31 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'4" 123lbs Athletic - Vancouver BC

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Hi I'm having my breast augmentation in a...

Hi I'm having my breast augmentation in a month!!!! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! I have 3 active boys.
The hardest thing for me so far has been trying to decide on the size. I really don't want to be large at all, maybe a full B or small C, I currently don't know my actual size but wear a 32 B and don't quite fill it out.
At first I thought I would go with 275cc and then I decided 250cc, but now I'm thinking even just 225cc. I'm so worried about not being happy with them, it's a lot of money and it's surgery!!!


Hi not much to update as my surgery is still weeks away! I'm still unsure about what size, I've read some pretty negative reviews on here in the last little while and I'll be honest they are making me question whether I'm making the right decision! I see my PS on Monday to go over the size, so I'm hoping that I leave her feeling better about the whole thing!

Did anyone else start second guessing themselves?? Maybe I need to stop reading things lol.

One more week!!

Hi ladies

My surgery is next tuesday!! I'm not overly nervous yet, excited for it to be done! I did the blood work yesterday and finalized my size! I'm a bit nervous about the size, I was going to go with 250cc as I really don't want huge boobs. My surgeon recommended at least 300cc and that freaked me out lol. but the more we chatted she convinced me to go with 275cc as she didn't want me to be disappointed with 250cc.

Does anyone have any advise on what kind of pain meds to have at home, ex: robaxacet etc?? I'm not sure what will be prescribed for me but i'm really hoping to not have to use heavy drugs, but we will see as I've never had a surgery before! Also for those of you that have used the arnica and bromelian vitamins did you start taking them before surgery(if so how long before) or after?? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!

All done!!!

Hi I had my BA yesterday! It went really well, so far I have just needed Tylenol for pain! I also had a bowel movement this morning????????! I had 275cc hp under the muscle and I'm just relaxing at home!

Day 2

Hi I've been doing really good, i'm pretty sore! I have very good range of motion with my arms and can manage to do most things by myself. My back is very sore from sitting and lying around, it's the worst at night! I'm still super hard and tight, hoping that eases up soon. My surgeon doesn't recommend massaging until after 7 days, I'm not sure what to think! It seems like they all have a different opinion! I'll post more photos as they change, they kinda just looked the same today!

Day 3

I slept ok last night but had to sleep flat on my back part way through the night, sleeping on an angle is killing my back! My incisions are starting to hurt a bit. I've noticed they are slowly starting to soften up! My mom has gone home today so reality will set in a bit, but I have full range of my arms and quite a bit of strength, even so I'm going to try to do very little! My friend is coming over today and we are going to take these bandages off!!!! She is a nurse so she wants to make sure the incision is completely closed, and then I get to have a full shower!!!! Yay!!! So far I am very happy with my results!!!

1 week!!

Hi all
So far I have had a pretty good week! I haven't had T. rex arms which has been a huge help! I find I get tired very easily! I drove my kids to school yesterday and grabbed groceries, came home put them away and had to have a nap! I'm ok with that though I need to rest as much as I can:) I do have morning boob, not too bad but definately a tightness for sure! I'm still on the harder side, they have softened a little bit and I feel like I've still got a bit of snoopy boob going on, hopefully this will change! I've got the burning nipples happening now, very sensitive!!(I'm just glad I can feel both). My kids have been awesome and have no idea, they think I hurt my back working out! How long does it take for them to soften up some?? And for the incisions to stop hurting? I've been wearing my post op bra 24/7, My bra is by marena comfort wear and is the surgical bra with 2" band! I love it, I don't have pointy boobs and I can wear it under shirts and my boobs look fantastic, definaetly worth purchasing!! Happy healing everyone!!

Day 8

I'm having some discomfort all of a sudden on my left breast! The incision site is quite painful all of a sudden and a dull pain in the breast itself! I hope this is normal, I'm trying to back off a bit on doing too much! I'm having such a hard time not working out at all, When did some of you start getting back at it?? I don't want to jeopardize my recovery but I'm hoping to be able to start legs or spin or something soon, any advise???


Hi all, I'm doing pretty good! So I think I may have injured my left breast, Ive been having to drive my kids to school all week and on Monday which was day 6 I leaned over to the passenger seat with my left arm and I felt a stabbing pain and it really hurt! It was one of those natural movements that you don't even think about but now I wish hadn't happened:(. I don't know if I pulled something and there is no bruising or swelling but there is a very bad pain in the lower part of my breast! It's hurts more than after having them done, I'm getting kinda worried! The photos are from day 9!

Day 11

Hi I feel great! I was able to see my surgeon yesterday and she said the pain is nothing to worry about! Most likely an internal stitch pulling a bit! She was very happy with everything and cleared me to wear underwire, do lower body workouts, and ride my spin bike!! So I rode the bike today and did some leg exercises, I feel more like myself for sure! The pain has even subsided a lot. I'm massaging as often as I'm able to which isn't always that easy with kids running around! I'll post some pics soon!

Photos day 11

2 weeks

Hi ladies, I feel great! The pain in my left breast is gone and my steri strips are starting to come off! My only complaint is my nipples, it's like they are on fire!!!! Clothing hurts them as well! Any help or advise with this would be so appreciated!

Life is normal:)

It's been 3 weeks already! I feel pretty great! My nipples are still sore and my boobs are tender throughout the day, they still don't feel like they have always been mine but I think this is due to the burning nipples! Otherwise I'm back to spinning and lower body exercise, I've yet to try out upper body! I think I will wait another week or so! My right Breast is still harder and taking longer to fluff! I hope everyone else is recovering well and loving their twins!!