31 Years Old, 5'7 120 lbs, 300 cc overs

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Tonight I am saying goodbye to my tiny boobies and...

Tonight I am saying goodbye to my tiny boobies and tomorrow morning I will have new breasts! I personally had a hard time finding stories from others who had subglandular implants so I've decided to write about my experiences to hopefully help others. I am 5'7, about 120 lbs with a small and narrow frame. My measurements are 32 inches at the bust, 23 inch waist and 34 inch hips. I am currently about a 32 b bra size but sometimes can wear a 32 c from Victoria's secret. My plastic surgeon will be Dr Richard Warren. I also went for a consultation with Dr Pugash, and while he did seem great, I decided to go with Dr Warren since I was impressed by his experience and CV. Also, apparently Dr Warren is the only plastic surgeon in Vancouver who will go over the muscle!

I initially did not think I would be a candidate for subglandular implants due to my low bmi and small breasts. So I was very surprised when Dr Warren said that he thinks I could have a great result going over the muscle. Since I am very active and have strong and thick pectoral muscles (I love pushups!) he encouraged me to go with the over the muscle placement but said he would ultimately let me decide. I spent a lot of time going back and forth, but I have decided I definitely want to go with subglandular implants since that will eliminate the risk of animation deformity, and I won't have to worry about my workouts causing migration of the implants. Also, since my breasts are a little widely spaced, the subglandular implant will help give me more cleavage. Plus, the recovery will hopefully be easier!

I tried on several sizers and I liked the look of 300 and 325 ccs. However, since my BWD is only 11.2, to get that volume I would have to have high profile implants. I emphasized to Dr Warren that I really want a natural shape and I don't want a stuck on ball look. Since I am going over the muscle I was worried that that the tops will be too rounded. So in the end Dr Warren said that he will try out different profiles and sizes during the surgery to see what looks best. He warned me that I may end up with 275 moderate plus since that profile looks a bit more natural, and I think I am ok with that. I also gave him some wish pics and he said that he will do his best to match them!

I am going to get ready for bed now since I have to be up super early but I will try to post more soon!

Surgery is complete!

So I had my surgery this morning! So far it has been an easy and smooth day. I arrived at Dr Warrens office at 7:15 AM. I then spoke to the anaesthesiologist for about 15 minutes and he answered a few questions I had about nausea and side effects. He was super nice and warm and put me totally at ease. The nurse then asked me to change into a gown and robe, and I relaxed in the Preop area for a little while. Next Dr Warren came in and marked my breasts while explaining all the marking as he made them. All this time I was super relaxed and comfortable as everyone was so nice and friendly. The nurse then took me to the operating room and I started getting a little nervous. Luckily everyone was very fast to get me into position and get the IV in. Before I knew it I was closing my eyes and then waking up in the recovery area!

When I woke up I didn't really have pain and I didn't have the feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest that everyone describes. I just felt a little bit sore with some tightness and pressure. It's kind of how I normally feel when I wear a tight sports bra when my breasts are swollen before my period. Dr Warren came in shortly after and told me that I received 300 cc high profile. During the surgery he discovered that my BWD was only 11.0 cm and the 300 cc implant is 11.1 cm so that was the biggest he could put in. He also reassured me that my end result should look very similar to my wish pics. I waited in the recovery room for about an hour and the nurse gave me some apple juice and crackers. I wasn't nauseous at all and I didn't vomit. When my mom arrived to pick me up the nurse came out with us to the car and helped me sit down and do up my seatbelt. The nurse was really amazing and had also blocked off the elevator so that I would have it to myself on the way to the parking lot. Everyone at dr warrens office was so amazing today and it really made a difference in how great I feel now.

The drive home was smooth, although I did have a brief wave of nausea which passed when my mom turned on the ac and I closed my eyes. I got home and lay down in bed propped up with pillows and I've been here since. I'm not sleepy at all so I've just been watching tv. I also do not have any pain yet but I know that it will kick in once the local anaesthetic wears off. So far the day has been much easier than I expected. I haven't had any nausea or vomiting, my head is clear, and I can easily walk to the bathroom. I'm tempted to study a bit (my phd defense is 3 weeks from Friday) but the nurse insisted that I don't do any work for the first 2 days!

