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So I am beginning my adventure to Boobendell! ...

So I am beginning my adventure to Boobendell! (Sorry, only lotr fans will understand that one.)I have such a long long time to wait but I'm so excited, I felt the need to start documenting. I have wanted a ba since I was a teen and never developed. I never thought I would actually go through with it though. My breasts were always perky and nicely shaped so I wasn't too worried about it...until breastfeeding!!! It was the most wonderful experience of my life. Nourishing my babies from
my own body was just so special and rewarding for me. That being said..my breasties are just so sad now. After wearing clothing all day, my nipples literally look like they're depressed! Any volume that I did have, got sucked out and deflated. So needless to say, I am feeling the urgency to feel happy when I look in the mirror while I'm still relatively young. I am sick and tired of looking in the mirror and getting that sick lump feeling in the pit of my stomach. Now, my consult appointment isn't until August 10th (my pre op will be done at the same appointment because I am travelling for my ba) and my surgery is booked for December 4th. Those dates seem so far away since I am just itching to get things rolling but I've waited this long so what's another few months right?! I have chosen to go with Dr. Pugash in Vancouver because he has the best and most reviews that I could find, and his before and after pics are amazing! I'm just wondering if I should set up another consult with another surgeon...just in case. I just don't know. It's a little trickier to organize since I live so far away. Anyways, I just want to say one more thing before I click "submit". I've been reading many many reviews on here and you ladies are just amazing! So supportive and nurturing. I think the best qualities of women are showcased here on this amazing site. I wish the world around me was more like this place. Women coming together like this...just beautiful. I probably wont have anything to post for a while except maybe some wish boobies. Love and healthy happy boobies to everyone!!

Worried about my condition:(

So..again I know I have so long to wait but it's hard not to obsess over. I am a bit worried about getting the go ahead from my gastroenterologist. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the end of last summer. I do have to get a note from my poop doctor which I'm very nervous about. I haven't had a flare up since I was diagnosed and I am on medication daily. I'm worried that even if my doc does give me a green light, that I'll get a flare before my scheduled surgery or if I have to go on antibiotics before the surgery (don't know if that's a mandatory thing with all ps's) then that could cause me to flare. Ugghh. Another thing that could be problematic is getting constipated after surgery with all of the medication (I know, TMI). Anyone else have crohns or colitis?? I know there are women out there that have it much worse than me with one of those diseases and they get their BA's so I'm just hoping things will happen for me. I know I should be having positive thoughts and not these nasty negative ones but sometimes it's hard not to worry and freak out! Anyways....here are some wish pics to lighten the mood and get me thinking positively! Thanks for listening to my rant ladies. :)

Consult/pre op coming up soon!!

Well time has actually flown by. I thought it would crawl but my consult/pre op appointment is in just over a week! I still have a long ways to go but this is the first major step. Ahhh..so excited and nervous! Because I live 5 hours away, I want to make sure that I make the most out of this appointment. I'm scared that I will forget to ask something important or I'll pick the wrong size. I can't believe it's already here and come December I will have boobs! Well off to bed. Goodnight ladies. Happy boobs and sweet dreams to you all.


Thanks ladies for all the support and advice!! I just love this place! Literally brings tears to my eyes. Love to you all.

wish pics for the doc

Just trying to decide which wish pics to show my doc at my appointment. I know I shouldn't bombard him with tons of images. Just keep it simple and pick a few. So hard to do. Here are some of my absolute faves.

Consult/Pre Op went swimmingly!!

