They Are Finally Here! 30 Years Old, 2 Kids, Natrelle Round 415cc Silicone. Vancouver, BC

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My initial thoughts were a natural look with...

My initial thoughts were a natural look with anatomical silicone implants. I have a small 34B cup and a loss of volume from my 2 year old twins. Now that I have spent more time looking at people's pre and post op pics I have found some of the round ones look quite nice and natural when placed under the muscle. I have quite a wide open chest so kind of worried that the anatomicals will make my breasts look quite low. Went into my PS consult with the thought only on anatomicals. He recommended 335cc 410 anatomicals. He was not sure of full height or regular height. But wondering now if rounds may be a better option that we didn't talk about BC I was so one sided initially. I worry that with the round implants that my nipples will point down awkwardly... And now wondering if 335cc's are too small?? Going to go in for a second consult to go over sizing. Thinking of putting together some pics if "wish list boobs" to see which I should go with. Decisions decisions..

Wish boobs... Hope mine will look good!

It's funny how now I am obsessing over boobs. Everywhere I go I analyze every women's boobs. Real? Not real? Haha. I am starting to get really excited for my BA. July 12th cannot come soon enough. I have a second consult to go over sizing May 12th which is great because I am almost wondering if I am more drawn to the round implants than tear drop. Many of my wish boobs seem to be round silicone. Also worry now that 335cc's are too small. I am also realizing in my mind I wanted a C cup but the wish boobs seem to be D's + . So def going to hammer out the sizing a bit more. I cannot wait to actually like my boobs! I didn't mind mine before having kids but now I hate them. So anywho here are pics of the boobs I hope to be similar to.

The stats!

Alright found my sheet that has my stats.
5'6'' tall
Sternum to nipple 23cm bilaterally
Bwd 13cm
Inframammary fold at 21cm
Fold to nipple distance 7cm right 8cm left
Left breast slightly larger

The plan at my consult is for 335cc Allergan 410 silicone under the muscle under the fold incision. Didn't say the projection and my PS was going to do a game day decision on regular or full height.

But this all could change as I am going in for a second sizing consult to go over things again. Since I found this site I am def getting a case of the boob greed and think I may want bigger than initially planned...

Consult #2 - Changing almost everything!

I am so glad I had my 2nd consult with Dr. Lennox. As I had suspected the initial information I gave at my first consult had definitely changed. I had done much more research into shape and size that I liked on this website after my first consult.

Initially we were going with 335cc Allergan 410 teardrop under the muscle with inframammary incision.

I had also been playing around with rice sizers at home and found I preferred the look of 400cc rice sizer. I am a bit more of a curvier girl with wider hips and a booty. I felt like the bigger size balanced out my figure more...

I emailed my questions and a whole bunch of wish pics and a separate email with dislike pics (didn't want those to get mixed up!!) to my PS office so he could look at them and my case to see what would be a realistic outcome for my case.

My PS found this super helpful as based off my wish pics he says I definitely prefer the look produced by a round implant more so than a teardrop. Also my wish pic boobs were quite a bit bigger (D's and DD's etc..) than what I was going for initially. He said they are almost all too big for my case but we can get closer with a bigger implant for sure.

Tried on some sizers in office and deciding between 385cc and 415cc (there is no size in between these in the Natrelle Round that my PS is wanting to use) high profile smooth round implant under muscle, inframammary incision.

I was worried about high profile but I have narrow base with breast diameter so mod + would be too wide to fit.

I am going with the 415cc as I know they will compress a bit going under the muscle. My PS will have both sizes on hand on surgery day and will start with 415cc and only go lower if it doesn't look good.

I have pics attached with both sizes with the in office sizers.

I am so much more confident with the plan we have now and can't wait for them!!!

Oh and also I didn't catch this on the first consult but my PS says he needs to drop my fold BC I have a short nipple to crease measurement. It was the plan the whole time and didn't change due to the larger size.

Can't wait till July!!! 1 1/2 months till Booby day!!!!

Vectra 3D Simulator

3D simulation of the 415cc smooth round. PS says it will obv have a smoother transition to the implant than the simulator shows.

My breasts also naturally point to the sides a bit more which will be the same post op (this is apparently anatomically correct!?!) so will be interesting to see post op how that looks.

Under 1 month to go!

Time seems like it is crawling... So impatient but finally under the 1 month mark! I just can't wait!!

Recovery Kit Complete!

So I have a basket set up that my husband can move all my recovery supplies easily from bedroom to living room. I can't believe it, less than a week to go!

Here is the rundown of what I have:

Coconut moisturizing lotion
Vitamin E lotion
Arnica Cream
Snack bars/protein bars
Muscle recovery (post workout drink)
Ready drink protein shakes (will refrigerat some)
Smooth Move Tea
Stool softeners
Large Ice packs (will need frozen of course)
Deodorant (gotta stay fresh!)
Scar away silicone strips
Pain Meds

Not in Pic BC I have stored elsewhere:
supplements for healing
Front close shirts
Front close sports bra
Bottled water

Getting excited/nervous! I hope I am not missing anything.....

The day is finally here!