Implant style

I forgot to mention that I received mentor smooth round high profile cohesive 1 implants.

Easy recovery

So far my recovery has been much easier than I expected. I did have some pain the night of my surgery, but the pain killers dr Warren prescribed helped me fall asleep and ignore it. The following morning was not bad and I didn't have any of the expected pain or tightness. But I did take a few more pain killers throughout the day. Today I only took two extra strength Tylenol once in the morning and once in the evening. My back has been bothering me a bit, but I have been trying to support it with pillows when I am reclining.

Today I was allowed to take of my bandages and finally have a look at my results! My boobs are a bit bigger than I expected, but I am know that they will shrink a bit as the swelling goes down. I like the shape so far as it looks very natural and I think it will get better as they drop. I was also allowed to shower today which felt amazing! I am now wearing a surgical bra which dr Warren's office gave me. It's a bit uncomfortable as the band presses on my incision, but it's much better than the foam and bandages.

I didn't want to leave the compression bra off for too long (mainly because it feels like my boobs are going to fall off) so I was only able to snap a few photos but I will post more soon!

4 days post op

I'm now 4 days post op and feeling fantastic! I have no pain anymore besides a little tightness in the morning. I did take a pain pill last night but only to help me sleep, because I actually had no pain. I couldn't handle wearing the surgical bra I was given anymore. The band was much too loose and kept riding up and pressing on my incision which was very painful. Plus it has been very hot this week and the synthetic fabric was making me super hot and sweaty. So I since last night I have been wearing a cotton fruit of the loom front close surgical type of bra which I ordered on Amazon. And this thing is amazing! The material is soft and breathable, it provides great support and compression. And since it's longer, the band is well below my incision site. I wasn't sure which size to order so I ordered 34 and 36 and the 36 was perfect. While the 34 does fit, it doesn't cover the sides of my breasts (at the armpits).
The hardest part of the recovery (besides the awful surgical bra) has been sitting at home! I'm going absolutely stir crazy! I normally work out 5-6 days a week and fill my days from morning to night with work, exercise and social activities. This is the most I've been at home for years and I can't handle it! I have been taking my dog out for walks but since it's been very hot, the walks become quite strenuous and I worry about bleeding so I have been trying to keep them short. I can't wait to go back to work on Monday.
I'm loving the size and shape of my new breasts so far. However I would like them to settle a bit as they look a little high. And I also can't wait for them to soften up, but I'm sure this will happen in time. They are definitely bigger than I expected for 300 cc but I'm happy with the size. I think they look proportional to my frame but I'm certainly happy I didn't go bigger! I'm also surprised at how much of my chest is covered by the implants, since they are high profile. I can see now why the moderate plus didn't fit. I'm glad I didn't get a lower profile as I think they may have made me look fatter. I'm curious to find out what bra size I will end up!

8 days post op

Yesterday I went for my post op visit at Dr Warrens office and was instructed on massage which I am supposed to do everyday for a year. The massage feels great at this point and helps take away the tight, sore, heavy feeling that I've been getting. My nipples have been excruciatingly painful and sensitive, and even the slightest breeze or bounce causes pain. Dr Warren said this is normal and is a good sign that the nerves are healing. But I can't stand it! I've been wearing silicone nipple cover which help a bit because they reduce friction. If anyone has other tips please let me know!

My breasts are dropping and becoming a more natural shape. I am liking the size more as they drop.

6 month update

I've been meaning to write this update for ages but haven't gotten around to it. Sorry about the delay! My breasts have settled nicely and are extremely soft and squishy. I was recently told by someone I started dating that he wouldn't be able to tell they're fake if it wasn't for the scar! I've been measured at 32dd at Nordstrom and Victoria's Secret, but 32dd is a bit small in the cup in some VS styles. I still have the slight asymmetry that I started out with but it doesn't bother me at all. I can still do the same workouts I used to do, including lots of chest and upper body exercises on the TRX. I love the size and the natural looking slope of my breasts. Overall I'm very pleased with my results.

Pictures didn't upload...

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