So I just got back home from Vancouver a few hours ago. I met with Dr. Pugash and his lovely receptionist. I was excited before but now...HOLY COW! I am just freaking ecstatic!! I walked in with a box of fresh tree ripened okanagan peaches from our farm and they were quite happy about that. I then filled out some paper work and hung out with my mom and best friend until they called me in. It was a bit of a wait but I barely noticed it. I had my girls with me and I was excited so it didn't matter at all. Once we were called in, it didn't take long before Dr.Pugash came in and introduced himself. He was friendly and polite. I liked him right away. He asked me a few questions and then began his speal about the procedure. I already knew everything he told me because I've done so much researching, except the part where he told me that silicone implants weigh less than saline. He then gave me two sizers to try on. He said that with my frame and tissue, he would not be comfortable going any bigger than the biggest size he was showing me. I put the beautiful (fugly) bra on and stuck those puppies in there. They were both anatomicals (which he will not be using in surgery...just for sizing). One was a small/medium sized implant and the other was a larger implant with another little one tucked behind it. As soon as he shut the door and before I could even step in front of the mirror, my mom was like "The bigger ones. Their perfect". My bestie agreed and they were just wide eyed and happy to see me with boobs for the first time. My mom actually got teary. She told me later that it was because she was so happy for me that my dream was coming true. she is also small chested (not as small as me though) so she knows what i've gone through and how I feel about them. I liked the smaller ones but the bigger one seemed just right to me. More proportionate with my butt. I was glad that he gave me two sizes because otherwise I would have been in there for hours debating. I'm also glad he gave me a limit that he was comfortable with. That made it so so so much easier. He then came back in and asked me what I thought and went over a bunch of other stuff. He basically answered any questions that I had without me having to ask them but in my elation and excitement, I forgot to ask the size of the implant I had chosen! haha. And I forgot to ask the profile he would be using. I will have to email them and ask for a couple of details. I have decided to try really hard to not nit pick the details though and let him do what he thinks is best...for the most part. He has done some amazing work *nod to anna1989* and has a great reputation. I really felt like he cared and was looking to do what was best for me. That is exactly what I was looking for in a surgeon. After the doc was done explaining everything to me, including all of the after care and perscriptions, he said his goodbyes and thanked me for the peaches. I then had to fill out a ton of paper work and sign my initials more times than I ever have in my entire life time. I paid my deposit and officially locked down my surgery date. The receptionist was wonderful and so sweet. I adore her. I have to get her name..I'm so bad with names. We left and I felt like I was walking on a cloud. I couldn't have been happier with that appointment. You're right Anna1989, December 4th cannot come fast enough! I'm off to bed to dream of having boobies! Good night all. Love to you all! xoxo
ps..i did give my permission for him to use my photos so when i have some good befores and afters i will post them. I know how much it helps.

Almost here!!

Well it's officially just under a month away! I cant believe it's almost here. The time went by surprisingly fast. I do have a concern. I take 400mg of anti inflammatories daily to keep my colitis from flaring up and when I asked my surgeon if I should stop taking them before my surgery, he said no you have to take them. I'm starting to freak out about it now. I'm reading how it can cause u to bleed out during surgery... What?! A little scary. Just wondering if anyone here has had the surgery while on anti inflammatories? Other than that one worry, I'm just super excited!

1 more week to go!!

I only have a week to go before surgery day. Starting to feel quite nervous now. I am having some pain in my right ear and jaw so I'm hoping I don't have an ear infection. I am going to pick up some garlic drops and try that before I go to the doc. I have purchased two different sizes of genie bras just in case I need something other than the surgery bra... Like when it needs cleaning?! I picked up two kinds of ice packs. One with tourmaline beads and one with gel. I have all my prescriptions filled and that special soap your supposed to use for 5 days prior. I got one of those pillows with the arms too. Can't think of what else I might need. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. I'm nervous that I will forget something. Wish I could take a chill pill. Ugh. Nerves suck. Hubby is going to take some before photos for me this weekend so I'll post those when I can. Thanks ladies. Xo

I Did It!!!

Well ladies, I have boobies!!! I went in yesterday morning at 8:45. I was antsy waiting in the pre op room with my hubby but not too bad. Once they wheeled me into the operating room though, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty scared. That's when it hits you that your getting cut into. I did start hyperventilating when they put the mask over my face. I couldn't control it. But the nurse held my hand and kept eye contact with me (not sad sympathy eyes but confident eyes) which made me feel much better. Then I woke up and I had the grossest taste in my mouth. I guess from the medicine in the mask, and I was so thirsty. They had this lovely blanket on me in that had warm air blowing out of it. It was glorious. Once I was up for a while they sat me into a recliner. I had teeth chatters and I was freezing but I guess that's normal with general anesthesia. I got to look down before they put my bra on and I must say I was very happy. I knew what to expect shape wise and position wise because of all your wonderfully helpfull reviews so I can picture them when they're settled. I keep looking at them and thinking the size seems perfect to me. Not too big and not to small. Goldilocks boobs! I was starting to feel quite a bit of pain after I woke up and they gave me an oxycodone. That took the edge off but that's about it. We drove back to chilliwack to our friends house and by then I was counting down the hours until I could take my tramecet. Ouchy ouch ouch ouch. My pain level was up at an eight yesterday in between doses and I was taking two every four hours. Today though, so far, they are working much better. I can also take deeper breaths today. I did not like the feeling of not being able to take deep breaths yesterday cause all I wanted to do was yawn. Anyways feeling pretty good so far. I don't know what morning boob is...is it the tightening feeling when you wake up? So far, not bad but I am doped up quite nicely. I'm hoping to ween down to one every four hours tomorrow. See how that goes. Well ladies, if you have any questions fire away. Love you all. Xxoo

some befores and afters

Forgot to say all of the staff was amazing!!! Way to go Team Pugash!!! Oh and I will take some bare afters after my shower today.


Here are some pics of my new bare boobies just out of the shower. They are quite snoopyish and frankenbooby. But I'm not worried. I know how it works. They will be lovely soon enough. Yay!

