awaited pre op on Monday with dr. Pugash! After reading through the never ending paper work we finally got down to sizing. Simone brought in two sizes for me ...a 400cc and a 450cc. I kind of felt a little bit gypped because the 400 was actually two implants Sizer's put together to amount to 400 so I never really got a perfect ideal idea. I put one of each on and immediately my husbands eyes narrowed to the 450 ... Typical. As soon as Simone walked in she immediately said to me well you can carry that one very well pointing to the 450 . I know I shouldn't focus so much on numbers but 450 seems like such a big number for me . I should note I'm 125-130 lbs and 5.6 in height , athletic build . Finally doctor pugash came in and same thing ... Was pretty much was set on the 450s . I asked him what he would recommend for me and he said this was my choice and not up to him. I'm assuming he wouldn't of recommended these two sizes if they didn't feel that they were a good fit for me right ? However This wasn't the answer I was looking for. I like straight answers lol. After about 10 minutes he had me re dress and came in and went over post op information. Basically saying to me were done with sizing , let's move on . I missed most of the info and continued To fixate on size . After his little spiel I said to him "well you may as well make note on my chart that I will go for the 450s and he replied I thought we already decided that... so I guess that was his indirect way of saying you should go with the 450s . I know I shouldn't get hung up on numbers but I sure hope I can carry that size ok it just seems so giant. I see a lot of girls who have gone to Dr. Pugash about 100 -115 pounds and 5'2 or three who went with 400 so I guess 450 is probably equivalent for my height and weight . Loss of volume will be expected too since I'm going under the muscle. It's interesting he noted to me that no one has ever come back wishing that they would've gone smaller interesting hey ? Don't know if I really believe it but hey. So chime in ladies what do you think does it seem like a suitable size for me ? Should also not me these are high profile. I also do have sag so I'm hoping that this will really pump them up but not too crazy . Ugh this is a hard decision and I have 12 days eeeek

Button up shirt

This is probably the dumbest question and I'm too afraid to call dr Pugashes office to ask but when they say wear a button up shirt to the surgery does this include a zip up shirt or does it have to be button up? I seriously don't have own a button up shirt that will fit post op only zip up shirts. Thanks ladies . You can chuckle on my behalf lol


Yesterday was finally the day to have my BA. Everything was smooth sailing for me until I woke up with boulders on my chest.. Ok it was actually 450 ccs of silicone that felt and still feel like boulders. The pain is actually a lot more than I though it would be and I've been reaching for those pain meds every 5 hrs. My girls are so swollen right now and I'm having a lot of discomfort all over my chest including my armpits and under them on the sides. My left boob seems to be giving me more grief. Did any of you ladies find that one way more painful and swollen. I hope this is normal. You really don't realize how much you use your chest muscles until they are conpromised.ill try to post some pics when I'm feeling a little better. I hear day 2 and 3 is the worst ... Ugh. Hopefully this will all the worth it in the end

Before and after pics

Night bef

Second day post op

Today I finally had enough energy to take a shower and see the girls out of their compression bra. As soon as they came out I felt huge pressure on my incisions and they felt like the the implant was going to fall out. It's safe to say the bra really does keep them safe. Hubby washed me up while I held my boobs a little. I tried not to since I want them to fall in that direction however the pressure and swelling is just still so strong. Silly me I completely forgot to get a pic of them unleashed too. Next time. I'm still taking my pain meds but finding the times between doses is longer and longer. Hopefully in a day or so I'll be done with them.

When will they feel less foreign

Today is day 3 post op:. It hasn't exactly been a walk in the park as far as pain but it's definitely been manageable. It's the muscle spasms that really bother me the most. I have a Question for the ladies who are farther along in their recovery. When did your breast implants feel less heavy and foreign in your body and a part of you? I'm assuming when they drop. If my compression bra comes off they feel so heavy like they're going to drop out the bottom. I know it's only been a few days since surgery but this constant morning boob is no fun. Thanks ladies

