30 Years Old, 5 Ft 9, 138 Lbs, No Children, B to D Cup (500 Cc) under muscle, round silicone - Vancouver, BC

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I have never had any type of surgery but I am...

I have never had any type of surgery but I am excited as I have chosen the best surgeon in the area. Dr P is great! He is direct, honest and definitely knows his stuff. During my initial consultation I came prepared with a list of questions but he covered everything I wanted to talk about in our 1 hour + meeting. I am not sure why I was nervous but quickly he eased any initial concerns that I had. He covered everything from breast incision locations, types of implants, possible complications with surgery, and also talked about the importance of having realistic expectations. For example, breast augmentation won't provide you with perky boobs with lots of cleavage if your breasts are naturally spaced far apart. Your natural cleavage line will be the same after surgery, just with fuller more enhanced breasts. If your nipples point outwards, you will most likely still have nipples that point slightly outwards after surgery. Your breasts will still be similar shaped just in a bigger "package." After our chat, Dr P performed a breast exam and took some before pictures. We then reviewed the photo on his iPad and he discussed what he recommended for me in regards to incision site and sizing. Originally I was thinking I might be interested in the armpit incision but after hearing his opinion and reading some negative reviews I decided on the inframammary or under breast incision. He advised that this would produce minimal and undetectable scarring and would provide the least risk for capsular contracture, as well as it provides the best opportunity for placing the implant under the muscle - which is what I wanted. We also looked over before and after pictures of past clients and he showed me pictures of scars, as this was something I was concerned about. He is truly talented as you could barely see any scarring and from all of the reviews I have read from past clients, I am not too concerned about this anymore. During my Pre Op appointment (sorry I am combining two days into one review), I got to try on sizers. I felt slightly rushed but Dr P said he knew right away what would work for me. Generally he does not recommend over 450 cc but due to being tall with hips, he recommended 500 cc for me. Hoping this is the right choice but it is hard to know as he didn't have anything this large to try on in... My surgery is scheduled for December and I am super excited and of course, a bit nervous. Wish me luck! :)

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Knowledgeable and honest, Dr P is known as the best in Vancouver for a reason.

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