1 week post op

It is officially 1 week since my surgery. This week has been tough but not quite as bad as I was expecting. I'm sure that's because I had pain killers. This next week might be worse...I used a lot of ice as well. Ice packs have been my breast friend. I stayed at a friend's place with my husband for the first 4 days after surgery because I had a post op appointment on the 7th. Then we came home to a sick 3 year old. I have been sleeping propped up even though my surgeon told my I could sleep however I wanted. I find that I'm more comfortable sitting up and I wake up in less pain. My breasts aren't too sore anymore except for the incision sites. They were definately tight and heavy at first. Swollen and bruised feeling, especially my sternum and my ribs under my breasts. I have been doing my massages for a few days now and those seem to be going well. My one incision pulls and hurts pretty bad when I do them though. I took the bandages off today. This is where my recovery has me worried. At the post op he warned us that the incision sites may look sucked in and that it was perfectly normal. I knew they would be but I wasn't expecting them to look so messed up. They are sunken in but only in spots and they are so indented that it totally reforms the bottom of my breast. I can't see how it will possibly heal normally when it looks so bad. I am going to email pics to my surgeon on Monday. I am very worried to say the least. I don't remember seeing anyone's review with scar pics like mine. Everything has been pretty smooth up until I removed my bandages. On a happier note, yesterday I tried on some of my old bikinis and even though my boobs are still bricks and still just under my collarbone, I saw something in the mirror that I never thought I would ever see. I saw myself standing there in a bathing suit and I was smiling. It was so overwhelming and amazing. I left the bathroom and went straight to my husband balling my eyes out. I'll never forget that moment for the whole of my life. Here are some pics of my awful incisions. Anyone have any insights?

1 month!!

Well it's officially been a month! I am very happy with the size and very happy that they are pretty rounded already. I think they are healing nicely. The incisions look so much better. I'm going for a fitting and to get a new bra and sports bra on Monday. They are getting squishier but still very firm and one of the scars has a hard lump in it that hurts sometimes but I think it's a stitch. I can sleep on my back and side and half on my tummy! Needless to say I'm sleeping much much better now. No pain except a bit on that one scar sometimes and in my ribs under my boobs sometimes...especially with this damn bra. Anyways they have dropped some but I am having an issue with a possible rippling. It's right in my cleavage line when I push my boobs together (the worst spot possible) and honestly it breaks my heart. The one spot that will show in some clothes. Was really excited about having nice cleavage and it looks deformed. I am hoping that since they are still so high and I have so much healing to go, that it will smooth out but I don't know if it works that way. Anyways I am struggling with my emotions on that front but still happy with everything else. I couldn't get a pic of the deformity but I'll get my husband to take a pic one of these days and post it. Happy New Years to all the lovely ladies!

Rib pain?

So just a quick question for you ladies. I'm just over a month post op now and I'm wondering if it's normal to have pain in your ribs just under the implants. It's only occasionally and it's not bad but I just want to make sure it's not abnormal. Anyone else have this?

A Fitting and New Bras!

Well I wrote a super long post but when I tried to upload photos it deleted everything so I'm sorry but this will be a shorter version. They really need to fix that craps! Second time that has happened to me. Anyhoo I finally went to get sized. Amazing experience! Wonderful lady! Lovely bras! Had my mom with me so we laughed a lot. It was fantastic. She measured me at a 30E but I can also wear 32DD depending on the bra. I picked out some boring ones. A sports bra and a nude everyday bra that I wasn't thrilled with but she didn't give me many options so I settled. I then got to pick out a pretty one and that was so so fun. I tried on tons of bras. I found the perfect most beautiful dark pink corsetish lacy one. It fit perfectly! When I got home I put on the nude one and wore it around the house and realized that the more I moved around in it the more it cut into my arms and left red marks. So I took it back a few days later to exchange. I found a super duper comfy...kinda ugly bra. It's a "t-shirt" bra. I don't know if it's as supportive as I'm supposed to be wearing but it's so hard to care when your that comfortable. While I was there I bought a freaking gorgeous black lacy soft cup bra but it was an f cup cause the didn't have any in my size. When I got home and wore it around a bit, I realized it was just a touch too big so I went back today to exchange again...haha...They are either going to hate me cause I'm such a pain in the ass or they're going to love me for spending too much money in there! Anyways I found a pretty floral/pink one. Anyways I've tried on almost every single bra in that store so next time I'm going to have to head out of town cause I'm pretty sure we don't have another bra shop in town. That's alright. I have 4 bras to start. I think that's pretty good. My boobs are still strange shape. They aren't rounding out on the bottom yet and still really high. They are sqhishier though. My ribs still hurt a bit underneath the implants but that could be just pressure that was never there before. I still wear my surgical bra to bed. For some reason I feel more comfortable during sleep with it on. Anyways hope you all are doing fabulously:) xxoo

5 week pics.

Some pics I didn't want to risk adding after typing up my review. A second deletion would have sent me over the edge:(
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

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