3 days post

Day 4 post op

Last night I had a horrible sleep. My back is so sore from just lying around for the last four days I'm not used to this I'm usually go go go. Today hubby is going over to my in-laws house to borrow their recliner so hopefully that will help my back situation. Once I fall asleep it feels like my body is going through a lot of nerve shakes and zingers. You know those shakes you sometimes get before you fall into a deep sleep. I took another photo of my girls today I'm not going to lie they don't feel super comfortable coming out of the compression bra unlike some other girls say the compression bra is super annoying. My lefty seems a lot bigger but I'm also thinking it has maybe dropped a little more than the other side. Seems like the left is more painful and troublesome. Incisions are starting to feel itchy too so hopefully that is a sign of healing. Today I'm going to try to get out with my husband even if it's only a drive to Starbucks. I just want to get back to some normal in my life. Happy healing ladies

One week

Today marks one week since my 450cc. There still very swollen and itchy. I washed my compression bra today so I got to wear a comfy sports bra which was dreamy. I can't believe I need to wear this compression bra for another three weeks. It is so tight and uncomfortable and pushes on my sternum making me feel like I have heart burn all the time. I took off my bandages today leaving only the steri strips on my incisions. Tomorrow I go see dr Pugash for my first post op. It's my first big outing since my surgery .. Clearly life is pretty simple right now .

Almost 2 weeks

Slowly yet surely things are feeling better. My only complaint is a sore arm pit muscle in my left armpit and my incisions still feel sensitive and sore when I get up from laying down.

So....The other day my husband went flying over a set of really big speed bumps in our truck that doesn't handle bumps nicely and I nearly lost my you know what. It hurt so bad. I honestly thought he did some damage ? Put my mind at ease ladies...would this actually do damage this early on?? Like internal
Bleeding ? I'm protective of these expensive boobies and just want the best for them.guess you could say I'm still babying them.

It's been three days of massage and I can already see and feel a difference in the way of softness and dropping. Two more weeks in this compression bra then I'm goin shopping. Can't wait ! I can already tell my old bathing suits will be going to the Sally Ann .

Hope all the other ladies in boobie land are feeling good and healing nicely. Happy spring. Next is summer!!!!!

Happy spring

To celebrate spring and The upcoming Easter weekend I thought I'd share this pic. It made me chuckle !!

Happy healing ladies

ONE month!!

I'd like to know where the last month has gone. It has surely been a month of roller coaster emotions for me... Mostly good. Last week I went to zammys in Abbotsford for a proper bra fitting and walked out with two new bras and a sports bra. My surgeon ( dr Pugash ) says I need to stay away from la senza and vs since they are poorly fitting bras. I will for now in the early stages of my breasts but I can't promise forever.

I've been doing my massages for two weeks now and have really noticed a difference in softness and squishablity. I'm starting to become more firm with them now that my incisions are looking better. Which brings me to my next point... My incisions look pretty puckered compared to a lot I've seen on here but I'm thinking its due to the amount of sag and extra skin I had pre op. It feels like he stitched pretty tight under my cease and I can still feel a lot of tightness in that area. I can't even imagine doing ab work yet. Luckily my scars are hidden so it doesn't bother me too much.

This week I hope to shop for some affordable Bikini tops ... In this case Victoria secret and la vie en rose Aqua are on my radar since I'll be wanting a lot of those.

Signing off now!! I hope everyone is healing well post op and if your pre op I hope your time leading up to surgery is flying by!

Ill post some pics of my new over priced goodies!!

2 months!!!

I couldn't be happier with my results and size.. Dr pugash has definitely made me one happy girl. They are big enough to play them up and make them noticeable but not so large that they look silly. Each day they feel softer and I hardly notice that they're there anymore ...except when strangers stare at them lol. My scars are still noticeable and red however it doesn't bother me too much. I'm back to working out consistently and fairly Intense however I can't see myself doing any bench press or push ups for a very long time.

Just shy of 4 months

I'm Almost at the first month mark and I couldn't be happier with my results. And I have to say "no boob greed here". Although going bigger than 450cc was never an option for me I don't think I would've been happy with going bigger. I already have a hard enough time finding a swim suit that I don't spill out of. I'm pretty much back to my normal life and workout routine. I can now do a few push-ups /burpees and some chest flys with weights. I have another post op visit in August with dr pugash and I'm thinking that may be it. I have to say I've grown quite used to my implants and often forgot they're there until my hubby or one of my friends says " man your tits are huge". Huge....? not entirely compared to others I have seen on here but perfect for my small framed body and my active lifestyle.
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