Ok surgery day is finally here! I managed to get a decent nights sleep last night. Probably had something to do with cleaning my entire house and car top to bottom so I don't have to worry about cleaning while I am healing. I was sooo tired I think that made a huge difference falling asleep. Well time to get the kiddos off to daycare then go to sleep again and wake up with bigger boobs! Haha can't wait!

On the other side! Boobies are here!!

I made it. Had surgery at 11am. All went smoothly. Got really nervous right right before but the staff were great! I went out quickly and before I knew it I woke up with boobies! Although initially I thought we had not started yet because my boobs didn't feel huge like I had expected. Lol. The nurse was like "No honey we are done". Was super groggy in and out of sleep for an hour or so. Then started to get help getting dressed and threw up. I am easy to throw up after a very morning sickness filled pregnancy. But felt immediately better after I threw up. However I had to stay longer to make sure I could keep down food.

Pain started to set in but got my pain meds at home and fell asleep propped up with my pillow back rest.
Feeling surprisingly good. I can move around well except my chest and arms. Feels like I way overdid it at the gym for a chest workout. But doing well so far! Boobs look great and natural! Just what I was hoping for!
He went with the 415cc Smooth Round Natrelles. Will keep updating as I go!


I will say this, I didn't plan to use straws but happened to have a couple in my kitchen. Hugely helpful for drinking things and soup without having to raise ma arms too much.

The big reveal!

Here they are! Had a shower and got to see what was happening under my surgical bra. They are definitely more swollen today but I am very happy how they have turned out!
I have boobs!!!
Trying to see if I can manage on half my pain meds, so far so good. Went for a short walk with my husband this morning just to try keep things moving. Overall doing quite well I think! My PS doesn't want me to ice at all. Unusual but oh well I will use the ice packs I got for something in the future:)

Day 3

So far so good. Pain has been fine as long as I stay on top of my pain meds. Definitely still very swollen and tight. I am thrilled with how natural they look right off the bat. Can't wait to see how they look when the swelling subsides.
Still sleeping in a semi reclined position with my backrest pillow. Not sure how long I should be doing that..
Morning boob.. Oh ya it sucks. So tight achey, swollen! Ouchey!
Getting much more mobility back in my arms. Will update picks shortly but not sure if there is much change just yet.

Day 5

Well so much for adding pics later. I was feeling really groggy and out of it. Really sleepy. Wondering if it was due to running out of the T3 + Codine's! Feeling much more clear headed now after lots of sleep.
Swelling is coming down and took off extra foam tape. So far things are looking good. Tried and a 34D bra and like what I see!

12 days PO

So far doing great! I absolutely love my results. They are so natural looking and for my frame so well with the size! They are like magic boobs. They look big when I am naked but can still be hidden easily with clothing. Just what I wanted! No pain no discomfort driving like normal too. They are starting to feel like normal again. My fold was lowered so it took a while to feel like my implants were not going to fall out of my boobs. I do have a bit of the double bubble from my old fold on the left but hoping it will resolve as they drop. My PS also has me wearing a band when I sleep to keep pressure down into my new fold.

I added some full length pics BC I found those helpful.

Also got me 2 new bathing suits from VS one for being around the kids and one for being a bit more sexy. Both cover my mummy tummy and are long enough for my long torso! Double win!

Cute Bra/Sports Bra

Loving these new bra/sports bra I gotta Aritzia!

3 weeks PO

Some updated pics. Got some different angles so you can see the left boob double bubble from my old fold. It is improving but slowly. I have been doing my massages 2 X Day and cocoa butter to keep the skin happy while they drop on fluff. I have to say they look WAY better in person than they do in the pictures. May need to see if I can get some pics in different lighting. Overall very happy with how they look and feel. BUT will be even happier when this double bubble has sorted itself out. I have my post op consult 2 tomorrow so will make sure I am doing everything I am supposed to do to help this double bubble relax.

5 weeks PO

Still loving them and the double bubble is definitely improving wearing the strap over night. My left is dropping more and feels softer than my right. But not by a huge amount. Still doing my massages 2/day hoping to avoid getting the capsular contracture as much as I can. So paranoid of this! But overall really happy with my boobs!

Just over 2 months PO

Wow time flies! Realized I have not updated in a while. Loving my new boobs. My confidence has increased so much and I feel so much better in my clothes. I have been using the compression band nightly as recommended by my PS to help ease my double bubble fold on my left breast. It had improved to a point but doesn't seem to be improving any further. Had a post op appt on Monday and my PS suggested to do a little lipo and inject some fat into that crease to round it out. That won't be till 6-8 months post op. But overall I love them and very happy with his natural they look. Looking back today at my pre photos I actually forgot how bad they were before because I am so used to how good the look now.

Also got some new bras and a couple date night push up bras and they all look fabulous. So far I seem to be 32DDD at most places. Happy with a that! Will post some bra picks shortly.

Sexy bras

Sexy bras

Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Initial consult was great. Dr. Lennox was very professional yet approachable. I felt really comfortable with Dr. Lennox right away. He seems very passionate about his work. Toni the receptionist was also great and very helpful.

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